Everybody into the pool!

This is an awesome health program. Fully guided, educational, instructional, practical, natural, wholistic. Here's a list of just a few diseases, health problems, dysfunctions and illnesses which this HPS program has proven to terminate and eliminate- cure, heal and prevent from coming back.

All these disease, illnesses, dysfunctions and problems can immediately become history for you and your body too.

Why HPS GUIDED™? Because there is a lot of new and improved health for the taking here. Online since 1996. Here's the latest 400+ testimonials at our online forum. That's right you heard correctly, four hundred plus! And many are as long as Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace novel. Or, if you prefer start just with these four HPS healing and rejuvenation stories.

When you allow your health paradigm to revolve around symptoms, which is what you have been doing up until now, rather than skill-sets which is what we do, you open the door to being manipulated both medically, emotionally and financially. We're pulling our clients up and out from the slave based symptom care/ sick care system of health and moving them into lasting genuine authentic health care. Youtube videos from a past client of ours.

Our clients are self-motivated to independently take the reins of their body & health. They want skin in the game. Do you?

How self-motivated are you to independently take the reins of your body, mind & health?

If you are not ready to take the reins, not ready to invest now, not ready to take a slew of new unfamiliar actions be prepared to accept and pay for the reality of declining health.

A new 2017 study from TransUnion Healthcare reveals that Patient responsibility on 14% of hospital bills in 2016 exceeded $3,000.

And it's only going to get worse over the coming years...soaring rates and collapsing coverage options!

The tide is rising... did you hear me? The tide is rising, get out of the water, everybody into the pool!


Genuine Health Care is a Journey of New Discoveries!

It's not about pills, supplements, diets, workouts, devices, or magic potions and promises. It's about lasting healing, rejuvenation, prevention and transformation.

Welcome to HPS GUIDED™.



Tried, tested, very proven.

"As you read this, take a deep breath and, as you exhale, allow all the tension to leave your body. Let your scalp and your forehead and your face relax. Your head does not need to be tense in order for you to read. Let your tongue and your throat and your shoulders relax.  You can read this page with relaxed arms and hands. Do that now. Let your back and your abdomen and your pelvis relax. Let your breathing be at peace as you relax your legs and feet.

Is there a big change in your body since you began the previous paragraph? Notice how much you hold on. If you are doing it with your body, you are doing it with your mind."


You've never come across a health care program or plan like this one, anywhere, at any price, online or offline because here we're re-wiring health, not treating it. For ages 21 to 65 years young.

Let us use intelligence, sanity and love to heal you.

What's most important to you right now?

Your looks? Your weight? Your energy levels?

Or maybe your mental and emotional health? Or your skin? Or your immune system?

Or is it your eye sight and eye brightness? Your respiratory system or reproductive system? Hair? Stamina? Flexibility or rather your healing potential? A true rejuvenation experience, is that what you are seeking for your body and mind? Or is it your digestive system, hemorrhoids and bowel movements that are bothering you? Or your preventative capacity (preventative health care)? Or is it dental issues that are at the forefront right now?

Or perhaps what's on your mind is longevity. Your ability to age gracefully without health issues.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ you needn't ask which one is most important because all the above (and more) get addressed in this one online guided program, simultaneously. That's right you heard correctly, they all get addressed in one go, simultaneously. It shouldn't be one or the other. They are all interconnected! No med, supplement, diet, surgery or exercise routine could ever do what this program does. Re-wiring health is the name of the game here at HPS GUIDED™. We're able to re-wire because we're focused on "causes and conditions." Learn more about causes and conditions below!

Rewiring Health
Program Synopsis
Part I


You can go weeks without eating anything. Even one small morsel of food!

And days without drinking any liquids.

But you can only go minutes without breathing.

So please you tell me, which of the three is more important to sustain your life, for life and health?

If your answer is breath so please do tell me why have you spent an extraordinary amount of time revolved around food and diet, exercise and fitness, supplements and vitamins, and almost nothing on breath and breathing?

There are many different types of breaths... deep breaths, shallow breaths, unconscious breaths, conscious breaths, breathing with awareness, breathing without awareness, bellow breathing, breathing which increases the amount of vitality- chee and energy- in the body, breathing which specifically detoxifies the bloodstream, reverse breathing which impacts the vital internal organs, etc.. Many different types.

Conscious breathing with awareness is a part of this HPS GUIDED™ deep body care program. It's a step in the re-wiring of health. For the first time in your life you are going to take full control of your breath.

And why shouldn't you? Your breath is with you 24 hours a day, everyday until your very last day. You cannot misplace it, or forget it somewhere. It's an integral part of your survival, your every day survival. Without it you're toast within minutes therefore it is worthy of your attention. No money needs to be spent to proactively enhance it, no equipment is needed to enrich it, no special place is required to improve it and not a lot of time or effort is required to see the results of your actions when addressing it properly.

When you skillfully enhance your breath, you end up enhancing your life... you intelligently support and enhance the survival of your body and the thriving of good health for the remainder of your life.

Welcome to a genuine authentic health journey!

Here at HPS our focus is on skills, not pills.

Genuine health care is a journey... A journey of learning about proper actions to take, a journey of discovering new skills, protocols and therapies, a journey of discovering authentic teachers and advisors, a journey of releasing old patterns and adopting new patterns, a journey of patience, a journey of learning to love yourself again, a journey of compassion, and particularly it is a journey of practice. Practice makes perfect.

If you are not ready to release "the old" there is probably not going to be enough room or much room left to welcome in "the new."

Old health or new health, it's your choice!

All these diseases dysfunctions health problems (and more!) can immediately become history for you and your body. Join in, do this program with us online because there is a lot of new health for the taking here.

Done in your comfort zone, in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your pace and convenience.

Let the journey begin right now below... I've got a lot to share with you today!

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Part I
Here's the problem. The dilemma/ The cauldron we're all in.
"Causes and conditions." The essence of better health (critical to read this).
The proof. Our clients speak for themselves!
Our HPS focus/Your solution. Program outline.

Part II
You just don't know what you don't know!
Reactive or proactive?
The journey is a gift which you give to yourself.
FREE recommendations. Actions for you to take already today!
Normalcy bias, do you have one too?
Where to put your hands?
The bottom line - why HPS GUIDED™?
Pricing. What's needed to do this program?
An alternative explanation to all the above.


Today, I'm going to be telling you things about health that no one has ever told you before.

And I'm going to tell them to you in a way that no one ever has.

In Part II of this synopsis we shall be talking today both about body, and mind.

Addressing our mental health, our mind, is just as important as addressing our physical body. They are intimately connected.

I'm hoping to connect all the dots for you today.

So please put your thinking cap on, pay attention and listen up carefully. We have a lot of ground to cover today.

I'm hoping to enrich you today. Both figuratively, intellectually, medically and practically.

A culture that supports the long-term capitulation of bad health coupled with a rejuvenation of body and mind is what happens when health is re-wired.

It isn't products, a diet, a supplement or a ten day visit to a Spa which transforms health but rather it is an intelligent coordinated multi disciplinary unrelenting approach that is based on deep body care actions and practice- not lists or products, diets or exercise routines.

Tell your best friend on social media about us.

Research indicates that most people focus on exercise rather than diet when they are trying to lose weight. I've also read repeatedly that for long-lasting weight loss one needs to develop a relationship with both food and with exercise, but again most focus their attention on exercise. I haven't found the lack of exercise (the lack of cardio, the lack of weight lifting or strength lifting, the jogging, the workouts or the yoga) to have any effect on my body tone or weight. The deep body caring has taken care of that. Great tone, great weight. Sustainable weight, no yo-yoing for three decades already. Here's what I Jos-hua, the founder of HPS GUIDED™ look like at over sixty years old.

In our HPS opinion both exercise and an extensive focus on food are fruitless. Focusing on waste management instead delivers best results.

By best we mean lasting, self-evident and sustainable results. A cleaned out well functioning thyroid in a well balanced relationship with all the other glands and organs in the body does more for metabolism (and therefore good weight) than all the conventional focus on food and exercise in the world ever will do/ or does!

One week of deep body tissue cleaning does more for your body and health than ten years of exercising ever does. Same with diet. One week of deep body tissue cleaning does more for your weight, metabolism, skin, energy levels, immunity, healing and preventative endeavors than ten years of dieting ever does!

Dieting and exercise doesn't change taste buds but a week of HPS deep body tissue cleaning does which means after doing this program you'll be desiring less fatty, fried, sugary, acidic foods and wanting more alkalizing healthy foods!
And in general you'll be eating less not because you issued a dictate but rather because your body simply needs less. Your body will need less food to function more efficiently and effectively. Watch and see.

And after a few years of doing this program once a year, you'll find yourself basically eating one meal a day which will be more than enough to keep you skyrocketing throughout the whole day. Skyrocketing both physically and mentally. Watch and see.

And with a healthier body you'll need less sleep too! Watch and see.

HPS GUIDED™ is a different way of caring for your body, health, weight, looks, fitness, beauty, immunity and longevity

Sick care is primarily about treatments.

Genuine health care is primarily about actions.

They are fundamentally two different systems of health based on two different philosophies.

One treats, the other cares for.

You are going to have to chose which system of health you are going to live with, live under, abide by, and pay for.

And learn, and practice.

You've been enslaved in a sick care system your whole life. Now lets move into authentic genuine health care. Transforming health is not some lofty concept as you might have imagined, but rather it's a reality which is created by actions, a reality grounded in new actions, hands-on actions. Your hands.

It's your health. It's your body.

It's your life. It's your money and time.

And it should be your choice.

