DBC™ Renaissance Health Care™

7  Day Wonder® Program Synopsis

Online from 1996.
Tried, tested, very proven.
For ages 21 to 65 years.
16th century DBC (Deep Body Care) Renaissance health care redesigned and adapted for our 21st century clients.
Low tech, natural, holistic self-help.

Details immediately below.


The program

  • Online.
  • Guided.
  • Structured.
  • Instructional.


  • On mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Support formats include online forum, email, chat, mobile chat messaging- audio and video messaging too!
  • One on one and group support at our private mature online forum.


  • Four core genuine authentic deep body tissue cleansing protocols addressing physical & mental health starting off with fasting, juicing, colon cleansing plus home administered colonics for just seven days only. 

    Why seven days?

    "Seven is a sort of 'magic number' throughout the realm of nature. Women's menstrual cycles occur in four units of seven, as does the moon orbit around the earth. It takes exactly seven days to cleanse the entire bloodstream by fasting, and it requires seven days to thoroughly rid the lymph of toxins. On a larger scale, it takes seven months to balance the endocrine system through proper nutrition and exercise and seven years to replace every cell in the body."


  • In addition to the four core basic deep body tissue cleansing protocols you'll be LEARNING, practicing and acquiring skills in at least eight other supportive deep body healing and deep body rejuvenation therapies INCLUDING food combining, conscious breathing, color therapy, body work, parasite cleansing, immunity building and energy enhancement therapies bringing your skillfulness in the healing and caring of your body & health to a new plateau. It's the sequencing and not just the protocols themselves which is of supreme importance if sustainable results are on your radar. PLUS, in all four levels we will be spending time and energy on improving your mental and emotional health too. In the tradition of meditation I call it 'mind taming' (e.g., replacing negative thought patterns with more positive health related thought patterns). That's so important if we seek long term ascending sustainable good health!
  • Step by step.
  • Level by level.
  • At your pace and convenience.
  • All of this is done in the privacy, hygiene and comfort of your own home, apt. or place of your choice...at your pace and convenience in your comfort zone!

Too many of us have been drugged down, numbed down for way too long!

Some even say dumbed down too. Share that thought with your friends on social media!

Haven't you ever wondered why your health isn't yet excellent in light of all the things you've already done for it?

It's because of the choices you've made in the past.

Here's a classic bad choice too many people make daily... "Diet soda triples cause of stroke & dementia compared to normal cola daily habit" - study

They thought they were doing "good" for their health, but actually they weren't. We make tons of choices everyday. I do and you do too. Life is about choices. Choices are unavoidable.

When we are misinformed and without guidance we make mistaken choices. And we have to live with the consequences of our mistakes. The consequences sometimes take years to materialize, if not decades.

You just made a choice right now. You chose this longer version presentation over the short version.

You're going to have to chose what type of health you intend to have this year, and this life. And what type of effort and investments you are going to make to achieve it.

It's a choice.

Make the right choice this time.

You can either continue with the same type of things for your body and health which you've done in the past with the same type of inconsequential health results, or chose something fundamentally different that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your life. Make the right choice, and you'll profit. Make the wrong choice and you'll find yourself getting punched in the face again, or at the least slapped down again.


Here's how I see it... do you see the same?

We're stuck with our body for a lifetime.

It's not like a house, a car, a business, a girlfriend of boyfriend whom we can get away from, or walk away from. We're stuck with our body. There is no walking away.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense, dollars and sense, to find a way to keep our body extremely healthy, and happy, for a lifetime.

Here at HPS we've adapted a way to move forward with joy and ease in life at every age.

Don't let your pride, fears, doubts, busy schedule or pocketbook get in the way.

This is your once in a lifetime chance to attain the type of health that you've never EVER experienced before, nor ever will anywhere else outside of HPS Deep Body Care. This is a Renaissance health care
program... a TRUE renaissance is about to come your way. I guarantee it.

Many say "Truth is dead in health care."

I disagree.

I say "the amount of accumulated pollution and waste inside our body and mind has more impact on the quality of our health than exercise, yoga, meds, diet and food or supplements ever will."

Imagine the unthinkable...

