The health benefits here at HPS GUIDED™ are so obvious. So are the economics. Online from 1996.

If fixing your health was so easy and so simple, if it was just about adopting the common narrative for health (eat well and exercise + vitamins and supplements) everyone would already be perfection in health.

But it isn't.

You are not.

And they are not.

Something different is needed for your health.

Something which will give you confidence.

Something that actually works. Not more dieting and exercising, nor more pill popping, not more stupid products, doctor visits or information overload. At HPS GUIDED ™ we call that something "skills and skillfulness in health."

No more stupid in health  

One day all health care will be like this.

Why risk anything else, anywhere else!

There is a whole lot of "newness" here for you at HPS GUIDED™.

I don't sell you any health products, nor pills. You also aren't encouraged to diet. If you want to diet, go ahead, but experience shows us that that isn't the cure.

I only sell guided health ADVENTURES.

Body mind spirit and soul care adventures.

Four levels of adventure... levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Newness which you and your health, family and friends can profit from.

What I'm hoping that will happen here is that this type of healthcare, deep body care™, becomes your default option for health.

Gather around and listen up dear friends.

I have two cheeky questions for you today...

One, is your health great right now? I mean honestly great, not just good. Mine definitely is! Why isn't yours too?

My second question possibly or probably answers the first... "are you playing the game of health with a full deck of cards?"


How many of these cards have you been dealt for your health?

And for your weight?

And for your peace of mind?

Are you playing the game of health with wisdom, knowledge, foresight and insight?

Do you have a full house or a royal flush?

Or are you stuck with just information and data?

I asked because in health you can only play the game with the cards you have been dealt with.

OUTCOMES MATTER. Outcomes count!

Watch this one minute video. And refect. It's funny. And sad... You don't have to become like the guy in the video a shadow of his old self. "No, no, no" is a sad way to live especially when it lasts for thirty or forty years.

Your last breath doesn't have to be next year!

Which cards do you presently hold in your hands?

I'm offering you a chance here to get beyond all your health problems.

And I mean all.

A different way to heal.

A different way to prevent. A different type of ageing.

A different type of fitness management. A different type of weight management.

A totally different relationship with yourself and your health.

A different type of integration of the self with health.

Online, guided, educational and instructional.

At the touch of a finger you'll enjoy and have all the protection, support and help you need, twenty four seven.

There are tens of yeses, for every no.

For way too many years you probably have been dealt only two cards in health- data and information.

That's the basics.

Everybody gets that.

That's usually all that the average person ever gets.

And unfortunately that's all they ever expect. And know.

Endless information and data overflowing... encyclopedias of nutrition information, endless new diets every year, cooking recipes, multiple lists of do and don'ts for health, endless measuring and comparing of both vitamins and supplements to buy but also muscle tone and body mass, reps and exercise routines for every age, timetables and constant goal setting, videos, books, seminars, lab tests data and surgeries, etc., etc.. Yet after all that most people's health is still unstable, problematic, costly and questionable. At best they create a life which for a few years looks good on the outside but is rotten inside.

This guided HPS health care program can take the turbulence out of your health.

And do it once and for all, for good!

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

Contact me to start the process.

It's a cooperative effort between you, me and whoever else happens to be active at our new app based forums.

Julee's "other benefits" are what you probably aren't getting from your health care as it stands today. Click and read, read Julee in full at our previous now mothballed online forum.

"The confusion about health in general and your health in particular will end at HPS GUIDED™. You must have already noticed that I speak about health without ever using any medical or scientific terminology. That already is a step in the right direction for you. Health starts with words. Then images. Then feelings. Then intellect. The "sweat and brawn, dieting and pill popping" is at the bottom of the list. You have been overwhelmed with too much medicine terminology and weight talk, body data and statistics, warnings, comparisons and too much mumbled gumbo information for far too many years. Too many terms, concepts and strange words. That's ending here. Let's keep things simple. There is you, me and your health. Imagine that! Just that, nothing more. Now, what are we going to do with that? If this HPS program is already sounding too good to be true that's natural because "you can’t understand yet what you haven’t yet been a part of." - Jos-hua the HPS medicine man.  2005 Scotland retreat called 'Enriching Health'

HPS GUIDED™ The experience is the cure!


Cure heal rejuvenate and prevent.

I'd like to show you in this online guided curing, healing and rejuvenation health program how to end the grind, fearlessly forever. How to extradite yourself from their maze forever. How to free yourself and your health from sickness, pain, disease and an early death.

