Are you going to become a star in health, or are you going to continue to stumble?

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You cannot be what you not already are.

Let me not rattle and like a snake let me just bite you. You have nothing to create. You already are healthy. What you need to do is only to shift yourself from the idea of creating better health to the idea of removing that which is obscuring your inate good health. That is what needs to be done.

If you got it you got it. If not I'll try in this page, in the below, to explain it in a different way but note it will take a lot longer than the above which is the essence of stable great health in one paragraph only.

Clearly field goals aren't going to repeatedly win the game of health. You can only play the hand you're dealt in your healthcare. The cards which I'm holding and want to deal to you is that I'm not satisfied nor content to see you win once or even twice. I want to see you lovingly dominate your health. And it's gotta be done for decades, not years.

You have many years to still live. If you are going to try to get healthy (diet, exercise, meds and drugs, vitamins and supplements, yoga and tai Chee, meditation and affirmations, workouts and run abouts, etc.,etc.) you're going to find it very tiring. In fact you'll probably exhaust yourself, frustrate yourself and ultimately give up. And anyhow, if you go that path you still won't find and still won't get what you are looking for.

Disappear your fear, resurrect your audacity. Retune your health. Reclaim what you already are. Reclaim what you always have been right from the start.

When you were a youngster you were healthy. Did you work at? No, that was your natural state. It still is your natural state today but it is obscured. By obscured we mean like a lampshade which obscures the natural bright light of the lightbulb.

Remove the lampshade and the room seems much brighter. The lightbulb's light can fill the whole room.

Easy, just remove what needs to be removed and you shine again. No more sick. No more pain. No more fat. No more fatigue and stress. I'd like to show you how to. Physically mentally and emotionally. And after doing this I'd like to show you how to even get more light. Pretty simple, no?

HPS GUIDED™ is a masterstroke for better health with a long track record online. The best health ever felt. Cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent. All under one roof.

You can keep your credit card tucked away in your wallet today. No one is asking you to pull it out today. Simply be here for the next fifteen minutes. Be present and attentive. Nothing more is required of you today.

I know I shouldn't open with the following paragraph but I must, I have to say this before you begin reading...

I know this page might sound like hyperbole, but it isn't. If this program for health sounds too good to be true that's because it is good. No, not just good, but great. The truth is the truth so why should I tone it down. The proof? Just click and read the hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials and introductions at our online forum. I put a few on this page. Believe them, not me. This program is exceptional, unique, one of a kind, and the best part is it's unconventional... it's built for you to profit in health not just this year but for many years to come (I know my own health surely has).

Welcome to HPS GUIDED™. Feel ALIVE again. Unlike meds and drugs or surgeries, intense workouts and a bad diet this is clearly different, there are no negative side effects! None whatsoever. Tried tested and very proven. Online for over a quarter of a century already.

OUTCOMES MATTERS / theories, claims and promises don't

I like things that end. That's my nature. Some people like things to drag on. I don't.

That's why I don't like going to the gym or workouts, they drag on week after week forever. That's why I don't like doctor appointments and treatments. They can sometimes drag on for months and sometimes even years once you get chronically sick. That's why I don't like endless month after month vitamins and costly supplements purchases and prefer this instead. That's also why I never got married. There is a clear beginning and end here. Your costs are capped. Is this worth the time and money? Check the poll and see what they said.

Sometimes it is not about what you know, but who you listen to. And if you learn to get answers from unusual places where no one else is looking, that can be the most useful information of all.

I'm going to zap you with euphoria, zest, wisdom in health and inspirational elements to go out and perform to your best with this guided online and educational health program.

There are lessons to be learned here. A guided program is a better way of doing things... The evidence is past success... Body mind spirit and soul care. All the different parts of you need to be put on the same page if you want lasting great health. The younger you start, the better off you're going to be.