That being that not just one of your major health problems/issues disappears for good but all of them either simultaneously or one after another disappear never to come back again... all three, five, six, seven or eight of them gone with one program, done in your comfort zone, at your pace and convenience!

Have you ever found a drug, a supplement, a diet or a yoga, or one med that does all that?!

That's happened frequently here with this program. See the poll at our online forum. Read their comments below the poll.

Forty participants participated in it when we ran this poll years ago.

And know, HPS GUIDED™ has only gotten better since then.

Do this HPS DBC™ online program or not but remember, you had a credible choice, you were given a credible structured proven alternative health choice which you would definitely profit from.

I've got over thirty years of hands-on experiences with my own body and with thousands of other bodies (people) whom I have guided in transforming health.

Not talk, not research, not claims but a long proven hands-on record. Not promises but actual sustainable documented results. Not hopes or wishes but a reality of ascending better health year in and year out. Including of course with my own body & health too! Here's me at sixty. I've got no complaints.

In the HPS DBC (Deep Body Care) system first we shall cure, heal and eliminate your physical illnesses and health problems. All of them. But that's not enough. We shall then slowly work our way right up to the emotional causation's and the mental causation's of each illness of yours in order to eliminate them too and heal them too.

No one else on your radar can say that or back-up what they are proposing you do with thirty years of experience under their belt.

This is unlike everything else you've ever done or experienced before.

And it's all conveniently at your fingertips, including myself too, online... Start exploring today at our online forum. See what our past clients had to say.

Want to participate? Want to change the trajectory of your health? Want to free your body and health from the sick care shackles, from pain, illness, diseases and problems? Then join in. Don't wait. Inquire into availability today. Place are limited. My time is limited and I'm available to a only a few new people every year. Places online for only 12 new people per year.

Don't want to inquire? That's a choice. I wish you good luck.

Please note:

You are going to be TAKING MANY STEPS FOR YOUR HEALTH here with me online that your parents never had a chance to take for their health, and probably even never ever heard about!

You are going to find that you can move forward in life with joy and ease at every age.


I'd like to start off saying that HPS is a different model of health care than you're accustomed to or are familiar with, or even heard about before.

Information is not our focus, nor are supplements and diet... that's what you find everywhere else. But here at HPS our focus is rather on deep tissue cleansing, organ revitalization and your five elimination systems.

That's where we zoom into. That's how you are going to become proficient in healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care.

We have a program, a plan, and a comprehensive follow through. And a long proven track record online.

A deep body care plan. A renaissance in health.

Online since 1996.

And a very proven long track record including the forensic evidence documented by our clients.

That's unheard of too...I'll be showing the forensics to you in a few minutes from now. Get ready for a shock of a lifetime. You're not going to believe what our clients took pictures of.

HPS GUIDED HEALTH is based on me teaching you what I believe health and health care is really actually all about. I see things differently than most do. Then doing, i.e., doing what this HPS program teaches and extols you to do. Doing step by step with my full guidance and daily instructions. Then practicing. And then going the next level learning even more but now your learning has a reference point, that being your hands on experiences from deep within your own body. In other words the learning isn't in a vacuum anymore, you can actually relate and better understand what is taught because you've already seen it, experienced it and know it firsthand.

And that's how HPS is enlightening and empowering for you.

All done with guidance and continuous professional support. All online. All at your pace and convenience.

See what happens to health when you have that. Four classic HPS case studies. Ages 33, 49, 55 and 25. Two women and two men.

As you can sense this is health that is fundamentally different than whatever you've done before for your body.

We're not 'making it up on the go' as everyone everywhere else has with you.  Even your doctor's. They make it up on the go. This already is a big difference.

And we're not stuffing our mouths with organic food, herbal teas, endless supplements, smoothies, apple cider vinegar or a diet. That's even a bigger difference.

Last but not least we're not spending hours every week in yoga, fitness workouts, jogging nor exercising for months and years. There's just no need for that.

Really, when your body is thoroughly cleaned up and cleaned out properly and when your vital life force has been expanded sufficiently, there is just no need for more than ten minutes of some simple stretching movements once or twice a week in your home. At your convenience. In your comfort zone.

Refreshing to say the least, wouldn't you say so?

