Way too many people are experiencing a famine in health. Now it's time for a feast.

This HPS GUIDED™ alternative health program is a TRIBUTE to what is possible in self-help health.

In health, it's not a question of doing more or trying harder, it's instead a question of being SMARTER. Acceleration, velocity and trajectory are key to sustainable better health and gracious aging too. That's the plan here. That's what our plan focuses on in health. Acceleration, velocity and trajectory. Something fresh for your health.


Does your health already have a stench to it?

Or a lousy taste to it... a rotting putrefying taste?

Or a pain or two that you could do without?

Step into the Time Machine.

The HPS GUIDED™ way to health and in health care has repeatedly cured hundreds of health issues and prevented thousands more. Online from 1996.  


Body. Mind. Spirit & Soul care, combined.

Whisking health away to places it has NEVER EVER gone before.

Look, a lot of people want you to be their audience. To make you into their audience.

I'm not interested in acquiring audiences.

I just want to see you acquire the very same quality and level of health that I personally have, and then move on with your life. This is about YOU LEARNING, GETTING SMARTER IN HEALTH CARE, DOING WHAT IS TAUGHT TO YOU, GETTING CONSTANT FEEDBACK, DOING MORE, LEARNING MORE, SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES OF THE PROGRAM, HELPING OTHERS TOO, etc., etc., until the guessing games stop for you in health. When that happens you'll be living a level of health that I personally am, and many of my clients are too.

In all honesty, without a shred of doubt you too can become a Master of your own health and well being. Together, we can do it quickly.

Many many hundreds have here through HPS GUIDED™. You have to have a PLAN in health leading somewhere valuable... not exercises or diets, not shot, pills, or health insurance, not a treadmill or a yoga mat but rather an executable plan that you can become proficient in and have practiced. That's the gem which will be gifted to you when you do this program. The weight loss is just a nice side benefit of the plan. Just more added value.

Five years of intense gym time, yoga, pilates or jogging WILL NOT give you what I and these folks leisurely accomplished here in just a few months only! A mountain of meds, drugs and supplements wouldn't do it. Nor does a chiropractor either. Or any doctor/ specialists.

Written in their own words at our online forum.
They are now a lot SMARTER in health.

Tina, age 35, Argentina, level 4

"My physical health has improved tremendously- less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!), improved skin tone, enhanced running levels, etc. Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group."

Spencer, Manager, age 26, USA, level 1   

"Lets face it, alot of people claim to have the answer and most don't! This program was nothing short of an amazing experience.... I feel more alive than I have felt in a long time."

Greg, age 45, USA, level 2

"Cholesterol levels Plunged! Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 ) Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range ) Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )"

David, age 44, USA, level 3

"Amazing Journey, I weigh 60 lbs less... Perhaps most notable to me through this process is experiencing the connection between mind, body and spirit. It is one thing to read about that connection – and yet another to experience it so obviously when you undertake a program like this. Where once I felt like I was blocked emotionally and spiritually, I find that the physical cleansing “unblocked” more than my colon."

INVIGORATING means feeling ALIVE again. Step out of the echo chambers, and step into a new comfort zone... You want to look sharp, you want your brain to be sharp. This experience is the cure.

 Reclaim ownership of what's yours. He certainly has. If he can, you can!

Many others have here too. NOT more stupid pills and products, not more dumb dieting and exercising, not another pond to hang out in (e.g., a yoga class rather than a gym) not more meds and tests but rather skills and skillfulness in self-help health. You got to have a plan! We do!

Conscious health care. Conscious living.

A "body centered" approach to health is such a myopic view of health.

That's all YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN In health care up until today...a body "only" approach in health care.

A body only approach to health is a failed system of health care. It's an extremely myopic view. It's a failed plan. That's what David, Greg, Spencer and Tina just told you. That's what I am saying too. If you just clicked the 'failed system' link, you saw that's what the national health statistics are telling us too. It's a failed system. End of case. A body, mind, spirit and soul care approach to health is a much more expansive view! With that expansiveness comes better health. Less bills. And gratitude too!

Smoothies, green tea, energy drinks, protein bars and health videos DON'T DO this. Read immediately below both Maz and Anna.

Consciousness in health? What's that mean? Chris Martenson blog post is I believe a good easily understandable starting place for you today.

Next week, if you can't stop thinking about this, come back and buy it. Transform your health.

Done by you, for you, to yourself but with full guidance, instruction, help and supervision every step of the way. You can find hundreds upon hundreds of customer introductions and testimonials at the public sections of our online forum.

You'll notice at our online forum that a large majority of our clients are repeat customers, coming back and jumping into the next level of HPS GUIDED™. Four levels in all. HPS GUIDED™ is far from cheap... if they are coming back for more that means this delivered way beyond their expectations. It does that because this is not another guessing game in health, not a hope, not a prayer. This is a plan and program, proven by many and certainly executable by you.

