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Breast massage.

Take care of your elimination and excretory systems (colon, bloodstream and lymphatic system) and consequently your breasts will stay healthy and well too. For a lifetime!

--> Skin brushing & your lymphatic system,
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Beat cancer every time!




Breast cancer and the colon-lymph-immunity connection. Breast self-massage.

Have you ever seen these advertisements- 'Take ownership of your health- get a mammogram today!

I think they are not promoting ownership, but rather they are promoting more sick care... devices, equipment, doctors, tests and unending fees which you have to pay  year after year.


How we treat breast cancer exposes a huge systematic issue in American health care


Ownership implies that you take personal responsibility. Getting a test is not taking personal responsibility... just the opposite, the purpose of the test is to throw the responsibility on someone else, the doctor, the therapist, the surgeon.

Lets remember what Dr. Bernard Jensen the pioneer 20th century Cleansing Guru teaches us:

"There are many therapeutic approaches to restoring or maintaining health today.

However, the presence of toxic settlements in the body prevents any of these methods of treatment from being completely successful. If a treatment does not work toward complete detoxification, the rejuvenation of tissue will not take place as it should.

The complete rejuvenation process involves the replacement of old under active tissue with new, clean, efficiently working tissue. This is what brings a degenerative condition to a state of recession and remission. Many kinds of processes can be used to bring this about, and this is what the healer must be alert for.

The natural immune system can only be built up in a clean body, a body with a minimal amount of accumulated toxic material."


Imagine if you could stop breast cancer dead in its tracks.

Or for that matter Alzheimer's disease.

Current tests require at least 3 years of growth before breast cancer is even detected!

That's a poor detection system, one which won't stop breast cancer from spreading before it's too late to save many women's breasts.

There are quite a few theories about the epidemic of breast cancer in the United States. The cancer epidemic keeps growing and growing, with treatment costs increasing too. 

Billions have been spent on cancer in general, and breast cancer specifically.
It's a high growth business for many a researchers, pharma companies, cancer institutes and medical equipment manufacturers.

Fact is a lot of money is being made out of breast cancer...

Tests, doctors fees, research funding, consultations, hospitalization, drugs, surgery fees, chemo, counseling, insurance, etc.. You name it.

Money is being made out of our bad health rather than money being made from us acquiring good health. Tests, pills, chemo and surgery is not money being made from our good health. They don't provide good health, they just try to slow down declining bad health... they are in fact sick care modules.

"They' have been feeding us story after story for over 55 years now, and they have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on cancer research and experimental drugs.

And yet, they still don't have a clue, and we are told to expect "a 50 percent increase over current rates.

Lets cut the chase...

Breast cancer is in essence an ailing of lymph nodes, and those ailing lymph nodes are in essence a direct result of a filthy morbid toxic bloodstream.

The lymphatic system is part your immune system.

The lymph (blood plasma and white blood cells) circulate through the body tissues transporting debris and toxins from tissue to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes enable the body to rid itself of these toxins. The lymph circulatory system evacuates toxic debris from the lymph nodes for evacuation out of the body by way of the colon.

Impacted encrusted mucus along the walls of the block lymphatic drainage at their point of entry into the colon, thereby blocking lymph drainage out of nodes.

Lymph backs up and festers... At the same time through osmosis continuously day in and day out the toxic morbid waste inside the colon pollutes the bloodstream, which requires from the liver additional resources to purify the blood. THE cycle is clear, the domino effect tragic.

Consequently, lymph backs up, and backs up, and backs up, and finally in some people it settles in the breasts lymph nodes...and can not drain out from the lymph breast nodes. Diseased and impaired cells cannot be efficiently disposed of, and fresh nutrition provided by the blood to the cells arrives too in a deficient manner leaving the cells malnourished.

Add it all up, and you got a festering mess than cannot without outside intervention right itself.

Lymph drainage ducts that drain into the colon (where toxic lymph and debris is disposed for evacuation out of the human  body) are blocked and impacted with mucoid encrustations; Jos-hua's the medicine man were, his girlfriend were too, yours probably are too... most people's are. 

The walls of the colon are so heavily blocked and impacted with mucus and feces... 
See for yourself what we mean by blocked.  
See here the density and severity of the blockage.
You'll be shocked. 

