Reforming health...


Once you realize what is right and what is wrong the answers are very obvious.
Pay more. Expect more.
Healing, rejuvenation, prevention, transformation.
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Online from 1996!

"At the grand age of 24 you probably still have excellent skin tone, the ability to bounce back from a night out, and a highly functioning metabolism."

You also, hopefully, have literally all your life ahead of you.

But at 36, 46, 56 and 66 will you still have that same excellent skin tone, that ability to bounce back and a highly functioning metabolism?

Will you still feel like you have your whole life ahead of you?

This is a story of how to. This is a story of those who have succeeded... Welcome to the TIME MACHINE!

Here's the point... Your health has got to stay in your own hands... not mine, not any doctors, not any gym, not in the insurance companies hands, nor in Big Pharma hands nor your partners hands. But timelessly, in your own hands.

If that is the case someone is going to have to teach and show you how to. It takes too long to try and just figure it all out on our own.

It's timelessly yours. Your health is yours and no one else's therefore you HAVE got to take responsibility for it. It's your duty. You have no choice. You've got to fly the plane, you've got to steer the ship. It's got to be in your hands. And stay in your hands, forever. That's how it is done here.

Because this program is so comprehensive and all encompassing in health, I can promise you that whatever your health problems are, however special they seem to you right now, here at HPS GUIDED™ there is a very strong probability that they will become history.

I'm inviting you to stop ignoring all the different dimensions/ parts/ facets/ and aspects of your health.

I'm inviting you to stop outsourcing your health care. I'm inviting you to take the reins of your health back into your own hands. I'm inviting you to skyrocket your energy and immunity. I'm inviting you to heal, rejuvenate, prevent and transform. I'm inviting you to enrich your health. I'm inviting you to end the time consuming and money consuming endlessness that most people are trapped in and which most intelligent people find utterly depressing. I'm inviting you to take care of your health, immunity, energy and weight in ways you have never done before. And we at HPS have the online transparent records to prove it!

You, myself and everyone we know have been deceived in how to care for ourselves.

We're not alone.

The 530,000 families who last year went bankrupt due to medical bills and sickness were deceived too.

What I can tell you from my own personal experiences spanning almost 65 years is that endless gym time, turmeric, green tea, energy drinks, protein bars, detox dieting, calorie counting, orange juice drinking, organic eating, health apps and watches, jogging, workouts, reps, endless vitamins, endless herbal supplements, meds, endless yoga, endless dietary sups, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, herbal teas, a salad a day, Botox, endless skin creams, water filters, lifting weights, etc., etc., isn't how it is done. Vegan pancakes and smoothies for breakfast aren't it either. Nor is biking and hiking. That culture of health is defected and deceptive.

None of that is going to accelerate our health in a lasting way.

None of that is going to move your health to new dimensions, to new heights, nor transform the trajectory of your aging.

The off the charts persistence of heart disease, heart attacks, high BP, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches let alone periodic migraines, allergies, pollen sensitivities, arthritis, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above.

Step away from the deceit and poverty which you've had to endure in health. Step away from the endlessness. Stay away from the weak immunity. I am going to help you enrich your health, not treat it. I am going to help you get passionate again about your health. I'm going to help you dispose of health problems. Reclaim your time. Reclaim your savings. Reclaim your health. You are going to heal here.

time machine tickets sold here

"Welcome to the time machine. Open the door to vibrant health and walk right on through!"  --Jos-hua

Acting like you know about health isn't the same as knowing.

The cost of staying healthy or getting healthy keeps going up as we age.

That's a fact.

That's happening because most people don't know how to properly take care of themselves and their health.

Beat these costs with HPS GUIDED™

Dear Guest,

Welcome to HPS GUIDED™, 'Deep Body Care'.

This is an alternative system of health care which you aren't yet familiar with.

Reforming health.

For ages 21 to 65 years young.

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.

Something different.

A guided online program, not a product. Online from 1996.

