It's taken you quite some time to finally find us!

Online for over 22 years already ... since 1996.

You've lost already over twenty years of potentially great health, don't lose another day.

Information isn't power in health care. Nor are products, supplements, diet or exercise.

Don't tolerate the lies you are expected to swallow.

Hope is not a strategy in health.

If healing, rejuvenation and prevention is what you want... here is how we do it.

Welcome to HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care'.

Common sense health care. Online and guided. Educational and instructional. Step-by-step. For ages 21 to 65.

A body/ mind self-help health program.

Break free. There is a strong emphasis here on a real alternative for you in your health care ... on you acquiring skills and skillfulness in your health ... not just more stupid endless exercises, food information, recipes, health products, meds, creams and pills.

Check out the 4 point health memo in the next section, below.

Here in HPS GUIDED™ we're into smothering bad health and rewiring health ... smothering fatigue, pain, illness, disease, discomfort, excess weight and aging ... we've stopped treating it all decades ago. You should too!

In the next three sections see what 'Deep Body Care' can do for you.

And what it has already done for hundreds of our online clients to date.

Easy to digest, makes sense and our success trail is long, decades long.

HPS GUIDED™. Online since 1996.

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it." --- Albert Einstein

What will be the story of your life in 2031?

Sustained healing, rejuvenation and prevention is the name of the game here at HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care'. I want to see you as a fist striking inflictive health, and not as twitching fingers.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day.

Who uses those 24 hours the most wisely?

Act I. The Memo.

This is cutting edge health care. Here is the four point HPS HEALTH MEMO they don't ever show you and don't want you to ever find out about. It's not even funny how far behind the curve you've been. The collapse of health in America is much more severe than we suppose it is. The statistics referred to below (below these four points) show us that.

Please note that the following memo is not a abundance of proof, our clients own stories, is in the next section below this section.


1) Consistently successful health care
Consistently successful health care  happens when you stay focused on "causes and conditions" rather than allowing your focus to be foremost on symptoms.

Please stop allowing your focus in health to be distracted by your symptoms.

This is of utmost importance if you intend to reclaim ownership of your body, mind and health! This is a conceptual shift, a pivot, in how you relate to your body and health.

Stop being a symptom freak, a food and nutrition freak or an exercise freak which is what everyone you know, is.

You have no control over symptoms...

Just look at your own real life experiences...

Various symptoms pop up all the time whenever they want to... From a blackhead pimple on your face to an ache and pain in your back, from a simple infection on your leg to a complicated disease like arthritis or heart disease inside your body. Symptoms pop up all the time, incessantly. Dandruff, body odor, excess weight, constipation, aches and pains, insomnia, foul breath, a boil on your arm, the graying of your hair before the age of sixty, the frequent need for a nap... they are all symptoms. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But you do have total control over the "causes and conditions" which allow symptoms and illness to arise in the first place and MORE SO which allow symptoms and illness to survive and sustain.

A new 2018 study reveals that the average American has 60 bad days a year. You can cut that number by 90% when "causes and conditions" become prevalent in your personal health doctrine.

As you are seeing there is a lot more to great health than just more vitamins and supplements.

The key to hasten healing, prevention and rejuvenation is "causes and conditions."

Each one of us already have the seeds of great health in ourselves irregard of what we eat or don't eat, irregard if we exercise or not.

These seeds don't come to fruition because these seeds are obscured. Physically and mentally obscured in waste- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual waste. And consequently healing and rejuvenation becomes obscured too. In order to remove the obscurations we need to uproot the "causes and conditions" which allow this obscuration to take place and sustain. Once that is properly accomplished great health, immunity and better weight management can be realized again.

If health care costs are ever to be thoroughly beaten and good lasting health ever really achieved the first step has got to be to totally smother the "conditions" which would allow troubling health to exist in the first place.

Waste management is of course the very first step in that direction.

But know, there is much much more, too. More details in the following sections of this page.

What is your medical revolt level ... eventually everybody will find theirs.

Tens of dozens of diseases and problems, health dysfunctions and illnesses, which this HPS GUIDED™ program has already proven to terminate and eliminate- cure, heal and prevent from coming back again.

There are many more than just this brief list.

Illnesses, health problems and diseases that matter to all age groups.

If you feel that exercising simply makes you feel more motivated, wait until you start deep body caring. Your motivation will skyrocket through the roof as will your energy levels.

If you have health problems, be they minor or major, HPS GUIDED™ provides a viable solution. Together, we're going to rewire your health. First we're going to heal it, then rejuvenate it. And then focus on prevention- on preventative health care. We are accomplished in all we intend to make you accomplished too.

In this online HPS GUIDED™ program we're going to teach you, show you and help you successfully make the pivot.

