Educational, instructional, guided.
Online from 1996.    Healthcare that actually does work!
Helping you discover what needs discovering in your health.


There's a lot of satisfaction in doing a job well done.

You don't yet know the new guy (me Jos-hua) but I'm pretty sure you might be ready to let go of the old guys involved in your health.

Real world experiences in health are what you will acquire here. Hopefully one day healthcare everywhere will be like this.

We don't sell any products whatsoever. We only sell this online guided health program. In this guided program you will enjoy tons of personalised attention, affection and care from me Jos-hua the founder of the program. Tons!

This is a different perspective on health. Prosperity in health! The focus here isn't on you buying products from us but instead on educating you about health. Not just theory but practice. The doing. That's what this guided program really is about. You doing a whole lot of things for health that most people probably would never do. Moreso, most people probably have never heard about. Giving you skills and skillfulness allows you to connect all the dots and consequently to transform your health and yourself - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and to sustain it.

Click and read Anna right now at the forum. This is what we call lots of exciting great results! The perfect outcome. Annnd, it's gone! NINE different medications gone in less than sixty days!! This is HPS GUIDED™. The experience is the cure.

That's how good this is. Real world.
Going to the root causes rather than just covering up the symptoms. FTW.
Why just her? Why not you too? Why not your husband too.
Did you click and read her at the forum?
You should!

I wish I was sitting right next to you as you read Anna. I'm dying to know what you are thinking. Whatever you construe put it on hold until you get to read a few other stories from a few other people below. They're even better!


We are tempting fate every single day, and at some point our luck will run out.

What's your playbook for health?

Game plan?



In health there are exciting great results or excuses, but not both.

You have had plenty of excuses to date. I can help you fix that.

YOU HAVEN'T YET GONE ANYWHERE ENRICHING WITH YOUR HEALTH! (outside of a quadruple bypass /sarc)


All the medical conditions listed on this page and many many more not listed (simply do to space) from the tiny minors to major conditions are TARGETED TO BE DISAPPEARED in HPS GUIDED™.

We've all seen the commercial where the guy says "we sold our life insurance policy to pay for our medical bills."

Is that where you are headed?

Do you need a new strategy for bettering yourself and your health?

A strategy that looks a lot different than your old strategy? Exponentially different.


"Let the dead rest and the past remain the past."

"I just can't explain to you the joy I feel"

Meet Spencer
   Alive again.

"Nothing short of an amazing experience."


This is HPS GUIDED™. The experience is the cure.

If you are still riding the default mode in health you are seriously compromising yourself, your health and the safety of your family and friends. The death spiral in health can be immediate and catastrophic. Out of the blue, overnight, one can go from feeling fine to utter despondency. And it's incredibly difficult to dig oneself out of that hole. And very very costly too!

Right now there is a lot of noise in your health care. I'm hoping to clean that up for you.

How am I going to clean it up for you?

I'll be keeping that close to my vest for today but I will say that there is no need to outlaw Taco Tuesday. Nor to skip on dessert. Or even a late night snack!

Your health is always in "please fix this for me" mode (guess who profits from that) and you are never the principal player, someone else always is.

I'm going to mend that for you, with you. One on one teaching, tutoring and guidance is going to turn you into the principle player. The experience is your cure.

When have you ever had healthcare like this?

Click this image.
Meet Dawn

Click this image.
Meet Maz from Australia.
Some of our clients called her the HPS poster child. Click and find out why.

"My long list of health problems are gone completely... And I feel like I am in my 30's again. I just feel full of energy and truly alive."

Annnd, it's gone!

My role is to help you shape better outcomes.

Outcomes which no one has come close to ever giving you before.

Go ahead, start telling yourself this is too good to be true. Say it, if that makes you feel better. 🔆 It doesn't offend me, it's okay. But you might be offending the thousands of people whom I've helped to date over the past quarter of a century.

Alternatively better yet contact us and I will show you exactly what we can do for you too. Natural, safe, holistic.

Start winning in health!
For ages 24 to 65.

Health in America?
Clearly there is a serious problem.