Self-help health care. Body, mind, spirit and soul care.

Skillfully combined together level by level. In your space, at home, in your comfort zone. BY YOU.

This is how you heal. This is how you rejuvenate at your pace. This is how you prevent at your convenience. That's how you transform your health in a lasting way.

23rd century health care, already today!

From 1996!

In this HPS GUIDED™ health program we plan on whisking you off your feet and taking you someplace new in health, someplace rich, knowable, solid, recognizable and touchable in health... someplace invigorating which you can return to each and every year on your own. This is something unfamiliar to you because this is not a repeat of what you have done before in health, this is not another guessing game in health. This is HPS GUIDED™. Fourth dimensional health care.


Julee, Mother, age 43, USA, level 2

"I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am now mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD (unless I slip from good food combining for longer than a week) and no more high blood pressure, all of which also left me drug free!"

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.
Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention. Transformation.

The experience is the cure.

From 1996!


Superdoctors don't write up their patients records. Unlike doctors, in the superdoctor system the patient is the one who keeps the records, in their own words. You will too when you do this program. It's designed into the methodology and is part of therapy too. Over 72,000 posts at our online forum to date! If you are younger than 35, you could be headed to where Thijis is. NO football, swimming, scuba diving, skiing, playing golf, tennis or trampoline jumping will give you what Thijis accomplished here with his body and health in this HPS GUIDED™. Yoga won't either. Superdoctors give more. Take the next step, step into the Time Machine, and enjoy!

Thijis, IT sector, age 37, Holland, level 4

"I am now healthy beyond anything I ever thought possible and I have an acute awareness of and control over the human vessel. And even now, still with every HPS level, the knowledge of my body's processes and the tangible physical sensation of wellbeing is growing. That, plus I am actually getting younger. I feel better than I did ten years ago when I thought I was in my best years, and soon now I will also look better. The knowledge you will gain through this program and the support forum is priceless."

Stacey, Graduate student, age 34, USA, level 2

"7DW level 2 has delved deeper into my emotional life, opening myself to what is around me and inside of me. As I continue to work on what is happening in my body, I am discovering its connectness to my mind and my soul. While it sounds so basic, the implications are great. When I began the process of HPS GUIDED I didn't expect these things to happen- hadn't really even considered the possibility. Each step I take down the path is eye-opening and fills me with gratitude."

Surgery planned? No surgery, doctor appointment or health specialists can give you what Maz accomplished here in HPS GUIDED™.

The experience is the cure! Maz had a very long list of chronic health problems. Click her link to read her story right now. It's inspiring! It's honest. It represents clearly the steps to reclaiming and recovering great health.

Maz, Australia, age 54, level 4

"Yes, all my health problems are gone completely and I feel like I am in my 30"s again---but then what are 30"s, what are 50's-- I just feel full of energy and truly alive, emotional EVEN and STABLE and that is such a blessing!!! I do not have days of "feeling up in the clouds" or days of "life is crap" anymore--just that constant even calm inside!! WOW"

Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life... So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."


Organic or vegan eating CANNOT give you what Anna and Maz accomplished here in less than ninety days. In the privacy and comfort of their own home! In fact, Anna wrote the above about sixty days from the day she ordered her HPS GUIDED™! CLICK her level 1 link and see at our forum her whole story with this program! >

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.
Fourth dimensional health care. Not another guessing game. Whisking you off your feet. Pivoting health. Invigorating.

Where else, ANYWHERE, at any price?

Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention and Transformation. All wrapped up into one easy online guided self-help health program.
From 1996!


Body. Mind. Spirit & Soul care, combined.

Whisking health away to places it has NEVER EVER gone before.

Next week, if you can't stop thinking about this, come back and buy it. Transform your self.

Inquiries into availability are done by email.

Fourth dimensional health care. 2005 NEW YEARS POLL. 59 votes. Was this worth the money?

You've suffered long enough. Hard enough. You tried, hoped for, dreamed and spent fortunes to date. By now you should be ready and prepared to voluntarily jettison the deceptive failed myopic system of health care which you are presently engaging in. Fact is no diet, no exercising, no detox, no meds, drugs or supplements, sleep pod, apple pie, aromatherapy, neti douch and not yoga are going to give you what HPS GUIDED™ gives. Take it or leave it, that's your choice. If you aren't yet ready to jump ship into the cool calm waters of rejuvenation and would prefer to learn more first before stepping into the Time Machine click here to find out how right this has been for me, Jos-hua, the founder of this program. I'm fully confident this will be very right for you too. See pictures of my own aging. Does this work, or not? Looks compelling? It is!