Take the turbulence out of your health.

See what he says happens...

We will start our deep body caring™ with a week of fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined TOGETHER.

That's our starting point.

Pure holistic time proven health care.

That is how we pay respect to our body.

When you pay respect to your body, when you give it respect, it respects you back!

From there we shall go deeper, step by step, into vigorous energetic youthful health.

Here are a few OTHER things which we will be devoting ourselves to, together, for your health and wellbeing over the coming weeks and months in HPS GUIDED™ deep body care™ -->

Please note that the mere naming of these therapies and methods will be of little value to anyone unless he appropriates and properly uses them. Insight and wisdom insure that you properly do that.

trophology- the science of food combinations

food energetics- taste the energies in the food you eat

food as medicine- see the difference in your body

conscious breathing

energy channels and flows

pulse frequencies

abdominal fascia release

chakra balancing

self reflexology

SEX for health rather than sex simply just for pleasure


massage & steam

crystal therapy

respect, equanimity, cultivating habits of unbiased awareness and mindfulness in health

the role of loving kindness and compassion in health

color therapeutics

parasite cleansing

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), etc., etc..

"The experience is the cure"


Glitz and glamour don't.

I got two eyes and pretty good vision and I see what my clients are saying.

This is the strongest proactive self help health program in the country.

We're an old fashion approach to health management.

When your body becomes pleasant we call this healthy. When your health becomes very pleasant we call it pleasure.

When your mind becomes pleasant we call this peace. When it becomes very pleasant we call this joy.

When your emotions become pleasant we call this love. When they become even more pleasant we call that compassion.

When your lifeforce (life energies) become pleasant we call this bliss, when they become very pleasant we call it ecstasy.

When your material surroundings become pleasant we call this success.

We need the cooperation of many things and many people to attain material success. Many things have to fall into place.

But to keep your body pleasant, your mind pleasant, your emotions pleasant and your lifeforce pleasant it's 100% your business, not anybody else's.

We've got a lot to do together if you intend to increase, maximize and sustain your pleasantness for years to come.

Contact me below to start the journey together.

The emphasis here isn't on weight. The emphasis here is on vibrant health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In other words on healing and curing, on rejuvenation and prevention.

Very down to earth. You don't need data and information overload to do all that, you simply need some skills and some skillfulness. And some confidence in what you are doing, how you are doing it. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™!

My name is Jos-hua. I'm the founder of this HPS alternative health care guided online program. A shout out about me here (including pictures of me into my mid sixties). Take a look at the pictures and you tell me "does this work, or not?!"

When energy immunity and vitality are straightened out, weight easily follows and illness steers clear of your body. And your mind.

That's why this works for everyone at every age no matter what exactly your specific health goals are.

HPS GUIDED™ is not a SYMPTOM centered approach to health but rather it is SYSTEM vectored.

All bodies benefit from deep body care™. All bodies cure and heal swiftly here. There is no discrimination at HPS GUIDED™.

The outcome is not only do you look and feel much more comfortable in your own skin but you also end up with more time and more money in your hands.

You wouldn't try to build a million dollar house without a blueprint, professional help, a competent experienced builder and the best locks on all the doors, WOULD YOU?

Even if you never built a house before you intuitively KNOW that a lot of help is needed in every step of the way so why would you try to build your health without the same attention to details every step of the way?


Alone on your own doing what everyone else is doing (drugs, different meds for your different conditions, tests, dieting, endless exercising, vitamins and supplements, anti-depressants, psychiatrists and therapy) means you're just shooting in the dark. Shooting blanks. Not building anything stable and lasting. Just guessing and hoping because, we'll, what is there else to do but to tell yourself you are going to feel good because you're doing all those things?

Telling yourself that you will feel good this year isn't the same thing as actually feeling good forever!

That's how ridiculous most people are with their health thinking a few hours every week at the gym or at a yoga class coupled with buying a few bottles of vitamins and supplements and topped off with some nutritional eating will do the trick. "They will feel good."

That's pathetic.

That's why the health of America is what it is.


Inquire below today.

I don't sell you any health products.

I only sell guided health ADVENTURES.

Body mind spirit and soul care.

Four levels of adventures... level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

COUNT right now how many of the THINGS which are bothering your health, i.e., problems, sickness and issues which are on this "abbreviated" list. The actual list is much longer than this.

