At HPS Health we're totally into "different strokes for different folks."

No two bodies are the same just as no two people are the same!

This is a deep body care program... deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention. The foundation of this program resides in deep body tissue cleansing. This is a body and mind program. In my opinion great health requires from you to attend to both. Online from 1996. For ages 21 to 65 year young.

This HPS online alternative health program is based on three basic premises... 1) Like I was thirty years ago, you too today, are going to need professional support and constant guidance if you are to seriously change the status and the trajectory of your health. Healing, curing, rejuvenation and prevention means more than just taking pills, reading a book, an exercise routine, some herbal teas or a diet. It requires an action packed plan and program. 2)  Personal individual feedback is imperative for meeting success in deep body care. Without it you're just shooting in the dark guessing and making things up along the way. 3) Group support, i.e., communication with others walking the exact same path makes a big difference in your long term sustainability.

I know your time is precious therefore today I'm giving you two different presentations of this program.

A short concise version and a longer version.

Chose which version suits you best in light of your time constraints today.

The shorter version

The longer version

The shorter version is just the relevant essential information about the program. You can get the general picture in ten minutes only.

The longer version will take you at least thirty minutes to read from top to bottom.

The longer version gives you a totally full view of the program where you'll find me offering you an expansive view of this guided health care program including my impressions, my understanding of what this program can do for my patients, my aspirations and our experiences to date with hundreds of our online clients. Online since 1996.

And please, do come back and visit us and our forum again in the future. We're here for you, with you! Tell your best friend on social media about us, too. You do have the power to better their life too. This program should be exceptionally interesting to millennials. Are you telling me that all those people who already got cancer or heart disease didn't exercise and didn't eat as well as you do?