Damnit, admit it, it's not just refreshing but rather it's exciting, unusual and perhaps a bit thrilling too!

One thing you can bet on right now, this is a big saver both in time and money in health care.

Wake up, pinch yourself, give yourself a good shaking...YOUR HEALTH CARE ISN'T ANYTHING LIKE THAT... BUT IT COULD BE.

Here at HPS we've moved way beyond the treatment model, the sick care model of health.

Anybody else on your health radar helping you to make the move?

We're intent on moving you from sick care into genuine health care. Protracted genuine health care.

In other words we intend to see you become independent and proficient in the healing and in the caring of your body, mind and health.

Inquire into availability. You cannot go wrong with HPS.

Online since 1996. Over 400 reviews at our online forum for you to explore today!

When was the last time you found a health program, a doctor, a treatment, a spa or a therapy, a diet, a yoga or a superfood with over 400 five star reviews at an online forum?

Right now, immediately below, I hope to persuade you to see yourself as a caterpillar in health.

Soon, with HPS, you'll metamorphose into that beautiful butterfly.

It won't take all that long here.

I live in a city that has only two million people.

No industry, no smokestacks or manufacturing and not too many cars either. The air is relatively clean and our windows are opened most of the time.

I'm (or rather I should say "we're") already right now three hours into the process of cleaning up my apt. And let me tell you I'm just shocked at the huge pile of soot, dust, dirt and grime I swept up, let alone the filth on the mop when mopping up the floor with water. I mean shocked. The water in the mop bucket is dark black! It was incredible. Black as the ace of spades. And I wasn't even aware of how bad things were!

That's the main point, I wasn't even aware of it, the extent of filth everywhere!

Everything looked and felt fine. Really, it did!

In fact, I really didn't want to spend the time nor the energy in cleaning up the apartment today. I had plenty of other things to take care of, but my girlfriend insisted.

In retrospect I'm happy I listened to her!

Daily we clean up the apartment but today we decided to go at it thoroughly. Step-by-step. No shortcuts, no cutting corners.

My girl said it's been a while, so "let's do it" since today is Sunday April 9, 2017 and next week we have a busy week planned. So we did.

That was a choice.
Now when I look back I say a good choice! (She always offers me good choices...I love her for that!)

Our bodies are the same.. we're just not aware of how much waste has accumulated internally.

It accumulates everywhere inside our body, and hides in every nook and cranny just like in my apartment.

It's hiding and lodged in your bloodstream and lymphatic system, in your vital internal organs, in your joints, in your muscles and tendons, in all tissue and cells, in the skin, and in our brain too, in our mind (think brain fog, negative emotions, depression, fear, etc.).

It settles in the weakest constitutional parts of the body. No two bodies are the same just as no two people are.

In each person it settles in a different place according to that body's disposition and inherent weaknesses.

And once that accumulation reaches critical proportions, critical mass, health starts rapidly deteriorating and it spirals downwards until it ultimately collapses.

You can attack health problems with meds, drugs, creams, supplements, special diets, fitness programs and other means but it doesn't matter, it won't stop deteriorating until the critical mass of waste and pollution is removed from the body.

But know, you still will not heal properly nor rejuvenate and prevent in a sustained manner unless your vital life force is expanded and increased once the deterioration is stopped and reversed... expanded both in quantity and in quality, and in direction too. In other words, you will need to address both body and mind if you intend to reinvigorate your health, and consequently revitalize your life.
This is the path. This is what we're doing here at HPS GUIDED.

Pills, meds, syrups, supplements, probiotics, diet, superfoods, juicing and smoothies, trendy detox, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, a salad a day, yoga and other fitness activities just mitigate for a while the downward spiral. Chiropractors too. But they do nothing to fundamentally address and eradicate the accumulated waste, the filth (the soot, dust, dirt and grime) and pollution deep inside our human body, which is impeding and attacking our health in a fundamental way.

Nor do they have the power or the ability to change the trajectory our health will take in the future because non them independently directly address our vital life force in a comprehensive way.

