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We have a way to not just heal but also to sustain in great health.

Making body, mind and soul whole again is the way...

No diet does that. No fitness program does that. No meds or supplements does that. No Spa does that. No doctor or tests ever does that. No colon cleanse does that. No intermittent fasting does that. No yoga does that. No surgery does that. Vitamins don't either.


"Like traveling back in a time machine."
"Lost 60 pounds."
"Surprised. No PMS symptoms anymore."
"Life long allergies almost fully gone."
"No sugar withdrawals."
"BP back to normal."
"Skin rashes disappeared."
"Yoga has become much easier for me."
"Blazing health and beyond."
"Two bowel movements a day!!"
"No more need for Zoloft."
"Herpes totally ceased. Amazing!!!!"
"Stopped smoking. Eating differently too."
"Skin better, nails better, headaches gone."
"Constipation terminated."
"Sleeping without Ambien."
"More emotionally peaceful."
"Pain free morning and night!"
"A new body / a new life."
"The summit is in view."

The above are just a few comments from our clients which you'll find on this page and at our online forum.

What's not to like?

Sounds compelling? It is!

Here we don't offer temporary relief.

We're delivering a safe positive cutting edge permanent resolution to health problems.

Online since 1996.

Section I...  Transform health.
Section II...  How is it done?
Section III... Program details, shop, contact/ inquiry form.

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Section I


I can give you what you want.

You can heal yourself.

Change the narrative which defines your health and you will find yourself in top form with substantially lasting supercharged health.

The system of health care which you choose to use is the catalyst that directly influences the quality of your health.

There is a litany of indications that seizing control of the narrative is the first step in revolutionizing health. In reforming health.

That's where we start from...from the narrative.

You presently are familiar with and accustomed to a 'fear-centric' narrative in health. In life, it's hard to win anything of value when fear is the primary motivator. Our system is different, our system is a 'love-centric' narrative.

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Deep Body Care (DBC) is a system of health care.

A body, mind and soul system. A 'love-centric' system. Online since 1996.

DBC has cured hundreds of different health issues
and prevented thousands more.

The list is of course much longer than that, but nonetheless, this gives you a taste of what is possible here!
From the minor ones to the very serious difficult to cure major problems and illnesses. With this program you won't get sacked and you won't find yourself fumbling.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. All four under one roof in one guided supervised self-help health program coupled with group support at our online forum/  community.

Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention. Sequentially combined into one system. Online since 1996.

We have to think about our health in different ways than we have in the past.

Learn how to make love to your body, and your body will make love back to you.

This is the way we do it here in HPS GUIDED™.

Get your order in now.

HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' isn't "fad" health care, something "new and in" and then you'll want to move on to the next "new" thing.

That's not this.
This is a system of health care which makes living in a human body easier than ever before. Online since 1996.

HPS GUIDED™ is a journey into a world of transformational health care (body, mind and soul care) which you probably have never been exposed to before. For ages 21 to 65. Online from 1996.

Here's his take on what I just said.

If Geico can save you 15% on your car insurance, here we can save you over 60% on your health care expenses year in and year out, for the next thirty years.


Don't shoot bad health in the foot, shoot it in the head!

It's an experience you won't forget.

Think Big -- Think Smart -- Think Deep!

Heal, Rejuvenate and Prevent.

The logic of buying this HPS GUIDED™ program and not something else, is simple...

In health, you don't stay the same...

Deep inside your body your health is changing every week.

The only question is
in which direction, at what velocity and what trajectory.

Either your health is getting better or you get worse, either it's going up or going down, but you can't stay the same.

Either your health is booming, or you're on a path of a 'bust-up' but you never stay at the same point for long, for longer than a week. Therefore being constantly consciously aware of the direction your health is taking, is critical if you intend to take control of your health.

Being able to access the trajectory and the velocity is imperative too.

Health is about experiences, not things.

One reason most people have not accomplished great health is simply because they believe health is about possessing "things." About possessing and accumulating information, products, equipment, devices, pills, tests, memberships, etc., etc..

Because of this misconception they never get their arms around great health for any length of time. They are caught up in a deceptive narrative.

Accomplishing super successful health isn't just about what you buy for your health or the information you possess but more so, how you take care of health and, with whom you do it with, too!

Self-help which leaves you isolated and alone staring at the walls is a far inferior experience to self-help where you enjoy continuous professional guidance, education, a structure to work from, coaching and professional support, group support, feedback for months and genuine love.

If no one never properly teaches us what activities to engage in, how to,  when and how to care, why and why not and no one never PERSONALLY guides us in a system of health care and practices with us until we become good at health, and no one never provides us with personalized feedback for weeks, if not months, how in the world are we ever going to get it right?

Put aside doctors, tests and meds and instead just transform your health. You do that by reclaiming ownership of your body and health. That's part of our narrative, too.