I try to make it easy... play concept (the program), playmaker (you), accurate quarterback (me) and a whole lot of other variables including tactics and strategy, culture and depth. Here you'll stop feeling out of your depth in healthcare. No long term commitments (you can always go back to what you were doing before for health), no membership fees, no reorders allowed, no rehashes. This is a one way ticket to health.

Grow a body that is unusually healthy. You want to grow not just flowers or leaves but ROOTS too. In fact this program unlike others in healthcare puts the most emphasis on the roots. Do that properly and the flowers will bloom repeatedly simply because a tree with long and strong roots is going to be around for a long long time.

No meal plans here. No discussion about carbs and protein. Or calories. I will not be selling you any products or equipment whatsoever, just this guided program.

I will not be lecturing you, endlessly entertaining you with videos or endlessly feeding you information. Information overload does nothing good for health. Precise INTELLIGENT surgeon like actions does.

Here we will be interactive with your health.

I just don't want you to let yourself down again. You'll never find yourself alone on your own here. That way there is no room for mistakes to happen, for you to make mistakes, get lost or give up. I will be sharing with you a path in healthcare for great health. A path that I've personally been walking for close to half a century for my own body, healing and wellness. All you have to do is join me on the walkabout and share back your experiences in every step you take. I will provide feedback and insight on what you shared with me and you will adjust your next batch of activities in light of my feedback, make adjustments and then report back awaiting again my comments, feedback, and instructions if need be. Like this we will proceed together to walk the path.

You'll follow the map I've provided you (the program) and I'll make sure you get it right. Like this we will proceed STEP BY STEP.

Like that we will proceed forward for three straight months. Then it ends.

We part ways but you can continue to walk at your own pace and convenience. After all, based on the walkabout in health which you experienced with me you know there are probably still some beautiful discoveries just around the bend. And, you know just how exciting and rewarding that can be. Fearlessness with your health. Audacity too. With the wealth of knowledge, varied hands on experiences, skills and skillfulness, wisdom and self confidence in health which you acquired with me during our walkabout you can continue on the path alone, healthy for a lifetime prepared for whatever life throws at you.

That's how it has played out for me and many others here. I don't see any reason why it won't for you.

Where else in the world is something like this taking place for health? I don't know of any. Do you?

What comes out on the other side of this?

Bye bye doctor appointments, bye bye endless meds and costly drugs, bye bye exercise drudgery, bye bye vitamins, creams and expensive and endless supplements, bye bye insomnia, bye bye expensive painful psychotherapy sessions, Bye bye Mr. Chiropractor, bye bye confusion, fear, depression and anxiety about your health, bye bye dieting, bye bye calorie counting, bye bye heart beat counting, bye bye step counting, bye bye crazy health bills which if you don't do this inevitably will get crazier as you age!


Can your doctor give you all the above? If so what's the cost? Ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand, thirty thousand or more? Does your yoga teacher know? Does the supplements store know? Does your fitness coach know? We do. And you will too for less than two thousand dollars, for less than the cost of an outdoor sauna or a brainless Peloton® exercise bike or a stupid exercise mirror both which will sooner or later be disregarded and stashed away in the closet. We'd like to show you how it's achieved so that you can profit too from HPS. Thousands already have before you.

Helping People Survive


Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and soul care.

More than just a remedy.
Much more!

Online since 1996

Be the light unto yourself and shine upon the world. If you want to know a little bit about me Jos-hua the founder of this health program START HERE. Pictures too.



Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and head care.


It's simple... just ask yourself a few questions.

Intention and information surely isn't enough to put the wind back into your sails.

What's your game plan for your health?

Your game plan for this year, next year and the year after? What's the map show? Do you even have a map? One which you are absolutely confident in?

When things are taken away from us we all have a greater appreciation when we get them back. Isn't it so? This is especially true in love and in health. Anyone who has "broken up" with either of them, or both, knows the exuberant feeling of getting them back again.

You can continue to mess around with your health for months if not years and never get back what you recently lost in health or what you had a decade or more ago.