Explore this poll. One of the best things about HPS GUIDED™ is that it seems to work wonderfully well for most everyone. For over 96% of our clients in this poll of 59 persons which we ran in our first decade online. Soon, we will be starting our third decade online! Click to see the poll.

This has worked incredibly well for me too, Jos-hua, the founder of this program.

Here I am at 32 years old.

I started the program at age 30.

And below that's me at 62 years old, late 2018.

Thirty years later... thirty years older. Welcome to the TIME MACHINE!

Anti aging program
2017. Jos-hua at over sixty.

"When I stepped into the time machine for the very first time it was like walking into no man's land. My health was in shambles. I was only thirty but my health was a complete train wreck. A complete mess- weight problems, chronic fatigue, herpes, foul smelly breath, hemorrhoids, chronic pain, liver problems and even a loss of smell. My nose just stopped working. The time machine started delivering startling results within the first month. These startling results continued month after month. And accelerated month after month. They didn't stop for two straight years. They weren't constrained by the normal constraints of time and space."
Anti ageing program
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.

With the Time Machine you CAN'T IMAGINE how far and how high we can go with health.

It's the artist who makes the painting, not the paintbrush. It's the pilot who flies the airplane not the wings. It's the captain who steers the ship, not the rudder.

At HPS we're training our online clients to become artists, pilots, captains and engineers in their health.

My hundreds of online clients have experienced the very same things which I have... real healing, repetitive rejuvenation and lasting prevention including an immediate reversal and a considerable slowing down of the aging processes too.

Click their links to read their full stories at our online forum. The below are just some snippets.

They now KNOW.

Thijis, Holland, age 37

"I am now healthy beyond anything I ever thought possible and I have an acute awareness of and control over the human vessel. And even now, still with every HPS level, the knowledge of my body's processes and the tangible physical sensation of wellbeing is growing. That, plus I am actually getting younger. I feel better than I did ten years ago when I thought I was in my best years, and soon now I will also look better. The knowledge you will gain through this program and the support forum is priceless."

Maz, Australia, age 54

"Yes, all my health problems are gone completely and I feel like I am in my 30"s again---but then what are 30"s, what are 50's-- I just feel full of energy and truly alive, emotional EVEN and STABLE and that is such a blessing!!! I do not have days of "feeling up in the clouds" or days of "life is crap" anymore--just that constant even calm inside!! WOW"

Louise, USA, age 56

"This HPS GUIDED DBC program has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit."

time machine tickets

"Become the engineer of your own health, healing, energy, immunity, longevity, weight and looks."

Everybody wants great looks, great weight, great sustained energy and great health. Who wouldn't. Everybody needs it. It makes sense. Dollars and sense.

So the question arises how to engineer it, how to attain it and how to maintain it?

Here you will walk away "knowing." Online from 1996. Inquire today.

Hundreds of millions of people are and were doing all the things which you are doing today for your health and well being, and which I had been doing like you for years.

Beyond spiraling food, fitness and beauty bills where did it get them in the longer run?

Hundreds of millions are still sick, have died or are in the process of their life ending struck down by cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, a heart attack, a stroke or a myriad of other horrible, painful, debilitating and/ or chronic diseases. Beat them all here with HPS GUIDED™.

When it isn't meshing properly, life becomes messy. No gym, pill or diet is going to change that.

Your health is probably torn apart. Mine was.

I fixed mine in a lasting way. Now I'd like to help you fix yours too.

I've helped thousands to date.

The time machine initiates take-off with an HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care'.

DBC (Deep Body Care) level 1 is where everyone starts out from. That's our introductory program.

Within 45 days from today you will be seeing remarkable changes starting to take place in your health. Startling changes.

Like it? Proceed into advanced HPS GUIDED™ levels- level 2, level 3 and level 4 at the appropriate time. Each level spans three months.

You work normally and live normally during these three months, during the three months of each level.

You don't have to pick up and check in, anywhere.