If we don't seriously and comprehensively address our vital life force, we will stay in a caterpillar state, forever. That's why so many people have failed in detox, in cleansing and in generally reforming their health, weight, beauty and energy. They just didn't have the skills, the knowhow, the experiences nor the will power to proceed and follow through properly.

Nor did they have like you will here, have someone by their side guiding, inspiring, helping, instructing and educating them while they were doing whatever it is they did. Here with HPS I'll be devoting myself for three full months (before, during and after) to you, and at no extra cost to you.

Has any dietian, doctor, fitness coach, supplement provider, Chiropractor, psychiatrist, Rx, health food store or yoga teacher been 24/7 at your fingertips continuously and unlimited for three full months pro-acitively doing their utmost to make sure you meet success?

I'm sure if they did, you and your health would look totally different today!

I will... It starts before you do this program, during the program and continues long after, for 45 days after you finish this program.

Take a look right now, with your own eyes at this page (half way down the page)- sample deep tissue cleansing pictures/ forensic evidence- of the accumulated waste (the poisons) which our HPS clients evacuated and eliminated from their own bodies.

Pictures taken with their own hands. Evidence which they themselves found deep within their own body.

I suggest you take a good hard look there and then come back here and proceed with the rest of this page prior to inquiring into availability.

And know, when we're talking about the human body it doesn't take just three hours to clean it all up as my apartment took.

And just like in my apartment, it keeps coming back.

You cannot clean it up and expect it not to come back again. It does come back all the time just like it does in your home or in my apartment!


Who is this HPS DBC™ (Deep Body Care) program designed for?

This is for those who are searching for 'light at the end of the tunnel.'

This is for those persons who want to get out of suburbia and never go back again.

This is for those people who not just want true healing, true rejuvenation and true prevention but also they want true control over their health.

Age wise, this is for ages 21 to 65.


If you wish to immediately and genuinely skyrocket your health in a sustainable manner, if you wish to swiftly learn how to self-help care in a sane effective manner, if you wish to end your aches, pains, health problems, planned surgeries, chronic illness and diseases, if you wish to learn genuine deep body care therapies and master them, if you wish to skyrocket your energy, if you wish to go beyond just nutrition and exercise for your health, beyond book reading and watching videos and alternatively have someone experienced in health by your side intimately and personally involved in your health care with you while you take actions- in your deep body tissue cleansing (before, during, and after) and what follows afterward- in your deep body healing, rejuvenation and prevention- if you wish to terminate the endless meds and supplements, vitamins, diets, tests, doctor visits, general over the counter health stuff and endless exercise routines this HPS deep body care program is at your fingertips.

Much better sleep, more energy, better weight, better skin, better hair, better nails, better flexibility, better body tone, less desire to eat due to the fact that when our digestive system is cleaned up properly the nutrients in the food we eat gets assimilated better (i.e., more efficiently, quicker and more effectively) therefore we end up feeling we don't want or need to eat more (i.e., we're satisfied and full from less food intake), better and swifter self-evident sustained healing, an improved mindset, more concentration, better memory and less brain fog, more emotional and mental stability, more awareness, more confidence in your capacity to care for your body.

In short conscious living.

This is what I call well-being.

You're entitled to well-being at a reasonable cost.

And from my long experience in life the only way to get that is by self-helping ourselves to it.

Depending on the government, doctors, meds, diets, healers, surgery, trendy detox, herbal supplements, vitamins and exercise is so yesterday.

Check this poll out-
"Was HPS GUIDED worth the investment?"

Fifty nine different people participated in it when we ran this poll for one month in 2005 . Read their comments. In my opinion the comments they made are more informative than how they just voted. See how they voted. And know, HPS GUIDED has only gotten better since then.

Inquire today into availability. Places are limited to twelve new online people per year.

April 2016 is our 21st anniversary online! We're running a huge sale. Take advantage of us!

During the month of April I'm offering an unheard of 74% off the online guided educational HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® level 1 program hoping that a few millennials or those a tad older in their early, mid or late forties will jump on this chance, this offer, this huge discount, this opportunity to proactively transform your health in a sustained holistic manner!

Once ordered and paid for you can start the program at your date of choice. This isn't like surgery or a Spa where you're booked in and if you don't show up you lose your money. If for some reason your date needs to be changed, no problem. Just notify me. After all, this is an online program. Flexibility is designed into the program.