Messing around, guessing, praying for a rope line, trying all kinds of different stuff for health surely isn't and cannot be anywhere as rewarding as a concise well structured guided instructional and educational health program which has a clear beginning and a clear end. And which as per our record proves will skyrocket your health, looks, energy, immunity and healing in less than sixty days. That's right, in less than sixty days!

What's special and unique about HPS GUIDED™ is the chance you have here to remove yourself for three months from your convictions about health and instead to give yourself DIRECT existential HANDS ON personal experience in all matters relating to your health...

At the doctors office where are your hands?

They are by your side. At the gym where are your hands? They are on a piece of stale cold equipment. With bottles of vitamins and supplements what do you do with your hands? You hold bottles. Nothing more.

Here in HPS GUIDED™ your hands are going to be proactively on you. On all matters relating to your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul.

HPS GUIDED™ is a hands on direct experience in health. That's the game plan. The experience is the cure.


Body mind spirit and head care is an ECOSYSTEM IN HEALTHCARE that is far far superior to whatever you right now are a participant of today.

That's worth more than a whole lot of perks!

It's more advantageous because it is based on YOUR OWN consciousness, your own needs and environment, your own lifestyle, your own finances, and your own skills and skillfulness rather than more expensive technologies, more dubious products, information, stupid workouts, greedy doctors and pills.

You don't want to be throwing the ball too long, or too short or off target in the game of health.

SKILLS AND SKILLFULNESS in health rather than just more stupid products, workouts, dumb diets and pills. This our recipe to cure and sustainably heal...

Skills and skillfulness... That's our recipe to rejuvenate and sustainably prevent too. That's how well being and wellness is sustained.

When your health changes in light of this program, the completeness which is already you will be yours.

Now, let's together start to cook the meal. Let's start "the walk," together... Give me your hand... I want to hold your hand. I want you close by me. I want to feel you and I want you to feel me. This isn't a doctors office or a gym, nor a hospital bed or store. This is HPS GUIDED™. The experience is the cure.


ADULTCARE™, it's what adults do for health. It's the fine line between hoping and knowing in health. With adultcare™ you "know" what's going to happen with your body and health.

It's especially relevant to a world where the woke cancel culture is becoming increasingly and bluntly a norm. You can be cancelled anywhere at any moment... your doctor refuses to see you, the hospital refuses you, the gym refuses to let you in, the supplements store refuses to sell to you, etc., etc., all because of your beliefs or something you said. ADULTCARE™ frees you from their grasp.

Being voraciously healthy and staying voraciously healthy is not about being anywhere (for example a gym, a store, a spa, a class, a retreat, a hospital or a doctor office).
It's not about consumption (if I consume xyz I'll be healthy).
It's not about denying yourself (if I deny myself xyz I'll become healthier).
It's not about counting... Counting calories, steps, heartbeats, blood pressure, reps or whatever.
It's not about pills, exercising, workouts, dieting, shots, home medical devices or any fitness equipment either.

It's about a relationship...

That's right, a relationship. Nothing more. Your relationship with your self. Your relationship with your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul. Don't shortchange yourself in health. You are more than just a mere body.

Unlike other relationships which you can walk away from (dating, marriage, employment, investments, recreational drugs, memberships, etc.) with health there is no walking away. You can't walk away from yourself. You're stuck with your self (with your body and mind, spirit and soul).

You're stuck with yourself for a lifetime.

So obviously the question arises how to best manage the body/ mind relationship so that it works to your benefit and advantage for the duration of your life?

Curing, healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care.

Field goals aren't going to win this game!

Body mind spirit and soul care.

It's happening here repeatedly.
And repeatedly.
And repeatedly.
And repeatedly.

Everything just said is documented at our online forums in our clients own words (Topics: 4,605 Posts: 72,284)

  One heck of a story. Click the image to read her in full at our forums.