They (and a few other things) are going to become history for you in the coming 90 days.

Perhaps even quicker if you follow my instructions to the dot!

HABITS have an outsized influence on the trajectory of health.

When you find yourself with a bunch of new habits which don't upset you, irritate you nor aggravate neither you or your family, you'll consequently find it much easier than ever before to drop for "good" some of your old "bad" habits which negatively influence you, your energy and immunity, MIND, moods and overall health.


In this guided health program you'll be focusing just on a few things, the things that you've totally ignored for years.

Things which illicit lasting strong resolute lifeforce. The critical things.

Things like habits, things like the trajectory of your health, the taste of your health, the velocity of your health and cellular penetration.

How on your own are you going to master all this?

If you don't master all this then you are left with what you already have... Obamacare, doctor visits and tests, more stupid dieting and calories counting, heartbeat and step counting, endless exercise drudgery and countless endless purchases of vitamins and supplements, meds and drugs, medical devices and fitness equipment.

In short, at best you're left with inferior health care and inferior health.

At the worst they will hook you up to a life support machine.

It is lifeforce that upkeeps our health, not dieting or exercising.

It is lifeforce which determines the trajectory and velocity of our health, not vitamins and supplements.

And it is lifeforce which allows us to age graciously and agreeably.

Doing yoga or any type of physical exercise and then coming home and eating microwaved food everyday is total insanity in health. Microwaved food is inimical to lifeforce.

In this HPS program first we are going to undo some things, specifically the things that have been sabotaging your healing and curing capacity and the things messing with your ageing and longevity.

Right out the gate we are going to look under your hood. We are going to clean up the messes inside your body, skin and health (cure and heal) and then we will together move into rejuvenation and prevention. You're going to do that skillfully. I'm going to teach you how to.

From head to toes we're going to sweep your body. From inside out we're going to repair it.

Once you understand the mechanics of deep body care™, know how to do this and feel comfortable doing it then just like me and all my other clients you can do this every year at your timing of choice, at your place of chosing, on your own. Forever!

Once a year. Year after year. All you'll need to devote to your health is only one week out of the fifty two weeks of the year. That's the 7 Day Wonder®. Easy peasy!

It's not by accident that it's called a seven day wonder! It's totally wonderful. Amazing. And awesome.

I plan on teaching and practicing with you the game of health.

All four innings... body mind spirit and soul. I'm committed to helping you.

I intend to put you in the winners circle. Watch your hGH levels climb by 1530 percent.

Winners aren't born, they're made. And yes, this costs. There ain't no free lunch with me.

Online since 1996.

Tried, tested, very proven.

If you personally know Neil Young ask him to give me a call. I can help him. Thanks!

NOTICE: If you are recently after chemo, or had covid, or recently had any surgery please don't do this online guided program just now. Wait six months before contacting me. This HPS GUIDED™ deep body care™ health program is way way to powerful for your body at this point in time. Otherwise, welcome. You'll profit.

Please also note that I don't do any social media at all. Neither professionally nor personally. None. Never have and never will. It's easier than you think because there are huge benefits considering the hundreds of hours every year which stay in your hands. Multiply that by five years and you are talking big numbers... a huge amount of time which can be devoted to more beneficial and productive things which can bring you more joy, happiness and benefit than useless social media participation and even some social media mudslinging too.

Discover new talk, new methods, new techniques, new approaches, new people and a new path for you to take for health.

That's a whole lot of newness which you can profit from.

There's a whole new world of health awaiting you at HPS GUIDED™.

INQUIRE TODAY into availability. Into some newness for your lovely life.

Take a FREE QUOTE today.

At HPS GUIDED™ we have both the philosophy, the technology, the program and the game plan to change your health from top to bottom, from inside out. And the record that proves we can pull it off

We shall start inside your body, deep inside at a place where most don't talk about let alone ever go there.

We kick off this health program with some deep body care™, deep inside your bowels and gut and then work our way up and out.

Step by step is our preferred methodology. Safe, natural and holistic. You'll profit.

SEE how many of the THINGS that are bothering your health, i.e., problems and issues, are on this "abbreviated" list.

Actually, the list could include thousands of different illnesses, health dysfunctions and conditions. An abbreviated list just serves to show a few common issues which most of the population already suffers from.

They are just "things," don't give them any other label than that. They are living rent free in your body and mind. It's time for them to move out.

We're going to exile them all, those on the list and those not yet on it.

