Everybody has a date with the grim reaper but yours doesn't need nor have to be this year, or next.

I'm not sure you have enough time left to get your head clear and fix what needs to be fixed with your body and health.

Have you been jabbed?

According to these guys we will know no later than March or April 2022 how much time you have left... I hope they are wrong.

I help people survive (hps), and thrive. Been doing this for well over a quarter of a century already. Welcome to my HPS GUIDED™.

If you are tucked up under the duvet still, I can help you feel a thousand times better. Maybe even ten thousand times better!

HPS GUIDED™ is an online guided health, healing and rejuvenation program with a very long and public record online. Practical, educational and instructional. Restorative healthcare for those who have long covid and for those who have already been jabbed. Prevention and rejuvenation for the rest of us.

For ages 24 to 65.

Online from 1996.

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Big story. Click the image to read her in full at our old forums.

"... And I feel like I am in my 30's again. My long list of health problems are gone completely. I just feel full of energy and truly alive."

Do you have that vibe with your health? You could if you invite me into your life.

How many times have you reflected on your health and said to yourself "this is unbelievably good, my friends can't imagine the type of great health I'm experiencing!"

It happens frequently here.

Get talented with your health.

I Jos-hua would like to show you how to.

I want to change the dynamics of your health and make it more offensive.

outcomes count.
Theories, claims, promises, pills, free shipping, workouts, eating vegan or eating organic don't.

Click this image. To call her results anything but spectacular would be an understatement. This happens frequently here!

"Left me drug free... I am 43 and am [now] mistaken often for someone in my early thirties... But the other benefits far outweigh the physical."

People like options.
Don't you?

Vibrant energetic youthful health is an option in health. Unfortunately you cannot buy it off the shelf, you have to make it yourself.

But if you have never been taught how to, helped, guided and personally instructed by someone in the know, how can you alone on your own figure it out?

Well, honestly most can't.

Even I couldn't.

It took a lot more than just good intentions, collecting information and buying a multitude of products and pills.

I had to find teachers who would teach me and guide me. Teachers who would give of themselves and personally get involved in my health (and life). They showed me how to do it, how to craft health.

It wasn't easy to find them all.

It wasn't one teacher, it ended up being like ten different ones, each with an expertise in their field. It took a lot of money and time. I even had to convince a few of them that I was worthy of their attention and time. Just showing up and declaring that "I will spend whatever it takes and do whatever you tell me to do" wasn't enough.

But you, look how lucky you are. I've simply and with simplicity fallen into your lap. Jolly good luck indeed.

Healing, rejuvenating and preventing in unison is also an option, albeit one that most people have no familiarity with.

Having consistently high energy levels every day and every night is an option too. As is falling asleep quickly and staying asleep all night long.

This HPS GUIDED™ online guided health and healing program is about enriching your options, not restricting them. We're crafting health. The experience is your cure. Learn more below. Online since forever, from 1996.


Does your body need a thorough and deep cleaning up and a serious restorative experience in light of the two jabs forced upon you.

Sure it does!

Can you profit from taking care of your body, health and ageing in a better way than you have to date?
Sure you can!

That's an option too.

I'd like to show you why to and teach you how to.

Developing awesome health requires a little education, some practice and good intention. A touch of self love is important too. Most important is wisdom. You are going to find a lot of that here in this guided online body mind spirit and soul care health program.

   Click this image. Read him in full at our forums.

"Nothing short of an amazing experience."





Pick up the phone right now and tell some friends.

There is no treatment regime here at HPS GUIDED™, no diet regimen, no vitamin regimen, no supplements regimen and no exercise regimen here.

And you can keep all your tasty proven recipes that your family loves, too!

Refreshing, no?

Doctors, supplements, dieting, vitamins, videos, health apps, Pelotons, fitbits, yoga and free shipping aren't doing this. Education, practice, guidance and dialogue can. Click this image. Read him in full at our previous forums, from a whilom era. This is what happens when you work with me to better yourself and your health. Outcomes matter!

"I have a respect for my body that I never had before."


I get paid to do what I'm doing. I'm a university trained anthropologist, not a university trained medical doctor.

I'm also in that context a holistic health healer in the context of self help health care. I've accumulated over 35 years experience in helping people survive and thrive through self help in health.

That's a lot of years, a lot of people, a lot of accumulated knowledge and a lot of insight into how to do it which you can benefit from.

I believe that being an anthropologist plays a big part in explaining why my online clients have attained remarkably superior health. I befriend rather than treat. I see health through a different lens than the medical and fitness so called "experts" do.

For example, you must have just noticed that I said "clients" and not "patients."

Being a patient usurps your power.

Being a patient means you relinquished your capacity to govern your health independently and you indirectly transfer the responsibility to someone else.

As an anthropologist friend I don't want to see that play out that way with your health. I want to see you empowered. Doctors usually don't. They want to see you dependent on them.

I also don't have to play a role which your doctor sometimes does.

Actually your doctor doesn't have to play a role but he or she frequently might choose to for money, name or fame even if that role is detrimental to your health. Click and see what many doctors are doing today to other doctors. Get informed.

Curious? You should be!

I personally haven't stepped into a gym in 34 years. No workouts at home either.