2) Intelligent health care
Intelligent people usually strive to apply intelligence in their health. Intelligent health care  can only happen if you are making sure to keep your internal waste load factors consistently low, year after year. For that to happen you need skills and skill sets.

If our wish is to rewire and revive health, our health care has got to be intelligent.

No one can do this for you, it's your personal responsibility. A lifelong responsibility. It's a skill, not a pill.

A one off colon cleanse supplement, an enema now and then, a one off detox or doing something intermittently like intermittent fasting is not defined here as intelligent health care. Keeping your waste load factors continuously low year in and year out, is. We need to stay focused on waste management all the time, year after year.

When internal waste piles up inside a human body, health is at a severe disadvantage.

Therefore, continuous attention to waste management is critical, and intelligent. Not just physical waste management but emotional and mental waste management too!

Click the above link and see what is physically already inside of you... it's horrendous.

Yes, in you. It's been in everyone of our clients and in my own body too. Why would you think it's not in you?

No yoga, diet, workout, intermittent fasting, med or juicing even remotely addresses it.

Tons of poison already right now inside your body, tissues, muscles, organs, blood stream, lymphatic system and mind.

Do you honestly believe that two hours of yoga or workouts three times a week, a salad a day, a probiotic, some smoothies now and then, a trendy detox, essential oils, vitamins or even meds are honestly going to do anything consequential for our health or slow down aging with that type of waste and that amount of pollution already inside of you?

Pounds of poisonous waste attacking, tangling up, strangling and polluting every cell in your body 24/7 let alone adding pounds of unwanted weight to your frame.

We need to be generous to ourselves. This is why each level of HPS GUIDED™ always starts off with our HPS 7 Day Wonder®, a week of guided supported educational deep body tissue care- fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined for seven straight days done in the privacy of your own home, in your comfort zone.

Oh sure, you can do it. Hundreds already have here with HPS GUIDED™ in their hands.

In the HPS 'Deep Body Care' programs we're giving you the skills, and the skillfulness, plus the self-confidence, and the knowledge and wisdom so that you'll be prepared to take up your responsibilities and keep your waste load factors low by engaging in waste management for a lifetime.

As you are seeing there is a lot more to great health than just apple cider vinegar or buying a good water filter.

Doctors, tests, meds and surgery is modern health care. Classical self-help health care on the other hand is based on personal responsibility for our health. They are a world apart.

3) Super productive health care
Super productive health care  is happening when you don't allow and consciously limit the depreciation and depletion of vital life forces.

It is vital life force which animates our body, mind and health. Once it starts being depleted, the animation slows down until it ultimately just stops.

We need to learn what vital life force is, become familiar with it and train in how to conserve it. That's how health care becomes super productive.

Jogging, workouts, endless yoga and weight lifting isn't sanity in health care, it's insanity. It expends more energy than it generates.

Health care costs are likely to put more stress on the family budget during the next decade. In this context food is medicine. The constant reiteration everywhere on the internet of carbs vs. proteins, calorie counting, etc., is a total waste of time. Food is medicine. You'll be learning and practicing in this program how to use food to limit the depreciation of your vital life forces.

BTW, not just food is medicine, but many other things are too... music for example definitely is medicine. Your clothing and its colors are too. The layout and design of your house/apt. is too. Breath, i.e., breathing, is medicine too. Very powerful medicine. Exercise is too... not the type of exercise you're probably doing right now but another different type.

In the HPS GUIDED™ program I will be tying all this together for you, showing you and helping you limit the depreciation of vital life forces in respect to many different aspects of your everyday life, in a sane step by step practical sustainable manner.

When I set out to totally take back my health, I needed people in the know around me. I needed them all the time, not now and then, not sometimes. But all the time.

Why would you think you won't or you don't?

Please always remember that great health is in reality an exercise in relationship building.

The relationships you build with the world around you and the relationships you build inside your body, and with your mind.

If we want to experience deep healing, rewarding rejuvenation and genuine prevention we need to jump-start it. That's what deep body care does by limiting the depletion of vital life forces. That's sanity in health. The next section of this page, Section II- THE PROOF, shows you the reality of this axiom.

4) Sane health care
Your mental health is most probably the least attended to part of your ongoing health care activities. Sane health care  is happening when healthcare is a body and a mind project, not one or the other but both.

Self-help starts in the mind, not in the body.

It's a mental health pivot, and not just a physical health issue. Mentally and emotionally, we've been stripped of our core power, that being our very own basic self love.

We all have been abused emotionally and mentally for way to long. 14 signs of emotional abuse- from your clothes to making you feel guilty.

Mental health care matters, it matters in a big way. Don't trivialize it. It should be on everyone's daily agenda.

We're always looking outside of ourselves for confirmation, appreciation, and gratification rather than looking inside at our core value. We've become powerless. Valueless. And consequently defenseless too.