Instead of 1,999 US$ you now have a chance to buy your level 1 program at 499 US dollars only. That's right, you heard me correctly- only four hundred and ninety nine dollars

Your place is not guaranteed. I'll try to accommodate you if I can. I have places and time for only 12 new persons per year, online

Millenials are probably going to be around for at least another thirty, forty, or maybe even more years.

Student debt should be forgiven and it will be. But health issues, unlike college, goes on forever. Why to incur that debt too?

Let's get you out from under the bus now, this year!

I personally got out years ago, decades ago. Now I'm going to try and pull you out too.

Out from under the bus.

I say stop right now buying into CRAP & NONSENSE...

Buying endlessly into supplements, creams and vitamins for the next forty years, throw your meds out the window (soon you won't be needing them anymore), you can also throw your deodorant away (you won't be needing that either anymore because you'll smell so good), no more doctor visits or annual tests for the next forty years because you won't be in need of them anymore, cut the obsession with superfoods out of your life because really they don't make much of a difference in transforming health in the longer run (they are supporters of good health, not transformers, but you need great health to start off with if they are to be effective supporters in the longer run), no more crazy dieting fads and half assed  trendy celebrity detox, and no more crazy demanding fitness routines for the next forty years be they yoga, workouts, jogging or whatever new exercise fad our "lovely" (/sarc) corporate executives will think up and market in the mass media and in social media so that they can get even richer than they already are.

Health or medical Insurance? Throw that away too, you won't be needing it just as I haven't bought any in thirty years already. This program becomes your insurance.

Let's together get real.

I'm proposing you learn how to do once or twice a year every year some very genuine and authentic deep tissue cleansing and properly follow through and follow up, year in and year out.

I'm proposing a gentle lifestyle change which will totally revolutionize your health and well-being.

This is how you'll initiate and jump-start a transformation of your body, fitness, looks, energy, immunity, beauty and health into something you have never seen or had nor experienced in the past. This is how you become that butterfly.

I want you to become proficient and skillful in deep tissue cleansing and the follow through, in Deep Body Care.

I'm going to teach you what properly means. And be by your side while you become skillful.

And oversee you and encourage you as you learn, practice and progress.

Mentoring you is what I call this. It's the quickest way to learn anything.

I want to be that voice, that person, that you can talk with and calm down with as you proceed in a step-by-step manner to transform your body and health.

And to practice with you at the same time.

I chose this HPS DBC™ (deep body care) path for my own healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care decades ago.

I live this path.

And I love it too!

It's totally freed me from health issues that were bugging me way back then in my youth, when I was in my twenties and early thirties, problems which were messing with my life, and I have to say that this program has kept me free from any new serious health issues arising since.

For thirty plus years already I've been proven right.

Right decision. Correct choice.

Here's what I look like at sixty.

Yeah, old age sucks, but for me personally it's been ok so far.

I imagine I'll look and feel pretty much the same at eighty or ninety if I just continue with this program.

As I just said I've proven with my own body & health that this choice was more than right. Take a look at my pictures and decide on your own. Now it's your chance.

Let's face it, the health care system in America is broken, and it's not going to be fixed anytime soon. The political will and courage just isn't there and won't be. Anyway, who cares, it's not health care, it's a sick care system. And the costs are just going to go higher and higher over the next twenty years,  not lower. Now is the time to excuse yourself from it, to exit it. Some of us don't ask the system for permission to exit, we create our own system, and just exit. Inquire into availability today.


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What Our Fantastic Users Say

"This latest marks 6 HPS DBC programs with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years.

While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before.

Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of that?”

"Greetings everyone

It's been just on a month since I finished my first HPS Master Faster 7 Day Wonder DBC program.

This was my 5th 7 Day Wonder with HPS and each one just gets easier and easier.

Even though I had taken just over a year's break between this DBC and my Level 4, once I got started it was a pretty easy 9 days of fasting, juicing and home colonics.

The reason I titled this testimonial "the key to positivity" is because this Freedom Cleanse coincided with the opening of my new healing centre and in the face of all the tough challenges that come with opening a new business, I came out at the end of the 9 days with overflowing positivity and motivation . I honestly felt like nothing was going to be too difficult to overcome.