I haven't stepped into a doctors office (outside of a tetanus shot which I needed) in 30 years.

I haven't been on any diet in 37 years.

And I haven't bought any health insurance in 38 years. Doing this program every year is my insurance.

Plus, you should know I've saved many hundreds if not thousands of hours in the taking care of my own health and tens of thousands of dollars not doing any of the above, not doing what everybody else is doing for health.

That's the icing on this cake...the big financial savings! An all gain no pain profitable proposal in health. That's what this nobody is offering you today.

And as you saw above at sixty five I look, feel (and am) all the better for it.

It's been like this in my thirties, forties and fifties. And now sixties too. It's been sustainable and lasting. High quality too. My teens and twenties were horrible. I was always sick and injured. I also was lethargic and overweight. Because of that I decided to search for alternatives in health. I felt the conventional things that we all were doing were useless. Sad, but true. I was young and single so I was up to the challenge. You are neither so you need someone to come to you, to come into your life, and help you. It took ages and a small fortune to find them but obviously as you can see it was well worth it.

My plan with this online program of mine is to move into your life online, to intimately get involved in your health with you, to spend time with you daily if need be (or better yet if you just want to learn more) for weeks and months and to make it easier and less expensive for you than it was for me. Nobody outside of me is going to do that for you, nowhere and not at any price. Why? Because it means they have to give of themselves. And no one has that type of intention, nor the time. That's not their business model but it is mine.

So why does google and all the rest censor me? Create obstacles for me? I just don't get it. Do you? And why haven't you not yet shared this page through your social media? I don't get that either.

I'd like to know that too!

There used to be many thousands of visitors per day to this website until one day it abruptly stopped. The "somebody's" stopped them from coming. Google and all the other big search engines in unison censored us starting in late 2009 as did all our payments processors, all simultaneously on the same day with Google. Somewhere an edict was issued that the public shouldn't know about us.

Crafting health. Take this opportunity to really shine. Participation in this online guided health program is subject to availability, terms and geographical exclusions. This isn't cheap. Why should it be? It shouldn't. This is a real blessing. The only one who hands out real blessings for free is God. Places online are very very limited and exclusive.

Inquire here.


Where was everyone for the last few decades?

We were involved in immunity building. Where were they?

I never heard a word from any of them in health which I could respect.

All they wanted to do was talk about food (which they still do non stop) and sell you stuff, lots of pills, antioxidants was all the talk throughout the 90s, vitamins and supplements, herbal teas, fitness equipment and home medical devices. But immunity building, not a word.

Now because of covid everyone is selling immunity. Don't believe them. You can't buy immunity off the shelf, you only can build it and it takes months and years, not weeks.

And you won't be building any stable or robust immunity if you first don't thoroughly clean out all this waste from deep inside your bowels. As long as all that is still there it's poisoning your blood stream 24/7. Immunity building is pointless until that has been addressed first. This is how resilience is built into health.

If that is not the first thing to be addressed your body has no choice but to devote most, if not all, of its resources to protect itself against that ongoing internal threat. Not much energy is left to fight off external threats. Nor much energy nor resources to properly heal. This is wisdom in healthcare, not information. Can you discern the subtlety?

As I already told you this is a wisdom packed health and healing program.

When you properly heal that opens the door for rejuvenation.

If you don't properly heal you'll never be able to rejuvenate. And consequently your preventative health care efforts will be feeble.

I just don't get it. With every passing week we learn that the injection is an abject failure. It doesn't protect us against the virus and it doesn't stop transmission either. The vaxxed are turning into super spreaders with viral loads thousands of times larger than the unvaxxed. Yet they (the powers that be) are adamant to shove it into everyone's body. Adamant. Where's the common sense? Instead of stepping back they are throttling it up in every country. What gives? There are many treatment alternatives that work. What's really in that injection that they need it put into every body on the planet except of course theirs? Do a search on Google to see who is exempt. You'll be surprised! All of Congress is exempt. The White House and staff are too. Many others (elites and globalists) are too but not me or you. Why is that? I'm curious, aren't you? And to be honest, I'm scared of them too!


Leave your ignorance and arrogance in healthcare behind you. Put touchdowns up on the board, not more field goals but touchdowns, go for touchdowns. Year after year after year.

But remember, when you're caught up in the joy of winning remember please that a lot of the little things that need constant and continuous attention get swept under the rug.

When you are around me and do a guided program like HPS GUIDED™ you avoid that risk. You won't start ignoring all the little things. I won't allow you to! I'll be in your face reminding you of your responsibilities!

You'll also avoid taking mistaken actions when you're around me.

I'll catch you and call you out before any damage is done by you.





See what he says happens...
See the outcome.
Outcomes matter.
CLICK and Read him...

Online since 1996!

One day all health care will be like this.

The experience is the cure!

Click this image and all the following ones

"I am now healthy beyond anything I thought possible... That plus I am actually getting younger."

As you have seen it's repetitive here.

Healing, rejuvenation, prevention and a slower ageing is being reported by my clients repeatedly. For ages 24 to 65 years old.