Actions which within a week or two totally change the picture. Actions which are so fundamental and so deep that they cause the whole system to realign itself and rebalance itself in a lasting manner. That's why I like deep body care™. It does that and it's holistic and natural too.

This is what you will find here. No products for sale but only this online guided program. HPS GUIDED™, Adultcare™, deep body care™.

Kids can't do any of this, nor should they try!

This type of health care is exclusively just for an adult body (over the age of 25). A body that doesn't want to end up in diapers as it ages. You gotta start now because if you wait until then your reality will be hell. It becomes way to late by then.

APPEAL FOR HELP: We all need help. Not just you but me too. An appeal for help seems to be a part of the human condition. I myself and HPS don't get the exposure we deserve and use to have because since 2011 the search engines and online social tyrants sandbox us and have been censoring Fuck em with a capital F. They don't like our narrative. They don't want you to have this narrative. Skills and skillfulness in health is only for them, not for you. They're wrong. It's for me and for you too. Please share us in your Facebook groups, and within your social circles offline. That's how we beat the tyrants. Today it's me and others. Tomorrow it's you. That's why I'm not embarrassed to ask for your help. That's helpful for you too, not just me. After all, life has to be a cooperative effort so I'm appealing to you to pick up the phone and tell your best friends about HPS GUIDED™, Adultcare™, deep body care™. Thank you! And God bless you!

HPS GUIDED™ is the program, deep body care™ is the system, Adultcare™ is the culture and the 7DW (7 Day Wonder®) are the different levels of deep TISSUE POLISHING which you can do here within the deep body care system. It's all hands-on self help.


Unsticking the stickiness.
Removing the nastiness lodged deep inside our body.

The bright side of life is to be found deep inside of you, not outside. Not at a doctors office, not at a yoga class, not at a gym and not inside bottles of pills or bottles of booze.

One week of guided instructional and educational fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics COMBINED is where we start from. We call this week a 7 Day Wonder®. Don't worry you can do this. HPS makes it easy especially for first timers.

That's the starting gate of this health care program. It's an intelligent starting point because it gets to the ROOT of declining health.

That's how we unstick your gummed up bowels and sticky blood. And gummed up head.

I could substitute "unstick" with a lot of different words. But instead I use it because you already have a direct personal experience with it. You actually can relate to it whereas if I used "evacuate" or "eliminate" or even "terminate" you might just drift off into movie like experiences which is something we want to avoid.

What I am saying is if you are over the age of 25, if you are an adult and you pin your healthcare primarily around 'eat well and exercise' that's an evidently defective approach to health which isn't going to get my approval.

You're older now than you were seven years ago. Why aren't you any wiser in health?

With time wisdom is supposed to be had. Why were you left behind? "Eat well and exercise?" Jesus, that's what I did when I was a teen. Do you actually believe it works when you're in your thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and beyond?

If you do explain to me and to yourself these statistics.

What I'm talking about right now are the basics in health. The ABC's. Health care starts from ungumming a gummed up body and mind. Don't orphan your mind from your health. Sickcare doesn't start there. If you want to continue with endless repetitive sickcare Billings just ignore everything I've said so far.

When you do the program we'll be moving into high school level and then university level discussions and proactive actions in health. Level by level is the methodology used here in health. Today is just the ABC's, you know, kindergarten type teachings.

         Click the image to read him at our forums.

Click to see how many of your "today's" health issues are on this abbreviated "shortlist." The list is of course much longer than this. The real list (not this abbreviated one) actually includes every malady that you presently suffer from or have endured in the past. We're going to eliminate them all in one swoop. We're going back in time. Welcome to our time machine.

Sticky blood, thick soupy blood, viscous coagulated syrupy blood is where high blood pressure originates, cholesterol too, strokes and heart attacks too. Dementia and Alzheimer's too. It doesn't start in the food, it starts in your blood and gut (bowels).