By those "not yet on the list" I'm referring to problems baking and percolating deep inside your body RIGHT NOW but still symptom free right now. You know, the things like cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, strokes, etc., etc..

Those kind of things percolate for years deep down inside the body, in the deep caverns and toxic waste holding centers before we see any symptoms appearing.

This percolation has already been proceeding apace irregardless of all your dieting, exercising and vitamins gorging.

We're not just going to minimize them but hopefully together without respite we're going to uproot them now, long before they can inflict any serious damage to you, or upon you (and your family) later in life.

If you don't try and do it now you'll end up like many exercise freaks, vegan's and yogatista's do...being hospitalized and immobilized in your fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond.

Those are a lot of decades to be stuck up the creek with no paddle.

Can you imagine how much time and money you'll be saving on your health in the future by doing some deep body care™ today?

Can you imagine what type of life you can enjoy when you're not petrified of getting chronically ill?

To have the self confidence in health that most people never attain. Can you imagine what this feels like?

The 7 Day Wonder® cleans the slate for us just as a farmer cleans his fields (weeds, rocks, broken irrigation pipes, broken drainage, etc.) prior to planting a new crop.

Only after will he plant, then lovingly grow and nourish what he planted, then harvest and lastly celebrate the bountiful crop.

Throughout all these processes you will never be alone. That's important because...

Murphys Law...

"Anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong"

I Jos-hua the HPS medicine man shall be by your side sharing every aspect of this journey with you. Plus any other persons at our newest app based forum will be too.

What do the fields deep inside your body need some cleaning out from?

See right now some pictures which our clients have posted at our old forums, closed in 2019.

Nothing good comes easy in the health space but with deep body care™ it's as easy as it gets.

That one week will set the stage for everything that follows in deep body care™ ... It's the foundation for the curing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention you'll inevitably be experiencing from deep body care™.

And do please take note, it's not about products but rather it's about you acquiring the skills and skillfulness to fully and independently take control of your health.




If you never have tried fasting for one full week, never colon cleansed before nor ever have done home colonics that's ok, that shouldn't worry you, most of my thousands of clients never had before either.

We're making it easy. You'll be able to easily do this as you'll have personal and individualized guidance, instructions and education every step of the way.

It's all built into the program at no extra costs to you.

With skills and skillfulness for health you walk away not just healthier and more vibrant but also you walk away with tangible assets in your hands, in your healthcare. Assets which you can use at every age. In other words for a lifetime.

Don't think all that is important?

I'm cool with that. After all it's your body not mine, you have to live in it forever, not me!

Could there be a safer, more expedient or more productive way to reclaim and then accelerate health than HPS GUIDED™?


HPS GUIDED™ Summary:

This is a real " pick me upper" for health, fitness and longevity. Places available online are very limited and exclusive. Conscious living. Consciousness in health care. Getting talented with your body, mind and health.

I don't see my job to wake people up about health. That's a hallow empty gesture. I take a long view of health. I don't take an emotional knee jerk reaction to any type of health problem. I see my job as helping those who already understand that they need help. Not just more information but help. Insight and wisdom. Skills and skillfulness. A permanent resolution to all your diverse health problems instead of more treatments and temporary relief.

If you are just looking to buy for your health more products I'm not your address. I have never sold health products in my life. I think selling products and telling you to expect vigorous energetic youthful health is a fallacy. A fraud. So please don't write to me asking which products are used in our programs. That information is exclusive to those doing this program. And anyway, what happened to my clients didn't happen because of the products used in this program. What happened to them was because they acquired here skills and skillfulness in health. Knowledge, wisdom and insight. And self confidence in how to properly take care of themselves.

Products are just tools. That's an insight that most people don't get. You've been buying products and tools for years, so where has that gotten you? Are you confident that you have the skills to totally control your health?

Yes, tools are important but a game plan, strategy, methods, practice and tactics are what animate the tools.

Take the tools, add a great proven program to the equation and top that off with a great coach continuously by your side.

Together that is what gives you a fighting chance to put your health in the winners circle. In other words to win in the game of health. A chance to look and feel alive again.

Most Americans are EXHAUSTED with their health. HPS GUIDED™ provides you with a viable affordable alternative (payments accepted), with immediate results.

And more!

HPS... HelpingPeopleSurvive. And thrive.

Contact us to get your body, mind, spirit and health skyrocketing to new heights. Online from 1996! Get a free quote today.

Learn more below.

