Color your health differently.

You should be dictating the terms rather than allowing any disease, pain, ache or underlying conditions to dictate them.


They really think they can tell us whatever they want and we will buy into it, ESPECIALLY in health.

I mean really...

We've been told so many lies about health ... for way too long.

And we blindly spend our dollars on them. Hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions already on lies.


If their lies weren't lies
YOU wouldn't be feeling (and looking) the way you do today, or have felt off and on all year long, if not years already.

And we wouldn't have had to spend all that money already, and the much more still to come.

Nor would all the other people around us.


Lies about how we should take care of our health on a daily basis.

Lies about what's healthy, and what isn't. Lies about what to eat.

Lies about how to cure, and how to prevent.

Lies about how to enhance and enrich our health and our looks. Lies about ageing too.

The most common confusing lies are about weight management and slimming down. Big money to be made from all the lies.

They lie because they don't really know how to deliver to us awesome health. They claim they do, but they don't.




If you are a slow reader, that's OK.

We take our healthcare slow and easy here. That leads to a lot of steadiness and forward progression with our health.

We are the tortoise who ends up beating the hare in the race to better health.

Just be present and I'll do the rest.

They lie because they don't really know how to deliver to us awesome health.

Click right now on Julee's snippet to see what "HPS'ing" meant to her.

We deliver.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.

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For this to happen your health has to be in a different place than it is right now. We have to move it...

I'd like to show you how to.

Click this image

We moved her too!
Pay the mover and we will move you too! But you need to book dates in advance. By appointment only.

This is a repetitive phenomena at HPS GUIDED™. This is what we do. We're movers.

We move people to take full control of their health.

You know, we excite you to not be afraid, I personally guide you everyday every step of the way. I provide you with feedback and real-time instructions to keep you out of harms way and last but not least I help you adjust after you finished the program so that you can keep the momentum going forward. Two months of post moving support can make all the difference for some people.

We don't cure you, or heal you or rejuvenate you or prevent for you.

You do all that to yourself. We teach you the skills for yourself and for your loved ones.

We just move you. You know, pack the boxes, tape and label them, load them on the truck, make the manifest and drive your old problematic health to a new locality far far away from you.

Click this image
We delivered

You were looking for products, diets, fitness exercises and drugs. And you got them. You have been buying products, diets, fitness exercises and drugs for years but did you get lasting great health?

We show you everything we know for health. And you consequently want to hang out with us rather than spending more time or more money in the gym, working out, at the doctors office, at a hospital, online shopping for vitamins, supplements and magical potions, etc., etc..

Moving health.
Try it, you might like it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Safe, natural and holistic.

Online. Guided. Educational. Instructional.

"The experience is the cure."

If you want to try alone on your own to attain these types of movements with your body, head and health...feel free to do so.

To me it makes a lot more sense to be doing it the first few times with people who have repeatedly done it before, for years.

Please count right now how many of these SYMPTOMS are bothering you and your health today, i.e., problems, sickness, pains, injuries and issues which are on this "abbreviated" list.

The actual list is much longer than this. Whatever is bothering your health could be on this list.

I'm guessing that you have tried to MOVE THEM on your own. They (and a few other things) are going to become history for you in the coming 12 weeks. Eliminated. Terminated. Together you and I together shall encourage them to pack their bags and head south.

Perhaps even quicker if you follow my instructions to the dot!

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.

Click this image
We delivered!

Dorothea has been quarterbacking herself to great health, and WINNING.

I'm confident you can too with my guidance and support, and with this very practical online educational health program in your hands. All you have to do is opt-in and pay the mover.

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We delivered!

Her transformation of her health has been remarkable. In health OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count. Theories, promises, hope, endless information, exercising, dieting, excuses, guilt and free shipping don't.


There are things going on inside our bodies that we aren't even aware of today.

And they are scary.

Things baking and percolating deep inside our body.

No symptoms yet but they are there. COOKING ON A LOW BURNER.

Things like cancer, a stroke, dementia and chronic pain for example. Things like infertility, chronic fatigue, e·rec·tile dysfunction, hair loss and ageing...

Things like auto intoxication, immune failure, kidney failure, heart disease, prostrate and liver disease. Gosh, the list is so long, I could go on forever.

They all start percolating from our mid twenties.