All the little menacing things start there too... painful menstruations, hair loss, sleepless nights, headaches and migraines, weight gains, FATIGUE AND STRESS, chronic pain and slow healing, dandruff and skin issues, bad breath and foul underarm body odor. The list is infinite. I suggest you stop focusing on symptoms and instead redirect your energies and time to your internal eco environment. That will be a more effective and productive approach for you in health.

The human heart pumps approximately 2000 gallons of blood per day on average. When blood is sticky it's like your heart having to pump 5000 gallons per day. That's an unbearable load for it. It ultimately gets exhausted. It's much more advantageous to focus on blood stickiness than food and exercise. Neither food nor exercise are going to undo the stickiness!

Anyone can draw it up but can you dial it up? Do you know how to dial it up today, tomorrow and years from now?

That's the question my coaches in health consistently threw at me. So I'm throwing it back to you.

Just one week of fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics to UNSTICK YOUR BLOOD, GUT, COLON and vital internal organs... it's the starting point to UNSTICK your RELATIONSHIP with your self, and consequently with your health.

Oh right, I hear you, your blood, gut and mind aren't gummed up, only ours were, right, got it. Tell that to our clients who posted those pictures, their nastiness and stickiness, in the above link. Living comfortably in denial is always easy, but only you will be paying the price.

Here's some knowledge you don't have yet...

Dirty sticky blood taints not just the blood stream but every organ, every system (respiratory, reproductive, circulatory, nervous, digestive, hormonal, etc.), every muscle and all tissue right down to every cell in the human body.

Sticky dirty blood is the primary cause of most disease and illness. Weight gains too. Digestive issues too. Skin problems too. Ageing too let alone irregularity, dementia and Alzheimer's.

There clearly is some benefits to routine. I make it my business to routinely year after year to unstick my health. This is why every year I myself make it a point to find one week plus a weekend to UNSTICK my own body. That's how I dial in to great health. That's where I start from every year. That's the most cost effective way to maintain great health! The quickest too. The biggest BANG for your buck and time.

This is how I reinvent myself every year. Why shouldn't you too?

But of course you don't know that because no one ever tells you that.

They tell you diet, take meds, workout. Anything and everything so that you never are skillfull in health.

I'm telling you something else, something more INTELLIGENT, now what are you going to do about it?

Here's more...
When your healthcare is "body" only healthcare (diet, workouts and ENDLESS pills) your health is neutered. No one never told you that too? Your soul and spirit are disconnected from your health. What good does that do you?

Learn more below.

  Here's the next step in this walkabout. Here's how we're reconnecting our relationship with our health and ourselves after the one week of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics COMBINED -->

Layers of protection so that your lifeforce, immunity and energy stays fortified and elevated even if you make numerous lifestyle mistakes along way.

Layers of protection so that you can continue to grow in health without Google, Amazon and Apple (let alone Twitter and Facebook) sticking their fingers up your ass and painting your mind in dark grey tones.

HPS GUIDED™ is done at your pace and convenience. At home.

These layers of protection focus on the inner dimensions of health including...

food combining

food energetics

food as medicine

conscious breathing

energy channels

pulse frequencies

abdominal fascia release

chakra balancing

self reflexology

SEX for health rather than sex simply just for pleasure


massage & steam

crystal therapy

respect, equanimity, cultivating habits of unbiased awareness and mindfulness in health

the role of loving kindness and compassion in health

color therapeutics

parasite cleansing

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), etc., etc..

In other words skills and skillfulness in health instead of you just collecting more information, stupid products, exercises, dumb diets and pills.

That's the byline of this HPS program - "skills and skillfulness for health."

I'll bet presently none of what's been talked about so far, I bet none of it is part of your healthcare today.

That realization should send a shiver up your spine.

Integrating all the above is your goal here. Better health is the outcome. Sustainably better health.

And that's why your health (weight, vitality, energy, skin, ageing and immunity) is nothing like ours. You've disconnected body from mind ... and spirit from soul.