Remember you don't have to believe me, I'm of course biased, but you should believe my clients. Their detailed records are archived at our online forum. With me you are a client, NOT a patient. You come, you learn, you heal, you practice, you go.


You should jump in this Fire and report back at our forums about the truth only you can discover by jumping in the fire! I get turned-on when people succeed in their health. I love it when a weakness turns into a strength. I did so with my own health (I had many weaknesses) and I believe if I could turn everything around everyone can.


Extend and pretend works until one day it just doesn't anymore. I Jos-hua invite you to stop pretending. I Jos-hua the HPS medicine man invite you to try this online guided deep body care™ health program for your curing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention needs. My hope is to see you learn, evolve and become even more committed to your health.

Done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Online from 1996.

HPS GUIDED™ is the result of a decade long search which took me to Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan.

Those who do this guided health program are the beneficiaries of those ten consecutive years in the trenches.

Yes, it took that long to put all this together and even longer to verify that the awesome results which I was experiencing weren't transitory.

Only once I was absolutely convinced that the results were long lasting did I decide to share this publicly, and the rest is history. I've been teaching and practicing with thousands of people around the globe. l, ever since, have been HPS'ing. HelpingPeopleSurvive. And thrive!

Now it's your chance.


Outcomes count!

INQUIRE TODAY into availability of an online place for you.

"The experience is the cure"

OUTCOMES MATTER / theories, claims, hope and promises don't

  One heck of a story. Click the image to read her in full at our forums.

Body mind spirit and soul care. Simultaneously. Together.

Under one roof.

In one guided health program. Online.

Educational, instructional and practical.

Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Enormous accomplishments in health.

Quick, swift and pocket friendly.

Online from 1996.

INQUIRE TODAY into availability.

Take a FREE QUOTE today.

You can only hold back rising flood waters for so long before the levee breaks somewhere along the river.

Please be advised that participation in this guided online health program is by online appointment only. Places online are very limited and exclusive. I'm as busy as I could possibly be. For ages 24 to 65 only.

BTW I have no intention of becoming a crutch for you.

I intend for you to realize like I myself have realized freedom in health.

If you click on each of our clients testimonials you'll be seeing how each person absorbed, Integrated and accomplished everything I just said above, everything that I intend to do for you too. They tell you how it is.

I can help you bridge your gaps.

I can help you return to your center of gravity.

Body mind spirit and soul care.

You are always welcome to bang me an email, feel free to ask anything you'd like to. Or tell me where I'm wrong about health. I'll surely reply.

Click to see what our clients discovered in their bowels.

If you haven't yet subscribed to our HPS GUIDED™ level 1 deep body care™ online guided course you really should. Giving one week every year to your health rather than having to give 52 weeks like you are doing now is so self indulging.

OUTCOMES COUNT / theories, claims and promises don't

This is so much more than just a common cleanse, a detox, intermittent fasting or a diet of any sort.


You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.....

WE'VE SEEN it again and again...those who previously couldn't cure and heal (let alone rejuvenate and successfully prevent) get over the hump with HPS GUIDED™.


SEX for health rather than sex simply just for lust and pleasure (yes there is a whole world in sex that is thousands of years old and you've never even heard about it let alone ever done and enjoyed it). I've made this deal too good... Everything you need to cure and heal is here including your sexual prowess in bed and reproductive health too.

Click to contact us

Press, crunch, push it.
To build something new you have to abandon the old. Take a look at your face differently.

If you like your workouts, you can keep your workouts. Same with your doctor, diets, vitamins and tests.

But I found myself not needing them anymore. I tapped into myself.
Many others have here too!

I've been rewriting the rules in self help health care for over a quarter of a century already, and winning.

BTW you'll only find me and my program here. I don't do any socmedia no facebook, twitter nor youtube. This is not available at Amazon either. The internet once offered a promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has since turned it into a prison. I don't write books nor give interviews. I like my privacy. I like being an unknown. I have no need for fame, name or extravagant financial gain. I don't want to play their games. I'm doing other more beneficial things with this life. I used to offer offline brick and mortar retreats in Europe and Asia but I don't do that anymore either. I only do this. HPS GUIDED™ online. Censored and shadow banned by Google since 2012. I take that as a badge of honor. Don't share us with your friends and followers. The chances of your friends finding us on their own are close to zero because they don't deserve this.


Share the facts only with those who see….

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.” – Leonardo da Vinci


When your body and mind hurt your spirit and soul get decimated.