We've constantly been told that healing, rejuvenation and prevention is to be found outside of ourselves (i.e., in a pill, a med, a vaccine, a supplement, a vitamin, a piece of fitness equipment or device, a diet, etc., etc..), not inside. But that's just not true! That's a hoax, a heist of our health care.

No wonder why so many people's health sucks at the core.

If we honestly want lasting great health what we need to do beyond the above three points of this memo is to learn how to consistently be loving and hugging ourselves, daily! 

Cross the Rubicon. Become a rebel. Be generous to yourself. Take back your BasicHumanLove, your own self love. By doing that you are directly taking back your health.

In this online guided HPS alternative health program we shall show you how to, and help you succeed in this endeavor too.

As you are seeing there is a lot more to great health than just reikki, or meditation.

Independently take back your health. Take back your life. Take back your weight. End the pain, diseases and anxiety in your body and mind. Take the reins of your body, mind and health. Find how to easily start doing that with your mental health in the last section of this page. A free gift from us to you. It's in blue colored fonts, right above the inquiry contact form at the bottom of this page, you can't miss it. If you want great physical health working on your mental health everyday, not sometimes but everyday, is part of the process.

Skills and skillfulness and not just more products, meds, information and pills.

This is a serious self-help health program. 2005 Poll (59 votes)... was this worth the investment?

Lasting great health is defined here as your ability to independently and fully heal, rejuvenate and prevent for a lifetime. Anything less than that is just nonsense in health.

Hello to all you CANCER VICTIMS and cancer patients around the globe.

Hello to the tens of millions of you. Best wishes from

You are a victim because you didn't pay any attention whatsoever to any of the above, so what did you expect would happen to your health?

Really, what did you expect?

If the sum total of your health care has been revolving around nutrition and diet, doctors visits and tests, meds and supplements, biking and hiking, or workouts and yoga, you're way behind the curve.

That's what everyone has been doing for the past two decades YET "cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years," a new 2017 study by researchers at journal JAMA Oncology says.

None of that is intelligent health care nor sane, successful or productive health care!

It's as ridiculous as sending Stephen Hawking to fight Mike Tyson. ;-)

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act in these times. Your friends won't find this memo at Amazon, so share this with your friends.

Got clarity? Get some, while you can. It's time to stop looking at price and instead to start looking at substance.

When I set out to take back my health, I needed people in the know around me. I needed them all the time, not now and then, not sometimes.

Why would you think you don't?

You are not going to find this on youtube, facebook, or any other health website.

This is HPS. Helping People Survive. Private, exclusive, guided health care. Safe, natural, holistic self-help. Transformative health care, online. It's taken me years of research, discovery, and intensive practice to put this together... and to help our clients prove its worthiness. I've been at it one pointedly for over thirty years already! Now I want to try and help you too. That is if you are open to help?

Only 12 new online clients accepted per year. That's how exclusive this is.

The collapse of health in America is much more severe than we suppose it is. We are underestimating its magnitude, not overestimating it.

After all that jogging, dieting, watching what we eat, gyms, yoga, detox, gulping down supplements and vitamins, vaccinations, surgeries, therapy, etc., etc., close to 70% of the USA adult population has to take one costly medication daily (and close to 50% two medications daily) according to the Mayo clinic 2013 report.

Do you expect drug dealers to rehab their clients?

Now that they have hooked you, they are going after your children too... Big Pharma's War On Our Children: 1 Million Kids Under Age 6 On Psychiatric Drugs.

The cost of treating health for even minor discomforts can be outsized to the severity of the problems. Major issues are another story. A 2017 study from TransUnion Healthcare reveals that Patient responsibility on 14% of hospital bills in 2016 exceeded $3,000.

And after those kind of expenses WHAT DO YOU GET?

All that has been done is a containment of the problem. No long term ascending better health is the outcome, no healing is the outcome, just mitigation and perhaps a cessation of the decline, is all that you end up getting. Drugs, medications, surgery and pain killers suppress pain and disease, but they do not cure.

In light of these facts I would say, YES, IT IS TIME YOU SERIOUSLY CONSIDER reverting back to the basics, reverting back to independently taking full control of your body and mind, to reclaiming ownership of your health.

With GUIDED self-help you can successfully end the heist of your health.

That's the way I see it... a heist of our health. My good health was stolen from me and yours has been stolen from you, too.

Unstick yourself. Unstick your health. Unstick life.

You have no idea how far, how deep and how high you can go with your health. Trust me, no idea!

They've heisted our health! There are too many maggots in your health care. And now you have to pay a real fortune- not just physically and financially but emotionally and mentally too!

You lock the doors and windows of your home so that thieves cannot get in. Why aren't you doing the same with your body, mind and health?

Years of unsecured locks, cheap investments and quick fixes in health (eat right and exercise, a vitamin or supplement too) ended up bringing you to where you are right now. Following the pack has been detrimental to your health.

