There is nothing more lonely or more terrifying than feeling unheard....especially when it comes to our body, mind and health.

This is a health program where you are heard.

Because at our online forum you have a front row seat at the table.

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For ages 21 to 65. Online from 1996.

HPS GUIDED™ Deep Body Care is a thousand times
more powerful than yoga and ten thousand times more empowering than all the nutritional information in
the world and definitely more productive than organic eating or drowning in fitness routines, supplements, anti-oxidants, meds, and vitamins.

We want you to do this HPS program and see for yourself if you can dispute what we JUST said above and what you will read below... Most people find that after all that jogging, yoga, dieting, meds, tests, endless supplements and other fads, still, their health unravels like a cheap suit.

Take a look at these pictures. Set your priorities straight and focus on the primary mission. I'm no believer of miracles in health... I believe in plain old common sense in health care. Waste management is our starting point. Common sense dictates that better health doesn't start with food, exercise or supplements but rather it all starts here with our shit... in health when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest have less of a chance to fall.



Skills, not pills. Skillfulness in health. That needs to be the main point in everyone's health care. Yours too.

Before ordering we've got over 400+ different program reviews for you to take a look at today. Look now.


Polls at our online forum which our users participated in. See what they have to say and how they voted.

Not claims, not promises. Not dreams. Just the facts.

Their skillfulness.

Nothing is black and white. And big transformations are never immediate. We're not talking about an overnight elixir that will magically clean up your health; we're talking about a step-by-step process that gradually transforms health and organ function. We're no lackey in health. Online from 1996.

This is a different type of health and health care. Boutique health care.

Like a Boutique hotel the service here is very personalized, the clientele exclusive and the attention to you constant.

And like at a Boutique hotel where the facilities are cutting edge, here it's the therapies. This is health care that is an adventure, not a chore, a bunch of lists or a frightening experience.

The HPS deep body care system is quite unique in many aspects.

It addresses healing, rejuvenation and prevention simultaneously.

There are numerous stories to be told about your health... if of course you are interested in discovering them.

Exciting and rewarding healing, rejuvenation and prevention has happened for hundreds of our online clients (find hundreds of testimonials at our online forum) because our HPS health program is based on the realization that symptoms actually do not and cannot arise on their own. That's a fact. Symptoms have no self of their own. They are dependent upon "conditions" which allow them to arise, and "causes" which allow them to sustain.

When the "causes and conditions" which allow symptoms to arise and sustain are removed and terminated, the symptoms naturally disappear and balanced good health can naturally and holistically be restored again. Synopsis below.

Any other health system on your radar looking at health like that?

We're not treating health or health problems. We're simply re-wiring health.

Here's a list of dozens of diseases, health problems, dysfunctions and illnesses which this HPS GUIDED™ program has proven to terminate and eliminate- cure, heal and prevent from coming back again.

"If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

But I suggest you don't...
quit drinking tap water and let's move forward.

Two equally split payments are accepted. Bitcoin accepted too.

Online from 1996.

When you allow your health paradigm to revolve around symptoms you open the door to being manipulated both medically, emotionally and particularly financially too.

The corporate media tries to keep us in a constant state of fear, because it's in a state of fear where we are most vulnerable and hence easily manipulated.

That ends here with this guided health program.

Rise up to a new level of health.

22nd century health care already in the 21st century!





1. What feelings and intuitions have you been trying to ignore lately?

2. Which parts of your life are overdue for death?

3. What messages has life been trying to convey to you but which you've chosen to ignore?

4. What red herrings, straw men, and scapegoats have you chased after obsessively in order to avoid dissolving your most well-rationalized delusions?

5. What unripe parts of yourself are you most ashamed or fearful of? How can you give those parts more ingenious love?

6. What parts of yourself have the least integrity and don't act in harmony with what you regard as your highest values? How can you bring them into alignment with your true desires?

7. Is it possible that in repressing things about yourself that you don't like, you have also disowned potentially strong and beautiful aspects of yourself? What are they?

8. Are those really flaws that are bugging you about the people whose destinies are entwined with yours, or just incompletely developed talents? Are those really flaws that are bugging you about yourself, or merely incompletely developed talents?

9. Some people try to deny their portion of the world's darkness and project it onto individuals or groups they dislike. Others acknowledge its power so readily that they allow themselves to be overwhelmed by it. We believe in taking an in-between position, accepting it as an unworked gift that can serve our liberation. Where do you stand?

10. It's easy to see fanaticism, rigidity, and intolerance in other people, but harder to acknowledge them in yourself. Do you dare?