Either you are going to put your hands back on your health in a caring manner, or you are going to continue just as you have in the past to keep putting stuff into your hands (more symptom care- more food info, more diets, more exercises and workouts, more supplements, more meds, etc.), hoping that will do the trick. But hope isn't a strategy, it's just hopium.

Most people unfortunately haven't had much choice in their health care, and their health reflects that.

Functionally putting your hands back on your health is fundamentally different than putting stuff into your hands!

This introduction is over, let's get down to business...

The Dilemma/ The Cauldron We're All In- You're trying but you are not really getting anywhere substantial, exciting nor rewarding

For most of us whatever we know about self-help combined with health care we picked up randomly. Or accidentally.

And most of the time it's just a quick fix.

And most of what we pick up is in a reaction to a symptom we've encountered with our body & health. It's the symptoms which set us on a search in the first place.

We've been totally fixated on symptoms rather than focusing on 'causes and conditions.'

Here at
HPS GUIDED™ we're focusing on 'how to refocus.'

You are going to learn below, already today, what we mean by that.

Here's the problem in a nutshell...

I'm sorry if this reality hurts, it's a smack in the face, but we need to acknowledge where we stand.

You just don't know how to heal and rejuvenate yourself.

You never have known but that doesn't mean you cannot know and learn how to.

Your body can be healed in a lasting sustained manner.

Watching free Youtube videos to pick up some tips and advice just doesn't cut it.

Reading a book or two, working out, doing yoga twice weekly, jogging daily, drinking a cup of morning detox tea, trying to eat well just isn't what we're talking about or practicing here at HPS GUIDED™. Gulping down more apple cider vinegar, a salad a day, going on a holiday for ten days, taking a daily nap, listening to some music to calm down, dieting, randomly buying health devices and betting heavily on supplements isn't really health care either...

We might think or believe all the above is HEALTH CARE but actually it's more of an exercise in convincing ourselves, in showing ourselves, that we're doing something meaningful for our health.

It's an exercise in "trying."
It's been an exercise in showing ourselves that we are worthy of good health; that we deserve good health.

And when you add the vanity aspect to it all i.e., we are worthy of a great body too, well, you already can see where all this is headed.

We're not meeting success. The vision of our future is quite sad.

The numbers below prove it's been just a pipe dream.

We actually aren't doing meaningful things.

Most of what we've done is marginal and valueless.

We now must lie in our bed the way we made it.

The numbers unequivocally prove it...

These numbers unequivocally show that even with all that jogging and yoga, organic produce and herbal teas, supplements and vitamins our health is in a perpetual decline. Even though most of us don't like to admit it we're not experiencing vigorous, energetic, youthful, vibrant health which is lasting, and sustainable.

The numbers show us that not only has self-help failed us, but our doctors and the health system have too.

"Nearly 70 percent of Americans have to take at least one prescription drug for a lifetime, and more than 50 percent take two." according to a 2013 report from the Mayo Clinic.

And it gets even worse --> worldwide, cancer rates are up 1/3 just in this past decade alone!

Sometimes it's difficult to know for sure, but we think that is a bad trend... "when that's all ya got, then ya got nuttin." A true genuine health care approach would be vastly more productive.

"Causes and conditions"- the essence of better health is to refocus our health care (critical to read this!)

You are who you are. You are a body and a mind.

Health care is what it is. If it's genuine it's a journey of new discoveries.

HPS GUIDED™ is definitely full of new discoveries for you.

In our HPS approach there are areas where we have significant differences both in terms of values and policies where we are different than conventional medicine, and conventional modern health care.

I'm sure you want to hear what exactly is in the program, what exactly do we do?

Fair enough!

But if you don't allow me to first explain the theory of "causes and conditions" and its implication in health, you won't find any meaning to the program if you are new to HPS...unlike you our clients already know from their own hands-on experiences with our program what "causes and conditions' can mean in health care- in healing, rejuvenation and prevention. Now I'm going to explain it all to you, too.

So please read on and bear with me for a few minutes more. The next section- Our HPS Focus/ Your Solution- details for you exactly what we shall be doing in this HPS DBC™ (deep body care) program.

We suggest that symptoms not be the main focus in health care.

In your health care and in anyone else's health care.

If we allow symptoms to be at the center of our health care inevitably we're doomed to continuously poor and declining heath. This change in approach heralds in a new era in epigenetics.

Whatever the symptoms of your poor health are, please put them aside for a moment, and instead let's zoom in on something far more important, far more rewarding and far more intelligent, that being "causes and conditions."

In genuine authentic health care the 'causes and conditions' which in the first place allow symptoms to materialize and exist, should interest us more than the symptoms themselves.

"Causes and conditions" are at the foundation of a true genuine health care paradigm.

My contention is that it is 'causes and conditions' which allow health problems to survive.

And it is 'causes and conditions" which encourage good health to thrive.

All else is just noise.

This explanation I just gave you solves the entire problem. It is like cutting the tree at its roots- all the branches, twigs and leaves wither at the same time.

When the 'causes and conditions' of good health are incentivized to start fundamentally improving on the most basic levels, the symptoms of poor health swiftly start healing and disappearing. This process is attained when the auto-intoxication of our body, ceases. When it fundamentally is stopped.

This incentivization takes place when the pounds of waste, filth, poison and pollution which has presently accumulated in our body, is THOROUGHLY and PROPERLY removed.

All of this is going to happen very quickly when you start paying a lot more attention than you have to your internal environment, the internal environment of your body AND your mind.

I know, the programming is really hard to break, but break it we must.

You might not believe me... so I suggest to take a good long look at our record. See what our clients have experienced with their own health, with their own body and mind. They are going to tell you in their own words RIGHT NOW.

Are you talking like this about your health?

The majority of our clients talk like this...

You can't help but to compare yourself and your health to these folks:

Here's a classic example. He had a list of health problems as long as the empire state building is tall. All are gone after HPS GUIDED™ level 1. Read him, age 49, at our forum.

Our clients have been kicking the ass of bad health and aging for so long, there's a nice sheen to the toe of their boot. This woman is in her late fifties but she thinks she's thirty now. She's did the HPS program eight times in seven years!

And this woman went from a size 18 to a size 12 and has kept it off. And she's also drug free now! And living "consciously too!" as she says. She did the program twice, HPS GUIDED™ level 1 and level 2.

And this guy a 28 years old software programmer has realized from HPS GUIDED™ DBC™ the true fruit of life, peace. He did the program four times, including all three advanced levels of

Inquire into availability

Watch these three one minute videos...

Youtube videos from a past client of ours.

Read what he says in his testimonial at our forum or just watch his videos. Also, take a good look at what he evacuated from his internal environment. He posted a picture for you, for your reference, and for his own memories too. It's horrendous.

Your internal body environment is the temple where great health resides in. If you are not conscious and aware of this, now is the time to start. The cleanliness of our internal environment dominates and determines the level of health we enjoy, or suffer from. Everything else is just noise.

If not properly cared for it becomes the playground for poor health. Mountains of pollution, waste, poisons and sludge lead to mountains of health problems.

Cleaning up your internal environment properly is in my opinion the most basic fundamental skill set required from you in health care.

Your internal environment is basically the whole shebang. That's a fact.

When you allow your health paradigm to revolve around symptoms, rather than skill-sets, you open the door to being manipulated both medically and financially.

You're bound to be paying out money to deal with frequent or periodic health issues, and those payouts go on for a lifetime. Problem after problem. Issue after issue. Bill after bill. It seems to go on forever.

Everybody is in line with their hands out for a cut of your money- doctors, specialists, medical testing labs, big Pharma, supplement people, fitness people, diet people, healers, surgeons, hospitals, hospices and of course the insurance company too.

They all can place their hands on you and fondle your wallet because you haven't stepped up to the plate and independently placed your own hands on your own health.

You have a history of putting stuff in your hands, getting stuff into your hands, buying stuff (diets, supplements, meds, equipment, books, etc.) rather than just putting your hands back on your health in a proper manner. We'd like to show what proper means and help you properly execute. It isn't all that hard when you have continuous guidance, personal feedback and others walking the exact same path jiving in too.

A health paradigm focused around symptoms doesn't understand the processes of auto-intoxication which stands behind a deterioration of health. It's a mistaken paradigm of health.

And therefore it shouldn't be labeled or called health care because it actually isn't. It's sick care/ symptom care. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unless you live high on a mountain plateau or on a secluded island in the southern hemisphere far away from modern civilization you're accumulating inside your body (and mind) pounds of pollution and waste on an annual basis.

The air we breath is polluted, the food we eat is polluted (think chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or canned and packaged food for example), the tap water we drink (and bathe in) is polluted with cancer causing agents, the meds we take have toxic byproducts in them (read the label in the box, see for yourself the warnings!), the vaccines we are given have life threatening pollutants in them, our minds are polluted by the constant violence we see on TV or read about in newspapers, magazines or on online news sites, aberrant pulsating frequencies from the screens in our laptops, tablets and mobiles do harm and damage to our neuron networks, the batteries in our cars do harm to the human magnetic field, and even the electronics in our smart watches also do harm, etc., etc..

The list goes on and on- electric blankets, microwave ovens, asbestos paneling, toxic paint on the walls, toxic home cleaning products, toxic beauty and hygiene products, passive smoke, recreational drugs and alcohol, dairy creamer, an abundance of sugar consumed annually, junk food restaurants (in the UK fecal bacteria in the ice!), etc., etc..

It's a full on frontal assault on us...on you and me too!

A full spectrum attack on our body, on our mind, on our existence to be quite frank and blunt.