You've been focusing on the wrong things like eat well and exercise. Vitamins and green tea. Kids stuff. Healthcare for kids, not adults.

There's been too much emphasis on everything outside of you and not enough emphasis and attention to what's going on deep inside of you.

Everything else, all the above, and that which follows doesn't require anything special from you.

You return to live normally after the 7DW®, work normally, eat normally and play normally but you're different now. Not only you know it but everyone in your life notices it too... at home, at work, at play. Your bedsheets and pillows will know it too. Your sex life will rebound in unimaginable ways. By way of my teachers I've got a field trip for you in bed.

I want to see you dependent for health on one person only, YOUR SELF.

Dawn, web specialist, age 38, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 1
   <-- read her at the forum

" My gratitude to Jos-hua for designing such an elegant, step-by-step process is immense.

His coaching is robust, authentic, and very direct, making following the instructions easy. He's also very present on the boards, supporting and encouraging, and challenging us to be accountable to ourselves and others."    <-- read her at the forum Dawn HPS GUIDED™ level 1

Knock it out of the park.

         He was 44 years old. Now his health is like 24.


Have you ever tried yoga. These days many have.

I've been doing yoga for over 43 years. I do it because I like it. Yoga is nice but deep body care™ goes a thousand and one places that YOGA NEVER COULD or would. Boom!




Julee, mother, age 43, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2
   <-- read her at the forum

"I am 43 and am now mistaken often for someone in my early thirties.

I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD (unless I slip from good food combining for longer than a week) and no more high blood pressure, all of which also left me drug free! This is great but the other benefits far outweigh the physical."    <-- read her "other benefits" at the forum Julee HPS GUIDED™ level 2

Could your YOGA, a diet or doctor do that?

Not a chance!

She went from a size 18 to a size 12 without a diet, any workouts or any pills.

Click and read her at the forums.

This is too cool of an experience in health to pass up on!

claims, promises, hope and theory don't.

Inquire today into availability


For some of us our weekly routine for health is a short one. Is your weekly routine short and joyous? Ours is. No gym time, no workouts, no calorie counting, heart beat counting, blood sugar counting or dieting. No pill popping either!

I don't care if you're rusty or ready, fit or unfit, sick or relatively healthy one thing I can promise you, this program is memorable.

Ditch the incremental.
Ditch the convictions.
Ditch the conventional in health.
Ditch the child like consciousness in your health.
Ditch the dependency on others for your health.

I refuse to accept that treatments and tiny little incremental steps for health is how it's done.

That's childish. That's appropriate for children but don't tell anyone over 25 that that is the path forward. The powers that be say it's the path only because it allows for REPEAT BILLINGS.

It's too cumbersome that way.

Messy too.

And the change we want takes forever to appear (if at all). It's the "if at all" part that I find unsettling.

Believing that tiny, measured and incremental treatments will pivot health in a lasting way is delusional. It's just a conviction.

My experience also shows if health care is to work for us human beings it cannot just be physical but rather it must have elements of the mental, emotional and spiritual too which must overlap and integrate... something which is glaringly absent from your healthcare today.

Without that integration and overlap you've limited your health potential to a child like consciousness in health.

If your healthcare is body "only" healthcare you might want to play with my nephew. He too does lots of different exercises and reps, runs 5 miles a week, diets sometimes and drinks herbal teas. He is fourteen years old.

I prefer as an adult to do the job and get it over with. I'm not one who likes to mess around forever, especially with my own health. I'm not twelve, I'm in my late sixties. I stepped onto this path in my late twenties and have never looked back. I don't need childcare, I need adultcare. Get the job done and move on is my motto. Life is too short for anything else. ADULTCARE™, it's what adults do for health.

Safe, suitable and recommended for ages 25 to 65.

All of us here at HPS are grateful. Are you grateful about your health?

Fix your health.

When doing this program I'm going to be holding you accountable. I'm going to be in your face. I'm going to challenge you. That's something no one has ever done for you in health.