People cling to fantasy health care because they WANT to believe that the cheap and easy health party will never end. They are sorely mistaken...

Pay back is a bitch.

I guess cancer, a stroke, a serious heart attack or even a chronic illness of any sort blows apart the Tomorrow Never Dies meme.

Next best guess gets to kiss the fat cheek lady with the puckered lips and brown lipstick

Inquire into online availability. Geico can save you 15% on your car insurance, but this HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' alternative health care program can save you 100% on your health insurance! It has in my own case. It's become my only health insurance for three decades already!

Act II. Break free.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ there are no false promises. We talk the talk and we walk the walk. Online since 1996.

The facts are the facts. You are going to break free from your past.

We have a solid long record showing that.

You are going to break free from the doctors, drugs, meds, therapy, endless supplements, diets, endless exercising, the pain, the diseases, the endless buying of health products, the health anxiety and the confusion.

And the big fat bills associated with all that. The never ending bills.

NOW SEE THE PROOF immediately below, our clients stories.
Read them in full, don't just skim them.

But beforehand, here is a short summary of my own health and health care story updated to 2018.

All of the illnesses and health problems I had (over sixteen different problems from hemorrhoids to herpes, from chronic back pain to weight issues and constipation, foul smelly breath, chronic fatigue and liver problems, etc., etc.) all naturally healed, never to ever come back again in the past thirty years.

Weight management, body tone, skin tone and aging? 

You be the judge  -->

Recent pictures of me, Jos-hua the HPS medicine man, in late 2017 at over sixty years old.

This 'Deep Body Care' obviously slows down aging in a very self evident way, too.

And do please take note, I haven't even once counted calories in these past thirty years. Not ever once!

No calorie counting and no food label reading either.

Gyms?    I haven't been in one in over thirty years.

Diet?    The word doesn't even exist in my vocabulary anymore. Why is it still in yours?

Meds, drugs and painkillers?    I threw them all out the window over thirty years ago.

Supplements or vitamins?    One bottle once a year... Some years none at all.

Doctor visits and tests?  Nope. I stay far far away from them.
Vaccines?  Never never ever!   Napping?  That ended thirty years ago.

Yoga?  Once a week, a ten minute session only! Many weeks never ever. Sometimes even months, never.

Consistently high energy levels and stamina?  Mine most probably beats most USA kids who are in their mid to late twenties.

Bowel movements?  Huge and voluminous everyday, day after day. Here, see the pictures. If you are not dumping a big load of shit daily, it's backing up inside of you. It's poison, waste and pollution backing up inside of you, daily. Month after month. Year after year. It's like an I95 traffic jam, two hundred miles long. You ain't ever going to get home very quickly when that happens.

The flu? I used to get the flu every year, for fifteen straight years, every year, before getting on this path. Now it's already thirty years that I haven't gotten the flu even once!

Sleep?  I sleep like a baby every night. Long, hard, peaceful and deep. And I fall asleep quickly. Within minutes.

And I awake cheerful... happy, energetic and light.

Prior to getting on this HPS path each and every morning was dreadful.

The above is the fruit of HPS GUIDED™. Inquire today into online availability.


Pivot your health in a lasting sustained way... It's time to stop looking at price and instead to start looking at substance. It's not so often that greatly improved health comes comes knocking on your door, to be attained in the privacy and comfort of your own home, independently.

Breaking free is real. It's real. Read these people right now. See for yourself.

You'll notice they aren't talking about any magic pill, diet, exercise routine, or supplement.  Nor are they having anymore bad hair days. They're talking about the results achieved from this HPS GUIDED™ program. They are talking about their accomplishments in reclaiming ownership of their body, mind and health!

I'd personally pay any price to avoid this being me! Any price, do whatever needs to be done, to avoid this!

HPS GUIDED™ is head and shoulders self-help care... head and shoulders over anything you have done before.



The below is how people who are finally acquiring truly good health, talk.

Written by our clients in their own words at our online forum.

See how people whose health care stays focused on 'causes and conditions' centered around waste management, talk.

The basic question here is HOW HEALTHY DO YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BE?

Empowerment in health comes from skills and skillfulness ... not from products, information or pills.

BREAK FREE... It's a culture, a mentality, and an attitude...not a pill, protocols, an exercise routine, a piece of equipment or diet.

If there is no culture all you are doing is encouraging spectacle without substance. Bluster without tangible success. Chest-thumping without sacrifice.

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Age 33
Advanced DBC

"This latest marks 6 HPS GUIDED™ programs with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years.

While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before.

Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of all that?”

Age 35
Advanced DBC

"After doing the 7 Day Wonder Level 4 deep body care program I can clearly see how wonderfully Jos-hua has set up this DBC program to build step by step, one level to the next.