Whichever direction you look or go it's hard to avoid it... "Almost an impossibility," I always say.

This physical, mental, electronic and magnetic pollution expresses itself in a human body in the most obvious way, in a weakening of the human body which ultimately is expressed in symptoms.

But, these frontal assaults are NOT the root cause of your symptoms.

Most people think they are, but THEY ARE NOT!

At the forefront of our symptoms is a tsunami of filth, pollution, poisons, sludge, crud and waste. A tsunami of crud which already had started the process of accumulation deep inside our body, already from our teenager years, and which is being added to daily, on a daily basis ever since.

See hundreds of pictures of this horrific filth, poison, pollution, crud and waste which our clients eliminated from their own bodies and which they posted pictures of at our online forum.

This horrific filth, poison, pollution, crud and waste, this auto-intoxication, accelerates the depreciation of a human body and consequently we experience a depreciation in our health which expresses itself in fatigue, aches, inflammations, illnesses and disease, chronic pain, accelerated aging, numerous seemingly unrelated health problems, non healing and endless dysfunctions.

I say 'seemingly' because it all seems to be unrelated, but actually there is one common root cause, one common undeniable thread- huge amounts of waste and pollution that has lodged itself in the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, the vital organs, muscles, tissue, ligaments and joints, the mind and in fact in every cell.

Diets, organic eating, superfoods, apple cider vinegar, exercising, fitness routines, yoga, endless supplements, endless vitamins, anti-oxidants, herbal teas, meds, drugs and all the rest just don't solve the problem.

Kick another field goal, Charlie Brown.


They do nothing to address the core problem.

Now do you understand that you have been barking up the wrong tree, for years already?

This crud has been piling up inside of us for many many years.

This is the poison which stands behind our symptoms, which supports them. Which gives them life, power and sustainability. The process is called auto-intoxication. Auto-intoxication inhibits healing (even healing from physical injuries like a sport injury). It of course is highly detrimental to rejuvenation and prevention- preventative health care.

This accumulated pollution is what nourishes the depreciation of health and the survival of symptoms- physically, energetically and mentally nourish each and every health problem you ever had, or will ever have.

Most assets we own depreciate... you are already aware of this... the human body is an asset too. It naturally will depreciate and one day end. But if you add-on to it's natural depreciation, you accelerate the number and severity of problems you will encounter with your health.

Your body is your most valuable asset! Has that awareness permeated your existence to date? Or have you spent more time and more money on your car this year and last, than on your health? Or more money on tech toys, or on exercising and vacations than you have on preventative health care?

Don't allow the noise (the symptoms) to distract you.

You should be going after the root cause- the waste and pollution lodged already deep inside your human body; the 'causes and conditions' WHICH ALLOW BAD HEALTH TO SURVIVE AND WHICH INHIBIT GOOD HEALTH FROM THRIVING.

Waste and pollution that has been building up unrelentlessly and accumulating deep inside us for years, since our teenager years. Auto-intoxication is literally killing us.

Properly dissolving and eliminating it is the most prudent approach we can take with our health. It's step one in health care. Staying overtly focused on symptoms, whatever the symptoms are i.e., immediately treating them with meds, drugs, supplements, surgery, specialists, diet, vaccines, physiotherapy, psychoanalysis, behavioral therapies, etc., is actually counter-productive in most cases.

By counter productive I mean a waste of time and a waste of money. Quick fixes like a one time three day detox are also a waste of time and money. You might temporarily win the battle but you definitely are destined to lose the war.

In the bigger picture of healthcare focusing on symptoms is a result of a misunderstanding of how good health is attained, preserved and strengthened. And how good health is lost. This is not a trivial matter.

This misunderstanding misleads us into taking wrong actions.

Actions which focus on symptoms, which try to address our health problems (albeit unsuccessfully) in the short term but unfortunately do nothing to provide long term relief, a true cure, healing, rejuvenation, prevention or transformation should be categorized and seen for what they are --> COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

In fact they should be discouraged, and at the least ignored, if not outright banned.

Inquire into our availability. Click for pricing.

Over the past few decades I keep watching how science slowly but surely catches up to HPS!

For example, just last year the 2016 Nobel recipient for medicine received his Nobel prize in medicine for research he has spent 30 years doing. He proved that waste management on the cellular level is imperative in avoiding bad health, in avoiding disease and illness.

His work is revolutionary within the confines, within the conventional establishment, of modern medicine!

Up until a few years ago it would be deemed hearsay. If we were living in the middle ages he might have been lynched by the powers that be.

In fact it is so revolutionary for 21st century doctors, for conventional modern medicine and for the AMA (American Medical Association) model of health that it earned him the Noble prize for medicine!

And it is threatening to them too, because it usurps their status quo.

A status quo which they make billions upon billions of dollars from, every year!

It has huge implications for cancer therapies, and in general the curing and prevention of disease in general, most diseases across the board. It has promising immunotherapy implications across the board. It has huge implications on what will be taught in medical school and how patients are to be treated for their illnesses.

We don't need all those hospitals and hi-tech equipment that costs billions, we don't need big Pharma and the endless supplement companies and fitness proposals and we don't need all those diets, doctors, psychiatrists, medical schools and research institutes who give six figure salaries to their employees on our account. We don't need any of it, we just need some intelligence, common sense and sanity back into our health care!

I quote him "You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

He summarized thirty years of research in one sentence. Bravo I say!

Right here, right now, nothing more needs to be said by me.

I also have thirty years of experience, not research in an academic forum but hands-on work, hands one experience with the same contention he makes, both with my own body and with thousands of others whom I have helped with their health over the past quarter of a century. I totally support and confirm his contention.

I believe and feel we can close right now this discussion about the validity, the theory of of "causes and conditions' and the impact on our health, our immunity, our longevity and our aging.

His statement is just another classic example of science catching up with HPS!

A noble prize winner no less!

I say- Don't wait, join us, join in, inquire into availability below, but first read the next FEW PARAGRAPHS which tells you what we shall be doing TOGETHER.

Let's together plug the holes in your health and the holes in your health care, starting already next month. It makes no sense to wait a minute longer! The mountains of waste are just growing more by the day. The ponds are turning into lakes of waste. The anthills are turning into mountains. The whole environment is under attack. Auto-intoxication. Remember that term!

Our HPS Focus/ Your Solution. Program details

We're serving up a five course five star meal, not a three star ala carte menu.

Can I help you succeed with your health in ways others haven't helped?

Yes, I'm absolutely sure I can.

As I frequently say- "HPS GUIDED™ is 25 light years ahead of the competition."

Will I help you?

Well, that's another story, that's not so sure. That depends on your attitude and my availability. Places in this online program are limited.

I'm of the opinion that we can transform ourselves and our health only if we honestly wish to.

Only if we're prepared to invest in ourselves. It's an attitude thing.

That means we have to do things we never did before and we are going to have spend money too.

I had to with my own health.

I had to in the transformation of my own life, and I see no way out for you. You'll have to, too.

There is no free ride. There are no free lunches.

Are you honestly ready to do that? Is that possible for you? Are you opened to that? Open minded, open hearted and open pocketed?

I know from my vast experience that genuine health care works best when you personally get a lot of personal attention, individualized one-on-one attention, constant feedback, instructional guidance, a ton of education and a ton of love.

When you find not just yourself taking action and caring for yourself and your health, but when you have someone experienced by your side also caring for you, caring 24/7, day in and day out in a meaningful and loving way providing feedback, guidance and inspiration well that impacts in a very refreshing way the course you and your health will ultimately take.

By limiting and accepting no more than twelve new clients each year, I can provide all of that to you. Otherwise, it is outright impossible.

Therefore places in this program are purposely limited to only one new person per month, 12 per year. You'll have to inquire into my availability. This online guided program is by appointment only.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ we're going to effectively assist your body in its healing, rejuvenation and prevention because we focus on what's important, by focusing 1) on you, 2) on your internal environment and 3) by applying the appropriate proven, tried and tested methods to renew both body and mind.

Ours is a very driven, action packed, personalized and comprehensive self-help alternative health program online.

Safe, natural, wholistic.

-- Deep tissue cleaning (fasting, juicing colon cleansing and home colonics for just seven days only). Without addressing our soil internally (within our body) the roots of our health can never be fantastically strong nor securely anchored! You can find articles giving you more information about each of these deep tissue cleansing protocols/ therapies in the article section at our online forum. All four levels of the HPS GUIDED™ deep body care (DBC™) programs always start out with this important action.

-- Restoration of our elimination systems. A restoration and a reformation of your five core elimination systems. When our elimination systems start becoming dysfunctional due to neglect, our internal organs and glands get packed and backed up with poisons which under normal circumstances should be eliminated from our body. In other words our organs and glands are under a 24/7 frontal attack. Which means our health is under constant attack day in and day out. Great defense in health care starts with great eliminations from all five core systems.

-- Organ and gland revitalization. A revitalization of all your vital internal organs. Our organs and glands have been under attack for years now simply because our elimination systems haven't been functioning at par, the way they should be functioning. Especially your colon. That organ needs special attention from us! Immediate serious attention. And for many people their thyroid, which is a gland, needs some immediate attention too.

-- Re-calibration of energy. Revitalization just isn't enough. The glands, the internal organs and their corresponding energy systems need to be re-calibrated. Energy work and a re-calibration of your vital life force (quality, quantity, and direction) is a big part of our program.

-- Structured self-help. You'll be finding here at HPS GUIDED™ a strong self-help emphasis. Structured self-help. Guided self-help. It is you who has to do the work. No one can do it for you. But we will structure your activities. An emphasis on independence, intelligence, sanity, and common sense. You are wise, you are intelligent, and you are compassionate. Self-help becomes a thousand times more productive when you get continuous personal feedback, guidance and have a structure to work with (and work from), which you do here at HPS GUIDED™.