We all talk the same, think the same and do the same things for health. Is it any surprise that y'all get the same questionable poor results repeatedly?

You, yes you, have spent ludicrous amounts of money (and time) on your health and beauty over the years. What have you gotten in return?

You're probably just treading water at best.

You haven't gone very far in health. You know it and I know it too. Smart spending would be a good start.

Enter HPS. No more drip drip drip in health.

This is HPS GUIDED™. The experience is the cure.

HPS GUIDED™ is not a weight loss program. We are a health program. A body mind program.

A curing, healing and rejuvenating program. When your health is functioning properly your weight simply follows too. There is no set menus, no meal planning, no calories counting, no portion control nor any of the other mistakes that Americans focus on. That nonsense is thrown out the window in HPS GUIDED™.

The weight loss which you see our clients talking about (20,40,60 lbs.) is simply a by product of their better health.

Why spend all your time trying to fix one health problem when you can fix many different health problems in one self-help program and in one go and still have money left over. Click the above link. Read all their comments at the forum.

Don't allow your new strategy for health look remotely like your old strategy. HPS GUIDED™ has its origins in the Orient (China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia) and in Asia (India, Nepal, Tibet) where I Jos-hua the founder of HPS GUIDED™ spent decades learning from great Master's and practicing on my own body.

They say when you stop knocking your head against a brick wall ... it feels good. I can confirm it. Join us.

When it comes to health past performance is a guaranteed indicator of future performance. Outcomes count!

Best of all this is all good. Nothing scary for health. Age old natural, safe, self-help and holistic therapeutic interventions which will pivot your health in a lasting way.

All of our HPS GUIDED™ clients had the same dream. They wanted a simpler life for their health. No step trackers or step counters. No meds or drugs. No vaccines and government propaganda about health. No more hours spent every week exercising. No more anxiety about their health. No more dumb dieting.

But before that they wanted to cure and heal, which is what we did together. After that I taught them how to rejuvenate too. I profit only when you profit.

There is an alternative for you to be found here.

If you find yourself beating a dead horse the best course of action is to get off it.

Parallel your health and healing to ours. No better place than here, no better time than now with HPS.

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... "Left me drug free...No more high BP.   I am 43 and am [now] mistaken often for someone in my early thirties... But the other benefits far outweigh the physical."

Supplements, videos, health apps, smartwatchs, Pelotons, yoga and free shipping couldn't do for David what we did for him. This is deep body caring™, in other words System care.

Rounds of golf or games of tennis can't do this. Pilates can't do this. Nor doctors and meds. Nor surgery. Nor chiropractors. Education, guidance, practice, love and dialogue can. HPS GUIDED™. Different rules for health. Click this image. Read him in full at our previous web based forums, from a whilom era.


There is no better feeling than a win!

Results matter. Outcomes count.

This is HPS GUIDED™. The experience is the cure.


HPS GUIDED™ is a guided and tutored self-help health program online for ages 24 to 65 years old.

You read that correctly... TUTORED.

Cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Pick up your phone and tell someone you care about. I guarantee that whoever does my program will walk away elated about life.


Whatever the state of their health today, however they are ageing right now, whatever knowledge they have or don't have about health or how to cure and rejuvenate one thing is for sure...

Whatever you intend to do from today forward for your health, weight and immunity it's fair to say if you are personally taught, tutored and guided every step of the way, the end results will far far surpass BY MULTIPLES what you can accomplish when you are alone on your own not tutored, and not guided, trying to fix your health, alone by yourself, guessing.

When you aren't tutored and aren't guided most everything you do for your looks, weight, health, energy, immunity, longevity, ageing and fitness is driven by impulse.

Impulse might bring you to the starting gate but it definitely isn't a reliable method to end up in the winners circle in health.


Three types of people find themselves doing this tutored HPS self-help online alternative health care program:

The healthy. Those who wish to move their health- their healing, rejuvenation and preventative powers- from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The sick. The compromised. Those who have had health issues that haven't disappeared, didn't go away in a satisfactory manner, but still to their credit they are not prepared to surrender to them. Treatments are not an option they wish pursuing anymore. Neither is ignoring.