During these three months your life goes on more or less the same outside of one week which we devote entirely 24 hours a day to an HPS 7 Day Wonder® (7DW). And in between levels you must wait at least three months before the next one. It takes about two years or a tad less to engineer all four levels of the HPS GUIDED™ renaissance program. So, to complete all four levels there is about one year of cumulative "waiting" time between levels within the two years, and one year of accumulated activities. Like three months on, three months off, three on, three off, so forth and so on.

In short, this is all doable because you are not alone, this is guided personalized educational health care from the bottom, up. It puts you in the drivers seat rather than someone else.

Like in 'Drivers-Ed' (remember that?) you have someone you can count on, someone knowledgeable and experienced in the seat next to you, in this case me Jos-hua the HPS medicineman, by your side.

I initially was put off by the idea of having to go through levels, let alone four different levels, but I decided I'll give the introductory level 1 a try and see what happens. "Maybe that will be sufficient and I won't need more," I told myself.

As time progressed into my level 1 I began to recognize how intelligently this was structured. Reforming health doesn't happen over night. It can't. It takes some time to turn immediate changes into sustainable changes.

As level one came to an end I immediately wanted more! I immediately wanted to purchase level 2.

This multi level and private approach to health care turned out to be a most effective strategy. It put the self confidence back into my health care.

It's like putting our health and health care on auto-pilot for two years or more... just a calm even tow by the program.

You progress at your convenience. Your pace.

Done in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone.

I was so happy as I progressed through the different levels. I looked great and I felt great. I WAS ALIVE AGAIN. Vibrant, vigorous, confident and calm. Oh sure, this had cost me a small bundle of dollars but I had completely healed and I had experienced for the very first time in my life what "rejuvenation" actually felt like, and was in the process of transforming and preventing... what more could I ask for? What more could you ask for, too?

Now in 2019 at over sixty two, I Jos-hua still have the energy of a sixteen year old. This consistent daily high level of energy has lasted now for over thirty years! Morning. Noon. And night. If I eat or not, it makes no difference. It doesn't matter. High energy daily. Can any diet, nap, smoothie, herbal tea, energy bar, energy drink, or exercise routine ever deliver that?

And it wasn't even two years yet, but much less, actually more like a few months and I already was on the way to saving money in my health care rather than endlessly spending more month after month.

In the TIME MACHINE I also discovered that not just time transpires quickly but money stays in my pocket too. Now, that was a surprise! A much welcomed surprise.

Online from 1996. Inquire today.

If you insist on more of the same in health, more of what you are accustomed to hearing in health, more of the same talk and more of what you've done and gotten to date (diets, exercises, pills, tests, bills, etc.), well, you'll be getting more of the same results... Junk health. And more junk health. And more junk health.

More of the same in health also means a ton of endlessness... endless gym time, endless yoga, endless workouts, endless tests, endless health insurance, endless doctor appointments, endless calorie counting, endless vitamins, endless supplements on auto-refill, endless meds, etc.. Here at HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' the endlessness finally ends.

Weight issues?

With HPS GUIDED™ you are not going to be finding more of the same!

More of the same dies here, today.

Here, you don't play catchup, but rather you excel.

David, HPS GUIDED™ level 3, age 44 ---> Take two minutes to read him and see how this unfolded for him here. Sixty lbs. gone, POOF, never to come back again.


It doesn't start with yoga or nutritional eating. It doesn't start from drinking tons of water or washing our hands before we sit down to eat. It doesn't start with diet or any specific food. And it doesn't start with mindfulness either. Nor biking and hiking. Nor supplement popping. Nor vaccinations. Nor tests. That's a myth. We've been deceived. That's deceptive health care.

Health care needs to be both a body, a mind, a spirit and a soul, project.

Not one or the other, but all four parts.

That's where and how it starts.