Part II, find out what TRANSFORMATION OF HEALTH means. I'm of the opinion that most people just don't know what I'm talking about. Most people just don't have any idea. Any idea how far, how high and how deep they can go with their health when it's a body, mind, spirit and soul project and not just a "body only" project. Or how free they can be. How could they? They've never experienced a transformation of their body & health before. Have you? Click and I'll share my personal experiences with you. In my case it was a two year unfoldment.


Reclaim what is yours. Online since 1996.

Inquire into HPS GUIDED™ availability using the contact email.


When contacting us or when communicating with us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.

HPS GUIDED™ SUMMER SALE. Your price today... US$3,4000... ON SALE TODAY. US$1,776 only.

Three equal month after month interest free payments accepted (US$592 x 3).

Sit down and tally up.

See how much you have already spent this year and last year on your fitness, beauty and health. What's the raw ball park figure? Now COMPARE, click the link immediately below.

Click to see the US Department of Health & Human Services projection of what you will spend per year, this year and next year in health, fitness, weight management and beauty. These are statistical averages over millions of people. You might have already exceeded this spending. With HPS you cut it by 90%. (click on your browser back button to return here)

The experience is the cure.

When Restorative medicine is done properly, it's as if you've taken a ride in a Time Machine.

Get a second opinion... SHARE THIS on twitter and facebook. See what the masses have to say.


Body. Mind. Spirit & Soul care, combined.

I Jos-hua will be your personal valet, pilot and online guide.

HPS GUIDED™ is the online guided program.
Deep Body Care (DBC™) is our restorative system, restorative medicine.
The 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) is our deep tissue cleansing sub-program supporting the integrity of the deep body care system.
A ride in the Time Machine is the experience. The experience is your cure.

Forget HPS not!

"PROMOTION:   HOT SALE    Buy two levels of HPS GUIDED™ (levels 1 and 2 for only $2,700) and get four extra months of free support from Jos-hua and continual access to our forum for one full year. Yes, three equally split $900 payments are accepted."

You wanna go the whole nine yards?

You want a TOTALLY new body?

I'll give you a promotion that can't be beaten... all four levels of HPS GUIDED™, four rides in the time machine, for the sum total of $999 per level. That's a tad more than $3,600 for the whole nine years of better health that are coming your way. That's unbeatable. That's really a gift to yourself, in health.

William, Electronics technician, age 49, USA, level 1

"I will begin by saying that some of you will find this testimony hard to believe, and rightly so.
If I were someone that had not yet experienced the HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder Deep Body Care program, I too, would be suspicious. Those of you who have experienced this program can relate to what I am about to reveal..."

Louise, Massage Therapist, age 56, USA, level 4

"This HPS GUIDED DBC program has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit."

A "body only" approach to health care is such a myopic view of health. Now, after reading our clients experiences, don't you think so too?

MORE HPS INFO WHICH MIGHT INTEREST YOU: 1) We are not on any social media. No twitter, facebook, linkin, youtube, insta, etc.. Never have been, probably never will be if we haven't to date. Anyway, everyone now knows that social media is a guilt factory. It's not very good for health. 2) Our clients years ago voted for their privacy and anonymity at our forum. Therefore, you don't find pictures of their faces or bodies in the public sections of our forum, but only in the private sections do we post that kind of information. 3) Our forum is private and secure. You cannot register to it if you are not doing an HPS program. Once registered you will have full access to all 72,200 and more posts there. 4) Places in HPS GUIDED™ are very limited, and exclusive. We don't accept more than one new client per month. 5) 48% of our clients to date were men, 52% women. The mean age is 31 to 54 years old. Over 80% resided in the USA. The other 20% were divided among Canada, Scotland, England, Holland, HK, Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan.

We need to know your age, gender and the country of you doing this program in. We are not available in all countries. For example we do not service Middle eastern countries, Africa or China. Input the information into your email.

Attn: Corporate HR managers. Play on a different field. Move the goalposts. Bring your corporate health care costs radically down. Please take note that HPS offers corporate group programs too with a private sub-forum just with your people. A kind of private party arrangement.  

If you want to do the program, please note:

Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using email... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge how he intends to work with you.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT a decade ago, places online are limited to usually only 1 new person per month. But many months sometimes he accepts no one at all if he is busy with his own practices and life. Sometimes, it's even been a whole year!

We receive tens of applications every month. So obviously of course, the more Jos-hua knows about you and your health the better chances you have of getting his attention and being accepted. 




"If you get accepted, great. I look forward to working with you. If you don't get accepted do to health considerations, or if we have no available space online, also great. Either way, STAY COOL.

Staying cool is always good for health. Your emotional and mental health has a direct impact on your physical body & health. Both today, and in the longer run too. So stay cool!! Don't get too upset or too excited whatever happens to you in life. Stay cool. Incessantly cool.