Do take note that what my clients are saying about their health isn't in a vacuum. They are not one off comments where no one knows what happened three months later or six months later or a year or two later. No, no. Most of them were still active at our forums a year later, many two years later. They kept walking the path with me and kept ascending their health even further! More than a handful were still hanging around for over five years helping newbies. This is that good. Two or three for over seven years. One person, Richard, was present at our forums for ten years! God bless him. I love the guy. His health transformations were phenomenally AWESOME.

Nowhere for health will the stage be bigger for you or the lights brighter on you than here at HPS GUIDED™.

Them telling me and you to count steps, spend hours every week working out, to diet, to paste our skin with sunscreen (thereby blocking out vitamin D generation), to consume endless pills (vitamins and supplements) and endlessly to take meds is to me borderline criminality.

On the subject of actual documented criminality take a look at these WHO reported facts and stats.

These are the tens of thousands of people who don't have anymore an option to resign from their job (because they've already been killed off by the injection) and over a million or more who most probably will have no choice but to to resign as their health deteriorates further during the coming year. There will be many millions more. A dark cold winter is coming.

They were perfectly semi healthy people living their life and were mowed down by the medical establishment, social pressure and media (a complicit press) hysteria... And please do remember, this is Sars2. Covid19 is a disease that the recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%. Perhaps an even better survival rate seeing that they count any corpse that still has a swabbable nose as a COVID fatality. If you got lucky and have had no adverse reactions to date from the injection you should thank God everyday! Millions have not been as lucky as you.

Now is probably a good time to start protecting the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, since the vaccinated are going to be catching & spreading all sorts of viruses & diseases as their compromised immune systems come under assault. After the vaccinated realize the folly of listening to Luciferian sociopaths, the unvaccinated can rebuild while the vaccinated live out their days in bed, with no nurses to tend to them.

Let's get back to the you before the covid...

All the goblins listed on this page (and many many more) are game in this program.

If you want to banish them all from your life this is your DIY program! All you need to say to me is "pass me the sauce!"

One day all health care and weight care will be like HPS GUIDED™ .... Body mind spirit and soul care.

Our credence is "No more treatments! No more BS. Do it right, do it once and get it over with." In other words as my dear grandma used to say "shit or get off the pot."



I'm sure you can agree with me that unfortunately there is a great disparity between desire and reality.

Most of us desire great health yet after much effort and good intentions, still it has evaded us.

There also is a great difference between the accumulation of information and the outcomes based on the application of that information.

Many of us have accumulated tons of health information, various products and cabinets filled with pills over the years. Isn't it so?

Through trial and error we have found some of it to be quite valuable to our health, and consequently useful in our life.

Yet still with all our desires, good intentions and all the information, we still haven't achieved what is achievable, that being lasting sustainable great health. A type of health which is unimaginable and which doesn't fade.

I said "unimaginable and which doesn't fade" because that has been my own direct personal experience. I never read about that in any books.

It's already been over thirty straight years and so far my own unimaginable awesome health and wellness hasn't faded a drop.

In fact at 65 years old I'm healthier and more happier than I was at 35 years young and my relationship with my health is more at ease than it was when I was much younger. More in harmony too! More stable too both physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

That's why you should want to do this.

Tier one healthcare not just puts you ahead now, but also far into the future. How far into the future? That's up to you. In my case the verdict is in... it's been thirty plus years into the future. Do the core kernnel of the program (i.e. the 7 Day Wonder®) once or twice a year and probably like me you'll get over thirty straight years of tier one health.

I'm nothing special. I'm a nobody. I don't come from a background of health care professionals. Yet still my health is what it is. It's undeniably pleasant, vibrant and comfortable.

If I could achieve this I feel everyone can achieve this.

And do take note, I once had a long list of health issues before getting on this path! Sixteen different issues /health problems which all the somebody's, all the doctors, specialists and experts didn't succeed in terminating nor preventing.

I only started running this program online because people emailed me and asked me to do so. They asked for my help. Therefore I named the website HPS, HelpingPeopleSurvive.

To achieve vibrant energetic youthful health, to do this (to cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent simultaneously and to easily sustain it), I needed to acquire some skills and skillfulness in SELF HELP health care.

My assumption is that the same holds true for you.

This HPS guided online educational healthcare program was built for and is designed to give you the practical skills and the skillfulness that you today are lacking to effectively and efficiently prevent, rejuvenate and heal.

The wisdom of a nobody in health.

The skills and skillfulness that no one has ever given you before for your health, wellbeing and happiness.

They haven't give this to you because they don't have it themselves! The experience is the cure.

Please note, I'm very laid back about my own health these last two plus decades but in the beginning of this journey you really want to make effort and apply yourself. I know I did. I'm going to teach and show you how to.

That's one of the reasons I designed the program into four levels.

This way, level by level, I can keep you accountable, attentive and self motivated for at least a year and a half to two years. That's great because that's the minimum amount of time it takes to transform health from what it is today into something totally different!

What I just said is wisdom. Not information!

After that you are on your own but have no fear, you will have pocketed the hands on experiences, skills, skillfulness and most importantly the self confidence to forge on for the rest of your life. I am going to make sure that happens for you. The self confidence is critical to a nobody in health.

I continuously receive emails from past clients some as far back as twenty years ago telling me how they still practice everything I taught to them and everything we practiced together and they say their health is better than ever. Makes sense to me! It's exactly what I expected. It's exactly what happened to me.