Toxic debris and lymph festers and simmers in the breast lymph nodes, rather than being drained into the colon for evacuation out of your body. It's like a stagnant cesspool, the physiological equivalent to a festering pile of uncollected garbage or a broken toilet that continues to be used for defecation.

Regardless of the cause or name attached to any particular disease, all diseases pollute the purity of the body's blood, bile, lymph, mucus, hormones, and other essences and provoke severe imbalances in human energy systems.

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Pollution of vital essences, impairment of vital functions, and imbalance in vital energies always manifest themselves in abnormal symptomatic reactions which skilled physicians are able to interpret correctly as a basis for treatment.

Collectively the four foundations of health constitute the complex defense mechanisms of the human immune system. In Western medicine, immunity is attributed solely to the presence of certain forms of 'vital essence' in the bloodstream such as T-cells from the thymus gland, white blood cells from the marrow, scavenger cells such as leukocytes, and a variety of enzymes.

Blood is the cornerstone of the Four Foundations, and its condition determines the degree of one's resistance to negative external energies as well as immunity to disease.

Cancer, for example, is regarded as a 'blood disease in traditional Chinese medicine, because weak, toxic, or otherwise impaired blood is unable to perform its vital functions of nourishing and cleansing bodily tissues.

Deficient blood permits cellular wastes and pollutants to accumulate in tissues, until they become so toxic that they fester and ferment like rotting flesh, forming malignant tumors which spread to other tissues.

Conventional Western therapy treats cancer with surgery, radiation, and toxic chemicals, attacking the symptomatic tumors but doing nothing whatsoever to correct the extreme toxicity of blood and imbalance of energy which causes the problem in the first place.

Indeed, such radical therapy further weakens blood and depletes energy, so that even if a temporary remission is achieved by removing or destroying a few tumors, the cancer usually recurs in even more virulent form.

The proper preventative as well as curative therapy for cancer is first to detoxify and purify the blood, then rebuild it with proper nutrition and appropriate supplements and circulate it with deep breathing and rhythmic exercise. Scavenger cells, enzymes, and other immune factors carried by healthy blood will then attack the cancerous tissues, digest and dissolve tumors, and dispose of debris through the excretory system.

And in this process I would assume, I speculate, that the enzyme LOXL2 is blocked,  which prevents metastasis into the bloodstream, and the spreading of cancerous cells. 90% of cancer deaths are due to tumours migrating around the body. 

For some pretty frightening cancer statistics, click here.

The place to start is the colon and the bloodstream. Purification of both. 

There is an clear connection between the consequences of a toxic polluted colon, toxic bloodstream, toxic polluted lymph and breast cancer.

Within the colon and the folds of the colon lays 5 to 10 pounds of smelly foul toxic impacted mucus, plus another five pounds of undigested meat putrefies inside you. Leave five pounds of meat in a dark, warm, moist place for a few days and see for yourself the results of putrefaction.

Chances are 95% that you too are carrying around this collection of toxic waste and morbid rubbish- impacted feces and mucoid encrustations half an inch thick! Some of it is over 1.5 feet long and as hard as a worn out tire!

The end result of neglect is a long chain of events leading to breast cancer. No cancer, including breast cancer develops overnight... it is a long road to travel for cancer to develop. It requires quite a long time and a lot of festering for cells to multiply in a continuously abnormal manner. A dirty polluted colon takes years to build up. It too doesn't happen overnight.

Instead of toxic lymph being 'dumped' into the colon for elimination out of the body, it continues to be recycled within the body for years on end! 

It resettles in some women in the breast nodes and festers there for a few years, until eventually one day your doctor runs some tests and discovers that you have breast cancer.

Shocked? Don't be if you haven't been engaging in 'true' preventative health care. Taking an annual mammogram is not 'true' preventative health care. That's 'symptom oriented' sick care.

Sick care focuses on treatments.

Health care focuses on healing and rejuvenation.

In many people the toxic waste does not necessarily settle in the breast lymph nodes, but rather in other parts of the body. Each person has their own constitutional weakness acquired at birth.

When acute illness strikes it is often a sign that blood, lymph, lungs, and colon have become so toxic that the body must take emergency measures to purge toxins from your tissues to restore a healthy homeostasis.

