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"Fasting is the world's most ancient and natural healing mechanism. It is the most natural anti-inflammatory therapy available; it's cooling yin energy cursing through your body."

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Therapeutic fasting- fasting in acute illness, chronic disease
Physical exercise when fasting.

Fasting in acute diseases:

In acute diseases like fever, colds, diarrhea, dysentery, headache, vomiting, etc, the desire for food is naturally absent indicating that no food should be taken.

Lots of mucus is poured out from the digestive tract in acute gastritis, from nose and throat in colds and coryza. Forced feeding in the absence of a desire for food will cause the aggravation of acute symptoms.

Acute symptoms are nothing but the self healing power of the body. These symptoms should not be confused with healing crisis's. They are not the same things.

Whenever symptoms appear, a person should be put to rest, and no food should be given until symptoms disappear and a 'natural' desire for eating reappears. Usually most acute dis-"eases" always run a short duration.

It is important to keep the patient warm and water for drinking should be given at regular intervals. Fruit juices can also be administered as they have a strong cleansing effect.

Fresh watermelon juice will help the kidneys eliminate and fresh pineapple juice is particularly helpful in respiratory illness. In acute diseases the digestive juices and enzymes are not secreted. In absence of these the digestion is not active, hence the symptoms aggravate if fed.

When the acute sufferer fasts his discomforts are less severe, his pains become less intense, feels light and the duration of disease shortens.

Fasting conducted properly provides adequate physiological rest and often helps the recovery, Mother nature can carry out her work of healing. Hence the fasting should be continued with the precaution until the acute phase is over.

Fasting the HPS WAY means you age much slower, and more gracefully.

Fasting in chronic diseases:

We eat, honestly because we THINK we must eat regularly, everyday, 3 times a day, in order to physically survive. But in fact, that is not the case. We eat because of emotionally needs. Nutritional needs are of secondary considerations.

The results of constant eating is that some of us are overweight, some are obese and some have chronic diseases. "Gluttony is a serious cause of disease". Forget about WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) and start thinking DDE's (dietary diseases from eating).

We never seriously and consciously look into other aspects of eating like hunger, appetite, desire for food, etc.. I have come to the conclusion from my extensive fasting experiences, and after meeting a few breatharians, that our eating is motivated primarily out of emotional needs.

Strange as this may sound, when fasting, one comes to clear realizations that sudden urges to break the fast, usually are accommodated and execrated by thoughts and desires; these impulses surface as we delve deeper into our own emotional cleansing which is accelerated by way of the fast, they are not necessary indications that we need food.

Nonetheless, we usually say that while one is on a fast for the relief of chronic disease, the fasting can be broken as hunger returns, without waiting for the disappearance of other symptoms.

In chronic diseases there will be no complete impairment in production of digestive juices like in acute diseases. Hence there is no necessity to extend the fasting until symptoms disappear, since they are long standing.

A series of fasts will be required to readdress the chronic diseases.

Jos-hua medicine man and HPS-ONLINE.COM encourages you to do short 7-14 day fasting, and not 20-30-40 day fasting. After you have accumulated 60-90 days of fasting in the course of 2-3 years, then you will be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually do deal with the intense emotional issues that accommodate a 40 day fast.

As basic principles of naturopathy suggest that most of the diseases are mainly due to accumulation of morbid matter in the system, i.e., auto-toxemia. Chronic diseases are therefore the result of suppression of acute diseases with medicines.

Because of this accumulation of toxins which prolong the duration of illness, chronic suffers benefit greatly by taking on a fast. Fasting accelerates the elimination of toxins from the system and relieves the body from the toxic load.

Fasting in chronic diseases need not be extended for long periods. However, if during the fast, a healing crisis surfaces, it is advisable to continue fasting until symptoms disappear.

A properly conduced fast with adequate precaution under supervision will enable the chronically ill body to eliminate toxic loads that are responsible for the illness, allowing the self healing powers to do their job.



Physical exercise in fasting:

Many people suggest complete physical rest to reserve energy be utilized during the fast.

But experienced fasters know that physical exercises are an active way of helping the process of elimination during the fast. Physical exercise has the most powerful effect on breathing, the circulation of blood, the circulation of lymph and metabolism. Its positive influence is significant in the success of a fast.

Fasting does not diminish the body's capacity or performance, in fact it increases during a fast.

After the 3 or 4th day of a fast, once the initial surge of toxins has been thrown into the blood stream and eliminated, the body has a noticeable rise in energy levels.

This is due primarily to two factors; energy usually devoted to digestion is now 'freed', and toxins that require from the body consistent attention and energy to control and eliminate, are now at much lower levels than every before. Your body rejoices and consequently patient's endurance grows and positive enjoyment of movement becomes evident during fasts combined with light physical exercise.

Although is is possible to save energy during a fast by preserving it and taking adequate rest, the combination of exercises and fasting is an ideal way to correct the imbalances induced by sedentary habits and over eating.

The excesses stored in the body will be burnt off by exercises.

Physical exercise is particularly of help during fasting in bringing down blood cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure. It also helps in building up good quality blood and lymph, strengthening the muscles by relieving fatigue, improving muscle tone, and helps to create happier state of mind.

Taoist breathing exercises, yoga, or just 30-45 minutes of stretching are the most advisable types of exercises. A brisk 15-25 minutes walk is advisable only once you feel up to it, usually after the 4 or 5th day of your fast.

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