The fed up. Those who are exhausted. Fed up. Their mental, emotional and spiritual health has been depleted. That's directly impacting and corroding their physical health and of course their weight too. They need a refill and a new kind of fuel if they are ever going to get back on track in a sustainable lasting way.

With all due respect at HPS GUIDED™ we will be taking your health to a whole new level.

Probiotics and prebiotics are wonderful, as is kombucha and apple cider vinegar, as is turmeric, as are smoothies, as is green and herbal teas, as is Chee Gung, yoga, Reikki, meditation and mindfulness nonetheless that's not the end game. That's a beginning. A good beginning. One which you shouldn't disregard right now but can in the future if you so wish to. Whoever told you it is the end game has some explaining to do.

If you can't smell the potential here before even seeing it yourself I suggest you perhaps consider doing a neti nasal douche to open up your nasal passages.

There is no rational reason to abstain from doing this guided educational and instructional health program, online. I Jos-hua have been doing this program for my own health (my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health) once a year every year, year after year, for over thirty years already. I find this program critical to my survival, personal growth and happiness. I can't see how it isn't for yours too.


Clearly there is a mystery with your health that needs to be explored, exposed and then resolved.

I Jos-hua am going to help you solve it. I've been doing this for over three decades for people all around the globe.

The arguments for diets, endless purchasing of vitamins, costly supplements and endless exercising are disingenuous.

As are the arguments for surgery, chemo, meds and drugs.

They use the problems they created to galvanise their solutions (which they profit from). I think we deserve better than that. Don't you?


Bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 both disappear here without any drugs. Among the many purposes of this online guided health care program one purpose is to relieve you from this burden which is messing 24/7 with both your physical health and your mental / emotional health too.

How will we remove this garbage?

Our very first step will be doing an HPS 7 Day Wonder®. One week of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonic.

One without the other is substantially inferior than all four combined together.

Don't worry, you can do this. I've made it easy.

Annnd, it's gone!

Health is about choices.

Results matter. Outcomes count.

HPS GUIDED™     Helping you discover what needs discovering in self help healthcare.

System care for health. Deep body caring™. Body mind spirit and soul caring™. headcare™. Adultcare™.

Rudimentary healthcare.

Less craziness. More edification.

More leverage. Less expenses year over year.

Anti ageing program
Your tutor Jos-hua at sixty years old.

Fixing your health is expensive and frustrating. You've never before been tutored nor guided in health. Have you? I'm betting you've never yet had even one hour of educational healthcare let alone a few months running (all those months at no extra costs to you!). Now's the time to try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have a plan and a self help program for you and for your health. All of this is done in your comfort zone, at home. Inquire here. Check availability. Places online are very very limited and exclusive. You'll heal, cure, rejuvenate and learn how to also do effective prevention on your own time too. Then go and encourage others!

Some people want details about products. They want information and data. Lots of data impresses them. Only then will they spend money for their health. I'm not gonna give you that today. You have more than enough data and information collected already. Unfortunately most of it is useless. I personally find data based healthcare souring. It has a sour taste to it, and usually the outcomes are sour too.

Others care only about results.

Please take a moment and share this page at your social media. Google and all the others have censored, banned , barred and sandboxed us for over a decade. They don't want you to have any individuality in health care. They want everyone to follow their narrative. Thank you!


Skills and skillfulness in health instead of just more information overload, exercises, meds, tests, shots and more stupid pills. That's my motto for health. Skills and skillfulness.

This is educational and instructional healthcare in real-time, online. Practical healthcare. Guided and tutored healthcare.

You name your health problems and we have a program that cures them all simultaneously at the same time. Not one at a time but rather simultaneously all at the same time. That's the power of system care, of deep body caring™.

No one here at HPS GUIDED™ wants to see you hanging around here for years like your gym does, your Sports Club does, your organic food store does, your vitamins and supplements store does, your doctor does, your Rx does, your chiropractor does, your health insurance supplier does, a health app does, etc., etc..

Parallel your health and healing to ours. No better place than here, no better time than now.