You don't need more video entertainment in health, you don't need more sweet talk in health, you don't need more pills, diets and exercises. You just need to get serious about your health. And you need someone serious to do that with you. No time to read and take action to reclaim yourself and your health? If that's true then I have to say this program is not for you. I'm cool with that.

Inquire into eligiblity.

Refashion yourself.

Safe, suitable and recommended for ages 25 to 65.

  Another beautiful health story. Click the image to read her in full.

This is superior health care!

Less sick days. Less constipation days. Less upset stomach days. Less acid reflux days. Less fatigue days. Less pimple days. Less painful days. Less sleepless nights. Less stress, frustration and anxiety days. Less headaches and migraine days. Less flu days. Less Rx days. Less doctor visits, tests and shots days. Less surgery days. Less bill due days

This is not just hope but an actual chance.

What I am saying is if you are over the age of 25 and you pin your healthcare primarily around 'eat well and exercise' that's a palpably defective approach to health which isn't going to get my approval.

To ask questions and to learn more about the program and your eligibility contact Jos-hua.

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Adultcare™ (Deep body care™) recognizes all this and returns us to our original relationship with health. Our original primordial relationship.


Educational healthcare...

HPS GUIDED™ The conscious experience is the cure!

Body mind spirit and head care.

Warp speed revitalization.

Private. By online appointment only.

For ages 24 to 65.

Right now you're on the outside looking in. Come inside. Dig deeper with deep body care™.

Tina, age 35, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 4
   <-- read her at the forum

"...less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years- (I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift- they couldn't believe how young I looked!)....

Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group."


I think it's important that YOU KNOW that everything which we will be doing TOGETHER in this guided online health program I have been doing on my own body for over thirty five consecutive years! Year after year I do the program once or twice a year at my convenience and timing of choice. I walk the talk and also teach what I preach.

Connie, age 53, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"I will never look at food the same way again. I thought I was eating what was good for me."

Rachel, age 22, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Nothing can come close to the experience of actually seeing long tubes of rubbery shit come out of you, and after seeing that you'll be a believer for life."

OUTCOMES MATTERS / theories don't

Outcomes count / CLAIMS DON'T

Safe, natural, holistic.

HPS GUIDED™ The conscious experience is the cure!

45 - 51



Greg, age 45, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Cholesterol levels Plunged! Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 ) Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range ) Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )"

Dorothea, graphic designer, age 51, Canada,
HPS GUIDED™ level 1

"Oh, and did I mention that my bowel movements are more frequent now than they were last year, when I thought everything was fine? Only a month later and I'm having an unheard of 2 bowel movements every day!!!!!"

WINNING MATTERS / hope and dreams don't. What's best, to win or to win your way?

Inquire into eligiblity.

This is remarkable.

Read her.

Image   Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life...
So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."

Image   Richard, Teacher, age 34, USA, HPS GUIDED™ level 4

"I will never be able to put more than a dent in the debt of gratitude I feel toward Jos-hua, his teachers, my own dear friends in the HPS-Online family past and present...without the caring and support from each and every one of you over the years, my life today would be very different. Your personal stories and wisdom, your own trials and triumphs, all this has been an integral part of my own development... try to find that in a bottle of pills! "

Curious? You should be!

Allow me to help you up your game.

Why at every level does HPS GUIDED™ span three months? The destination is the same but obviously each journey at every level is different. No rehashes here. Naturally when you do something or many things repeatedly for a few months, naturally it becomes a habit. Habits are critical to not just creating great health but most importantly for sustaining in great health.

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Once you start some deep body caring I'm seriously sure you won't want to stop.

OUTCOMES COUNT / claims don't

HPS GUIDED™. Rewriting the rules in health.




Educational. Practical. Hands-on. Guided.

      The conscious experience is the cure.