We got to turn the oven off or they are going to just keep on baking. The longer they bake the more lethal their servings will be.

Now is the time to be addressing them.

Not later when symptoms appear. By then it becomes way too late! And way to expensive I've been told by a few of my patients.


Most Americans are EXHAUSTED with their health.

HPS GUIDED™ provides you with a viable affordable practical alternative (payments accepted), with immediate lasting results.

HPS... HelpingPeopleSurvive. And thrive.

If you're a hi tech savvy person in healthcare you probably won't be interested in HPS GUIDED™.

It might be hard for you to accept the validity of low tech healthcare. After all some of the methods for health and healing found here are thousands of years old. Very tired tested and proven. Very old tech, some even going all the way back to the days of hearing, the days of lord Jesus and the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine in China.

We don't attack here, we don't drop bombs on our health and we're not annihilating anything. And we're not pushing too much either. In fact just the opposite, we're making friends with our health... With our body mind spirit and soul.

How sure are you about your health?
And how about your marriage?

Pretty sure?
Somewhat sure?

Pretty sure ain't sure enough.
Somewhat sure doesn't cut it at all.

Health and marriage have a similar essence. If they go belly up it becomes a real mess.

And really expensive too.

Remember this ...

In health you can only play the game with the cards you have been dealt with.




If HPS GUIDED™ was just more of the same (more creams and powders, more syrups, vitamins and supplements, more meds and drugs, more dieting and nutritional info, more perpetual talk about food, more counting reps and counting steps, more monitoring heartbeats and monitoring blood sugar levels, more exercising and more freebasing with skin creams and luxurious lotions )
WHAT WOULD BE the point?

There wouldn't be any.
You have all that already!

You already have all those cards for your health, fitness and beauty.

This is not more of that...

HPS GUIDED™ is not a repeat ... not another rehash of sub par healthcare.

You will be getting at HPS GUIDED™ a whole different set of cards.


See what he says happens...
See the outcome.
Outcomes matter.
CLICK and Read him...



Let me reveal to you some things about curing, healing, rejuvenation and preventative maintenance that others don't see.

How many gaps do you personally have?

Gaps between what should be and what is.

Gaps between what you wanted out of your health, fitness, nutrition and beauty investments and what you got?

I'll be trying below to give you an idea what this guided educational and instructional alternative health program is all about and what it can do for you and your family. I will say right now that you have everything you need here to become a star.

This is meaningful, this should be played. Color your health care differently.

Deep body care™ is a totally easier way to take care of your health. And eat the cake too!

I don't sell you any health products.

I only sell guided educational health ADVENTURES. "The experience" is the cure.

Super sharp / Super smart

Skills and skillfulness for health.

A high performance experience.

Body mind spirit and soul care.

Curing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention.

Four levels of online health and beauty adventures... levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Online since 1996!

One day all health care will be like this.

The experience is the cure!

Click this image and all the following ones

For ages 24 to 65 years young.

Nowhere for health will the stage be bigger for you or the lights brighter on you than at HPS GUIDED™.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.

Click this image
Big story. Click the image to read her in full at our forums. Do you have this vibe with your health?


Here are a few things which you'll be acquainting yourself with for health which we shall be devoting ourselves to, together, for your looks, health, weight, energy, immunity and wellbeing in HPS GUIDED™ deep body care™.



Please note that the mere naming of these therapies and methods will be of little value to anyone unless he appropriates and properly uses other words, SKILLFULLY applies them -->

fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined for one week. We call this at HPS GUIDED™ a 7 Day Wonder® week.

trophology- the science of food combinations

food energetics- know the energies you live by

food as medicine- feel the differences inside your body

conscious breathing; breathes of consciousness

energy channels and flows, living with consciousness

pulse frequencies

abdominal fascia release

chakra balancing

self reflexology

SEX for health rather than sex simply just for pleasure


massage & steam

crystal therapy

respect, equanimity, cultivating habits of unbiased awareness and mindfulness in health

the role of loving kindness and compassion in health

color therapeutics

parasite cleansing

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), etc., etc..

"The experience is your cure"


Glitz, hot website design and glamour don't.

I got two eyes and pretty good vision and I see what my online clients are saying...


The particular way we teach and practice health, the particular way we support you, the way we put the above therapies, methods and techniques together, the particular way we integrate the inner and outer dimensions of health and the way we sequence between levels (there are four levels to this online program) is another reason why HPS GUIDED™ ...