For anyone wondering whether or not to continue after doing 7DW Level 1 or 2, I encourage you to go for it!

I believe each of the levels are ESSENTIAL to enabling one to achieve true health care via self-care.

This entire deep body care journey has set me upon a path that I never dreamed of.

I don't know nor am I concerned about where it will lead. I have complete faith now that I am on a wonderful path.

My physical health has improved tremendously-less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!), improved skin tone, enhanced running levels, etc.

Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime.

Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group.

I have a long way to go yet and that's just all right with me.

Peace, love, Pura Vida! Tina A"

Age 49
7DW DBC level 1

- “Dropped 28 pounds and one pant size!
- Blood pressure was 128/77 at the start of this program and was lowered to 120/80 by the end of day 19!
- Complexion and scalp is no longer oily!
- Hair, skin, fingernails look and feel healthy!
- I no longer have a need for deodorant, soap or shampoo!
- Eliminated pounds of accumulations from my colon; calcified mucoid plaque and tubes of mucus!
- Abdomen is now soft, pliable, and no longer distended!
- Can now breathe deeper; no colon accumulations to restrict lung expansion!
- Meals digest quicker now that I observe the trophology food combining guidelines; no more problems with acid reflux!
- Healthy food never tasted so good!
- Increased body awareness; better self image!

 A co-worker stopped me on the street just to say they could "sense something different" about me! Of course I had to tell him about the Helping People Survive program! It's much easier sharing the benefits of the HPS program with friends, now that I have experienced these results first hand!"

Age 56,
7 Day Wonder DBC level 4

"I suffered for many years from an unfortunate combination of fibromyalgia and a structural cervical problem that was eventually diagnosed and corrected surgically.

Unfortunately my suffering was prolonged and protracted because I trusted medical professionals rather than the healing power of my own body.

Now I am transformed from a powerless sufferer to a person who can help other people heal themselves. Often I have the feeling of being a completely different person, but I know that is not true. But I am constantly growing and changing.

I have learned to increase the energy that flows in my body and now I am really in control of my energy and my health. Life is good. And HPS deep body care is one of the single best things I have ever done.

This DBC 7 Day Wonder has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit.

I know that I will continue to deep body care for the rest of my life.

For anyone who is considering deep body care, I say if it sounds right, suspend judgement and jump in feet first and just do it.

If you do, you will quickly see the benefits.

Jos-hua's HPS GUIDED DBC 7 Day Wonder program is beautifully designed to take you step by step, painlessly to taking control of your health. It is powerful stuff."

Share the above stories...

How is it that I myself and my online guided clients are achieving all this healing, energy, rejuvenation and good weight yet you and your friends aren't? Inquire into availability.


So many health programs start off looking the same. But do they end the same?

Please do note, each one of the above people, each one of our clients, have documented at OUR FORUM their health with HPS spanning more than a year and a half, some three years and more. In other words, you are reading above about lasting sustained results, and not one off spectacular accomplishments that are here today but dissipate tomorrow.

Give yourself a breath of fresh air. Gift yourself a better body. Enjoy better health. There is a lot more to attaining and maintaining good health than just "eat right and exercise." You just saw the PROOF. Basic human care skills and not just more products, food information, exercises, tests, meds, diets and pills.

HPS GUIDED™ is so very deep and so very comprehensive compared to detox. Detox of course only marginally deals with your body, while totally ignoring your mind and soul. If you are serious about reforming your health
let's drill down to the basics... body, mind and soul ... it's not so often that good fortune comes knocking on your door. It's time to stop looking at price and instead to start looking at substance! Online since 1996.

This is health care for the 22nd century... a return to the basics.

Something for your body, mind, and soul.

A return to the roots of classical health care.

HPS GUIDED™ is an educational, instructional, personalized, proactive, one-on-one, online, action packed, practical, wholistic, alternative self-help health care program. Tried, tested and very proven. Online from 1996.

In HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' we weave a variety of products, tools, procedures, cutting edge protocols, alternative therapies, practices, approaches and health disciplines together into one solid mix where we will be teaching you how to ultimately DJ them yourself at your timing, need and choice. And we're very experienced in doing this.

This is something which you don't have any precedent for... the outright number of therapies woven together and the integration of so many different health approaches and disciplines.



The HPS approach to health is totally different than what they have been telling you for decades now.

They've been telling you "let's treat." Let's treat your health problems. We're telling you "let's break free." Let's break free from your health issues.

This is not the type of health care you've been engaging in these past few years. This is superior health care. Yes, of course this cost. This is an original HPS program. And you'll be getting the founder of this program, Jos-hua the HPS medicine man by your side for at least three full months, mentoring you daily, and more so if you so wish.

Lasting sustained great health is defined here as your ability to independently and fully heal, rejuvenate and prevent for a lifetime. Anything less than that is just nonsense in health.