Discover what needs discovery by you. Finish your HPS GUIDED™ program and walk away with phenomenal awesome health and with the knowledge and self confidence in health to maintain it for decades.

Obviously this is not more corporate healthcare. Corporate healthcare is based on treatments. There are no treatments here.

And this is not available anywhere, to the best of my knowledge anywhere, off the shelf.

If health were so easy (just a diet) or so simple (berry smoothies, turmeric and herbal teas) or inexpensive (exercising, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, yoga, vitamins, creams and supplements) everyone would have good health and good skin morning noon and night, or maybe even great health already. But they don't.

If it was so easy most people would also know how to attain, maintain and sustain great weight too. But they obviously don't.

And they most probably never will if they continue as they are doing for health, weight, vitality and immunity. I invite you to learn more below but please remember until you do this, it's all just theory. I invite you to do something very beneficial for you and for your family. Jump head first into the pool of cool rejuvenating health. Come join us for a swim and BBQ. Everyone you know will immediately see the results.


One day hopefully all healthcare will be like this.

Meet Tina

"deep wonderful sleep... Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexibility, less fear learning to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life. They couldn't believe how young I looked!"

You can't stat that!

Come play a game of health with me.

You have never been offered before this choice for the care of yourself.

This is body mind spirit and soul caring™ with I Jos-hua the founder of this program personally everyday for three months straight by your side at the helm. This is not more stupid eat well and exercise narrative. And not more symptoms care.

Symptoms care is so 19th century. As is dieting and calories counting. As is intensive never ending exercising. As are endless pills be they meds, drugs, vitamins or supplements. As are endless doctor visits and tests.

I'm surprised so many billions of people are still caught in that web. We're already after all in the second decade of the 21st century!

Corporate healthcare as it has played out over the past seven to eight decades is so uncomfortably sterilized. It's unconscious health care, alienating, expensive, time consuming and not very rewarding to say the least. That changes with and in HPS GUIDED™.

Meet Dorothea from Canada. Definitely worth reading her in full at our old forums. I dealt her a new hand for her health. Read her. Click and learn how a transformation of health begins. This was her level 1 program. She progressed at her pace and convenience through all four levels of deep body caring™ as taught in HPS GUIDED™.


Don't lower your A1C worrying. Terminate it.

Headaches and migraines, kill them. Kill irregularity, asthma, arthritis, skin fungus, halitosis, cancers and long covid too. And more!

The only way to beat strokes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, chronic sickness, Alzheimer and dementia is to kill them now, before they strike. Otherwise you're toast if you wait to deal with them once symptoms become obvious.
Seems like only a few from the billions around the globe get to.

Educational healthcare program.
Guided, educational, instructional.
Online from 1996.
The experience is your cure.

Body mind spirit and soul caring™.

Under one roof, in one program, with Jos-hua as your personal guide and tutor, online.

Fed up with being sick and tired?


That's the first place to start is by taking out your garbage. The physical garbage, the mental garbage and the emotional garbage.

Inquire here

The HPS GUIDED™ way.

Four levels of health to chose from.

Buy only what you need.

One introductory level (level 1) and three advanced levels. . Everyone has to start from level 1 and then proceed if you so wish to level by level. You cannot skip a level or jump levels like say from a level 2 to a level 4 because you should progress through the levels level by level to attain your highest self confidence in health.

Please also note that there is a two month "cooling down" policy between levels. In other words if you finished level 2 and a week later decide to start a level 3 you cannot. You'll have to wait two months to start your level 3. Your body, mind and spirit uses these two months to rebalance itself after all the things done for it in the previous level. I Jos-hua will personally be guiding you every step of the way.

You can have excuses or results, but not both.

What might you do more of with less sleepless nights?

Or less spasms and tightness?

Or robust defenses against infections.

Or less menstrual pain? Or less jock itch? Or less B/O? (I personally stopped buying deodorant 28 years ago. There was no more need. The stench went away as did the excessive sweating too!

Wouldn't it be great if all those things growing on your skin disappear? Or if your migraines and headaches finally cease? And all the other discomforts which have erupted from your body are no more?

I know how. And I'd like to show you, teach you and guide you in the how to, too.