When it comes to the "body part" everyone needs to start with the ABC's in health. AND I mean everyone! If our morning doesn't consciously start off everyday with a huge shit (a huge bowel movement/ a huge dump) we've got health problems either already on the table, or brewing. You should be in and out, off the toilet, in less than four minutes. You don't need any blood tests or doctor visits to get a handle on your health. The very first thing you need to do is to get a handle on your own shit. It's yours, fix it. Learn how to make it huge. Genuine health care needs to start there. Vibrant health starts in the bowel. Do that and then take it from there.

That's where we're starting from in this five star proven health program. With your shit.

With an HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) 'Deep Body Care' week.

One week of combined juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics done the HPS way. You can do a week, don't worry, we make it easy. That's where the HPS GUIDED™ starts from.

Click to see why.

These are pictures which our clients posted at our forum. If you tried detox before but didn't see things like this evacuated from your body then it wasn't genuine detox, just a shallow wannabe. This old compacted shit which had accumulated in their bodies for years fermenting, blocking and depreciating every health function in every organ is pictured again and again by all HPS clients. It's real. No wonder why it was so hard for them to heal or prevent. We all are full of shit. It's true. We all are full of nasty shit. Click the link to see pictures which our HPS clients posted. This shit, this old compacted feces, this toxic waste, this abundance of internal fermenting poisonous pollution directly leads to a state of auto-toxemia.

In simple English auto-toxemia means that every cell in our body, every muscle, every tissue, every vital organ, every nerve, every bone and our bloodstream is being poisoned 24/7/365.

Think about it. Imagine you never sweep the floors of your home, never vacuum, mop, or dust for two years straight. Or never wash the dishes which keep accumulating for three straight years in your kitchen sink. Imagine the stench. Imagine the filth. Disease spreads quickly and easily in that kind of environment.

Imagine never washing your bed sheets and pillow case for five years! Or never changing your underwear for a decade. Imagine the filth! And imagine the consequences!

It's the same deep within our body.

Imagine if you never flushed the toilet in your bathroom for thirty years but still continue to use it everyday, a few times a day. Imagine the toxic waste brewing there. Fermenting there. The complete and utter stench! That's what most of us have done with our bodies, deep inside. We're a walking cesspool. I'm not surprised cancer rates are off the charts, as is dementia too. As is chronic pain too. As is constant foul body odor too.

If we are being auto-intoxicated 24/7 every day of the week FOR YEARS by what is already inside our bodies (i.e., an abundance of toxic waste and years of accumulated feces pollution and fermented filth (which you saw pictures of if you clicked the above "why" link) what good is any glass of orange juice every morning going to do for us?

I mean really, think about it!

Or any jogging for that matter.

Or any yoga, any nutritional eating, vegan eating, organic eating, dieting, pill popping, meditation or meds going to do for us.

It's an uphill battle daily because all of that "goodness" which we inject for our health for our life is just a small drop of healthiness consumed by a big sea of sloth, blight pollution, fermenting filth and poison.

In the initial stages of health care, we needn't be worried about what we are putting into our bodies (food, herbals, or exercise for example) but rather OUR focus should be on getting what is already inside of us, OUT!

Twenty five years ago an honorable and great Tibetan Master Rinpoche said to me one sunny afternoon at his monastery in Nepal that if we want magic, we're not going to find it with him. "Better to go to the circus," he said. We need to first clean the slate, thoroughly.

There is no other intelligent option. There is no other intelligent way for our first step in health care because this is the door that opens the door to the time machine. Filthy dirty internally polluted bodies are refused entrance to the time machine. Sorry, that's the way it works. If you are dirty and down, great health isn't going to be found.

Again I ask... is it any wonder why cancer is so rampant? Is it any wonder people's aches and pains never cease? No wonder why so many people have heart attacks and strokes. No wonder why so many are obese! No wonder why so many different health problems strike so many different types of people down, even while they are still relatively young.

No wonder why we're all stressed out!

God help us! God save the Queen!

William, age 49

"I will begin by saying that some of you will find this testimony hard to believe, and rightly so. If I were someone that had not yet experienced the HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder Deep Body Care program, I too, would be suspicious. Those of you who have experienced this program can relate to what I am about to reveal."