I want to take you to a few new places for your health, weight, looks, energy, immunity, ageing and believe it or not for your sex life too, your sexual vitality in bed with your partner too.

Places which I'm sure you haven't been to before.

Nor has your partner ever been to before.

Places, things and processes within our bodies. Places, things and processes which deliver extraordinary health. Extraordinary health means you not just cure and heal all your wounds, injuries and illnesses but also rejuvenate both your body and mind, spirit and soul.

Places, things and processes which once you learn and practice, you can do on your own independently for a lifetime...and profit from forever just as I have.

Find below (half way down this page) a few of the methods, therapies and techniques you shall be digesting in this program.

Click this image
We delivered.

Joy I feel.
"light on my feet again"


Joyless healthcare is not in our plan.

You caressing your health with doctor appointments, endless meds, antidepressants, supplements, syrups and pills ain't happening on my watch.

You treating your skin with endless creams, lotions and potions ain't happening on my watch.

You managing your weight with diets, calorie counting, portion control and endless exercising, that ain't happening on my watch!

In this guided online health program we set the table for an extraordinary feast of great health. And there is not even one calorie to count!

Whilst whatever you have done or are doing for your health has a ceiling, this guided alternative health care program does not.

Online since 1996!

One day all health care will be like this. The multi dimensional nature of this health program works to your advantage.

The experience is the cure!







Contact us to inquire into availability. Places online are very limited and exclusive.

Skills and skillfulness for health.

outcomes count.

Theories, promises, hope, endless information dumped on you, endless exercising, dieting, excuses, guilt and free shipping don't.

Hello, are you there?

This is sick, no?

Have you ever walked out of a series of treatments and doctor appointments, a few months spent in gym, a twelve week yoga class, a surgery, an Rx, a hospital stay or a Whole Foods store with the kind of feelings, results and experiences for health that our HPS clients are?

You can buy all the food in the world free from hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives but still you'll never ever experience the quality of health you'll experience at HPS.

You can exercise until you are blue in the face, but still... You can spend fortunes on the most expensive vitamins and supplements, but still...

You can eat organic everyday, diet and count calories all day long, but still you won't sleep tonight like you will here.

What our clients drop here, you're still carrying inside of you even after you finished your diet and yogas. I know, I've been doing yoga for over 45 years straight.

Deep body care™ is how we knock it out of the park.

This is so much easier than learning how to cook. Tastier too!




Why is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and all chronic illness still rampant and chronic? Follow the MONEY!!!

It's now going to be the same with vaccines starting in 2021. Vaccines were a 24-35 billion dollars a year industry. Now it's projected to soon be well over $150 to $250 billion a year, with no upside limits. They got you again. Trapped you again. All in the space of 15 months only. It's a brilliant business model.

Yes I believe Ivermectin probably works a lot better than anyone wants to let on. You know why they bedeviled it? MONEY!!!! It is cheap, so so so cheap.

Ivermectin does not make big Pharma money. Like it there are hundreds if not thousands of natural remedies to ailments that are very cheap, yet people still take cough drops, eye drops, creams, pills, lotions and potions. Why, because of marketing. The world is full of great marketeers. I'm obviously not one of them.

Every health issue you ever had, have and will have is because of "them", not you. I'll prove it to you.

I'll show you if you leave it up to you alone, you'll have no more health issues. Hopefully forever.

I'll show you how to and personally work with you and walk side by side with you for however long it takes. P. S. it won't take us long to reach our destination. I'm very familiar with the path!

Take this opportunity to really shine - it's cheap compared to what awaits down the road (strokes, heart attacks, long covid, cancer, dementia, chronic pain and immobility, etc.)

I've made it easier than you can imagine. Be prepared, I like to move health quickly! Within 30 to 45 days your health and vitality is going to be fundamentally and delightfully improved. Best of all it's going to be lasting and sustainable. It has for my own health for over thirty years now. It can be the same for you too. Let's Go! Let's play a game of health.

Online since 1996!

Body mind spirit and head care

I'll take care of the science so you can focus on other things.

The particular way I talk about health and explain it to you, the particular way I teach and practice health, the particular way we support you, the way I put the below therapies, methods and techniques together, the particular way we integrate the inner and outer dimensions of health, the way we sequence between levels (there are four levels to this online program) and the particular way we practice together are just some of the reasons why HPS GUIDED™ should be your first choice for health.

Body mind spirit and head care.

Wanna play a game of health?

The odds are heavily stacked in your favor.

The experience is your cure!

Click this snippet image.


When health is good, weight naturally follows.

Great weight is a by-product of great health and not the other way round.

Click this image


Nowhere will the stage be more rewarding for your health and the lights brighter on you than here at HPS GUIDED™.


HPS GUIDED™ is where stomach aches and body pain, sickness, fatigue, overweight, injuries, wrinkles, pimples, cysts, polyps, tumors, addictions, depression, confusion about health, anxiety, bad ageing, headaches and disease come to die.

Pre-diabetes, pre-dementia, heart disease, high BP and cholesterol issues have also gotten cremated here!

Lastly let me say infections, parasites, threatening bacteria, inflammation and 'man made' viruses meet a formidable enemy here. Cancer too. But I can't say more than that because as you know if I do the government will be crawling up my ass. All of them are the domain of big Pharma (the second largest industry on the planet!) with government protection, particularly cancer and covid.