When self-help is like this, you become more empowered than if you are alone on your own. You end up empowering yourself with confidence.

Great music is called great because it takes you somewhere. It doesn't just fill up the space between your ears, it takes you someplace, in other words it 'moves' you.

Great healthcare is the same.

Great health care doesn't just fill up hours of your days with activities or exercises, or products, or pill taking but it takes you someplace rewarding not just in the short term but also in the longer term too.

It 'moves' you in a lasting way both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially too.

HPS GUIDED™ does that for you.

This is not just a body program, a program that addresses your physical body but a mind program too. Mental health care is on the agenda too. In this program you'll be taught how to start paying more attention than you ever have before to your mind (your mental and emotional makeup) as that too is also a big part of this program. When our mental health is moving in a safe and positive direction, our physical health usually does too. And let there be no doubt all of us need to be addressing our mental health too, it too is under a full frontal attack- both at work, at home and from society in general. We're breaking down mentally and our society and culture reflects it. With the onslaught of AI and robotics just around the corner our humanity is under threat too. That too is a fact. Click for pricing. Order today.



The foundation of this program is the body's natural capacity to protect, repair, and rejuvenate itself when the internal processes of healing, rejuvenation and prevention are properly supported and activated. We're going to help you rewire and reengineer your health so that the support is properly enacted, and properly activated. There is a huge gap between those of us who have been in the field and those on the outside looking in. We've been in the field for three decades already. Is anybody else on your radar talking about your inherent God given capacity to proactively, holistically and independently put your hands back on your health rather than getting more devices, equipment, diets, fitness routines, and pills into your hands? No, we didn't think so. Putting your hands back on your health is fundamentally different than putting stuff into your hands! People want results! Sustainable lasting results. We've been delivering them for close to thirty years already, and are living this program ourselves. Here's me Jos-hua, the founder of HPS at sixty, the poster boy for this program. HPS GUIDED™ is fundamentally a superior approach to health care, aging, immunity building and prevention.

Explore Our Record and See With Your Own Eyes- Verify all the above...

See how the approach we just talked about above expresses itself in our clients own words, in their health. It's easy to explore, it's just a click of your mouse. Find at our online forum over 400+ different testimonials/client reviews for your to explore today. Any body else able to provide you with 400+ different reviews to read today?
BTW, you must have noticed I just used the term "client" and not "patient."

Being a patient usurps you. You become powerless.

You become dependent on someone else for your health and well being. I oppose that idea. Fundamentally oppose it.

In health care, we need to become independent. We need to be empowered. We need to develop and have confidence in ourselves and in our capabilities to care for our self.

Therefore, I never use the term "patient" simply because you are not a patient of mine. You're an HPS GUIDED™ deep body care friend or, if you prefer in seeing yourself as a client that's fine too, but you are never to see yourself as a patient here, or anywhere for that matter, anymore!

No  more hyperbole for dummies.

You are going to train yourself in how to efficiently prevent, heal and rejuvenate - heal and rejuvenate both body and mind.

To heal, rejuvenate and prevent in a serious and sustainable manner... online in the convenience of your own home.

As you have seen I have a lot to show you, teach you and help you with. Now let's get the ball rolling. Let's transform your health.

Learn more below.

Let's Together Start Plugging the Holes in Your Health Care, and the Holes in Your Health!

We're going to show you how to. And personally help you do it too.

Go big, or go home.

Welcome to Deep Body Care.

Online since 1996!

Even if our pricing is beyond your reach, you'll learn a wealth of new approaches by just reading this page from top to bottom.

In other words you'll profit already today. And you'll find yourself inspired already today to do more for your health, in a very different way.

In a real true genuine way.


Hps Guided™

  • Practical online health program. HPS GUIDED™ provides the antidote for lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention. The methods we're using include deep tissue cleaning, restoring and reforming your five core elimination systems, vital organ revitalization and a re-calibration of your energy systems including vital life force. In short, consequential self-help!
  • Guided and professionally supervised.
  • Structured self-help that actually works.
  • Instructional and pro-active online program.
  • Multi-level system. Multi-level means you have continuity in your health care rather than finding yourself out on a limb again not knowing how to proceed next. You chose if you want to proceed into the next level of HPS GUIDED™ or not. Most chose to proceed!
  • Educational body/mind program. Beyond healing, rejuvenation and prevention we also want to teach you how to bring simplicity back into your health care, and back into your life. We're not just looking for great health, we're looking for more peace in our lives too!
  • Original content/ refreshing proven alternatives. You'll be tasting foods, doing things and experiencing a totally new approach to your body, mind, health and health care. You'll be developing new deeper relationships with all four.
  • Exclusive. Online places are very limited. Only one new person a month is accepted into the program, 12 new persons per year.
  • Private. This program not just gives you enormous freedom with your health but it also gives you privacy in your health care, and privacy with your health; something which is becoming exceedingly difficult to have in today's world with the heavy government and private corporation intrusion into our lives.
  • Proven. HPS GUIDED™ is online since 1996! Hundreds of clients to date. Synopsis Part II immediately below.
  • Risk is very very low relative to the many many rewards. In fact one could say this is almost risk free because everything we're doing is wholistic, safe, sound and natural. Nothing is invasive, synthetic or chemically oriented. This is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual improvement of your life. This is a Renaissance in your health.


  • On mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Support formats include online forum, email, chat, mobile chat messaging- audio and video messaging too!
  • One on one and group support at our private mature online forum.

    Sick care treats health. True genuine health care is a culture of caring for heath. It's vastly different than sick care.

    Here at HPS GUIDED™ we want to see you reclaim the keys to better health. It's you who interests us. "The practice of good health is in some form or another a daily devotion. It is NEVER assured. It is ALWAYS under attack. You actively fight for it every day. Every day you do not it is removed from you, little by little."

    How many people do you see fighting for it?


  • HPS DBC™ (Deep Body Care) is a system of health care. Not a product, but a system.

    You attaining constant 24/7/365 feedback from us for months on end at no extra cost to you is a basic part of the protocol here.

    Each level of this program starts off with one week of deep body tissue cleaning and then we proceed together online from there, step by step at your pace and convenience. Transforming lifestyle, adopting new approaches, new discoveries, habit changing, making in real-time critical adjustments and reviewing results takes a bit of time and space, it doesn't happen overnight.

    Therefore each level of this HPS GUIDED™ program spans three months of one on one guidance, supervision and constant feedback from us, to you. Without feedback you'll just be playing guessing games with your health, shooting blanks in the dark like you have been until now, for years now. That ends here.

    Constant personalized feedback is the protocol here.
  • The four core deep tissue cleansing protocols revolve around guided fasting, juicing, colon cleansing coupled with home administered colonics done the HPS way, for just seven days only. We're going to make sure you can easily manage all four together. Hundreds of persons have here to date, online. The combination of these four protocols together is superior than any one of them alone, or just two of them together. You can do this, we're here to make sure you can do this. While a Renaissance might not mean everything to you, everything without it means nothing.

Skills not Pills

  • Look, it all boils down to one question- that being what kind of life do you want to live, what kind of life do you intend to live?

    The quality of our health is the foundation of our life. When health sucks, life sucks and I don't care how much money you have, life just sucks.

    If you are prepared to be sick, get sick and live in a sick care system go right ahead- do that. If not, we're offering you a genuine true proven alternative. Genuine true health care.

    True genuine health care is not just a discovery, but it's also a mentality and a culture of caring for our body, mind & health. It's a journey to take. It's a journey you gift to yourself.

    A practical fully guided self-help genuine health care program is far superior to an encyclopedia of health information or a kitchen shelf full of supplements, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It's also superior to any piece of fitness equipment you have ever bought. Or any diet.

    In addition to the four core basic deep tissue cleansing protocols mentioned above you'll be learning, PRACTICING and acquiring skills and skill sets in at least eight other deep body healing and deep body rejuvenation therapies INCLUDING but not limited to food combining, conscious breathing, color therapy, body work, parasite cleansing, immunity building, meditation, affirmations and energy enhancement therapies bringing your skillfulness and your self-confidence in the healing, caring and the well-being arts to a new exciting plateau.

    The view from the summit is exhilarating! Breathless many say!
  • Step by step.
  • Level by level.
  • At your pace, at your convenience.

We covered a hunk of ground in the above. There must have been at least ten or twenty things you never heard about before.

Maybe you need a break right now?

Maybe there is something else you need to do right now?

Or maybe you're just tired (or maybe even exhausted!) and want to take a break to digest everything you learned today?

No problem, take a break. Send yourself a reminder to come back another day. Share this page with yourself. Remind yourself to come back in a day or two when you have more time or feel up to it. Or come back when you are curious to learn more about genuine authentic health care. We are here for you, with you, and we're not going anywhere.

Immediately below is the program synopsis Part II. It too is long and juicy.

Please do share it with a friend! Help us help others. Enlighten someone you care for, someone you love. Help others. No one you know talks about health the way we are in this synopsis. Part II below. You just don't know what you don't know!

Rewiring Health
Program Synopsis
Part II

You Just Don't Know What You Don't Know...

That's especially true in health!

In health there are two main drivers that need your attention- those drivers being both body and mind.

Anybody who is addressing only one driver (either only body, or only mind) is only partially and superficially addressing their health. There are long term ramifications to this partiality and superficiality.

Beyond the two drivers of body and mind there are four sides/facets/aspects in the equation of health care- Cleansing. Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention.