Find out if we have a place for you online, too. Inquire into availability today.

The HPS programs are not for the financially strained or for those with a poverty mentality.

Superior health care has got to be exclusive if it is to be superior, and that means it has got to cost!

We've kept the costs reasonable compared to what Jos-hua personally had to spend thirty years ago to learn, practice and become accomplished in great health (75% less), but still this costs. You'll be getting too much personal individual attention for the price to come down any lower. More attention than anyone has ever given you in your health care before. Tons more!

Guided, proactive and online makes self-help better, deeper, more comprehensive, safer and easier for you, and of course more cost effective too.

Be honest with yourself... If you know how to reclaim ownership of your health, mind and body, then just do it.

Please just go ahead and break free and stop staring at the walls, the shelves full of bottles of supplements, drugs and meds, the computer and your mobile phone screen!

If you don't know how to,  allow us in. Take our hand. We'll show you how and help you.

We want to help you transform your health ... which ends up changing your life for the better.

Of course this costs, is there any reason why it shouldn't?

Still in doubt?    Don't be... Check out these nine different people, some in their early 30's, others in their late forties. See what they had to say at our forum.

Time to do what must be done... Get inspired ... see the endless possibilities.

Astounding stories regarding body, mind, weight & health they will share with you.

Inquire into online availability.

In health, information isn't power. That's a myth.

If we don't know how to act on the information, don't act or can't act properly the information is basically useless. Powerless.

In health, just buying more products, devices and equipment isn't power, either.

In self-help health care if you don't have a strategy to work with, a game plan to DJ, a destination in mind, and a proven program in hand to devote yourself to, FOLLOW and execute from... plus constant ongoing guidance and ongoing feedback from someone more in the know than you yourself it's difficult to make anything beautiful happen in the longer run just from health products alone, or from any piece of equipment or device, on its own.

Here in HPS GUIDED™ we want to help you properly take actions.

Actions are power!!

Proper actions, properly taken, at the proper time.

Intelligent, sane, super productive, cost efficient, safe lasting health care is the goal here.

We intend to make you independent and skillful in your health care.

That means you being able to cure, heal, rejuvenate yourself, and prevent too. As you have seen, we have a long solid record in doing this.

What are the multitude of actions we take in this program?

Do this HPS program and know!
And become proficient, become skillful, too.

Why should we give away all our secrets here today?

We've already given you so much in the above.

It's taken us decades to put all this together. And to prove it works. Our program is confidential to those doing it.

Our record is long and solid. You've seen that already.

But we will say this... you'll be taking a ton of actions with regards to body, mind and spirit. A ton of action in a cohesive safe way. Body work, mind work, energy work, spirit work and immunity actions too!

There is not and never has been a diet in deep body caring...there is just deep body caring.

We shall teach you how to. Food is medicine. Start looking at it like that.

At the core of HPS GUIDED™ at every level of the program (four levels in all- the 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) level 1 beginner level and the three advanced levels of the program: level 2, level 3 and level 4) our actions always start off with WASTE MANAGEMENT.

Deep body tissue cleansing is our method of choice.

Basic starting protocols in HPS GUIDED™... Intelligent, sane, productive and super effective deep tissue cleaning protocols.

These four are just the starting point of our actions, not the finish. There is a lot more to learn, do and practice to get to the finish line here, in other words if lasting sustained great health is to be your domain, too. Inquire today into availability if you want to change your health and life at the core.

Places are limited and coveted. Only 12 new online clients accepted per year.

FOUR MORE CLASSIC HPS HEALING AND REJUVENATION CASES. Take a quick look... don't be shy... right now...

Two men, two women of different ages, in their twenties to those in their fifties.

Take a quick look. Feel how they rejoice in their accomplishments. They used their time wisely.

Anything is's all on the table. Online from 1996.

Inquire into online availability.

Done in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

No clinics to check into, no traffic to fight, no parking spaces to fight for, no please hold calls, no more needing to visit high end spas year after year, no more RX visits, no more doctor visits, meds and tests... no more shots, endless supplements, endless vitamins, endless exercising, stupid calorie counting, reading food labels or dieting either.

Taking static health and making it dynamic again, at home.

My long life has shown me that free or cheap always leads ultimately, to junk. No junk here at

Pay and you'll get to play.

Otherwise sit back, hold on to your dollars, continue relating to health as you presently do, continue doing what you think you should do, continue doing what your friends do and watch the slow motion train wreck of your health and their health collapsing.

Self-destruction usually happens in stages... It's usually a multi year offline highly expensive painful process for most people.

Painful both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but of course financially too. Not a 2,000 dollar process but more like a 10,000 dollar one, or in many cases 20,000 to 50,000 dollars just to end up with a mitigated collapse!

We all get the same 24 hours in a day.