As tissue becomes more and more toxic your system becomes ever more vulnerable to abnormal environmental energies and the Six Evils, Emotional stress (Seven Emotions), and the ever-present germs inside and outside the body gain the upper hand. 

This toxic waste settles in different lymph hubs (neck/throat, armpits, breast nodes, groin nodes), or in specific internal organs each depending on state of  health, lifestyle, genetic makeup, and inherent constitutional weaknesses of the body.

The solution? Simple, quick, and pocket friendly. REBIRTH and then forget about breast cancer and get on with your life. 

Preventative health care the HPS-ONLINE way makes sense. It's economical too. We have never heard of an active cleansing practitioner who got breast cancer. Never.

Clean out your colon and bloodstream, cleanse and nourish your internal organs, detoxify lymph in a serious way, learn how to eat to nourish your body rather than just satisfying your tastes and watch how breast cancer, cervix cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other female reproductive problems won't be a nuisance anymore for you! 

Eliminate them from your life. You can! It's totally up to you. Turn your intentions into reality. Protect your breasts. No surgery, no radiation, no chemo. Quick and easy. Natural, safe and holistic.  Pocket friendly too. Rebirthing.

Colon cleansing.  Brings light into life.

These women aren't getting breast cancer... and I don't think they are worrying much about it either. Join them. See their talk, and walk here.


You probably won't make it today to all 50 health sections in this website. Right? We'll be happy to have our Dot.Com support team remind you to visit us again in 2 months time.YES.

Protect and respect your breasts. They aren't easy to come by, are they? Read their testimonials-->> see how they are doing it.

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Breast Self Care- breast massage

There are several theories about the epidemic of breast cancer in the United States.

Breast massage can also stimulate the breast and activate the lymph system. However, it is illegal for a massage therapist to massage your breasts in the United States. This is not the case in Canada, Europe, Asia, and many other countries. 

For Americans in general, viewing breasts in a nonsexual way is difficult. The fact remains that breast tissue is like any other tissue- it needs to be touched (oxygenated).

What does breast massage do?

The lymphatic system is part your immune system. The lymph (blood plasma and white blood cells) circulate through the body tissues transporting debris and toxins from tissue to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes enable the body to rid itself of these toxins. Massage can partially act as a suction, stimulating lymph action. Stroking the breast opens and closes tiny capillaries that pull off unwanted material from the cells and deposits it into the lymph nodes.

How to massage your breasts

Following are four steps to self-breast massage created by Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) therapist Dana Wyrick based on research by Drs Casley and Smiths in Australia. Dana Wyrick is the director of Wyrick Institute a MLD school in San Diego. Wyrick is currently working with authors of How to Prevent Breast Cancer on producing a video to be released this summer.

This method can be done by you or your partner, in a lying or sitting position. Use gentle but deliberate stroking motions, similar to the pressure you would use when petting a cat firmly. Before you begin breast massage, it is important to activate and prepare the lymph nodes and tiny lymphatic vessels that will be receiving and purifying the lymph.


Beginning under the ears and using both hands, stroke down the neck and throat into the hollow above the collarbone between the base of the neck and the shoulder. Do this stroke 15 times.


Cross your arms over your chest. Press your index and middle fingers into the hollow above the collarbone between the base of the neck and the shoulder. Move your fingers in circles, the right hand moving clockwise and the left counterclockwise. Do this 15 times.


Raise one arm and stimulate the underarm lymph nodes by massaging the armpit with a flat hand in circles going upward 15 times. Repeat the stimulation on the other side. Now you are ready for the actual breast massage.


Place the fingers of each hand, one above the other, flat on the breastbone between the breasts. Using a firm stroking motion, move the top hand across the top of one breast toward the armpit. Simultaneously, move the bottom hand across the bottom of the same breast, ending all stokes at the armpit. Intermittently massage the armpit in circles a few times as in step 3 above. Be sure the entire breast gets massaged. Pay special attention to the upper outer quadrant of the breast, where 50 percent of all breast cancers develop. Do this for a minute or more. Repeat with the other breast. Place the heal of the hand on the sternum pushing into the armpit covering the whole breast. Do this for a minute or more. Repeat with the other breast.

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