Health is a game ... That's the way I relate to it. You should too. Things lighten up when you do.

We're on the field for 12 weeks at each level of HPS GUIDED™ playing to win.

We got to progress week to week. Not month to month but week to week.

Momentum is of the essence. Time is of the essence. Week after week we are going to be honing our skills. Hands-on skills. When you for example workout for a year or two on your own, or watch your diet for several months, or take supplements and vitamins continually you don't have the urgency, the structure or the situational awareness that we have in a time structured 12 week educational and instructional guided health program like this one.

Let's go!!!! We're playing to win. Rapid Transformational Therapy is our game plan.

We're playing together so that you can finally connect all the dots in health in general, and with your own health in particular.

That NEVER HAPPENS from exercising, popping pills or dieting. Or even from doctor visits. Surely not from surgery. How many dots have you connected already?

My hopes are that you will become very astute about your health, both the inner space and the outer space.

After all, that can serve you well, you have many years ahead of you and it would be preferable if they were disease, pain and sickness free.

If we can have a burst of scoring in the first six to eight weeks and take a big lead, your defenses (your preventative capacity) won't get tired out months down the road.

You should pause and reflect on the benefits a structured time limited guided educational program gives. It assures that you do more and more of the meaningful, and less and less of the menial. Safe, natural and holistic.

Click this image
He moved quickly! We packed up all the rats and this is what he was left with.

Ask yourself this...

What's the trajectory of your health these past few months, let alone years? Up or down?

And where exactly are you on the trajectory right now?

If you believe neither up nor down, but sideways, you're not seeing correctly. In health there is no sideways. It's either going up, constantly getting better or going down, i. e., on a downward spiral. It might be uncomfortable to accept that, but that's the way it is. The next question to ask yourself is what's the velocity? We will be discussing this in depth when you do this guided program.

Until then let me say this...

Western medicine is excellent for a high tech diagnosis but for curing and healing or for rejuvenation and prevention walk across the street if you are playing to win the game of health.

Do you want to win in health, or not?

Why are you allowing them to hold you down?

Make this opportunity count!

I've rewritten the rules in health. I've rewritten the game of health. Now finally turn yourself into a winner in health, wellness, weight management, ageing, immunity and longevity!



The victims are starting to talk. This video (out of Israel) arrived in my inbox on 9/28/21. I'm sure more will be forthcoming in the coming months from around the world. Governments will have to pass laws with a threat of heavy fines and jail time for anyone who participates in or posts these types of videos. But they are fighting a losing battle. The truth will always win. Click the below "More Stories". You'll find a game plan from Brandon Smith how to fight back.

What can happen to your health, wellness and wellbeing when you skillfully combine together the following therapeutic health methods into one quick guided, educational and instructional self help health program?

Please note that the mere naming of these therapies and methods will be of little value to anyone unless he appropriates them.

Please also note that you shouldn't fool yourself into thinking that success is to be met by appropriation of one, two or three of the below. It is the structured COMBINATION and proper sequencing of all the below which has led to the results in health that our clients are talking about and excitingly experiencing day and night. That experience is your cure.


Force Multiplier... Deep tissue cleansing. Therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined for one week only. We call this at HPS GUIDED™ a 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) week. I've made this so easy for you to do. More on this at our DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) forums. Suffice to say fewer than one in ten people survive bowel cancer if it's picked up at stage 4. The 7DW is my prophylaxis of choice for my own body. I'm suggesting you make it yours too!

The science of food combinations... Trophology

Food energetics and prana. Take food to warp drive. Watch your taste buds naturally change with very little effort, if at all

Food as medicine. It's as old as mankind

Conscious breathing; breathes of consciousness

Energy channels and flows, "consciously aware" while healing

Pulse frequencies

Abdominal fascia release

Chakra balancing

Self reflexology

SEX for health rather than sex simply just for lust and pleasure. Brighten up your sex life. Your partner is going to love this


Massage & steam

Crystal therapy

Respect, equanimity, cultivating habits of unbiased awareness and mindfulness in health

The role of loving kindness and compassion in health

Color therapeutics for health

Parasite cleansing

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I'll be introducing you to the basics

Moderate stretching. Five to seven minutes every other day is more than enough. This is the only exercising I've been doing for the past thirty years. I eat and drink everything without restraint but I don't exercise. No need! I'll be showing you how to master this too

Meditation and affirmations

Liver and gallbladder cleansing

"The experience is your cure"
Skills and skillfulness for health.

This is WHAT CAN HAPPEN... Learn it. Know it. Live it.

One day all health care and weight care will be like this.

Damn, this is good!

HPS GUIDED™ is where sickness, disease, sore throats, nasal congestion, colds, headaches, cravings, addictions, pain, stress, fatigue, old age and crepy skin, excess weight, anxiety and NEGATIVITY come to die!

I can easily add another 500 more conditions and symptoms to the above statement including of course high BP, hyper tension and high cholesterol counts. Shingles and herpes too.

Acne, hemorrhoids, insomnia, irregularity, infertility and reproductive issues, arthritis, depression, asthma and allergies, fungal infections, hay fever, anxiety attacks also make the list. So does halitosis (stinky bad breath) and b/o. You smelling bad and having to mask it, ends here.