"Until its done it's all just theory."
So ask yourself, does this beat doctors, masks, jabs and tests?

Online from 1996!    
Helping you discover what needs discovering

For the one's who want to get it done.
For ages 24 to 65.

Inquire here by email.


Taming the beasts!

And Slaying the dragon.

Aren't you tired of them?

Tired of the running around, tired of the constant insecurity in health, tired of the spiraling expenses with questionable results?

Tired of the doctor appointments and tests, tired of the 'to and from' the gym, tired of endlessly buying online products, devices, supplements and equipment that does nothing substantial for your long term health? Tired of the surgeries. Tired if being tired?

We've changed the rules in the game of health so that you guys don't lose anymore.

Reality doesn't lie, or care, about your feelings. Sick is sick. Immobility is immobility. Accelerated ageing is accelerated ageing. You will acquire here the tools, skills, skillfulness, wisdom, hands-on experiences and the self confidence to maintain your one hundred percent functioning capacity for a lifetime. Once you get it once, you got it. You can rematerialize it (that level of health) whenever you wish. I have and many others here have too. Better yet most of us keep upping the bar, going to higher levels of health, immunity and vitality. Why shouldn't that happen for you too? I see no reason not.



Contact address is program@hps-online.com

Pricing is on an individual basis.

Contact for a quote.

The 2022 online HPS GUIDED™ deep body caring™ 7 Day Wonder® retreat package starts from US$1,935 dollars.

Two equal payments accepted. Heavily discounted when purchasing all four levels of the HPS GUIDED™ program in advance. Bitcoin accepted. Barter too if you are financially stressed right now. Who isn't?! Contact me. Let's see if I can help you and you can help me too. Collaboration. I like it.

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email.

Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.

Also please note I don't do any social media at all. None anywhere. I can be found only here.

Why is it priced like this?

The value here at any price is incomparable. I already know that.

Pricing for me is just a vetting tool. I don't make money from this program. I'm already rich. What I do make and acquire is merit on a spiritual dimension which btw I'm grateful for, in gratitude, so thank you.

There is no hand outs here but instead hand ups. I want to make sure that those who do this program are serious. By serious I mean they truly want great health. They truly want to be free from whatever they are presently suffering from. They truly are going to be like a sponge wanting to learn and soak up everything I know about health. At the end of the day I want you to be better than me in health. That's what I want out of this. It's that simple. And I'm going to do everything I can to make this happen.

I don't know you yet and I don't know your "trulys" but I do know at this price you are not going to be doing the program because it's cheap, sounds great, you're curious and you'll therefore give it a try for the heck of it. No no no, those aren't the type persons I want to work with. I give to much of myself in this program to not expect the same back from you. If you paid all this money maybe you'll make some extra effort too.

He did and the outcomes speak for themselves.

"I am now healthy beyond anything I thought possible... I have an acute awareness of and control over the human vessel... That plus I am actually getting younger."


High end big ticket Spas, yoga centers, health resorts, health centers, retreat centers, medical centers, large corporations (to lower employees corporate health care costs), etc., please use this address commercials@hps-online.com to explore how you can integrate HPS GUIDED™ into your present services, offerings, curriculums, sales, promotions and courses for the benefit of your clients, customers or employees.



Are you going the right way or are you being led in the maze? A maze set up by the powers that be for their power, fame and profit, not ours.

This is all voluntary. I'm not going to put a gun to your head like the government does.

But I will say this...

Deep body caring™ is the only system in health care that I know of which can explosively change the trajectory of your life force. Can you afford not to do this? Yes, this guided educational healthcare program is a bit on the pricey side but the last thing you want to be in health is a sorry saver. And anyways the value here is incomparable. This can't work if it's a good deal for everybody but me.

I implore everyone not to be like the guy whose health peaked in high school, and now spends most of his efforts on ruling the parking lot at 7-Eleven.

In health obviously everything feeds off of everything else but here with HPS GUIDED™ there is a style which you won't find elsewhere. Discover what needs discovering.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. The bowels are the "root" of your gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

Who you gonna share with, or tell?