Erin, age 43

"I am back to introduce myself again and to begin preparing for my second immersion into Deep Body Care. The first level transformed my life, but it was just the beginning. I want to go deeper, learn more, create even more greatness in my life."

Too good to be true?

23 years online means this is true.

23 years online means this is good, too.


Sounds good? This is better than good.

This is health care that builds your self confidence and self esteem.

With "knowing" comes empowerment!

Conscious living. Conscious health care.

Your health care might be a little bit outdated.

Actually probably a lot outdated.

Take a walk with me on the other side, living...

If we want great health we must go beyond just taking care of our body!

time machine tickets

It's undeniable.

It's undeniable that a body, and a mind, and a soul and a spirit is what constitutes the YOU.

Not one part or the other but all four parts make up the you.

Body, mind, soul and spirit are you. And consequently, that's what makes up your health too.

That combination of parts, of dimensions, is what constitutes what you call "your health."

Let that sink in, lean back and contemplate what I just said. Give it a few minutes and let that sink in, deeply.

You most probably haven't been relating to it, such.

The effect mind has on health has been scientifically proven.
Spirit and soul are both under scientific investigation too.

If you want to get into the time machine, if you want to give it a try, you have no choice but to address all four parts of your being.

There is a strong interdependent connection between mind, body, spirit and soul. These are the four pillars of our human health. You've only been addressing one leg. One part of your humanity. You're sitting on a one leg chair. That's the bottom line. You're bound to topple over sooner or later.

We're going to be addressing all four legs in this HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' program.

It's call CONSCIOUS living.

Julee, age 43

"In other words I am learning to live consciously. It's not a quick fix, it's a life change. But don't let that scare you... I am Ms Procrastination. The foundation from which this programs builds as well as the steps involved are very easy and the support is phenomenal. Physical improvements - I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD (unless I slip from good food combining for longer than a week) and no more high blood pressure, all of which also left me drug free!"

Melody, age 24

"Actually, I feel better now than I have in years. I only sleep six to seven hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed. I can get through my day without snoozing or grogginess. Sure, I get a little tired when the day is done, but it is a good tired, a healthy tired--not the fatigue that I used to know so well. Since my DBC level 2, my emotions and attitudes have taken a turn for the better. I am happier and have a much more focused perspective."

I'm sorry but this costs.

This can't be cheap. But it is reasonably priced so that everyone who wants to do this, can. And should!

Going for ten days to an exotic Thailand Spa or a week on a retreat can cost double and triple this HPS GUIDED™.

And they intend in only giving you just one week of their time, knowledge and skills not three months, like we are here. We've priced this fairly but unfortunately we don't have places for everyone online either. Only one new online client is accepted per month. Some months I accept no one. I'm not beholden to any corporations or sales targets, so I do as I like and feel to do.

BTW, it's the same with my health. I'm not beholden to any endlessness so I do as I like, eat as like, live as I like and feel to do. Sometimes it's even unhealthy things, consciously done. I have this freedom with my health without any serious downside. I hope one day to be able to see you having it too.

If you ignore one part of your "being," a quarter of your health is inevitably being ignored.

If you ignore two parts, fifty percent of your health is being ignored, so forth and so on.

With body, mind, spirit and soul care fused together you can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone in health, and outdo them.

Conscious living. Conscious health care.

That's what I and my clients are doing here. Infusing consciousness. Conscious health care is the rocket fuel for the time machine.

No one heals heal yourself.

That's the bottom line here at HPS GUIDED™.

That's not guessing. That's directly to the point. the crux of the point. That's two plus two equals four. The core mathematics. Online since 1996.

23rd century total SYSTEMATIC health care. Ending the endlessness in health.

Body, mind, spirit and soul care proactively combined together. That's our earth-suit when getting strapped into our pods in the time machine.

Become the captain of your ship, the pilot of your airplane.

