There is nothing like HPS GUIDED™ anywhere at any price, online or offline. Our record speaks for itself.

I must make one thing clear to you before you start reading...

I'm not some new kid on the block. I didn't just read about, or hear about the things I am going to suggest you do. And I haven't done them once, twice or three times in the past few years. I've been doing them on my own body and for my own health for over thirty straight years, consecutively every year. Year in and year out. Thirty years! There aren't ten people on the planet that I know about in the same class. So please pay attention to what I'm saying to you today. You'll profit. I've kept it simple and basic in the following pages, either you'll be believing me or not, that's a choice you'll have to make. I have no need to tell you anything that I haven't personally been doing for over a quarter of a century.

I guess there is also one more thing I need to say... I'm from the old school. I've been doing all this before the internet even existed. The kids today, the internet generation, are into quick fixes, fame and name. They want to be liked. I personally couldn't care if you love me or hate me. What I care about is your health changing in a sustainable manner. Us "old schoolers," got into this type of health care because we were looking for something real, that's lasting, and which actually works. We devoted ourselves to our own health- our body and mind. It's important to me that you understand me, I'm not a health fanatic. I'm a normal guy like you....I like to eat, party, drink, play and enjoy life. If you are looking for someone with an ideological slant, a dogma or a guru status, someone that you can look up to say, "look at him, be like him," that's not me. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here for one reason only- to help you fix yourself. In the most cost effective, most efficient, most safe, holistic and natural way. And to sustain it. I believe I can help you do that better than anyone else on your radar- to help you heal, rejuvenate and prevent in a lasting sustainable manner. I'm here to help you do that. That's what this HPS online guided body/mind program is all about. You.

In light of your time constraints today, chose which version of the HPS GUIDED™ program page suits you best.

The longer version of the program page. (Ordering is placed here).

The shorter version of the program page. (Find here also a valuable health prayer/blessing).

The longer version gives you a totally full view of the program including a program synopsis, pricing, polls our clients voted in and commented on, my understanding as the founder of this program what our methodology can do for your health, my aspirations for you and our experiences to date with hundreds of our online clients. Online since 1996. Places in this online program are available for only one new person per month, twelve per year.

The shorter version is rhetorical. You can get the general picture in five minutes only.

The longer version will take fifteen minutes to read from top to bottom.


It's time you learned how remake yourself, independently, on your own. HPS GUIDED™ is a health care program, not a product.

Therefore you are going to have to read the program pages if you want to understand what the program is all about and how you can profit from it.

HPS is offering you a Deep Body Care program... Exclusive to Online from 1996.

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention.

That's our focus.

Now let's make it yours too.


A survey released in March by Merritt Hawkins, a Dallas medical consulting and recruiting firm, found it takes 29 days on average to secure an appointment with a family care physician, up from 19.5 days in 2014. For some specialties, the delays are similarly long, with a 32-day wait to see a dermatologist, and a 21-day delay at the typical cardiologist's office.

And some patients are willing to pay a lot to avoid that. MD Squared, an elite practice that charges up to $25,000 a year, opened a Silicon Valley office in 2013 and within months had a waiting list to join.

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You do have the power to influence their life. This HPS program should be exceptionally interesting to millennials. Are you telling me that all those people who already got chronic fatigue, cancer, a stroke, heart disease or some other illness didn't exercise and didn't eat as well as you millennials do? You might believe yoga is all you  need for your health. Yoga is nice but HPS GUIDED™ is superior. Regarding THE HEALTH RESULTS ACHIEVABLE, there is really nothing like HPS GUIDED™. Yoga is inferior. I'm in the know because I've been extensively doing both for over 30 YEARS already!