Each aspect is totally different one to another.

Most places and people will only be focusing on one driver of your health (either mind or body) while trying to address only one aspect, one facet OF YOUR HEALTH CARE, thereby leaving you indirectly stranded and unfortunately leaving your health full of numerous holes.

I call that Swiss cheesed health care.

They will focus on either the detox/cleansing aspect, or maybe the healing/curing aspect, or rejuvenation or maybe perhaps just prevention (preventative health care) but here at HPS GUIDED™ we're addressing both drivers and all four aspects- deeply, comprehensively, gently and intelligently.

BTW, just for the record, beyond "causes and conditions, drivers, and facets" we define health care as being "genuine" only if it has a strong preventative component to it too. Check Jos-hua's online availability. Inquire today.

If your health care system frequently doesn't or cannot prevent illness and disease, frequently doesn't or can't prevent pain and dysfunctions, and frequently doesn't reduce your overall health care expenses year in and year out then it isn't worthy to be called "genuine" or "authentic" health care but rather it is just an extension of the common sick care system which we all are so familiar with, and fed up with, already.

Reactive Actions Doesn't Win the Game For You

We're going to choreograph your health, act by act, step by step, movement by movement. Has anyone ever done that for you, with you, before? No, I didn't think so.

In genuine authentic health care good intentions just aren't enough.

Proper actions count more than information and intention.

The things most people are doing are primarily reactive rather than proactive.

Here in HPS GUIDED™ we're primarily proactive 12 months a year, year in and year out. Our online forum shows you our proclivity to be proactive.

Primarily most people are reacting to symptoms they already have (or fear of symptoms arising in the future) rather than intelligently and proactively attacking year in and year out the deep 'causes and conditions' which allow declining health to materialize in the first place anew every year in our body.

And instead of proactively creating the 'causes and conditions' for great health to materialize, survive and thrive they have just hopium to chomp on- they are depending with faith that their yoga, supplements and diets are going to do the trick.

This reactive approach creates dependencies rather then independence in health care.

It is primarily based on treatments which depend on products, supplements, pain killers or meds rather than on education, knowledge, self-understanding, wisdom, practice and action.

Furthermore, there is too much focus on food, diet and exercise rather than on waste management. Way too much!

The "reactive/symptom" approach to health doesn't skyrocket energy, does NOT give you much freedom, discipline nor individualism in your health care, nor does it empower you.

Nor does any self-evident lasting rejuvenation appear in your life- neither in your mind or with your body.

Frequently a "reactive/symptom" approach just aggravates health and makes things worse.

Here's a classic example, a new cutting edge 2017 study regarding chemotherapy and cancer.

In this new study scientists now say "Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours."

This insight, this discovery, makes so much sense to me!

I've been telling people already for decades to stay away from Chemo. It's a shame that it's taken decades for science to only now start figuring this out too, and to finally catch up.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ we had a client who had a few brain tumours. His doctors wanted to operate and do Chemo too. We took a different route together, and all his tumours totally disappeared. His record is at our online forum for all to see.

I've been saying for decades to our friends and clients that there are no guarantee's in health care. No one really knows what the outcome will be in advance. NO ONE. But there is common sense and there is intelligence and we should apply them before proceeding down any health path.

Chemo is like nuking the body.

It's a nuclear attack on your body.

So you tell me, after being "nuked" how well will a human body be able to rise up, heal and rejuvenate? How well will immunity be able to effectively and efficiently function in the future after such an aggressive unrelenting attack on it? How well will all the different bodily systems function? Will they now function more cohesively and more effectively?

I doubt it.

Maybe they will, but I personally doubt it.
Not so well I think!

Last but not least "symptom treatments" are also quite costly when you add it all up!

At first it doesn't seem costly, just a bunch of small bills, but those bills keep frequently reoccurring and slowly accumulating over a year, two or three. We end up paying a fortune of money for inferior health while at the same time the fear, confusion, frustration, pain and anxiety we experience does take an undeniable toll on our mental and emotional makeup, too.

Now, together, let's go deeper.

Let's not just cure, let's not just heal, let's not just rejuvenate but let's do all of that and prevent too.

True Genuine Health Care is a Journey of Discovery

Only you can take this journey. No one can take it for you. Or give these experiences to you. You gift them to yourself. By yourself. For yourself. Compassionately. With love.

It doesn't happen overnight, and cannot happen overnight.

It requires from us to devote ourselves, to ourselves.

If we refuse to do that then we close the doors to a transformation of our health and basically are left with only one sad option for decades to come- more sick care (i.e., more pain, sickness, suffering, fear, anxiety and confusion, and the inevitable spiraling out of control health bills).

It's time to start loving your body and health again rather than continuing to fear it. The more love you use and give the more you have to give. The use of love in your health care will make you feel good again, it becomes an expression of inner joy.

Check Jos-hua's online availability. Inquire today. HPS GUIDED™ is by appointment only. Places are purposely limited.

You Can't Live Off Twinkies nor Calorie Counting Either

The anatomy of a perfectly optimized body has nothing to do with calorie counting, exercising or supplements.

You can't live off of Twinkies, take a handful of vitamins, and assume you're good to go. Just because you eat well and count calories too doesn't mean jack shit either, nor that 'Jack took a good shit today' (which is something very important if Jack wants sustainable great health forever). And for what it is worth a yoga a day doesn't seem to keep the super-scary diseases far far away.

Here at HPS GUIDED™, our self-help our approach is refreshing...

We don't count calories.

We don't talk diets, superfoods, food labels or recipes.

We don't talk supplements, we don't talk meds, we don't talk vitamins, anti-oxidants and multi-minerals and we also don't talk exercise routines.

And we never ever talk meds, or talk about meds. We dispose of our meds and replace them with actions. Genuine health care actions.

Our immunity, beauty, energy, fitness, longevity and health demands something else, something superior.

We therefore talk Deep Body Care. DBC™.

HPS GUIDED™ DBC™ is about you taking actions which give you control over your health trajectory. Actions which empower you. Actions suffused with love. Actions which address the causes of poor health and dissolves them. Actions which go to the source of good health and accelerates them.

It is that which interests us most.

The trajectory. Actions. Practice.

FREE. Actions Which You Can Start Taking Today

On the subject of actions, even today irregard if you buy an HPS GUIDED™ program or not, you can start taking on your own the most basic actions by making it a point to get into the habit of taking a good look at your bowel movement everyday and watching your bowel movements daily, every time you poop.

You'll profit more from that action than counting calories for example. Your bowel movements tell you about the state and the trajectory of your health... where your health is today and where it is headed in the near future.

Does counting calories do that for you? Does reading food labels do that for you? Does doing sit-ups or push-ups do that for you?

In conjunction with bowel watching another worthy action to adopt already today would be to start "listening" to your body.

For example, you should eat a meal only when your body tells you it is hungry.

What you're feeling when you are hungry is your body telling you in a very concrete way that it actually needs some food and nutrition.

By the way, I have found with my own body that once that urge comes up to eat, i.e., my body is telling me it needs nourishment, if I put off eating for another hour, i.e., wait another hour and then only eat I profit even more. You'll have to train yourself in doing this, but you'll find it is not all that hard, it's just another habit. By profit I mean I end up eating less, and the food I do eat gets assimilated better.

If it isn't telling you it needs food, why then would you be eating? Unfortunately, most people just eat indiscriminately.

If you are not training yourself to listen, all you are doing is indiscriminately eating for reasons which have nothing to do with your health, or bodily needs.

Eating because it is a certain hour of the day (breakfast for example or because your office gave you a lunch break), or because it is emotionally fulfilling (think ice cream, or a piece of creamy chocolate cake) or because your friends or family have decided to sit down for a meal, invited you, so therefore you should too is folly. Is foolish.

Eating in that manner doesn't contribute to your better health, weight, energy or vitality. Nor longevity.

Learning to listen to your body and its needs, intimately listening, contributes more to your well being in the longer run than listening to others, or watching the clock.

Actions do matter.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ you are going to be introduced to a slew of new actions.

How to eat is an important action too... it' called food combining. Trophology- the science of food combining.

Right now you probably don't think about the 'how to eat'... you just think about 'what to eat OR what not to eat i.e., what to avoid.'

Isn't it so?

Here at HPS GUIDED™ we're not just thinking about the 'what' but also we're thinking about 'the how.' You might want to find some time to take a quick look at some of the articles at our forum, specifically the food combining article and the food profiles article. We're living that stuff, you too could be profiting from it already today.

Another action worth taking immediately is getting into the habit of taking a day off from any and all electronic devices.

That means TV, computer screens, mobile phone screens, etc.. Giving our mental health a rest is so important in this day and age of constant excessive intense electronic interaction.

Recent research shows that kids in the teenage group and upwards (i.e., young adults) in the UK access their mobile phone (i.e., look at their screen and access an app, two or three) over 150 times a day! Everyday.

That's over 45,000 times a year!

Do anything over 45,000 times in one year and I can guarantee you it has an effect on your health!

That kind of behavior leads to a passive-aggressive mentality.

Ten minutes you're passive, and then aggressively for a few moments you're very active with your phone, social media and apps. And then again passive for ten or twenty minutes. And then again aggressive. If it were a one off experience then it wouldn't be too harmful, or too negative. But when it is a habit, a daily habit, day in and day out, for months and then years, well, that's a negative habit detrimental to health.

You want to ignore it? Deny it?

Go ahead, that's a choice.

Taking a day off is an intelligent way to start breaking the habit or at the least to develop more awareness about it.