Our HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' self-help system has cured hundreds of different health issues and prevented thousands more. 

In this guided health program you are going to pay SERIOUS ATTENTION to your BODY but we also make it a point not to ignore our mind, spirit and soul too.

That's empowering!

Step into the time machine. Taking the pain out of your body and out of your life is a given here.

We call it conscious living, conscious health care. Skills, not pills is the key here.

Online from 1996. Inquire today.

If You Want to Maintain Your Independence, then Self-Reliance is Survival. Learning how to Tie our own Shoelaces is the FIRST STEP.


Part II

Skills and skillfulness.


The Old American way in health. Skills, not pills.

When health care is more fun, it becomes more creative too.

That's what is happening here.

You're healthy today?

That's great.


Hundreds of millions of people, aren't.

Even if you are not yet sick
make it a memorable year. He was healthy before joining this program. See what he has to say after using this. Read him. Mike, HPS GUIDED, DBC, 7DW level 1 age 44

She too was healthy... Beat health problems forever, don't just treat them. Grow your vital life force. Jump into the time machine. Read her. Tina, HPS GUIDED, DBC, 7DW level 4, age 35

Conscious living. Body, mind, spirit and soul care combined.

If you got health problems we got answers. If you don't want health problems, this is your answer too. Step into the Time Machine.

"No more IBS or constipation."
"Cholesterol down from 300 to 150 !!"
"Life long allergies almost fully gone."
"Herpes totally ceased. Amazing!!!!"
"Pain free... and more."

"Dropped two dress sizes."
"Like traveling back in a time machine."
"Sugar addictions terminated for over a year now."
"No PMS symptoms anymore. Surprised."
"Skin rashes have disappeared and they haven't come back."
"Yoga has become much easier for me."

"BP back to normal."
"Blazing health and beyond."
"27 lbs lighter. I love it."
"Two bowel movements everyday!!"
"Hemorrhoids finito, thank God."
"Much better mind clarity and memory."
"No more need for Zoloft medication."

"Lost 60 pounds."
"Stopped smoking."
"Easily eating very differently."
"Snuffed out STINKY B/O."
"Skin, nails and hair better."

"Headaches gone."
"Sleeping without Ambien, whoopee."
"More peaceful life. LOVING IT."
"Don't need my arthritis meds anymore. That's 25K in my pocket every year."
"A new body / a new life."
"The summit is in view!"

Their words, their experiences. The above are just a few accomplishments in health which our clients have experienced. You'll find their stories on this page and at our online forum. Hundreds upon hundreds of introductions, testimonials, program reviews and client feedback at our online forum.

It's a new year.

How about you too doing something new, exciting, intelligent and rewarding for your health this year? We're not tied into any government databases like hospitals, doctors, medical labs and health insurance companies are. Your health care here cannot be accessed by anyone outside of yourself. Doesn't that matter to you? It does for me. I want total privacy in my health. We are totally focused on our clients, we don't have any side businesses or activities outside of this program and our clients doing it.

What's not to like?

We're actually healing, not pretending.

Sounds compelling? It is!

Tell some friends about HPS.

Order below

"It's the artist who makes the painting, not the paintbrush. At HPS we're training our clients to become artists in health."

Inquire into availability using the contact email below:


Enriching health.
US$1,600 (2 x $800 accepted)

Two equally split interest free month after month payments welcomed.  

Inquire NOW>>

Chose from our Spring (April to June) online programs, or our Autumn (October to December) online programs.

23 years online!

Please note: HPS is not on any social media platforms. That's why it's not so easy to find us these days. Social media isn't very healthy in the long run, so we avoid it. We assume those that are destined to find us, will.