Me, I know what I have to do for my health and I do it. Proactively, year in and year out.

You, I'm not so sure that you know so you're left with responding. You react to health issues and body problems instead of totally avoiding them. Me, I proactively avoid them. That's what I call intelligent health care.

The great spiritual masters of past taught that each one of us is perfection.

That each one of us are a reflection and an expression of our deepest dreams.

When we are living consciously with our health, we experience this perfection.

Be smart, make the most of your life while you still can. You are richer than you think. I hope to see you starting this program soon.

Don't kid yourself... there are too many loopholes in your health insurance policy to fully cover you in every instance. Together you and I are going to fix this for you right now, RIGHT HERE. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™.

'Eat well & exercise' just doesn't cut it. Hasn't cut it for decades already. The skyrocketing cancer rates clearly show us that.

Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins daily doesn't cut it either. The vast number of people who get struck down with the flu every year shows us that. If their immunity was strong, they wouldn't be getting the flu. Drinking lots of water and downing lots of vitamins unfortunately just doesn't cut it either.

Gorging on supplements and spending endless time in the gym isn't really the path either. It's just a money making machine for the sellers.

The rabid persistence of heart disease, heart attacks, high BP, cholesterol issues, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, periodic migraines, allergies, auto-immune disorders, breath and respiratory issues, arthritis, constant skin problems, addictions at all ages, depression, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above.

Do me Jos-hua one small favor. Allow me today to already make some kind of an impact on your health -->

If you cannot afford this program or feel you don't want to do it, or aren't accepted due to space limitations online, at the least CONSCIOUSLY do one thing everyday, two times a day both for yourself (and for me too!).

Use your mind in your health care. Bring some hands-on consciousness back into your health. This is the yoga practiced in the Time Machine.

Stand up, walk over to a mirror, look into your eyes, and say out loud to yourself:

"The movies of my mind are beautiful because I chose to make them so. I love myself, I approve of myself, I appreciate myself, I value myself. I love me. I am life. I am joy. I am love. I am safe and secure."

Feels good, doesn't it?

If it doesn't, double down.

If it doesn't that's showing you how much you have calcified already.

Self-love is the most powerful medicine known to mankind. For our species there is no better medicine. If self-love doesn't move you, your heart and health has calcified. Double down and practice the above daily, everyday!

Please do this everyday for the next six months. Twice a day in the bathroom right before you brush your teeth, morning and night. Place a sticky note (any color) with the above copied, on the mirror. Easy peasy. Thanks!! Knowing that you are doing this will make me happy because it will help your health, healing and prevention in numerous ways. It keeps the Larry's of the world out of your life. Larry is the guy at the hospital who wipes your ass and changes your bed sheets when you crap in your own bed.

And that's what I'm here for, to HPS, to HelpPeopleSurvive, AND thrive!"

-- Jos-hua, the HPS medicineman

That's a wrap. Stay clear of Larry. When you do this program, you will!

I look forward to getting to know you. When you order we'll meet up again on the other side.

Whatever merit I've made today I dedicate to the benefit of all sentient beings, wherever they are, whoever you are. I wish you peace, health and happiness. I've given you more to think about and act upon than 99% of the health websites you have ever visited to date. They all just parrot each other. They are a deceptive failed myopic system of health care. And you now also know more about me than you should. I like my privacy. I'm going to give you privacy in your health, too.

The answers to all your questions and hundreds more you'll find when you do the program. Join me. Join us. Join HPS GUIDED™. This is a structured, comprehensive, guided deep body care program with a strong and long online record of success in health. Health scares usually come in pairs. How sick were you last year and this year? How sick will you be next year and the year after? It's the living who have strength, not the dead. Start living again. Start feeling ALIVE again. It's our record that counts.

Conscious living empowers you and empowers your health. HPS GUIDED™ will give you more tenacity, stamina, and consistency in health, and in life too. If you get it, you get it. If not, not. I already said at the forum... low IQ people need not apply.

Now back to your regular programming... Take some meds, go enjoy a bucket of ice cream, take some more meds, buy some more supplements online, check in on socials, spend an hour or less on your treadmill and then go take a shower and try to nap. And please, don't forget, the bills, the bills. Unlike me, next month you need to pay that big endless Obamacare health insurance bill. Me, I don't nap anymore and I dropped my health insurance 33 years ago. This Time Machine is my insurance.

Best insurance money can buy!

Share this page, and then check out this page and share it too! Pictures of healthy bowel movements. After four rides in the Time Machine your poops should look like this, too, like mine. More than 10" long, and fat each time. When that is happening you just know that your metabolism has a chance to rev itself up DAILY.