All come here to die.

Have you ever wanted the sensation of you floating on air.

HPS GUIDED™. "The experience" is your cure.

If you want to step on the gas on your own and try to attain what our HPS clients have attained and experienced, trying by yourself, alone, feel free to give it a try even if that means spending more money and more time (than you would here).

But you know perfectly well how difficult it is to regulate your own impulses for very long.


If you want to play at a higher level to me it makes a lot more sense to be doing this the first few times with people around you who have repeatedly done this before, for years, even better yet like us, for decades already.

This way everything doesn't collapse under its own weight.

Let's make one thing clear. I Jos-hua know what I'm doing. Nothing on this page is hyperbole. Understood? It's all real. And I know for a fact that what you can do here at HPS you cannot find or do anywhere else. It took me ten years of study and personal practice with my own body and mind to put this together.

I spent over USD 40k in pursuit of great health and the happiness it can bring. I was on a quest for my own health. I spent years in the trenches in Nepal, India, Thailand, Tibetan monasteries, China, Japan and Malaysia. I never ever thought to turn it into a business but the internet came around and, well, here we are. Now I'm offering it to you at 20% of what it ended up costing me. And instead of ten years it will be done in less than two. Start now and you'll look the same in ten years time, if not younger than you do today. And you'll feel a thousand times better than you do today. That's what happens here. I don't need to tone my talk down. That's what happens here.

The very first step is to invite all your diseases, illnesses, pains, dysfunctions, conditions, injuries, ageing and blubber to a FUNERAL, their own funeral.

“Words are easy. Solutions are hard.”

Forget for a moment your own introspective analysis and confusion and let's get this show on the way and your health fixed.

Body mind spirit and head care.

Contact us to inquire about availability. Places are very very limited. And exclusive.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.

Health videos don't.

Endless exercising don't. Diets don't. Portion control don't.

What was, was. That was then, this is now. Make your world and your family's world an easier place to live in.

In health it doesn't matter what you buy, it matters what you do. And what really really matters is how you do it.

When I say this health program is an educational health program the natural reflex thought of your mind defaults to information. Information equals education.

But actually information is the last thing on my mind.

Education in this program means understanding. I want you to understand your body. How it all works. The inter-connectivenes, the processes, and the relationships you need to develop with body, mind and health.

To put it another way we got to make friends with our body and health. We have nothing to fear. We have every reason to respect and appreciate this wonderful "machine" we've been gifted with.

Information is pretty much useless in health. At least that's my opinion. Relationship building on the other hand is invaluable.

Look, I can go on and on but today that's not gonna happen. Do the program and our dialogue will commence. We have a lot to talk about, think about, discuss together and do together. You'll walk away from three months of HPS GUIDED™ enriched. That's all I'm gonna say right now.

HPS GUIDED™. Online from 1996.

An Ontrendpreneur® company.

Crafting health.


A different way to cure and heal.

A different way to talk about health.

A different way to prevent. A different type of ageing.

A different type of fitness management. A different type of weight management.

A totally different relationship with yourself and your health.

A different type of integration of the self with health.

So, what are you waiting for?

I do hope to see you soon!

I teach and we practice health and fitness a lot differently than other people.

Even your average frog knows the water is getting hot. Many already know that they just can't continue with what they've been doing for health and fitness and expect resilient robust better health let alone longevity that is sickness free.

How we do things now is not how we will do them for ever and ever. (Amen.)

By 2070 this type of HPS health care will be all the rage. All health care probably will be like this. Very personal. Very educational. Very results oriented. Sequel treatments will end. Endless pills, exercising and dieting will end. Most surgeries will be avoided too. Spiraling health bills will end. The hoax in healthcare will be called out for what it's been, a hoax.

I mean, really, all the health data, information, products, equipment and devices are out there already in the public domain and everyone already knows that. A quick Google search and you have mounds of information to sift through and trillions of products to buy, accumulate and decipher. In short, you have information overload.

Take note, it's hard to get informed when you have information overload, endless bills and yet still your health sucks and you have anxiety about it.

No one needs anymore of that!
Enough is enough.

The thing that you couldn't buy, don't have and haven't ever genuinely had is any confidence about what to do with it all.

The particular way I teach and practice health, the particular way we support you, the way I put the above therapies, methods and techniques together, the particular way you and I will integrate the inner and outer dimensions of health, the way we sequence between levels (there are four levels to this online program) and the particular way we practice together are as I already said just some of the reasons why HPS GUIDED™.

Find a few more reasons below...

It's damn hard to fix, manage and control health for decades, let alone for even one year, when you are all alone on your own without a plan, a program or any consistent personalised support and encouragement.

I'm going to show, teach and help you so that you can take control of your body mind and head for decades just as I have with me own health. Take control of your curing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention independently, and at minimum cost in your comfort zone, at home. What's better than that?

Random emails and free YouTube videos can't sustain you nor create the momentum to change your health.

Endless vitamins, supplements and exercising isn't how winners do it.

And hopium isn't a very good strategy in healthcare.

The one thing that can make an awesome difference or RATHER ALL THE DIFFERENCE is how health is taught to you, how it's all put together for you and how it's all practiced by you.