Adult healthcare
Recapture your life.
Put the wind back into your sails.
Pay now so that you can get repaid later for years to come.
Knock it out of the park!
A million bottles of CBD still couldn't do this.

$3,060    $2,260

Split payments
US$1,130 x 2

Restrictions apply.

Can't afford to pay? Let's barter. Maybe you got something that I can profit from too. Let's exchange. Since I don't do social media that right there is something we can discuss if you have social media skills and expertise. Let's barter our expertise.

Start banking with HPS. We keep your money safe. Safely in your hands instead of in the hands of some greedy insurance company which is just waiting to stick you with loopholes in their policy, the fine print they call it. Bastards!

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I'm not asking anyone to be vegan. If you want to be, go ahead. Don't want to, don't. Same with eating organic. If you want to, go ahead. I personally don't indulge in either. They both are nice but inconsequential to great health. Great health can be attained and maintained without both.


SPECIAL #1. If you're a couple who is trying to have a child and have been unsuccessful I want to see you get pregnant this year. I'll give you a 10% percent discount on the already discounted cyber sale price. See it as my down payment for your success. This special ends April 1, 2021. I want to see her womb and tubes and your semen and tubes cleaner with more vitality than ever!

SPECIAL #2. If you're a veteran who is still suffering, let's TOGETHER conquer that hill. The same above conditions applies to you.

SPECIAL #3. Unemployed because of covid? Do something worthy with your free time. After doing this program you'll have a distinct advantage when you finally get the next job interview. The interviewer will feel your vibrancy and zest for life. That's something that all the other applicants won't possess! They will be showing up depressed, weak and tepid. Same 10 percent discount applied on the above already discounted cyber sale price. That's another $226 US dollars above and beyond the cyber sale $800 dollars into your pockets.

Online from 1996.

I need to know your age, country of doing the program in, and a short history of your health. I'll be getting back to you within a week with some questions about your history. And then we will take it from there.

We do not service all countries.

Contact address is

For more information or inquiries into availability please email.

Get onto our waiting list. The earliest I'll be accepting anyone new is about two months from now. No reservation fee required. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Now's the time. I'll do my best to try and answer them all for you.


The waiting list is for online clients. If you want a private retreat, say you and your wife or you and a small group of friends for example, no waiting. I Jos-hua the founder of the HPS project will fly-in to wherever you are at your dates of convenience and spend ten days with you in retreat. Private retreat costs? US$ 8,500 plus airfare and accommodation expenses. Contact here. Our ONLINE PROGRAM is 80% cheaper than a private retreat and a whole lot more comprehensive.

This is just you looking out for yourself and your family. How could anyone fault that.

This isn't superficial i.e., treating symptoms. Because this goes deep this gets to the root causes of your health problems and issues.

Check what our clients of past said about this at our POLLS FORUM. Real people. Real challenges. Real healing. Real rejuvenation.

There is an emphasis here on our 'inner" value with less attention paid to our material and physical world.

I don't write a newsletter, nor do podcasts. Nor do I offer free ebooks or videos. Nor do I write books. I also don't do any social media at all, neither personally or professionally. I devote my all time, energy and resources only to those doing this online guided program. All the other things mentioned above are never going to fundamentally change your health. Therefore I don't do them. Only doing the program will bring about the fundamental and lasting change I wish you to experience.

This page is censored and shadow banned by big tech, especially by Google since late 2011. Why? I have no idea. All we're doing is presenting the health concerns and grievances of the previous generation who ended up horribly sick- cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, obesity, dementia, etc... and offering an alternative, a way out of the rabbit hole. My guess is they don't want you to have this knowledge, know this. It doesn't conform to their narrative of health. Read this page from top to bottom and send us an email if you think we should be banned and discriminated against. I'd appreciate to hear your opinion. Also please mass share us. That's how we beat the tyrants. I can't even accept a donation if you wanted to make one. PayPal and all the other payment processors banned us the day after Google. America, the land of the free. Thanks.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts with the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

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