Aside from all of the physical benefits that come part and parcel with doing a HPS Freedom Cleanse (of which you can find listed in many of the other testimonials) I had gained something even more valuable for my current situation.

In today's society with its constant bombardment of stress, challenges and negative energy it's a real struggle to continually feel motivated and positive day after day. However my 9 days of Freedom Cleansing pushed me through that barrier and into a new space of immeasurable positivity.

Even after 1 month has passed I am still maintaining the same level of positivity and really look forward to what my next 7DW Freedom Cleanse is going to bring.

HPS Freedom Cleansing can help you not only with your physical problems but also with reaching the next level of success in your life !

Hope to see you here soon!!"

I'm not alone in saying the things I am saying and which I am promoting in this HPS website.

The 2016 Nobel prize winner for medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the same things too, and has applied the same logic in his research work related to cellular waste management which earned him the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016.

I quote him:

"You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

Yoshinori San has spent a lifetime in research. I on the other hand have spent a lifetime developing a system of health care that exactly addresses his conclusions. He gets a Nobel prize, and I get gefilte fish. Go figure. How awesome is that!

Yes, I want to inquire into HPS availability. I want to do this guided program of Jos-hua's.*

* I'm not available to everyone. I pick and chose whom I wish to help and work with. Places are limited.

In your message please advise:

1) When would you like to start your HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance Health Care™ program online?

Possible different dates which are good for you, which would work best for you?

2) How old are you?

3) Which country will you be doing your HPS DBC™ program in?

4) Tell Jos-hua the state of your health today.

What problems do you have that need fixing? Jos-hua would like to hear your whole story, minor and major issues. All of them. Past and present, and future worries too.

5) Have you ever done any cleansing before?

Any kind of cleansing, not specifically deep body cleansing. Anywhere? At a fasting or cleansing spa in Thailand, the Caribbean or in Europe for example. Or a detox program of any kind, or even just colon cleaning supplements. Or any type of internal organ cleansing? Maybe a parasite cleanse or maybe just a juicing program? Jos-hua would like to know if you have any previous experiences (at any level) in trying to clean out and clean up your body, health and lifestyle. With this information in his hands he will have a better picture how to help you achieve the success that has evaded you and your health to date. Thanks.

It is highly advisable to read our FAQ prior to contacting us.

P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully."

P.P.S. Look forward to a personal reply back from Jos-hua the HPS medicine man within 24 to 48 hours. If the above contact form isn't working, you can always contact us by email at program [{at}] hps-online.com

Learn to love your body and your health.

Or continue to fear it.

These are the two basic choices which we all have.

There is really not much in between.

My bottom line?

You got a body. It's there for you to master it.

In fact, it's just sitting and waiting for you to master it!

Every time you encounter some kind of health problem that's your body demanding from you to master it.

Either you are going to love your body & health or you are going to continue to fear what might happen to it.

And fear is a killer, simply because it constantly depresses the immune system.

At HPS we're choosing love!

And you? Where are you standing with your body and health?

Stop and think...

From all the different health programs, doctors, procedures, products and supplements on your radar, diets and workouts how many are able to show you ONE hundred program reviews or testimonies written up by their clients at an online forum? Can anyone prove the lasting efficacy of what they are offering you? Or is it all just talk, promises and claims TRYING to rack up more sales of supplements, devices and equipment, books, and tests?

We can!

Here, start with these four people. Ages 33, 49, 55 and 25. Two women and two men.

Find over 400+ (four hundred plus) reviews and testimonies at our online forum.

Grow your life force!

This program brings on a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance in health physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. This HPS program is designed to safely re-calibrate health, all facets of health.

HPS deep body care. 

Our clients don't want to take care of their body & health as their parents and grandparents did.

Nor as their friends do.

They know that system of health care didn't work out too well.

They've seen the results on their parents and with their grandparents. And now they're watching the sad results their friends are experiencing. Cancer is on the rampage and everyone knows that they might possibly be the next victim. Heart attacks aren't far behind.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

You do have a choice.
A proven tried and tested alternative.