Rewiring Health/ Recalibrating Health.
Heal. Rejuvenate. Prevent.
Online from 1996


The fact is that I personally take zero pills a day, everyday.

That's been going on for thirty years now.

No meds, no vitamins, no supplements, no anti-oxidants, no multi-minerals, no superfoods.

I cannot figure out why you aren't doing the same.

And I don't ever diet. And I rarely exercise the way you do. And no doctor visits either.

I understand why you're doing all that, I used to too, but I'm telling you there actually is no need.

People are waking up - albeit slowly - once awake though - they can NEVER put you back to sleep !!

You too need to awake.

Your internal cleanliness (body and mind) is basically the whole shebang.
That's a fact.

How come your health isn't skyrocketing like mine? Your present health system is not focused on what we're focused on... and it's not supporting your health is a way that is productive in the long run.

At HPS GUIDED™ you'll be doing a lot of things to fundamentally rewire and recalibrate your health. Our focus on waste management and the renewal of vital life force is designed to lead to:

- A refocusing of your health care in a sustained lasting way. In other words giving you a system to work with and work from for the rest of your life. And please do remember, the more you work with one system and become good at it, the more easier it becomes for you to benefit from it as you age.

- A synchronization of your health and your health care. Right now you're fragmented, darting around. Instead of focusing on symptoms, our attention will be on primordial causes. "Causes and conditions."

- A rewiring of your health. Deep tissue cleansing is our preferred method of choice. Deep tissue cleaning of the sort which we're doing here in HPS GUIDED™ will lead you to a very vivid appreciation of health, and what good health actually is. Both mentally and physically. Not in theory but in practice, not as an abstract idea but rather in reality, in accomplishment. I have found that very few people, in fact none including myself too, ever fully had a vivid accomplished realization of what great health is, what it feels like, etc.. until they embarked on a journey of deep tissue cleansing.

- A recalibration of your health. A reformation of your five elimination systems is a priority for us. We shall be starting off with the core elimination system, the bowel. From there we shall be moving to skin, then lungs, kidney's and liver.

- How to work both body and mind together. Great health is after all a body and a mind project. In our opinion and experience neither should be ignored. If I was a betting man, I'd wager that you've devoted very little time or resources to your mental health, to your mind. We're going to change that in this program.

- How to properly, sustainably and safely heal, rejuvenate and prevent (each aspect requires different skills and skill sets, different protocols, different knowledge, different therapies, different time frames, and they all require a synchronization to work as expected).

Heal. Rejuvenate. Prevent.

That's what we're doing here in HPS GUIDED™.

If you know all the above and know how to execute, you don't need us.

If not, you do need us and will profit from us.

The constant attention to you personally and the constant professional feedback that this deep body care program gives you makes a manual, a book or a video pale in comparison.

Neither of them provide you with continuous feedback for weeks on end. 

The chances of you going off in the wrong direction, and/or at the wrong time, are eliminated when you have constant professional guidance and personal feedback. This is logical, not theoretical. Sit back for a moment and think about it, and you'll see for yourself just how true and logical this is. And how beneficial this will be to you.

And when you are not making mistakes and/or doing harm to yourself and your prospects that translates into financial savings too.

Furthermore, with this type of framework your diligence to properly care for yourself, grows. Diligence is the opposite of laziness, procrastination and discouragement which are the source of so many faults.

We need to be aware of all this so not to deceive and trick ourselves.

In short, skills, not pills, is how one attains and realizes wakefulness in health.

Because if you refuse to do the dirty work to clean up the mess you created, eventually the rest of the "neighborhood" will end up taking care of the problem for you WHICH IS "YOU"!

Learn here already today, what we mean by skills.

You can't help but to compare yourself to our clients!

This guy is from the USA. He had a list of health problems as long as the empire state building is tall. All are gone after HPS GUIDED™ level 1. Read him, age 49, at our forum.

Our clients have been kicking the ass of bad health and aging for so long, there's a nice sheen to the toe of their boot. This woman is in her late fifties but she thinks she's thirty now. She's from Australia, and she did the HPS program eight times in seven years!

And this woman went from a size 18 to a size 12 and has kept it off. And she's also drug free now! And living "consciously too!" as she says. She did the program twice, HPS GUIDED™ level 1 and level 2.

And this guy a 28 years old software programmer has realized from HPS GUIDED™ DBC™ the true fruit of life, peace. He did the program four times, including all three advanced levels of HPS GUIDED™.