Who uses those 24 hours the most wisely?

Here we're into ascending our health, not mitigating collapses.

Apply yourself to this health care program and you will reclaim ownership of your body, mind, immune system and health.

That much we're ready to promise you already today!

Anybody with a brain knows that you should be talking about and focusing daily on processes- healing, rejuvenation, prevention and transformation processes- and not on products, diets, calorie counting, portion control, exercises or pills.

There is a lot more to great health than just apple cider vinegar, a diet, a detox, yoga, a workout, buying a good water filter, reflexology, reikki, meditation or supplements.

Classical self-help health care is based on personal responsibility for our health. Do you even know what that means? It means skills and skillfulness and not just more products, meds, information and pills.



Is there any reason why you wouldn't want or should not want everything I have already accomplished, too?

I love and approve of myself and my health ... now it's time for you to start doing the same too.

Pull out your checkbook and scratch a week off your busy schedule, and you're on. Possibly on, acceptance is on a case by case basis. Online places are limited.

HUNDREDS OF CASES DOCUMENTED AT OUR ONLINE FORUM.   --> Don't want to believe me regarding my own health, that's OK with me, but how can you not believe them?! Hundreds of cases documented and recorded at an online forum, no less. Here for you, with you!

Think Big or Go Home. The above few paragraphs aren't just information... they are wisdom in health. Share them with a friend. Kindness does improve mental health.

Our parents bought into a lot of nonsense in their health care activities (annual doctor check-ups, pills, products, exercises, calorie counting, diets and medical insurance) and look what is happening to them... We shouldn't be as naive and as stupid as they were with our body and health. They took no personal responsibility for their health. We should.

Take care of your business prudently and properly. Smother bad health, illness and excess weight, don't just treat it.

"The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women. Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new 2017 study by researchers at journal JAMA Oncology say. "

With those kind of stats (or shall we call them odds!) and the costs involved (costs which are not just physical or financial but an emotional and mental strain too for the whole family) it makes absolute sense to be jumping into an alternative path in health care, already today.

It's the with and for which is our claim to fame.

HPS GUIDED™. Online from 1996.



Who doesn't like to be loved?

Who doesn't want to be loved?

Anybody in the house?

Here is a GIFT
we'd like to give you today, just for visiting us, just for spending so much of your time with us today.

And we hope you also told a few of your best friends about us. Thanks.

Write the below on some post-it notes, and place those notes all around your house... in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, on your car dashboard, in your office at work, etc.. Everywhere you frequently or randomly visit in the day, and night.

Here's the point...

Like with your body, you're stuck with your mind 24 hours a day, everyday forever. It's time to start making friends with it.

Instead of sitting around waiting for someone, anyone, to hug us and love us, we need to learn how to love ourselves. To give ourselves some BasicHumanLove, daily.

When we feel we don't get enough love from others we become frustrated, unhappy, edgy, angry, jealous, fearful, psychotic and doubtful about ourselves and that runs off directly into our physical health in a big way.

We need to learn how to love ourselves, love our body, and hug our health and not to fear it, hate it, or be angry with it. All that starts in the mind.


If you say the below now and then, nothing is going to happen. It needs a concentrated continuous application, daily, for weeks. We're talking here about rewiring the brain, rewiring the mind, not treating it.

All those persons who have dementia and Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease and almost every other chronic health condition under the sun, upon investigation you will find that they didn't take care of their mental health properly and they remotely didn't address waste management properly.

I'm not surprised they ended up where they ended up, you should not be surprised either.

Anybody in the know will tell you this ... there is an incredibly strong connection between attaining lasting sustainable good physical health and having good mental health. This is true at every age. Young or old.

We're both, both a physical body and a mental body.

Not one or the other, but both, and each one of these different bodies need different supports, attention and help if they are to be strong, healthy and life enriching.

Better mental health isn't about getting enough sleep, carving out time for exercise or cutting back on the booze.

People who talk like that are just parroting others. Imbeciles I would call them.

They've no idea what mental health care is or how to improve it.

Mental health care deals with our thoughts, the content of our thoughts, the content of our emotions which are either anger, lust or stupidity in most cases... with our mind, making us more tender with ourselves. And with others.

Making the music of the mind more positive and harmonious, calming our mind, shaping our mind to be with less sharp edges, less aggressiveness. Breaking free. More peace. More freedom. And more love for ourselves. Self-love.

Making our mind kinder, happier, less selfish and less self centered, less egotistical, more emphatic, with more equanimity and being more altruistic. Kindness improves mental health, compassion does too, love does too. Practice makes perfect. Practicing kindness to others but also kindness to ourselves is so important. To be kind to ourselves, especially to our own mind. Not for anyone else, but for our self. For our own good, happiness and longevity. When we do it with our mind, we're doing it to our health.