Effective and sustainable healthy living shouldn't be and need not be centered around diets, supplements, prescription meds, vitamins, endless yoga, exhausting workouts, intermittent daily fasting, endlessly buying new products, eating organic, being vegan, costly surgeries, drugs or frequent exercising. That's 'fear-centric' health care and it is a very deceptive narrative to health. People who don't have ownership of their health follow the deception.

If you are new to all this, new to our narrative, how in the world are you going to know that you aren't fudging it and guessing, or aren't actually doing harm to yourself rather than helping yourself and your health?

Without a system in hand and without familiarity with the narrative how in the world are you ever going to reclaim ownership- how are you ever going to sustainably heal and rejuvenate let alone continuously stay healthy, vigorous, slim, vibrant, youthful and energetic- not just today but as you age too?

How in the world are you ever going to end the suffocation of your health? The suffocation of your body, mind and spirit.

Light it up...

You wanted something new, authentic, safe, rewarding, exciting, doable and proven in health...well, you found it!

You also wanted something that is going to save you money in your health care, not just this year but for years...well, you just found that too!

I guess you could say I'm in the business of anchoring your health.

Without ownership of your body, mind and health you are like a rudderless boat in a turbulent sea.

Get your order in now.

Here in the HPS programs we are consciously addressing the weekly, monthly and yearly direction that our health is taking and constantly are accessing the velocity and the trajectory too. This type of approach to health leads to radically better feelings, better weight and better health. Here are her 2018 experiences. She's 42 years old and from the USA> Her weight loss is holding steady at 55 lbs. for months now! Read her! No dieting, no exercising and no pills or supplements.


You developing a plethora of SELF-LOVE, you healing and curing, you deep tissue cleansing, you piloting weight loss and weight management, you focusing on immunity building, you laser focused on energy enhancement and rejuvenation, and you acquiring life enhancing health care skillfulness at your pace and convenience expertly delivered to you in one masterful guided online program focusing on health care skills and self-love instead of pills, tests, diets, fear, checklists and exercise routines.

'Love-centric' health care rather than 'fear-centric' health care is one key from 22 different keys we're using to unlock great health.

It's a major key. Self-love is mentally energizing. 'Love-centric' health care is 'boom-centric'. If you want your health to boom, we must inevitably put the love back into it. Self-love is what is going to drive you forward right from the start of this program. We're going to seed it inside your head right out the gate.

We're using love to harness the power of life. When was the last time you had some freedom, love and adventure in your health care?

Infrequently is my guess.

Your health care right now is probably cold, stale, static, mechanistic, alienating and gray. Here on the other hand, adventure is lovingly built into the dynamic of this HPS program!

We are walking the walk and delivering on our promises. You can't ask for more than that from me.

HPS GUIDED™ is done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at your pace and convenience.

Bring It Home. Break free. Look within. Redefine yourself. Change the narrative.

Hard core proof!

Healing, Rejuvenation and Prevention.

Body, Mind and Soul. Love vs. fear. Boom vs. bust. How good is this program? Here are four classic examples of the outcomes you can expect. Tina, age 35. Anna, age 45. William, age 49. David, age 44.

She's rocking too, for years -->

User, age 56
HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder DBC level 4

"This DBC 7 Day Wonder has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit."

Are you serious about making your health work for you, or not?

I'm serious.

I Jos-hua the founder of this program
and my clients are showing you the way forward.

Hundreds upon hundreds of program reviews and testimonials at our online forum.

Inquire into online availability. Order today.

Have you ever found anything of so much value for your health that you've continued with it for fifteen years straight? Or like me for thirty years straight?

Don't fumble your health.
This program works!!

User, age 33
Deep Body Care

-- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

-- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

-- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

-- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

-- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more.

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of all that?"

The above was written twelve years ago! Richard is now 46 years old and he has been doing this program for fifteen consecutive years. Read what he has to say about it today, fifteen years after starting.


You acquiring some skillfulness in your health care is's the missing link in your health... skillfulness in healing, rejuvenation and prevention.

I wouldn't underestimate this program if I was you.

Self-love is the path to abundance in health.

Get your order in now. Body, mind and soul skillfulness.

Skillfulness beats any product, meds, diet or workouts or every combination of the four, by a mile.

This alternative health program is potent medicine. Start your journey to vitality and healing today. It starts inside of you, not outside. Change the narrative. It's as simple as that.

HPS GUIDED™ puts you in the drivers seat.

This is a system of health which makes living in a human body easier than ever before.

We're into practicalities, execution and accomplishments not claims, hope, wishes and promises.

Too good to be true?

22 years online means this is true.

22 years online means this is good, too.

When doing this become the revolution in health care. The revolution that America has been waiting for in health.

Inquire into availability using the contact form below:

Yes, this is exclusive health care for the fortunate few. Places online are very limited. 



HPS GUIDED™. DBC. US$1,695... only $1,525.50 TODAY!