Vigorous energetic youthful health... Here's me, Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man at over sixty. Thirty years of doing this deep body care program year in and year out has delivered more than what I expected... much more! Click and read my health story detailing where I was at thirty and where I am today. And where I would probably be if I never was doing this.

Youtube video from a UK client of ours. (see also a picture of what he evacuated from his internal environment, it's horrendous.)

Are you talking about your health, fitness, energy, beauty, aging, weight and immunity like we are?

Have you ever healed like this?
Ever experienced rejuvenation like this?
Aged like this?

Improved BOTH your physical health and your mental health at the same time like they have?


The returns more than justify the costs...

This guided deep body care health renewal program costs a lot less than a good new mattress costs, yet it provides you with MUCH MORE than just a better or more comfortable sleep experience.

HPS GUIDED™ is a story about how to slow down the aging processes and how to independently skyrocket your energy, immunity, mind & health. Giving you more control than you ever had.

For ages 21 to 65 years young.
We're offering you health expertise and a guided online interactive program based on real life experience - not theory, books, pills, claims and promises or refills. Online since 1996. 


How self-motivated are you to independently take the reins of your body, mind, immunity, beauty, longevity & health?

Start living this program like we are and you won't need anyone or anything more for your health, for the remainder of your lifetime.

If you are not ready to take the reins, not ready to invest now both money and time, not ready to take a slew of new unfamiliar actions be prepared to accept the reality of declining health and pay the spiraling OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD costs associated with the sick care/ symptom care system of health.

For example, a new 2017 study from TransUnion Healthcare reveals that Patient responsibility on 14% of hospital bills in 2016 exceeded $3,000.

Lots of heath websites, detox supplements/diets/teas, doctors, specialists, spas, researchers and book writers make claims and promises about healing. About rejuvenation. And about prevention.

We aren't making any claims simply because we don't need to. Our record speaks for itself.

The only claim we make is the claim to our record. A long stellar empirical record, online since 1996.

In the above you just saw client records spanning years... Practical systematic lasting accomplishments. Here are even more records, four hundred plus records.

Not claims or promises but the record.

Not one moment in time per client, not one moment of success but years of ascending great health per individual client! Written by our clients in their own words at our online forum year after year as their health ascended year after year.

Learning how to take care of your internal environment properly is in my opinion the most basic fundamental skill set required from everyone in their health care.

It's a skill set that no one has ever taught us and a skill set that you have never trained yourself in, but should.

And it's something HPS wants to help you learn, train in and practice- our methodology of learning is based on online guidance, online education, individualized help and continuous online support.

Then properly doing it a few times is the next most important thing.

That also is something we want to help you with too...

With a proven program that provides constant online professional feedback, continuous online inspiration and help, individualized online instructions, strong online group support and a great follow through plan too. Most health programs ignore a follow through. We don't and therefore you won't either.

I'm going to give you three months of my time. Devote myself to you. Intensely. Daily.
At your convenience in your comfort zone, in the privacy of your own home at your pace, all online.

I will categorically say I intend to help you avoid the pitfalls and realize the benefits of deep body care in a lasting way. Online from 1996.

- No magic potions or promises and claims.

- No dieting, calorie counting, food label reading, or recipes.

- No hours of workouts every week for months and years to come.

- No buying and gorging on supplements, anti-oxidants and vitamins.

- No refills or repeats. Here we're only moving forward.

- No traffic to fight, lines to stand in, or please hold calls.

Real healing. Real rejuvenation. Real prevention.

Only 1 new person accepted per month into this online guided deep body care program, only twelve persons per year. This policy of limiting participants each month is why we can provide you with all the above.

The bottom line is this -

Either you learn how to become the Master of your own body, mind and health or you stay a slave to it for the remainder of your life.

That's a choice. Your choice!
Chose wisely and you'll profit.

Otherwise continue to battle with your body, looks, weight, energy, immunity, skin, aging and overall health. Cease battling- inquire today into availability.

By online appointment only. Online places are limited.

Powerful, intense and empowering is how many describe this online guided interactive program.

The 2016 Nobel prize recipient for medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the same things you'll find us talking about in this HPS deep body care program.

I quote him:

"You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

Mental health care is just as important as physical bodily health care. You'll be focused on both here, something which you probably have never done before. Join in and profit.

Does This Really Work?

What Do More of Our Fantastic Users Say?

"This latest marks 6 HPS DBC programs with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years.

While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before.

Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of all that?”

"Greetings everyone

This was my 5th 7 Day Wonder with HPS and each one just gets easier and easier.

Even though I had taken just over a year's break between this DBC and my Level 4, once I got started it was a pretty easy 9 days of fasting, juicing and home colonics.

