Our approach to health and to your health care is fundamentally different here at HPS GUIDED™. Online from 1996.

In fact profoundly different. This is a game changer.

We've got a record.

I myself with my own body have a long track record spanning thirty years of accomplishments. And with my clients online it's already been over twenty years, all documented at an online forum. A proven stellar record.

Everyone else on your radar has talk, promises, claims and products for sale. Take note, they all are parroting one another doing the exact same things. None of what they are doing is going to fundamentally improve our health, neither today nor far into the future.

Here it is a different ballgame.

We have a system of health care (a deep body care system), a plan and an online guided instructional and educational program. Not products, diets or exercise regimens which I want to offer you but rather a plan, a program and a new way of taking care of yourself. That's a big difference!

I intend to make you as healthy as I am and as proficient in your health care as I am. What is made, cannot be unmade.


Your body wants you to master it.

In fact, it's demanding it every time you have a health problem.

That's your body saying "goddamnit, master me, eliminate these health problems forever! Enough with THE TREATMENTS, the pills, meds, drugs and supplements. Just master me!"

Here at HPS we've mastered our body, now we want to show you how to master yours too.

HPS GUIDED™ works!

"Great health isn't to be found outside of you (not in a doctor's office, not in a med, not in a supplement and not from an exercise routine, diet or vitamin) but rather it already is in you. All you need to do is learn how to master it and release it!"

- Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man