"Hello HPS GUIDED™.  I get it, the 'endlessness' in my health ends up costing me more than what this program costs while giving me 1/100th what this HPS program can give me... Yes, skills and skillfulness in health is exactly what is lacking in my health care and exactly what I need more of instead of just more products, exercises, diets and pills. Now I would like to know about availability (I understand places usually are limited to only one new person per month)... I'd like to know payment methods and whatever else you think I should know or need to know prior to ordering and commencing this online guided program with you. Thank you Jos-hua, this sounds very exciting and very doable with a very fresh new uplifting approach to health. Love makes more sense to me than fear. Boom makes more sense to me than bust. I'm looking forward to this guided health journey. I want to heal, RENEW and reclaim ownership of my body, mind, spirit, weight and health!"

We need to know your age, gender and the country of doing this program in. We do not service all countries. Input that information into the email.
Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using email... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge how he intends to work with you.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

These past couple of years DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT places online are limited to usually only 1 new person per month. But many months sometimes he accepts no one at all if he is busy with his own spiritual practices and life. Sometimes, it's even been a whole year!

We receive tens of applications every month. So obviously of course, the more Jos-hua knows about you and your health the better chances you have of getting his attention and being accepted. 

** When contacting us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.



"Me, I know what I have to do for my health and I do it. Proactively, year in and year out. You, I'm not so sure that you know so you're left with responding. You respond to health issues and problems instead of totally avoiding them. Me, I avoid them. That's what I call intelligent health care.

The great spiritual masters of past taught that each one of us is perfection.

That each one of us are a reflection and an expression of our dreams.

When we are living consciously with our health, we experience this perfection.

Be smart, make the most of your life while you still can. I hope to see you starting this program soon.

Don't kid yourself... there are too many loopholes in your health insurance policy to fully cover you in every instance. Together you and I are going to fix this for you right now, RIGHT HERE. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™.

'Eat well & exercise' just doesn't cut it. Hasn't cut it for decades already. The skyrocketing cancer rates clearly show us that.

Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins daily doesn't cut it either. The vast number of people who get struck down with the flu every year shows us that. If their immunity was strong, they wouldn't be getting the flu. But how can their immunity be strong just from vitamins? They've ignored as we already discussed above three parts of their being, three parts of their health plus on top of that their body is still full with a sea of poison and pollution. They basically haven't a chance. Drinking lots of water and downing lots of vitamins doesn't cut it.

Gorging on supplements and spending endless time in the gym isn't really the path either. It's just a money making machine for the sellers.

The rabid persistence of heart disease, heart attacks, high BP, cholesterol issues, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, periodic migraines, allergies, respiratory issues, arthritis, constant skin problems at all ages, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above.

Do me Jos-hua one small favor.

If you cannot afford this program or feel you don't want to do it, or aren't accepted due to space limitations online, at the least CONSCIOUSLY do one thing everyday, three times a day both for yourself and for me too.

Look into the mirror, look into your eyes, and say out loud to yourself everyday three times a day:

"The movies of my mind are beautiful because I chose to make them so. I love myself, I approve of myself, I appreciate myself, I value myself. I love me. I am life. I am love. I am safe and secure."

Feels good, doesn't it?

If it doesn't, double down.

If it doesn't that's showing you how much you have calcified already.

Self-love is the most powerful medicine known to mankind. If self-love doesn't move you, your health has calcified. Double down and practice the above daily, everyday!

Please do this everyday for the next six months. Thanks!! Knowing that you are doing this will make me happy because it will help your health, healing and prevention in numerous ways.

And that's what I'm here for, to HPS, to HelpPeopleSurvive, AND thrive!"

-- Jos-hua, the HPS medicineman

That's a wrap. Now back to your regular programming... I've given you more to think about than 99% of the health websites you have visited to date. If you got it, you got it. If not, not. As I already said at the forum, low IQ people need not apply.

Now go have a bucket of ice cream, take some pills, buy some more supplements online, spend an hour on your treadmill and then go take a nap. And please, don't forget, the bills, the bills. Unlike me, next month you need to pay that big health insurance Obamacare bill. Me, I don't nap anymore and I dropped my health insurance 33 years ago. This program is my insurance. Best insurance money can buy!

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