The reason I titled this testimonial "the key to positivity" is because this Freedom Cleanse coincided with the opening of my new healing centre and in the face of all the tough challenges that come with opening a new business, I came out at the end of the 9 days with overflowing positivity and motivation . I honestly felt like nothing was going to be too difficult to overcome.

Aside from all of the physical benefits that come part and parcel with doing a HPS Freedom Cleanse (of which you can find listed in many of the other testimonials) I had gained something even more valuable for my current situation.

In today's society with its constant bombardment of stress, challenges and negative energy it's a real struggle to continually feel motivated and positive day after day. However my 9 days of Freedom Cleansing pushed me through that barrier and into a new space of immeasurable positivity.

Even after 1 month has passed I am still maintaining the same level of positivity and really look forward to what my next 7DW Freedom Cleanse is going to bring.

HPS Deep Body Care can help you not only with your physical problems but also with reaching the next level of success in your life !

Hope to see you here soon!!"

No meds, supplements, diet, surgeries or exercise routines could ever do what this HPS program can do for you.

You've never come across a health care program like this one, anywhere, at any price, online or offline.

That's because my objective when designing this program was different. I actually want you to achieve what I have sustainably achieved with my own body and health.

I want to re-wire your health, not treat it but rewire and recalibrate health just as I have done with my own body. For ages 21 to 65 years young. The younger you start off on this path, the better off you are going to be for years to come. Drop your fear. Drop your skepticism. Join in and profit this year and in the coming years of your life.

I've got over thirty years of professional experience in rewiring and recalibrating health.

And we've got over 400+ program reviews at our online forum for you to take a look at today showing you how effective and lasting this program is.

Is anybody else on your health radar able to show you over four hundred client reviews regarding whatever they want to sell to you? Or teach you? No, I didn't think so. It's unheard of, unseen elsewhere.

But if they do I'd say go with them without any hesitation. With that kind of public transparent record (at an online forum) they're worthy of your attention.

Re-wiring and recalibrating health is the name of the game here at HPS GUIDED™. We're able to re-wire and re-calibrate because we're focused on "causes and conditions."

Now it's your chance too.

What's most important to you right now?

Your looks? Your weight? Your energy levels?

Or maybe your mental and emotional health?

Or your skin and your immune system?

Or is it your eye sight and eye brightness? Your respiratory system or reproductive system? Hair? Stamina? Flexibility or rather your healing potential? A true rejuvenation experience, is that what you are seeking for your body and mind? Or is it your digestive system, or perhaps hemorrhoids and bowel movements that are bothering you? Or your preventative capacity (preventative health care)? Or is it dental issues that are at the forefront right now?

Or perhaps what's on your mind is longevity. Your ability to age gracefully without health issues.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ you needn't ask which one is most important or which one we will heal because all the above (and more) get addressed in this one online guided program, simultaneously. That's right you heard correctly, they all are connected and therefore they all get addressed in one go, simultaneously. It shouldn't be one or the other. They are all interconnected once your focus is on "causes and conditions" rather than on symptoms.

Genuine Health Care is a Journey of New Discoveries!

You'll definitely be making many new discoveries here with HPS.

True genuine health care is not about pills, supplements, diets, workouts, devices, or magic potions and promises.

It's about attaining and maintaining lasting healing, rejuvenation, and prevention. And that starts with a certain minimum level of internal cleanliness. In other words that starts with WASTE MANAGEMENT.

It's also about skillfulness- a constant transformation of your body, soul, spirit and being and not just about obvious physical improvements.

It's about a culture of caring, and learning how to intelligently care.

For over thirty years straight I haven't had one minor health problem, let alone a major one.

No jogging, no diets, no weight lifting, no meds, no supplements and endless vitamins, no tests, no doctors, no magic potions and no health insurance either. This program is my insurance. I deep body care.




"As you read this, take a deep breath and, as you exhale, allow all the tension to leave your body. Let your scalp and your forehead and your face relax. Your head does not need to be tense in order for you to read. Let your tongue and your throat and your shoulders relax.  You can read this page with relaxed arms and hands. Do that now. Let your back and your abdomen and your pelvis relax. Let your breathing be at peace as you relax your legs and feet.

Is there a big change in your body since you began the previous paragraph? Notice how much you hold on. If you are doing it with your body, you are doing it with your mind too."



1) I've been doing this program on my own body for over thirty plus straight years already, every year. How about you...can you say something similar? Is there any one thing that you've persisted in doing for your health for decades because it has delivered to you spectacular results, consistently? Year in and year out. Decade after decade. Any one thing? That's telling you volumes about the efficacy of this program.

