HPS GUIDED™ is our online guided program. Functional medicine.
Deep Body Care (DBC™) is our restorative system.

A ride in the Time Machine is the experience. The experience is your cure.

'Deep Body Care.' When you secure the first domino in health, all the rest don't and won't fall. Online since 1996.

Waste management matters.
Unclog your piping. It's the first domino in health care.


Online from 1996!

Give yourself a hug today. Initiative matters.

Just because you workout and think you are fit doesn't mean you are healthy. But, I do believe we can say if you are healthy then you are also fit.

Healthy internally, healthy in body and mind, beats the best fit externally.

If you aren't having at least one huge bowel movement everyday you aren't a contender in health, just a pretender. I'll go even further right out the gate. You can lift all the weights in the world but if you can't love yourself, you're still a weakling. And you can run until you are blue in the face but still you ain't attaining in health anything close to what we are here.

Welcome to a subsection of HPS GUIDED™, the HPS 7 Day Wonder®, the guided colon cleanse, home colonics, juicing and fasting part of HPS GUIDED™ deep body care™.

BLM... Bowels Love Movement / Blood Loves Movement.

Here we are making a journey together into your interior to renew, re-enforce and strengthen your health.

If I send an excavator deep inside your body it probably would find itself in a situation like this.

When the plumbing starts backing up, when the bowels and blood get all gummed up, the body starts breaking down.

The HPS 7 Day Wonder® is designed to reverse that and prevent that from happening.

Stickiness is our worst enemy in health.

So what exactly is backing up the plumbing? What is this stickiness that I keep mentioning?

Below are some pictures taken by our online clients. Has your last detox even remotely eliminated this from your body? Supplements? Yoga class? Intermittent fasting? Chiropractor? Doctor visit? Endless vitamins?

This backed up inside us. Inside myself and inside every one of my thousands of clients to date.

It starts BACKING UP from our late teens and early twenties and doesn't stop until the day we die. Every few years the accumulation accelerates compared to the previous years. By your late forties it's a total mess, and lethal.

This is what is causing your weight to balloon, your health to deteriorate, your hair to turn grey, those bags under the eyes and aging to accelerate. Every health problem you have or have ever had originated here.

If you want to avoid being struck down by cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and dementia this right here is the place to start... Not in the gym, not on a diet nor gorging on ENDLESS pills.

If you want to avoid all the struggles associated with these types of debilitating diseases take a long hard look at the pictures below.



You can do this. This is a self-help program but it's guided, instructional and educational. Online.

Eat well & exercise doesn't prevent what you just saw nor does eat well & exercise eliminate this.

No wonder why you feel the way you do. When you are all clogged up inside, the system starts breaking down.

You're counting calories, popping pills, exercising and looking at the bathroom scale rather than going right to the source of your declining health, and terminating it.

You're married to a failed deceptive system of health care!

Pills, dieting, endless exercising, procedures, treatments and surgeries don't make any sense to me when we have this mess inside our body wrecking HAVOC on every cell.

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.
Fourth dimensional health care.


Online from 1996!


Look, I could talk about the above for hours. The above nastiness, waste, filth and toxic garbage.

But I won't today.

I will when you do an HPS GUIDED™ and see with your own eyes what is evacuated from your body. From deep inside. Until you see it coming out of you, what's all the talk in the world actually going to do for you?

Our clients posted these pictures at our HPS online deep body care DBC FORUM.

This internal waste was backing up inside of them. This was lodged deep inside their colon and intestinal tract, inside their gut, inside their internal vital organs, blood and mind.

Now it's your chance.

Inquire into eligiblity.

This is remarkable.

Read her.

Image   Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life...
So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."

Curious? You should be!

Allow me to help you up your game.

If their pictures and the knowledge that you've got this nasty negative filth and pollution backed up inside your body doesn't run a chill up your spine, I don't know what does.

With this type of toxic shit stuck inside of your body (and mind) is it any wonder why you get sick, get fat, have no energy, experience unexplainable emotional outbursts, experience insomnia, have skin problems, suffer from diarrhea, irregularity or constipation, suffer from hemorrhoids and are hit with chronic expressions of weak immunity- chronic illnesses like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hayfever, overweight, stress, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. And if that isn't enough you're now scared of covid19 so easily spreading to you too.

Waste management is how you prevent the plumbing from breaking down. The plumbing of your body, mind and spirit.

Waste management is also how you efficiently keep your bowels moving.

I'm saying if you aren't having a huge bowel movement EVERYDAY, day after day, you aren't a legitimate contender in health, just a pretender.

I'll leave you today with one question...

If you make it a point to take the kitchen garbage out every night, why not make it a point to take your body garbage out at least once a year, if not twice?


Restorative medicine starts here, starts with cleaning up this pollution and filth.

Me and my clients all agree, "better this outside of us than inside." I'm totally confident, 100% confident, that you'll end up saying this too.

The experience is your cure.

CUBE your health.

We are going to clean up the piping, the internal plumbing, of your body.

Once we fix the plumbing you'll be having a daily bowel movement similar to mine, everyday, day after day! Maybe even forever.

Click to see pictures.


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