The human mind and our human eyes never have had to this extent such a relentless ongoing passive-aggressive experience in the history of humanity.

To think that this doesn't have a negative effect on our mental and physical health is folly. Foolish.

I see with my own health (my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health) how beneficial it is when I take a day off. I usually try and take two days off, Saturday and Sunday! That's the rule in my life. No phone, no internet, no TV. I find myself having to do other things. That works even better for me.

Last but not least, we all need to learn how to live with good health.

Yes, this is important too. It's not so simple.

This too you should be paying attention to right now, and forever more.

You must have noticed how lottery winners, the ones who win big, have stories about self-destructing down the road.

They just don't know how to live with their good fortune. They self destruct frequently. In heath it's the same too.

When people finally acquire great health, they frequently lose it quickly. They just don't know how to live with it. We would be wise to pay attention to this fact and take actions so that we live a long happy life with our good health rather than losing it again. A very basic action which you can take already today is to get in the habit of mentally blessing yourself and your health daily, and to rejoice. You can find a short prayer here.

There are no apps to play with here at HPS GUIDED™ DBC™.

There is only you taking actions as defined by this online guided program. Deep body caring actions.

BTW, in case you haven't noticed the word CARE is prominent ... it's called 'HEALTH CARE' for a reason.

There is supposed to be some 'caring' going on by you.

Real caring.

Not information accumulation or product accumulation but some real down to earth caring.

And so there is here at HPS GUIDED™

We're putting the 'caring' back into our health. Step by step. Action after action. Deeply.

Online from 1996.

Revolutionize Your Health and Restore Your Inner Sanctuary

Our clients have, I have, you probably can too.

This is what I Jos-hua (the founder of this program) look and feel like at age sixty in light of thirty years of HPS deep body caring (DBC™). Take a good look. This program obviously heals, rejuvenates and slows down the aging processes in a very self-evident way.

In fact, as far as I Jos-hua am concerned regarding my own body tone, weight, looks, energy, immunity, fitness, flexibility, stamina, aging and health this program has delivered beyond my wildest expectations.

We've proven it's possible for you to heal in a self evident way. We've proven that you can easily slow down the aging processes in a very discernable way. We've also proven that preventative health care can be a reality and not just a pipe dream. Our clients have proven it.


Online since 1996. With HPS you'll find follow through, continuity, accountability and thus consistency of character, sincerity and integrity. How many other health websites, anti-aging projects or health/fitness centers can say that, and prove it too? How many of those thousands of Youtube video producers have it? Or book writers? Or supplement manufacturers? Or diet promoters? Check HPS availability. Inquire today. Since we've succeeded in being around for so long already, for almost a quarter of a century online, you must deduce that we must have something valuable to offer. Most health websites are fad oriented, they disappear within 3 to 5 years because they offer nothing substantial, valuable or sustainable in health. We do.

We know ours is the most intelligent approach to health care if you are going to be spending time and money on your body and health, for it.

Otherwise, you're guaranteed to experience either the same old health problems again, or a variety of new different health problems arising in the future.

And in both cases that of course means unending spiraling out of control costs again (tests, doctor visits, traffic to fight, meds to buy, supplements to order and untold hours online trying to figure out on your own how to proceed, with what, and why).

Normalcy Bias?

There isn't just a problem with health in America and around the world, there is a problem with perception too... when people think that having hemorrhoids is normal, that constipation is normal, that getting the flu is normal, that having headaches is normal, that not having any energy left at the end of the day is normal, that insomnia is normal, that big bloated bags under the eyes is normal, that graying at thirty and forty is normal or undiagnosed clinical depression is normal, or being bi-polar is acceptable or aches and pains are a normal part of aging, well, THEY ARE WRONG!

Non of that is normal. Many people think it is normal because they've been sold a wrong perception. Culturally, we've been convinced to identify with, TOLERATE and accept it all rather than rising up and intelligently taking proper actions to eliminate it all. Here at HPS we don't accept any health dysfunction or health problem as normal. All need to intelligently be eliminated and terminated and healed in a holistic manner, and swiftly at that. And proactive steps are to be taken so that they are prevented from coming back again!

Is there anybody else telling you that your normalcy biases are abnormal?

Anybody else who wants to help you address both drivers (body and mind) simultaneously? All done under one roof, and in one online guided instructional and educational program?

Is there anybody else on your radar helping you address the four different aspects/facets/sides of your health simultaneously?

Anybody else ready to teach you how to go deeply into your own body, into your internal environment, and transform your health?

All done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, in your comfort zone at your pace and convenience? Anybody else? No, we didn't think so.

By using our HPS approach AND our HPS DBC™ system for health care you'll be finding that all of these types of health issues/problems/dysfunctions (and more) can be ELIMINATED from your life, for good. Terminated never to come back again!

Come on- chop chop- you're missing out on the very best you can be, on the very best in health, and in health care.

Our approach to health care is unique, powerful, empowering, proven, and very tested.

Where to Put Your Hands?

Put your hands on yourself by using our supervised alternative health care system which puts the emphasis on you rather than on tests, meds or drugs.

Put your hands on deep body care practices rather than on food lists and nutrition rules.

The constant call to prayer about FOOD, FOOD, FOOD is misinforming hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Without an equal focus on waste management you will always continue to suffer from health problems no matter how good the food you eat is, no matter how organic it is, and no matter how nutritious it is.

Mountains of waste lead to mountains of health problems. That's an undeniable fact.

The 2016 Noble prize recipient for medicine got his Nobel for claiming and proving just that- that it is an undeniable fact!

I'm not alone in saying what I'm saying to you today.

Put your hands on the acquisition of skills and educating yourself rather than on supplements, fitness & exercises routines, and/or medical insurance.

Put your hands on body and on mind rather than just on equipment and devices.

Ask yourself, what percentage of your health care right now is focusing on your mind? If less than 20% you're doing a big disservice to your physical health, especially as you age!

Mental health care always leads physical health and not the other way around.

In twenty or thirty years from today someone will be getting a Nobel in medicine for proving that fact too. Watch and see another prophecy of mine come true as you age. HPS is light years ahead of others!

Put your hands on our HPS expertise and long experience rather than on hopes and fears.

We talk differently, act differently and do differently than anyone on your health radar.

We want you to talk, think, do and act differently, too.

We want you to join us and do this program online with us, too.

If you intend to allow buttheads to be in charge and manage your health rather than to intelligently self manage it yourself, feel free to do that. The big question is do you still have any faith, trust and confidence left in the people at the top of the system or most prevalent in the system which you are involved in. If not, one way out now, is to get into deep body care.

I know if you take care of your health today, as you took care of it yesterday, you're robbing yourself of a better tomorrow.

There Is No Magic Here At HPS!

If you do as instructed and taught, you'll profit immensely. Luckily for you most of this program (98%) is done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at your pace and convenience so devoting yourself isn't all that hard, nor that inconvenient.

If it isn't yet abundantly clear from the above, allow us to clarify exactly what happens to you here at HPS.

People who live this program FINISH.

We have demonstrable proof that they finish with doctor visits, finish with medical tests, meds, drugs, RX visits, endless dieting, endless supplements and endless fitness routines.

That ends for them. Forever. That's over.

They attain great health and sustain it by focusing on what's important- by focusing on their internal environment, their bowels and elimination systems, their energy systems, their internal organs and their vitality, their vital human life force, and their mental and emotional makeup.

This is a different way of taking care of health, one that has a long proven track record. Online since 1996. Self-help that works.

Your goal at HPS GUIDED™ is twofold ... to transform your health and at the same time to transform how you relate to health care.

To attain genuine healing, genuine rejuvenation and genuine authentic prevention sums up the goals.

In short, self-help anxiety free heath for a lifetime.

HPS GUIDED™ DBC™ - Deep Body Care - Fix yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually too. A fully guided self-help health system with a very long proven track record, online since 1996.

The Bottom Line Is This

Most of us have never been taught how to care for ourselves and our health in a sane, efficient, intelligent, holistic manner.

We don't know how to heal ourselves nor how to rejuvenate ourselves- rejuvenate both body and mind.

And do take note, if we knew how to also effectively prevent, we'd have less curing to do and less healing to have to deal with to begin with!

Jos-hua the HPS medicine man, the founder of this website, project and program is going to personally be teaching you in this program, individually teaching and helping you place your hands on your body and mind, and he personally will be supporting you too for weeks and months as you practice this program, while you heal and rejuvenate, cure and prevent. While you transform your health.

Most people never consciously make any serious investments in their health, which after all are an investment in ourselves, in our life, in our family, in our present and our future. Now you can with certainty.

Our modern stress filled culture has been overcome and overwhelmed by a quick fix mentality, especially in health.

That culture is very detrimental to health. The numbers prove it.

Here at HPS we have a different culture.

A culture that supports the long-term capitulation of bad health coupled with a rejuvenation of body and mind.

Investing in yourself and intelligently caring for yourself with self confidence in an effective, lasting, renewing and efficient manner is not what you were trained in.

Therefore, you haven't and you don't.

You've been trained to be dependent on others (doctors, tests and specialists) and on products, equipment, meds, fitness and cheap gimmicks.

You've reneged on your own power, wisdom and abilities to care for yourself. You've thrown the responsibility on others.

Worst off is, you made stuff up as you meddled along alone on your own.

Now, lets fix that!

A new 2017 study from TransUnion Healthcare reveals that Patient responsibility on 14% of hospital bills in 2016 exceeded $3,000.

Deep Body Care. DBC™.
HPS Renaissance Health Care.
7 Day Wonder level 1.
Deep Body Tissue Cleaning. Deep Body Healing. Deep Body Rejuvenation. Deep Body Prevention.