Two equally split zero free interest payments are possible if you are financially pressed. I'd prefer one payment, but we'll move to your favor and accept one plus one - month after month. 
Inquire NOW>>

"Hello HPS GUIDED™. I get it... this is health care which ends the suffocation of our health which leads to superior health both now and into the far future. Clear! And yes, I would prefer my health to be 'booming', rather than 'busting-up'. Now I would like to know about availability (I understand places usually are limited to only five new persons per year, at the most twelve per year)... I'd like to know payment methods and whatever else you think I should know or need to know prior to ordering and commencing this online guided program with you. Thank you Jos-hua, this sounds very exciting with a very fresh new uplifting approach to health. Love makes more sense to me than fear. Boom makes more sense to me than bust. I'm looking forward to this guided health journey. I want to heal, RENEW and reclaim ownership of my body, mind, spirit, weight and health!"

We need to know your age, gender and the country of doing this program in. We do not service all countries. Input that information into the above form.

Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using the above form... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Are you single or married? Any kids? Any relationship problems? Any mental health or emotional health issues like occasional or frequent outbursts, bursts of anger, addictions or depression? What kind of work do you do? Is it stressful? Do you like your work? Feel free to expand. What things have you done or are doing for your physical health and weight right now? (we're assuming you've never done anything for your mental health but if you have, let us know that too)

Tell Jos-hua your story.
The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge how he intends to work with you.

This is a serious program, not a fly by in the night proposal. If you are not serious about reclaiming ownership of your health, please don't contact us. We don't need your money nor do we want to work with you if you aren't serious about taking ownership of your health- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

We said good luck because this guided online program is not available to everyone.

There is no automatic acceptance. Jos-hua wants to see you write in your application "Please help me."

These past couple of years DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT places online are limited to usually only 5 new persons per year, 12 max.

So obviously of course, the more he knows about you and your health the better chances you have of being accepted.

For those persons financially pressed two or possibly even three equally split interest free month after month payments are accepted. Bitcoin payment is also accepted too if that is what you prefer. We don't.

** When contacting us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.

Please note:

1) Bring your partner, lover, best friend or family member along and both of you will enjoy a 20% discount off our list price. That's over US$780 dollars in your pocket today. This saving actually pays for the tools and products you'll need to buy to do this program! HPS doesn't sell products, we never have, we only sell our online guided programs.

2) We have a special affinity for training young people so that they don't end up like their parents have with their health. Prove to us that you are under the age of 24 or you are a student (drivers license, school ID card, passport, whatever, etc.). If so, we will give you a 40% discount off the above list price.

3) We are always open to voluntary exchange instead of a cash payment. Contact us to see what you can exchange, what you can offer us in exchange for you doing this program. We have a strong interest in your social media marketing skills if you are an expert.

4) December 19, 2019 prices are going up to US$3,600 per level. Two years later, $7,600. And then, two years later Jos-hua is checking out for good. There will be no more HPS activities. And the world will lose. We intend to keep this page up and running for ten years after that, so that people can at the least know what they need to look for if great health is on their agenda. If they find it or not, only time will tell, we wish them good luck. Otherwise, just wait for Jos-hua to reincarnate again. That's what Bodisattvas do. They don't stay in heaven, they come back again and again, lifetime after lifetime, for the benefit of all sentient beings. He maybe will too.

Your health is suffocating. Over the past ten years you probably have spent on your health, beauty, wellness, fitness and insurance four or five times more than the cost of this program (or maybe even more!) yet haven't attained 1/10th what this "Deep Body Care' system can give you.

In this "game of reclaiming health" I'm going to be your quarterback, coach and also the referee. If you behave yourself I'm going to be giving you a lot of scoring possibilities, a lot of automatic first downs, and a lot of touchdowns to put on the scoreboard.

As you are noticing I talk differently about health than others do. That too is part of the charm and power of this HPS GUIDED™ program. You'll be able to relate to health more simply, you'll be able to fully understand what we are doing, and you'll be able to visualize where we are going. In short, you'll end up redefining your relationship to health.

P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully." Please don't forget to tell Jos-hua your age, gender and the country in which you'll be doing the program in. We do not service all countries.

P.P.S. If the above contact form isn't working (i.e., no "sent successfully" message appeared) you can always contact us by email at program [{at}]


The lesson that life constantly enforces is 'Look underfoot.'

"You are always nearer to the true sources of your power than you think."

Until we meet again please always remember this one teaching

"Great health starts in the mind, not the body."

Mental health care matters just as much as physically taking care of your body. The movies of your mind will be beautiful only if you make them so. It's called SELF-LOVE. Learn how to love yourself and your health. That's what we are teaching people who do this program. That's why they are transforming their health. That's why they have taken ownership of their body and health. It's an all gain no pain proposition for you, your health, your life and your family. You'd be foolish to ignore this!

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