The above is factual. Waste management is the very first step in winding back your clock. In rewiring health. And in reclaiming good weight.

'Deep Body Care.' When you secure the first domino, all the rest don't and won't fall. Online since 1996.

How can you light up the world for others, when your own lights go out?


Let's get real...use your common sense.

Where is good health to be found?
In which environment?

Where is healing to be found? In which environment?

And where is great weight to be found? In which environment?

If you were a parasite or worm, or a disease, a health problem, an infection, arthritis or a hemorrhoid, a skin problem, slimy greasy fat, an injury, a migraine, high blood pressure, a constipation or digestive issue, stiffness, an ache or pain which environment would you chose to live in, reside in?

This open expansive clean green oxygen filled environment?

Clean health care

Or would this nasty congested oxygenless MOIST DARK FILTHY polluted environment be more conducive?

I'll show you BELOW that your internal environment looks like the above swamp... the pictures are right below.

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

When health starts heading downhill it can be quick and ugly.

You can't live like you presently are... trying to eat well, exercising, taking a handful of vitamins and assume you're good to go.

Either you are proactively creating with conscious intention the first picture as the basis for your health, as the foundation of your health, or not.

Everyone you know has created the second environment as the basis of their health. If you are not consciously creating the first, you're left with the second. There is no other outcome.

If you too have created the second, know, healing, rejuvenation and prevention have a very hard time. Very hard!

Take a look at these pictures...

Right out of our clients own bodies!


"Causes and conditions.' Can anything wholesome grow in a toxic dump full of sludge and waste? Is this the environment where great health resides in or rather is this the environment where injuries, diseases, fat and cellulite, illness and health dysfunctions find a home to move into and never leave?



It's hard not to see the connection between this internal waste, pollution, filth and congestion with poor health, asthmatic and pollen sensitivities, poor weight, lack of energy, poor immunity, nests of parasites, poor skin, poor healing, high blood pressure, constant stress and poor longevity. To be quite honest I'm surprised most people can even still get up in the morning! Share this page with someone you love, and then check out this page and share it too!

I have a question for you...

Do you honestly believe that calorie counting, a daily probiotic, a salad a day, eating organic, being gluten free, not consuming much sugar, being dairy free, jogging, workouts, yoga, aerobics, apple cider vinegar, drinking a lot of water everyday, essential oils, a chiropractor visit, sleep pods, meds, colon cleansing powders, intermittent fasting or even a trendy three day detox or endless MAGIC anti-oxidants, herbal supplements and daily vitamins address these cesspools and mountains of impacted waste, poison and pollution which are already buried deep inside your body and which are corrupting continuously 24/7 every system, cell and function in your body from head to toes?



All available energy in your body will be devoted to containing these pounds upon pounds of poisonous toxic waste.

Nothing- no resources- are left over for prevention, healing, rejuvenation or weight loss purposes.

Your whole system gets bogged down, congested and blocked up.

Once that happens a depreciation and depletion of vital life force commences.

And ultimately the system collapses and crashes.

And then all you are left with is pain, symptoms and names (and of course big bills that go on forever)...names of diseases, dysfunctions and illnesses. Drugs and even surgery don't really help, all they do is cover-up and mask the problems.

To be honest I still cannot understand why to this day, why still people don't yet get it. Including maybe yourself!

Take your home for example.

When you do a thorough cleaning up- sweep, dust, vacuum and mop- aren't you always amazed at the amount of dirt, soot, dust and pollution you find? I am every week in my apartment. I never cease to be amazed and I live in a city where there are less than 2 million people and no factories or industry. And not that many cars either.

Our body is the same, deep inside it. It's awfully polluted! Full of waste, dust, soot and pollution.

Whatever your age is that's the number of years the pollution has been accumulating.

Imagine if you never ever cleaned your home or apartment that many years!

Or you left the dirty pots and pans, plates and glasses in the sink and never washed them for a year... and let them accumulate one by one. Or your car never was serviced or never washed and cleaned! Or your air conditioning filters! Or the sheets on your bed...what if they were washed and changed only once every three years? Who can live like that?

I find it strange that people are prepared to accept that their material assets need periodic cleaning, care and maintenance yet their body, their most important asset, internally they just don't get the importance of that, of cleaning it up properly from head to toes, inside out, once or twice a year. Of caring for their body and health in a sane, intelligent, consistently successful manner.

By the way when your health care is sane, intelligent and consistently successful your bills for health become minimal, for decades.

These days over in England health is so bad (i.e., there has been so much covering-up for so long) that half of over-65s take at least five drugs a day! Read more. That's where most people here in the USA are headed with their health too.

It's as simple as that.

Simple but intelligent and very logical.

At least to me it is.

It's a fight for great health. Either you are up to the fight, or not.

'Causes and conditions.' Energy. Life force. Resource allocation.

In health once this happens, once this waste has accumulated deep inside your body it starts the process of falling dominos... the whole system becomes out of kilter and because of that when the first domino fails, all the following one's, fall too. The accumulations of excess amounts of waste deep inside our human body is that first domino. Secure that properly and all the rest won't and don't fall.

This is why at HPS we always at every level of our program start the health reclamation, health acceleration and health reformation processes at the bowel. And then take it to the next level. Step by step. Level by level. Online since 1996.

Here are what some past clients of ours had to say about the above, take a good look here at these nine different people.

My friend, put the reins of your health back into your own hands.

When the accumulated waste is gone you have a chance of having daily bowel movements like these. And when that starts happening you just know your health, looks, skin, weight, energy and immunity is moving in a safe and positive direction.

Mere "words" are not facts of anything... We have a long, rich, expansive public/ transparent record at our online forum documenting/ proving the above as per our client's experiences.  We've been right much more often than wrong.

To use a sport analogy from professional NFL football, teams that score touchdowns win, teams that kick field goals lose. We're scoring touchdowns.


We want to teach you how to.

And help you do it too.

And be there with you for you, every step of the way, for three full months at no extra costs to you while you do it- before, during and after.

Anybody else offering and ready to that with you, for you? No, I didn't think so.

That's how special HPS GUIDED™ Deep Body Care is.