2) We are showing you hundreds upon hundreds of customer testimonials and program reviews at our online forum. Every other site you visited at most could show you five, ten or maybe twenty. But nobody showed you today over 400! We are today. And nobody showed you testimonials at a forum! They only showed you cut and paste stories. Probably made up ones too. Who can know? If testimonials aren't at an online forum, who can know?

3) Great health is both a body and a mind project. You should not expect lasting great health unless you are addressing both parts of the equation. You can heal, prevent and rejuvenate independently on your own. You actually can do it. We're sure of that. We're going to teach you how to genuinely do that and we're going walk the path with you by your side while you do it the first few times this year and next. Anybody else offering to do that with you? No, I didn't think so. You are going to learn here at HPS how to listen to your body and learn how to provide your body & mind with love and respect your health. This way you are going to become very proficient and very self-confident in your own abilities, knowledge and wisdom to care for yourself in a sane, intelligent, effective, self-help way.

4) There is only two more years of HPS to be had. The end is near! In 2019 I'll be going offline for good. I've helped thousands of people to date (for over a quarter of a century already!) and it's time to move on. This HPS online guided interactive project will cease to exist in late 2019. You have my word on that. So, if you want me, want HPS, want our quarter of a century of accumulated knowledge, skills, wisdom and experience you better make a move quickly... for soon it will be too late.

Remember- Skills, Not Pills- that's your savior.

Skillfulness for a lifetime of better health is what we want to give you.

To inquire into HPS availability please see booking updates below.

Yes, I want to buy and do this HPS online guided instructional health program of Jos-hua's.* I want him personally involved in my health care, with me, by my side guiding me just as he was with all these other people I see here. I'm interested in transforming my health, and consequently improving my life. Let's do it! Please advise on availability. Thank you!

This program is not available to everyone. There is no automatic acceptance. Places online are limited to 1 NEW PERSON PER MONTH, 12 new persons per year. And this is not cheap either. US$899.

We're not like other health sites who just want to just sell, sell, sell. This is an exclusive guided online interactive program.

Please answer the below questions and send back your answers to us in the above form. If you want to HPS that means Jos-hua is going to have to develop a deep relationship with you. By that we mean he's going to have to devote himself to you and your health just as he has done for hundreds of others here before you. Therefore he'd like to know a bit about you before jumping into bed with you. He's learned over the years that it makes sense not to jump into bed with everyone.

Please be as thorough as possible when answering the below five questions of his. He wants to work with people who want to heal and then transform their health. He did that with his own body, now he wants to help you too.

In your message please advise:

1) When would you like to start your HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance Health Care™ program online?

Possible different dates which are good for you, which would work best for you?

Please note the updated booking information, Jos-hua spends his time both with online and offline clients. Jos-hua's availability as of July 29, 2017*:
2017: July, August, September 2017 booked already. October, November, still available. December booked already.
2018: January booked. February- April 2018 still open. May booked already. June to August available. September booked. October to December still available.

*If you must start this program during a month booked already, contact us and we'll inquire with Jos-hua into him accommodating you as a special gesture. In general, he prefers to sign up only one new person per month but now and then he has made exceptions do to someone's immediate needs.

2) How old are you?

3) Which country will you be doing your HPS DBC™ online guided program in?

4) Tell Jos-hua the state of your health today.

Please feel free to expand in your comments. What problems do you have that need fixing? Jos-hua would like to hear your whole story, minor and major issues. All of them. Please list them all and explain to the best of your ability. Past and present, and future worries too. He wants to get a clear picture in his head of you and your health.

5) Have you ever done any serious alternative health care before?

Any kind of cleansing, not specifically deep body cleansing. Anywhere? At a fasting or cleansing spa in Thailand, the Caribbean or in Europe for example. Or a detox program of any kind, or even just colon cleaning supplements for a week or two. Or any type of internal organ cleansing? Maybe a parasite cleanse or maybe just a juicing program? Or maybe you have tried some intermittent fasting for example? Or maybe a meditation retreat somewhere? Jos-hua would like to know if you have any previous experiences (at any level) in trying to clean out and clean up your body, mind, overall health and lifestyle. With this information in his hands he will have a better picture in his own mind how to help you achieve the success that has evaded you, your well-being and your health to date. Thanks.

P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully."

P.P.S. Look forward to a reply back personally from Jos-hua the HPS medicine man within 24 to 48 hours. If the above contact form isn't working, you can always contact us by email at program [{at}]