Unfortunately no one wants to teach you or practice individually with you for months on end! I do!!

Constant feedback from me Jos-hua keeps you ahead of problems, obstacles, mistakes, fear, confusion and inertia.

Constantly having personalised feedback is how confidence is built in health. It's how you can stay focused on the important things. It's how you stay the course.

If we were in a university classroom setting I would say the above paragraph is the methodology here.

But since we aren't I'm just going to say click on the below image and she'll tell what HPS GUIDED™ does and how HPS GUIDED™ is done.

In her own words she'll describe our methodology ...

One day all health care and weight care will be like this.

HPS GUIDED™ is alternative medicine for ages 24 to 65.

Body mind spirit and head care.

For health, vitality, wellness, weight and ageing.

Four levels in all. One introductory level (level 1) and three advanced levels. Each level encompasses 90 days. Done in the privacy and comfort of your own home at your convenience and pace. Each level is guided and instructional. And very educational. Conducted in your comfort zone.

A guided holistic and genuinely educational deep body caring™ program.

Adultcare™ is another name I've given to this program. Children and teenagers simply cannot do this, and shouldn't try to on their own.

If privacy matters, if you wish to keep your health only in your hands without your data being shared with the private sector or the government, HPS is a format that should interest you.

One day all health care and weight care will be like this.

Don't hide your eczema and please don't use Dupixent. HPS GUIDED™ is x33 safer and more effective than Dupixent. Same holds true for arthritis. HPS GUIDED™ is x42 safer and more effective than Rinvoq.

Talking about it and doing it as you know are two different things.


For over a quarter of a century I've been teaching adults deep body care™.

Three decades of records unequivocally show serious lasting reduction if not most times total elimination of disease, illness, sickness and debilitation all the way from brain fog to brain tumors.

Yes, we even had a client with two brain tumors scheduled for surgery. Needless to say that brain surgeon lost a whole lot of money. This fish slipped through his net.

Arthritis, high cholesterol, excessive weight, constipation, vaginal discharge, tendinitis, sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, infections, hay fever, constant muscle pain all have responded to this safe natural system of health without any side effects. Erased. Terminated. Disappeared.

Sounds good? This is!

The list goes on and on including as you might have noted if you read Julee, Tina, David and Thijis a notable and Nobel slowing down of the ageing processes too.

Click this image

"They couldn't believe how young I looked!... Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexibility, less fear learning to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life."


This health program delivers for you what gyms, doctors, endless workouts, endless yoga, endless meds, drugs and dieting never have, and never will.

Consciousness for health


Come to HPS and take the garbage out of your life.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, bad ageing, etc., all require a swamp of negativity for them to exist. A cesspool of garbage... Take the garbage out of the human body and you've denied them their oxygen.

When you know how to survive it becomes much easier to inevitably thrive!

Health. We do it in a different way than you have done it. A better way.

For example there is no diet to follow in this guided health program.

No food plans, food preparations, sample menus, portion control or any specific recipes to follow. Your old recipes are just fine because you love them. Now I want to teach you to love your body and health. Soul care.

And calorie counting is not allowed simply because it is a total waste of your time.

Calorie counting does little for your weight but totally messes with your head.

If you can bring yourself to commit to not maintaining the status quo for the coming three months I welcome you to HPS GUIDED™ online.

Keeping things simple works to our advantage. Velocity, penetration, direction and trajectory. This is how you want to talk about your health.

One day all healthcare will...

I'm going to show you how to let your health rip.

Wanna play?

Broken nails won't break anymore after doing this. Hair thinning and hair loss stops. Asthma won't wease anymore after doing this. Arthritis won't hurt anymore. Constipation, IBS and irregularity won't plague you anymore. Tension headaches will cease. Skin problems won't be a problem after doing this. Etc., etc.. Same holds true for exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, multi system inflammatory syndrome, heart disease, stroke, depleted immunity, weight eruptions, diabetes, disturbed sleep and ageing.

In short, in one program under one roof all the above and more (simultaneously together) just disappears. This is what the evidence provided by our clients confirms.


You can with the right guidance, support and instructions turn the corner.

You can be dictating the terms rather than allowing any disease, pain, stiffness, ache or underlying condition to dictate them.

You can adopt a maintenance posture that totally eliminates any dietary menu, calorie counting, portion control, nutrition supplements or intensive exercising. And of course the meds and drugs will become history too. I'd like to show you how to

(and feel free to crunch your popcorn as loud as you like)

I myself with my own body and health can confirm the elimination and termination (i. e. disappearance) of my own sixteen different health issues including herpes, migraines and headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic lower back pain, loss of smell (for four years), overweight, chronic stomach pain, hemorrhoids, dandruff, chronic foul breath (halitosis) even though I brushed, flossed and used mouth wash daily, chronic skin funguses which ran for sixteen years even though a plethora of creams and medications were applied, etc., etc..

And all of them have never come back again do to the preventative impact this program provides for.

No more hysterical optimism and then exhaustion about your health. That's where we are headed together.

I hear you...

How you might ask?
How is this possible?

I told you already, deep body care™. Adultcare™.

And of course me Jos-hua, the founder of this program being by your side online for 90 straight days, everyday.