  • $899 only
    (Two equally split payments are possible. Yes! Bitcoin is also accepted too.)


    1) Order a DBC 7 Day Wonder level 1 and level 2 program and enjoy a 20% discount on both levels.
    Your cost $1,440 only. That's over 400 dollars savings in your pocket today! That's almost enough to pay for all the products used in the level 1 program.

    2) Two for the price of one! Bring your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, along and it's free for them!

    3) Bring a friend into the program with you and you'll both enjoy not just doing this together at the same time online but also a 10% discount.


    More information below.

    We're going to choreograph your health, act by act, step by step, movement by movement. Has anyone ever done that for you before, with you before? No, we didn't think so.

    If you don't spend you are not going to trend toward better health.

    What's needed to order and do an HPS GUIDED™ program?

    The un-tested in health are more than welcomed into this program. No previous health knowledge, detox or self-help health care experience is required to succeed in this program. In fact the less you know about health care the better off you'll probably be because you'll be approaching everything here with an open mind and an open heart without any preconceived ideas or prejudices but beyond the self motivation to change yourself and your health and beyond the financial resources needed to buy this you will also need the following: 1) An internet connection. 2) Knowledge of the English language- read and write. 3) An ability to type in English. 4) You'll need to spend somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes a day at our online forum, every three days (i.e., twice a week) for at least three months (five or six months would be better for you). 4) An acceptance, happiness and willingness to follow instructions... this is after all a guided program. We're not just focused on healing your present health problems, we're also focused on transforming your health and how you relate to your body and health. 5) You'll need to take five days off from work plus the weekend to fully devote yourself to the deep body tissue cleaning part of this online guided program. Once you become proficient in deep tissue cleaning you'll be able to work while doing it (just as I do), but right now if you are a novice it would be wise to fully devote yourself for seven full days. 6)The products used in this program are not included in the price of the program. You will need to purchase them independently. We'll provide you with a list of recommended vendors. Buy from them or vendors of your choice, it makes no difference to us. We make our money from this program, from fundamentally improving your health and not from commissions vendors pay out for products sold or from Google adwords as other sites do (you must have noticed that there are no banner advertisements or Google adwords anywhere on any page in this website). When your HPS Deep Body Care results are self-evident and self-motivating you'll come back for more HPS deep body care, for the advanced levels of this program. And we'll both profit. When your bowel movements are like Jos-hua's, you'll know that your health is actually moving, moving in the right direction.

    Inquire into availability. This past decade you've spent much more than the cost of this program on your beauty, fitness, energy, body, aging, longevity and health yet you have received back only 1/10th of what you could have got if you were doing this HPS self-help program instead. Not just money have you spent but too much time, energy, anxiety and worrying too. Just imagine what the next decade PERHAPS beholds for you- the costs of health care, the bodily pains, the illnesses and of course the mental anxiety & confusion associated with all of that. After all you'll be ten years older, not younger. Yep, Jos-hua cost. As does this HPS program. Of course this cost! This isn't another stupid pill, exercise routine, or diet. Nor a video or a book. Nor is this ten days at a detox Spa and off you go, on a limb, on your own. This is much deeper, more comprehensive, more lasting and a thousand times more effective. Don't underestimate the power of this program! Oh sure, you can learn all this on your own if you want to and maybe even become good at it. I did. It took me almost seven years and over 14,000 US$ to sort it all out, but I did and you probably can too if you have the time. If not, HPS is a steal. Your days of being someone's patient are over for good... This is a hands-on educational/instructional comprehensive rewiring of your temple, done by you for your body, looks, immunity, beauty, fitness, health and longevity. Done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, in your comfort zone. Fully guided. Supervised self-help. Practical and inspirational health care. GENUINE AUTHENTIC HANDS-ON HEALTH CARE, NOT MORE SICK CARE! A synopsis of this program can be found at the top of this page. I suggest you start there if you haven't read it yet. Polls our clients participated in can be found immediately below this paragraph. They are worthy of your attention too. The HPS health programs are hand-holding self-help alternative health programs for women and for men. For ages 25 years old to 65 years young. Online since 1996! Jos-hua the HPS medicine man is personally going to be your guide in this health tour, while you do this health care program. He is going to hold your hands and hold you close to his heart and guide you every step of the way in reclaiming vibrant health. He is going to dance the dance of deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention with you. But first we're going to start off with some deep tissue cleaning (a week of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined) in order to set the stage for healing, rejuvenation and prevention to enact sustainably. Without addressing our soil internally (within our body) the roots of our health can never be fantastically strong nor securely anchored! Vibrant, vigorous, energetic, youthful health is the goal here in HPS GUIDED™ Deep Body Care.

    Click here to compare your bowel movement of today or yesterday, to Jos-hua's. Look at the difference in size, color, width and texture.
    Or compare your looks and vitality to Jos-hua's. Here is what he looks like at sixty.
    Why this type of program? An expansion of all the above.

    Any questions? Contact us

    Please Note: Prices are subject to change. By appointment only. Places are limited to 12 new persons only, per year.

One Program Under One Roof

  • One program. Under one roof. One goal ... Sustainable better health. Nothing more. Nothing less. See what these four persons say about that. This is for those persons who genuinely want to heal their outstanding health issues, prevent new issues from arising in the future, take control of their health destiny and at the same time start slowing down the aging processes too. Your health and your health care has been Swiss cheesed for years. That ends here in this HPS guided online educational alternative health care program. Together, you and Jos-hua are going to partner together in plugging once and for all all the holes in your health and the holes in your health care.

One Key - Responsiveness

  • Transformation is a process. It requires personal unlimited attention to you, education, love and continuous professional feedback every step of the way. They all are critical if your health care is going to transform your body but unfortunately all four have been denied to you, that is up until today they've been denied. Now, here, you are going to get them all.

    Even with the best intentions, the best information, the best supplements, fitness routines and diets at their fingertips most people are still suffering and will continue to suffer from minor and major health problems, declining health, a lack of self-evident rejuvenation, a lack of confidence in the self care of themselves and very little preventative health care capacity under their belts. There is no caring and no love and no education in their health care. It's just pills, shots, tests and diets. Consequently, how could it be different. And as we already talked about above there is no rewiring and no rebooting of health. In short, disease, illness, dysfunctions, frequent health problems and unending suffering is what the sick care paradigm gives us. It isn't health care, it's just plain old sick care. And it sucks.

    Online since 1996. Here at HPS GUIDED™ we want to see you reclaim the keys to better health. It's you who interests us.

4 Core Protocols

  • Why seven days of deep tissue cleaning?

    "Seven is a sort of 'magic number' throughout the realm of nature. Women's menstrual cycles occur in four units of seven, as does the moon orbit around the earth. It takes exactly seven days to cleanse the entire bloodstream by fasting, and it requires seven days to thoroughly rid the lymph of toxins. On a larger scale, it takes seven months to balance the endocrine system through proper nutrition and exercise and seven years to replace every cell in the body."

    Can you do this? Can you succeed in doing a week of fasting combined with home colonics twice daily?

    Of course you can. We've made this easier than anyone ever has before. The proof is in the pudding. Hundreds upon hundreds of online clients to date. Check out the polls above, specifically the one talking about the hardest part of this program. You'll find there that the fasting and home colonic part of the program isn't what our clients complained about. They had other complaints, other challenges, which they had to work through. And which they did with our 24/7 help, guidance, support, education, love and inspiration! We intend to see you moving forward, continuously, in a safe and positive direction.

Many Skill Sets

  • The view is beautiful, exciting and rewarding from the summit. It's the sequencing of skill acquisition and not just the protocols themselves which is of supreme importance if sustainable results are on your radar. In all four levels at HPS we spend time and energy on improving our mental and emotional health too. After all, they influence our health and longevity in a very direct manner both today and far into the future.

Great health is not about products, tools, or equipment. It's not about diets, supplements, tests, meds or exercises.

And it's got absolutely nothing to do with clinics, spas, gyms, health or medical insurance.

When the soil is great, the harvest is bountiful!

That's what it is about!

Skyrocket your health, immunity, fitness and beauty.

Instead of seeing your body and health as something external to you, treating it, you now will begin to partner with your body, mind and health. With skin in the game your relationship will change.

Great health is about a relationship with our body and our mind; if you ignore one part of the relationship, you put your health and well being in jeopardy.

Sometimes that peril manifests immediately, other times it takes some time to develop, but it ultimately does!

Both body and mind need your attention in a very basic way if fixing your health is on your agenda.

Here's what Jos-hua looks like at sixty after attending to both, to both body and mind, for thirty plus years already.

Inquire into availability

Ask any experienced farmer what is the most important ingredient to the success of his or her crop and the answer will ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION be the same- THE SOIL.

If the soil is no good (i.e., rancid) no matter how much he or she tills it, no matter if he buys the best seeds, the best tractors and the most expensive combines, no matter how much he waters his land, no matter how good and efficient his irrigation system is, no matter how many fertilizers and nutrients he pours into it, no matter how much love he gives his seeds and his crop, no matter how much time he spends in the fields his harvest is always consistently going to be weak. Consistently forever!

Please remember that. It always begins with the soil, with the basic environment.

In health care it's the same too!

Attention to your body ecology (body and mind) is critical if you intend to control the trajectory of your health into the future. That's the soil. Your internal environment. Physically and mentally.

The soil is the key factor.

Without addressing our soil the roots of our health can never be fantastically strong nor securely anchored!