You don't. We proceed together.

Inquire into eligiblity and availability online

HPS GUIDED™ The experience is the cure!

Body mind spirit and head care.

Warp speed revitalization. Online.

From 1996.

Private. By online appointment only.

For ages 24 to 65.

Guided educational instructional.

The less you know today about health the better off we will be together, you'll have less convictions holding you back.

I try to make it easy... play concept (the program), playmaker (you), accurate quarterback (me) and a whole lot of other variables including tactics and strategy, culture and depth, offense and defense. Special teams too.

Here you'll stop feeling out of your depth in healthcare.

Nothing invasive. No long term commitments (you can always go back to what you were doing before for health), no membership fees, no reorders allowed, no rehashes. This is a one way ticket to health.

No meal plans here. No discussion about carbs and protein. Or calories. If you are really really hungry for better health, lasting better health, the full meal is being served here. Meal plans, calorie counting and dieting isn't part of the plan. To those in the know about great health it has never been part of the meal.

I will not be selling you any products or equipment whatsoever, just this guided program. You will need some tools. Every farmer, gardner, carpenter or builder needs the tools of the trade. If you don't already own them I'll be directing you to vendors who sell them. You order from them and pay them directly. Buy from them or from any other vendors of your choice. I take no commissions from anyone so it doesn't matter to me who you buy the tools from.

I will not be lecturing you, endlessly entertaining you with videos or endlessly feeding you information. Information overload does nothing good for health. Precise INTELLIGENT surgeon like action does.

Here in this alternative health care program I provide an interactive experience for your health. That will give some steadiness to what we want to do.

That's how it has played out for me and many others here. I don't see any reason why it won't for you.

Inquire into eligiblity.

Helping People Survive


Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and soul care.

More than just a remedy.

Online since 1996

Be the light unto yourself and shine upon the world. If you want to know a little bit about me Jos-hua the founder of this health program START HERE. Pictures too. Suffice to say I live this. That's how much I like it.



Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and head care.


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Tina, age 35, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 4
   <-- read her at the forum

"...less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years- (I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift- they couldn't believe how young I looked!)....

Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group."

Greg, age 45, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Cholesterol levels Plunged! Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 ) Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range ) Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )"


Connie, age 53, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"I will never look at food the same way again. I thought I was eating what was good for me."

Rachel, age 22, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Nothing can come close to the experience of actually seeing long tubes of rubbery shit come out of you, and after seeing that you'll be a believer for life."

OUTCOMES MATTERS / theories don't

Outcomes count / CLAIMS DON'T


Safe, natural, holistic.

The conscious experience is the cure!

45 - 34



Inquire into eligiblity.

She is remarkable.

Read her.

Image   Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life...
So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."

Curious? You should be!

Inquire here.

Image   Richard, Teacher, age 34, USA, HPS GUIDED™ level 4

"I will never be able to put more than a dent in the debt of gratitude I feel toward Jos-hua, his teachers, my own dear friends in the HPS-Online family past and present...without the caring and support from each and every one of you over the years, my life today would be very different. Your personal stories and wisdom, your own trials and triumphs, all this has been an integral part of my own development... try to find that in a bottle of pills!"




Educational. Practical. Hands-on. Guided.

The experience is the cure.


You want to be great? You got to give something in return.
Adult healthcare.
Recapture your life.
Put the wind back into your sails.
Pay now so that you can get repaid in quadruples.
Accountability. Knock it out of the park! A million bottles of CBD or the best hybrid Hindu Kush flower still couldn't do this.

Contact for a free quote.

Contact address is

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email. Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.


Take note this is a journey that extends over twelve weeks (in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone). It's not an event, not a pill, not a diet nor an exercise routine. It's a journey. A body mind spirit and soul care journey. An adventure in health.

I want to communicate with you, exchange a few emails, before giving you any detailed information (pricing, promotions, scheduling, specific tools you'll need to get hold of, books (after all this is educational health care), etc., etc.).

I want to try to understand you a bit before I decide if I want to work with you. My own personal pleasantness far outweighs me making a sale today i.e., telling you to click on a buy button right now. My material surroundings are already very pleasant. Simple but very pleasant... I don't want or need any impulse purchases taking place here. That's for Walmart but not here. That's my style.

In health obviously everything feeds off of everything else but here with HPS GUIDED™ there is a style which you won't find elsewhere.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

Who you gonna share with, or tell?

Please don't. I'm busy enough as it is.