Prevention is the best medicine, the most cost effective cure.

For the next three months, five times a day, everyday, intermittently, ENRICH YOURSELF, HUG YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, periodically practice by saying out loud to yourself:

"I love myself. I approve of myself. I appreciate me... everything I need is taken care of. I move into my greater good. My good is everywhere. I am safe and secure. Everything I need is taken care of. I lovingly release all the past. They are free and I am free. All is well in my heart now."

Say it out loud and listen to the words. Repeatedly. Not once a day, but many many times every day, day after day, for weeks!

Write the above on some post-it notes, and place those notes all around your house... in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, on your car dashboard, in your office, etc.. Everywhere you frequently or randomly visit in the day, and night.

That way you'll effortlessly be reminded to say the above out loud, many times a day.

In addition, here is another pointer based on my own practice and experience... it is very worthwhile for the above to be your last words, last thoughts, before falling asleep, and the first words out of your mouth upon awakening.

That way you keep a continuous flow/stream in your mind, in your consciousness, from sleep to the next day morning upon awakening. Very powerful indeed!

When saying the above, hear the words. Feel the meaning. Know the implication. Contemplate them.

Simple free daily effortless action.

It's your personal responsibility and your duty to take care of your mind, it's not someone else's responsibility.

It's your personal responsibility and your duty to love and hug yourself on a daily basis, it's not someone else's responsibility.

Vigorous, energetic, youthful health is a body and a mind project.

BTW, I personally think, feel and say out loud the above not five times a day but more like twenty five times every day, especially while washing dishes, or while in the shower.

It's become a habit and a better use of my time rather than just letting my thoughts (i.e., my mind) randomly wander about while showering or washing dishes. This way it's two birds with one stone... outside of me something gets cleaner, and inside of me something gets cleaner too!

Good luck! You have my blessings:

"May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, may all beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness. Amen. Om."


Inquire into availability:

Health Judo.
US$ x 2 payments.
Online from 1996!

"WOW Jos-hua, thanks. I got the information. But as you said "information isn't power and information isn't going to change my health, actions are power and actions alone are going to change my health."

I now want to take profound timely proper actions with my body, mind and health. Let's do it. Help me. Show me. Teach me. Assist me. Take my hand and guide me, oversee me. Provide feedback, daily instructions and continuous guidance to me for the next three months. Make HPS GUIDED™ work for me too!

Yes, I want to be generous to myself.

It's clear and obvious what this HPS program can do...
Of course I understand this can't be cheap... how could it be with such a long solid record, such a philosophy of health, the ton of personalized attention that will be given to me and an original five star program which is so tried, tested and proven. And, as you said your own self-respect plays a part in the pricing too. I read somewhere on this site that you Jos-hua spent many multitudes the cost of this online program when you learned to practice all this thirty years ago.

Now I'd like to know more about your HPS GUIDED™, Health Judo program- more about your approach and philosophy in health, more about the different protocols in your program, cost of the tools used in this program, the different levels, availability, payment methods and whatever else you think I should know or need to know prior to ordering and commencing this online guided program with you. Thank you Jos-hua!"


Please note we run a tight ship...that's how we keep our sanity in this business. HPS replies to inquiries only in the first week of every month. In the last week of each month Jos-hua the HPS medicine man will collate and review all the different applications and then decide how to proceed. So look forward to hearing back from Jos-hua only in the first week of next month.

We need to know your age, gender and the country of doing this program in. We do not service all countries. Input that information into the above form.

Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using the above form... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Are you single or married? Any kids? Any relationship problems? Any mental health or emotional health issues like occasional or frequent outbursts, bursts of anger, addictions or depression? What kind of work do you do? Is it stressful? Do you like your work? Feel free to expand. What things have you done or are doing for your physical health and weight right now? Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge if this program will work for you too. This is a serious program, not a fly by in the night proposal.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

We said good luck because this guided online program is not available to everyone. There is no automatic acceptance.
Places online are limited to 12 new persons per year. One per month is Jos-hua's preference. So obviously of course, the more he knows about you and your health the better chances you have of being accepted. You bet Jos-hua has a chip on his shoulder. With a record like ours why shouldn't he? This is an exclusive proven health care program with a very long track record online, with incredible lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention results. Awesome accomplishments. For ages 21 to 65 years old. Hundreds of documented records at our online forum, documented by our clients in their own words.

For those persons financially pressed two equally split month after month payments are accepted. Bitcoin payment is also accepted too if that is what you prefer.

When contacting us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured.

Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.


P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully." Please don't forget to tell Jos-hua your age, gender and the country in which you'll be doing the program in. We do not service all countries.

P.P.S. If the above contact form isn't working, you can always contact us by email at program [{at}]


"The lesson that life constantly enforces is 'Look underfoot.' You are always nearer to the true sources of your power than you think."

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