Supplements, meds, exercising, diets, apple cider vinegar, smoothies, herbal teas, superfoods, nutrition, yoga, organic food, etc., etc., ... NON OF THEM do anything for the soil of our body. Actually they are seeds that are planted in the soil.

HPS is the sharpest crayon in the box.

If we want great health, if we want sustainable healing, if we want sustainable self evident rejuvenation and vigorous prevention it would be wise for us to take care of the soil.

Doing so will insure a bountiful health harvest year after year until our very last days.

The best way and the most effective way to do that is by draining the swamps and cesspools of waste which are contaminating the soil.

If we do not do this, if we ignore our internal environment and the necessities of waste management, if this is not our focus in our own personal health care, or if we don't do it properly and frequently (at least once a year) our soil will become rancid.

And from rancid polluted soil, nothing of any value or beauty grows.

Our health harvest will always be meek and meager rather than vigorous and vibrant.

Consistently weak no matter how many workouts we do, how well we eat, how many supplements and vitamins we take or how many tests and doctor visits we make.

We hope now everything is clear. Clearer for you!

And we hope now, your view of health and health care will change forever.

We're HPS. Helping People Survive.

And thrive!

Offline from 1990. Online from 1996.

A quarter of a century helping people survive and thrive.

Inquire into availability





Think about it... what are all of us talking about all the time?

We're talking about either love or fear. That's the basic choice in life. One or the other.

That's how our lives unfold, either in love or in fear. These are the two basic choices which we all have.

There is not really much in between. It's one or the other.

Here at HPS you'll be learning how to love your body and your health.

Without HPS you're left with fear. And that's a sad state to be in for decades.

My bottom line?

You got a body. It's there for you to master it.

In fact, it's just sitting and waiting for you to master it!

Every time you encounter some kind of health problem that's your body demanding from you to master it.

Either you are going to love your body & health or you are going to continue to fear what might happen to it.

And fear is a killer, a destroyer of health, simply because it constantly depresses the immune system.

At HPS we're choosing love!

And you? Where are you standing?

Join in. Buy Now! Inquire into availability.

Stop and think...

You are stuck with your body. You cannot walk away from it. You have got to learn how to master it so that it serves you rather than you serving it.

From all the different health programs, doctors, meds, procedures, trendy celebrity detox, products and supplements on your radar, diets and workouts, how many are able to show you ONE hundred program reviews or testimonies written up by their clients at an online forum (let alone a few hundred)?

Can anyone prove the lasting efficacy (beyond a MONTH or two) of what they are offering you?

Or is it all just talk, promises and claims, knowing that you will be back in a month or two STILL UNHEALTHY to buy more supplements again, new devices and equipment, new books, and ready for more tests?

We can!

Here, start with these four people. Ages 33, 49, 55 and 25. Two women and two men. See where they are at (physically, mentally and emotionally) after a year of HPS'ing.

Find over 400+ (four hundred plus) reviews and other testimonies at our online forum.

Haven't you ever wondered why your health isn't yet excellent in light of all the things you've already done for it?

And in light of all the money you've already spent on it?

And all the tips you picked up on social media?

It's because of some of the choices you've made in the past.

We make tons of choices everyday. I do and you do too. Life is about choices. Choices are unavoidable.

When we are misinformed and without guidance we have a greater chance of making mistaken choices particularly with regards to health. We Swiss cheese our health.

Here's a classic bad choice too many people make daily... "Diet soda triples cause of stroke & dementia compared to normal cola daily habit" - study

Most people think that drinking "diet" soda is better for their health, but actually it isn't.

You just made a choice right now. You chose this longer version presentation over the short version.

I'm suggesting here today that you're going to have to chose what type of health you intend to have this year, and this life. And what type of effort and investments you are going to make to achieve it is also on the agenda today.

Make the right choice this time. If you don't do this you should plan on your health care expenses continuing to rise and your debt levels too.

I personally got on this path because at age thirty not only did I have a variety of health issues that needed fixing but also I was especially keen on finding a health care path that would keep my bills/expenses to the absolute minimum for decades. And this definitely has!

In the past thirty years not one RX visit (can you imagine what's it's like not to ever walk into an RX for thirty years!), no meds ever, no doctor visits or tests, no surgeries, no hospital visits, no endless supplements or endless vitamins, no fitness expenses (memberships, apparel, equipment, travel, etc.) and no health insurance (this program is my insurance!).

When I add it all up (thirty years) I get to a ballpark number that is roughly close to 80-100K which has stayed in my pocket.

Everything you are today is a result of everything you've done in the past.

Everything you will be in future years will be a result of what you do now in the present, this year and next.

Make the right choice, and you'll profit.

Make the wrong choice and you might find yourself getting punched in the face again with crazy health bills, or at the least slapped down with a bunch of health problems that will mess with your life- your finances, your family, your job, your sex life and your happiness.

Let's face it, the health system worldwide not just in America but worldwide is broken, and it's not going to be fixed anytime soon. The political will and courage just isn't there and won't be. Anyway, who cares, it's not health care, it's a sick care system. And the costs are just going to keep spiraling higher, not lower. Now is the time to excuse yourself from the sick care system, to exit it. Some of us don't ask the system for permission to exit, we create our own system, and just exit. Inquire into availability today.



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What Our Fantastic Users Say

"This latest marks 6 HPS DBC programs with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years.

While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before.

Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of that?”

"Greetings everyone

It's been just on a month since I finished my first HPS Master Faster 7 Day Wonder DBC program.

This was my 5th 7 Day Wonder with HPS and each one just gets easier and easier.

Even though I had taken just over a year's break between this DBC and my Level 4, once I got started it was a pretty easy 9 days of fasting, juicing and home colonics.

The reason I titled this testimonial "the key to positivity" is because this Freedom Cleanse coincided with the opening of my new healing centre and in the face of all the tough challenges that come with opening a new business, I came out at the end of the 9 days with overflowing positivity and motivation . I honestly felt like nothing was going to be too difficult to overcome.

Aside from all of the physical benefits that come part and parcel with doing a HPS Freedom Cleanse (of which you can find listed in many of the other testimonials) I had gained something even more valuable for my current situation.

In today's society with its constant bombardment of stress, challenges and negative energy it's a real struggle to continually feel motivated and positive day after day. However my 9 days of Freedom Cleansing pushed me through that barrier and into a new space of immeasurable positivity.

Even after 1 month has passed I am still maintaining the same level of positivity and really look forward to what my next 7DW Freedom Cleanse is going to bring.

HPS Deep Body Care can help you not only with your physical problems but also with reaching the next level of success in your life !

Hope to see you here soon!!"

I'm not alone in saying the things I am saying and which I am promoting in this HPS website.

The 2016 Nobel prize winner for medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the same things too, and has applied the same logic in his research work related to cellular waste management which earned him the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016.

I quote him:

"You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

Yoshinori San has spent a lifetime in research. I on the other hand have spent a lifetime developing a system of health care that exactly addresses his conclusions. He gets a Nobel prize, and I get gefilte fish. Go figure. How awesome is that!

Yes, I want to inquire into HPS availability. I want to buy and do this online guided instructional health program of Jos-hua's.* I want him personally involved in my health care, with me, by my side. I'm ready to transform my health. Pricing. Program synopsis.

This program is not available to everyone. There is no automatic acceptance. Places online are limited to 1 NEW PERSON PER MONTH, 12 new persons per year. We're not like other health sites who just want to just sell, sell, sell. This is an exclusive program. Please answer the below questions and send back your answers to us in the above form. HPS is about Jos-hua developing a deep relationship with you. He's going to have to devote himself to you therefore he'd like to know a bit about you before jumping into bed with you. Please be as thorough as possible when answering the below five questions of his. He wants to work with people who want to heal and transform their health. He did that with his own body, now he wants to help you too.

In your message please advise:

1) When would you like to start your HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance Health Care™ program online?

Possible different dates which are good for you, which would work best for you?

2) How old are you?

3) Which country will you be doing your HPS DBC™ program in?

4) Tell Jos-hua the state of your health today.

What problems do you have that need fixing? Jos-hua would like to hear your whole story, minor and major issues. All of them. Please list them all and explain to the best of your ability. Past and present, and future worries too.

5) Have you ever done any serious alternative health care before?

Any kind of cleansing, not specifically deep body cleansing. Anywhere? At a fasting or cleansing spa in Thailand, the Caribbean or in Europe for example. Or a detox program of any kind, or even just colon cleaning supplements. Or any type of internal organ cleansing? Maybe a parasite cleanse or maybe just a juicing program? Jos-hua would like to know if you have any previous experiences (at any level) in trying to clean out and clean up your body, health and lifestyle. With this information in his hands he will have a better picture how to help you achieve the success that has evaded you and your health to date. Thanks.

It is highly advisable to read our FAQ prior to contacting us.

P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully."

P.P.S. Look forward to a personal reply back from Jos-hua the HPS medicine man within 24 to 48 hours. If the above contact form isn't working, you can always contact us by email at program [{at}] hps-online.com

Grow your life force!

This program brings you a "Renaissance in health."

A Renaissance in health both physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

This HPS program is designed to safely re-calibrate health, all facets of health, especially vital life force.

HPS deep body care ... Deep body care is the antithesis of Swiss cheese health care.











Our clients don't want to take care of their body & health as their parents and grandparents did.

Nor as their friends do.

They know that system of health care didn't work out too well.

They've seen the results on their parents and with their grandparents. And now they're watching the sad results their friends are experiencing. Cancer is on the rampage and everyone knows that they might possibly be the next victim. Heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, organ failure, etc. aren't that far behind.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

You do have a choice.
A proven tried and tested alternative.

Start a Renaissance today! You'll profit.