I've got over 35 years of direct experience on my own body doing this, and 25 years guiding others.

This is so different from anything else you've ever done for your health before...this saves you a ton of time and money.


HPS GUIDED™ is designed for you to become a winner in health, not to be someone's patient. This is designed to put your health on autopilot so that you can get on with your life and not be spending half of it working out, or twisted up in Yoda assanas. This is designed to make you totally independent in health. One day in the far far future all health care will be like this.

Mysterious skin? Crepey skin? Chronic aches and pains. Sick and diseased. Need to constantly look like a million dollars... That's why the rich and famous are paying today over $10,000 a week at exclusive very high end spas to get this for their looks, weight, immunity and longevity. I should know, for years I lived, worked and taught in those types of places. I use to give them only one week of my time and love. That way the boss said they will have to keep coming back for more.


You I intend to give three full months per HPS GUIDED™ level plus at no extra costs to you two months free between levels when you move into the advanced levels at HPS GUIDED™!!

Take advantage of your advantages.

I'm going to be in your face.

It's time to get some accountability into your self help healthcare.

Reps, diets and pills aren't what do it. My name is Jos-hua. I'm the founder of this HPS alternative health care guided online program. A shout out about me here (including pictures of me as an old man, hehe). Pre-book. RIGHT NOW.

No advance payment required to pre-book.

HPS GUIDED™ is not a SYMPTOM centered approach to health but rather it is SYSTEM vectored.

This is another way to address oneself.

System vectoring explains why our clients accomplish what they are accomplishing with their health.

SYSTEM vectored means your whole system from head to toes is rebalanced, rebooted and then revitalized.

This helps in making the vibe of life better, both inside and outside. Especially deep inside.

This system vectoring is what causes everything like dominoes, inside and outside of your body, to fall into place.

This is a totally different approach than treating one symptom after another, after another.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count (I already told you theories don't)

Click this image


A different way to heal.

A different way to prevent. A different type of ageing.

A different type of fitness management. A different type of weight management.

A totally different relationship with yourself and your health.

A different type of integration of the self with health.

So, what are you waiting for?

"She sat down on the couch with a gallon of ice cream. That's about 16 cups of ice cream or 32 scoops. Susan knows she shouldn't eat the entire thing, yet she does so anyway."

Susan doesn't care because she does an HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® once a year. She doesn't even feel guilty. I perfectly understand her. She's been doing 7 Day Wonders for years now.

Regrets or perturbation has no place in health. What's been your reasons for not caring? And has anyone ever helped you regarding how to be guilt free with your health and your weight?

IN HEALTH OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count. Theories, videos, books and free shipping don't.

Afghanistan again?

Are you serious!? We've been there for 20 years, spent trillions of Federal Reserve notes, and we couldn't even defeat some Arabs on Nissan pickup trucks?

Don't Afghanistan your health.
INQUIRE TODAY into availability.

Take a FREE QUOTE today.

Right now you are on the verge of discovering something very exclusive for health, weight, energy, immunity, beautiful ageing and beautiful longevity... and it has nothing to do with apparel and equipment, or pills, intensive workouts and dieting, or any creams or powders.

Obviously from the above paragraphs you can already sense that something is FUNDAMENTALLY different here, that this isn't more of the same for health and fitness, for wellbeing and wellness.

This is Adultcare™, for health.
This is deep body care™, for health.
This is HPS GUIDED™, "when my experience became the cure."

Only adults should do this, not children.
This is for an adult body and an adult mind.

Great health starts in the mind, not in the body.

You are what you think. You aren't what you eat.

That's why we sometimes call this Adultcare™. Children can't get it, yet.
For ages 24 to 65.

Your health, beauty, fitness, weight, energy and immunity is going to be a whole lot better !

To have everyday a bowel movement, let alone twice a day, is a joy for your health and longevity.

Everything in health, everything about your health and weight, skin and hydration, energy, immunity and quality of ageing commences in your gut, particularly deep inside your bowels.

Click to see what healthy good bowel movements look like. A huge BM everyday keeps the doctors far far away! Please remember that.

Everyday there are tens of events that can make you happy, but in health it can be years before anything makes you marketably happier. Here it's quick. Within less than a month. And here it's lasting, not fleeting.