Ever had someone by your side in health everyday for ninety straight days!?

No, I didn't think so.


Take control of the game.

"Our Past Performance Is A Guarantee"

Ninety straight days by your side, everyday.

Online from 1996!

It's a bizarro world we are living in, especially with respect to health.

How sure are you about your health?

And how about your marriage?

Pretty sure?
Somewhat sure?

Pretty sure ain't sure enough.
Somewhat sure doesn't cut it at all.

Health and marriage have a similar essence. When they go belly up it becomes a real mess.

And really really expensive too.


Remember this ...

In health you can only play the game with the cards you have been dealt with.




Definitely worth reading her in full. Click and learn.


HPS GUIDED™ is exactly what your body mind and spirit need.

A guided holistic and educational deep body care™ program. Adultcare™.

One day all healthcare will be like this... a tight PROACTIVE educational collaboration between you and yourself for health.

Do it wrong and only you suffer.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.


Pre-book. RIGHT NOW.

No advance payment nor credit card required to pre-book.


Great health starts in the mind, not in the body.

You are what you think. You aren't what you eat.

That's why we sometimes call this Adultcare™. Children can't get it, yet.

Your health, beauty, fitness, weight, energy and immunity is going to be a whole lot better !

Everyday there are tens of events that can make you happy, but in health it can be years before anything makes you marketably happier and marketably better.

Here it's quick. Within less than a month you'll start noticing discernable improvements. And here it's lasting, not fleeting.

Your teenage kids can do basic body care (diet, exercise, play sports, manage health apps, count pills, monitor a smartwatch, etc.) but that's all...they cannot do deep body care.

You on the other hand can be doing a whole lot more than you've ever done before. I'd like to show you how to.
Online since 1996!

The experience is the cure.

This is so much more than just eating organic, a common cleanse, a detox, intermittent fasting or a diet of any sort.

SKILLS AND SKILLFULNESS MATTER / theories, claims, hope and promises don't.

Body mind spirit and head care. Simultaneously. Together.

Under one roof.

In one guided health program. Online.

Educational, instructional and practical.

Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Enormous accomplishments in health.

Quick, swift and pocket friendly.

Online from 1996.

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Curious? You should be!

Subject to availability, terms and geographical exclusions.

Inquire here.




In the past, many whom were healthy faced a crises. Now, more than ever many are simply terminally ill. That's the world we live in. If you know anyone whose had covid, have them contact me. I can take them back to the before.

Put the wind back into your sails. You don't want to be the last ones sticking around when the party ends. Join me for a health adventure now, not next year. Inquire today.

US 1,950 per level.
What's the point of paying all this money? The point is to win!

There are four levels in all to HPS GUIDED™.

Take advantage of 50% DISCOUNTED promotional packages when prepurchasing advanced levels (levels 1 plus levels 2, 3 and 4) now. Contact for a quote. INSTALLMENT payment plans are available.

Contact address is

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email. Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.

If inquiring about availability please include the following information...

1) Your age and gender.

2) The country you live in, and city. In other words the place you'll be doing the program.

3) A short history of your health, the symptoms you are especially keen on eliminating and those you seek to prevent (for example some people have genetic family dispositions beyond the everyday stuff that you and I have to deal with).


Hospitals should hire, not fire, nurses with natural immunity.

Take note this is a journey that extends over twelve weeks (in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone at your timing, convenience and pace. No zoom calls whatsoever).

HPS GUIDED™ is not an event, not a pill, not a diet nor an exercise routine. It's a journey. A body mind spirit and head care journey. An adventure in health.

The audience for this type of health program is still very very small. Therefore the price is still quite high. Since I haven't yet figured how to mass create this it's still a one on one dialogue between you and I and that subsequently keeps the costs higher than we would want them to be.

Nonetheless I've helped thousands of people to date ascend their health in unimaginable ways so I'm very glad about that, that I could assist them in creating both better health and a better life... Maybe, perhaps, I can help you too.

It isn't fair if only you thrive and I don't. The above pricing reflects this philosophy. This isn't cheap but it's more than reasonable.

I want to communicate with you, exchange a few emails, before giving you any detailed information (pricing promotions, scheduling, specific tools you'll need to get hold of, books (after all this is educational health care), etc., etc.).

I want to see whom I'm playing ball with before committing to work with you.

Since I don't do and never have done any social media, the only way we can communicate is here. Contact by email.

Please note there are no podcasts available, no newsletter and no e-books. I did all of that extensively two decades ago. Instead of throwing endless bytes of information at you allow me to share the essential points, the essence of health, by doing this guided instructional and educational healthcare program. Alternative health at its best.

I want to try to understand your health and you a little bit before I decide if I want to play a game of health with you.

You should want to do the same with me.

Let's exchange two or three emails and then decide how we proceed.

I don't want or need any impulse purchases taking place here. That's for Walmart CVS or Amazon prime but not here. That's my style.

In health obviously everything feeds off of everything else but here with HPS GUIDED™ there is a style which you won't find elsewhere.

I do not take compensation of any type from health care companies and I have been doing my own research in the sector for over 35 years.


If we never meet again I wish you all the best!!! May you know peace.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

Who you gonna share with, or tell?

Please don't. I'm already as busy as I need to be.