Yoga is nice, don't get me wrong, so is pounding the pavement in those new ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 running shoes, but this cures your illnesses, something which yoga and workouts just can't do.

For you, this has got to be a first!

The first time someone is discussing with you healthcare which is comprehensive full spectrum self help health... body mind spirit and soul care... all under one roof in one program, guided no less!

In other words this self help guided health program is not just a mere body only health program. But instead this is full spectrum integrated health care.

Body mind spirit and soul integration explicitly for health.

Most health professionals only nimble at the peripheral neuropathy or their vision is blurry, just on the individual pieces and parts. Western medicine and health care is culturally bounded like that. There is a lot of segregation, not enough integration.

Health is defined here at HPS GUIDED™ as curing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention.

Those are four different worlds requiring different skills and skillfulness if you intend to stay out of trouble with your health.

Not having the whole enchilada is boneheaded. This is a necessary requirement if you want to create lasting and sustained upward momentum in your health... in your physical health, your spiritual health, your mental health and in your emotional health.

Your teenage kids can do basic body care (diet, exercise, play sports, manage health apps, count pills, monitor a smartwatch, etc.), yeah that's cool, but they can't even begin to understand let alone do what's in this VIDEO, and contemplate.

What you just saw was authentic HEAD CARE for adults. Not childish mental health spewed out like the yapping child Prince, Harry the charming, does. His mental health care is "See me, feel me, know me, love me." Me, ME, Me. Not you but me.

That might work for children and the uninformed but it sure ain't gonna help someone who is trying to survive and thrive in our modern cut throat toxic world. Mental head care at HPS GUIDED™ fortunately isn't that.

HPS GUIDED™ wants to encourage you to take a different look at your life... And while you are at it take a different look at your face too, right now. It's safe to do so. Sad if you don't.

With the help of HPS GUIDED™ you might just start seeing both of them a little differently!

This is sick.
Online since 1996!

The experience is the cure.

Of course this costs. There are no free lunches with me. Sorry. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™, knock it out of the park! Body mind spirit and soul care. Tee off. Up, up and away. Pay to play. Become the perfection of great health, happiness and better looks.

There is a reason this is called deep body care™. It's not a marketing and sales gimmick.

You are actually going to go with me and my dry wit deep into the body, deeper than you have ever gone before by yourself for your weight and health.

I already know what you will find there. It's awesome. You'll be amazed what we shall together discover there.

Safe, natural and holistic.

Guided, educational, instructional.

This is so much more than just a common cleanse, a detox, intermittent fasting or a diet of any sort.

SKILLS AND SKILLFULNESS MATTER / theories, claims, hope and promises don't.


Body mind spirit and soul care. Simultaneously. Together.

Under one roof.

In one guided health program. Online.

Educational, instructional and practical.

Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Enormous accomplishments in health.

Quick, swift and pocket friendly.

Online from 1996.

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Curious? You should be!

Inquire here.


You want to be great? You got to give something in return.
Adult healthcare.
Recapture your life.
Put the wind back into your sails.
Pay now so that you can get repaid in quadruples.
Accountability. Knock it out of the park! A million bottles of CBD or the best hybrid Hindu Kush flower still couldn't do this.

US$ 1,650 per level.
There are four levels in all to HPS GUIDED™.

Take advantage of promotional packages if you prepurchase advanced levels now. Contact for a quote.

Contact address is

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email. Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.


Take note this is a journey that extends over twelve weeks (in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone). It's not an event, not a pill, not a diet nor an exercise routine. It's a journey. A body mind spirit and soul care journey. An adventure in health.

I want to communicate with you, exchange a few emails, before giving you any detailed information (pricing promotions, scheduling, specific tools you'll need to get hold of, books (after all this is educational health care), etc., etc.).

I want to see whom I'm playing ball with before committing to work with you.

I want to try to understand you a bit before I decide if I want to play a game of health with you.

My own personal pleasantness far outweighs me making a sale today i.e., telling you to click on a buy button right now.

My material surroundings are already very pleasant. Simple but very pleasant... I don't want or need any impulse purchases taking place here. That's for CVS but not here. That's my style.

In health obviously everything feeds off of everything else but here with HPS GUIDED™ there is a style which you won't find elsewhere.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

Who you gonna share with, or tell?

Please don't. I'm busy enough as it is.