Deep Body Care. (DBC™).

This is my health insurance. Make it yours too!

This is a lot better than running into life butt naked.
You'll end up not only much more healthier than you ever have been before but also you'll end up with a ton of money saved too. Money now spent on doctor visits, tests, insurance, drugs, supplements, endless fitness expenses, etc., etc.. Key features and pricing below. Up to three separate payments accepted.

I'm not an ideologue when it comes to health.

Different strokes for different folks. I get it. We're not all the same.

But what is the same is that we need to "renew our harvest" every year of our lives until our very last day of living. That's a common approach that all of us can benefit from.

By the time I was thirty I had a whole bunch of different health problems. My harvest was running dry. Famine was setting in.

Years with doctors, tests, meds, supplements, diets and workouts didn't solve anything. It was one health problem after another. They just kept arising. And not healing.

I ended up with deep tissue cleansing- fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined for a week.

That did the trick. Healing followed.

I ended up following the teachings and practices of the great Dr. Bernard Jensen. Healing and rejuvenation followed.

Dr. Jensen taught that deep tissue cleansing is extremely important if we wish to heal and rejuvenate. His particular focus on the bowel was unrelenting. What are the characteristics of a healthy bowel movement? Learn here.

During his many years of sanitarium work he found "that taking care of the five elimination systems in the most important thing we can do to maintain health. Nothing is more important than making sure these five systems are working optimally. Neither all the medicines nor all the therapies in the world will help much or provide any lasting relief if these systems are not functioning well. The greatest, and most abused and neglected, of all these systems is the bowel."

At HPS we therefore start with the bowel and the bloodstream, and then move into the mind, the other vital internal organs and the glands. It's a step-by-step progression here at Safe, holistic, natural.

The HPS online guided health programs follow in the footsteps not just of Dr. Jensen but also of Daniel Reid, Mantak Chia, Paul Braggs, Louise Hays and a few other well respected Western and Oriental masters too. I consider all of them my teachers and my guides.

Over the past thirty years of practice with my own body and health I have assimilated many of the important teachings of these great masters into one online guided body/mind program easily executable by someone like myself and someone like yourself.

Online from 1996. Our objective here at HPS is deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention. Has that been your objective to date?

The HPS 7 Day Wonder® is done in the privacy of your own home. It starts off with a week of guided fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics plus many other things too (see synopsis below).

These seven days of deep body cleansing the HPS way are actually like a spiritual health retreat. Seven day spiritual retreats have been proven scientifically for their good feeling and mind improvements.

I'm going to spend ten times the time with you than a doctor would at a clinic, and you don't wait, and you don't get sick from sitting next to sick people. And I'm going to spend this time with you daily at no extra cost to you, and in your comfort zone. Not just for seven days but everyday for the next three full months!

Here at HPS in this online guided program these seven days of intense health activities are followed up with three months of continuous personalized individual attention to you. All online. "Post-cleansing" we call this. This is health care with awareness and consciousness fused into self-help activities. Fully guided 24/7.

Has anybody, anywhere, ever given you, your body, your mind and your health this type of personal individualized attention for three full months? At any price, anywhere?

No, I didn't think so.

Here we're giving it to you in the comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone! Can't beat that. Sure beats packing up and moving into a spa for three months.

If you wish to immediately skyrocket your health, if you wish to learn these therapies and master them, if you wish to go beyond just nutrition and exercise for your health, if you wish to have someone experienced by your side involved in your health care- in your cleansing (before, during, and after), healing, rejuvenation and prevention- this HPS deep body care program is at your fingertips.

The other group that could benefit from this work is survivors of childhood cancers.

96 per cent of childhood cancer survivors suffer a chronic illness by age 45, including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and cancers unrelated to the original cancer. 'All of this adds up to the fact they have accelerated ageing, which is devastating.'

It would be great to do something about that, and I believe we can.
I guide, instruct, educate, support, inspire and help people do my HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance health care™ program online from the comfort, hygiene and peace of their own home, online.

I've instructed, taught, guided and helped many many hundreds to date with their health, online. In fact thousands when you count my offline clients too.

If learning to cleanse, heal, rejuvenate and prevent is on your radar this HPS program should be too.

Great health care should empower you, this program absolutely will.

For ages 25 to 65 50.

Remember- If you take care of yourself and your health today, like you did yesterday (i.e., in previous years), you're inevitably probably robbing yourself of a better, more peaceful, more successful and brighter tomorrow!



My experience with my own body shows that the best way to deal with health issues is to prevent them.

Once you have failed with prevention, the next step is to first heal and rejuvenate, and then to start preventing again. This program is proven to do all that, and more! Online since 1996.

It's time you stop being a host which the parasites leech from. It's time for you on your own to start influencing the vector of your future.

A lot of people will tell you "your health depends on what you eat." In other words diet is critical. That's true to a degree, but just a small degree.

That's playing checkers with your health, not chess.

In the longer run, in the sum total of life, the quality and nature of your thoughts and the level of internal cleanliness within your body have much more influence over the state of your body & health than food does or ever will. Much more!

In the HPS Deep Body Care system first we shall cure, heal and eliminate your physical illnesses and health problems, and then slowly work our way backwards right up to the emotional thoughts and the mental causation's of each illness of yours in order to eliminate them and heal them too.

At HPS we call this process "renewing the harvest"- physically and mentally.

Instead of eating up all your seeds and then being subjected to debilities, pain, suffering, famine and death here at HPS we're renewing our harvest, annually.

Our long and extensive experience shows that if you want to bring your health, beauty and fitness expenses substantially down (both in time and money), down for many many years, this is the way to do that.

This is how I've been taking care of myself for the past thirty years. This is how I believe you should take care of yourself for the next thirty years. Here's what I looked like at sixty.

Close one door while at the same time opening a new door refining health.

Some people just want a pill hoping that all their troubles go away. Fair enough.

But some people like myself want more... they want full and lasting control, independently over their body, mind and health. And they know pills, meds, diet and exercise aren't ever going to give them that.

I was one of those people and if you are too this HPS DBC™ (Deep Body Care) alternative health care program is for you.

By the time I was thirty I personally had over sixteen different physical health issues- most minor, a few major - they all naturally healed with this program and have never come back again over the past thirty years.

I believe the same can happen for you here at

You need to learn how to properly do this on your own, just as I have, no one can do it for you.

You need a self-help program to follow and become proficient and skillful in.

Once you're proficient and skillful, you can then do it year in and year out at your pace and convenience, ALONE ON YOUR OWN, in your comfort zone, at home, or anywhere for that matter.

But until you become proficient and skillful you're going to need lots of loving care, education, help, feedback, guidance, instructions and support. That's why this guided online program makes so much sense. You'll profit in unimaginable ways.

We need to "renew our harvest" annually, every year until our last breath, until the day we die. That's my bottom line. 

Since all of this is done independently in your own home, in your comfort zone, at your timing of choice and at your pace, none of this should be a problem for you. We're going to make this happen for you.

This is a step-by-step SELF HELP in your "comfort zone" program.

This is for ages 25 to 65.

If you want me Jos-hua and my HPS DBC™ (Deep Body Care) system we're available to you only here, online at

This is an online guided supervised instructional educational hands-on action packed SELF-HELP body and mind health program.

Tried, tested, very proven, with a very transparent record at our forum. Online for over twenty one years already, since 1996!

With that said, let's now get down to business...

Please do remember your assessment of all the above and all the below should not be based on mistaken perceptions or your previous knowledge but rather on our record, what we have done for hundreds upon hundreds of people, online.

Does HPS have all the answers?

No, we don't... of course not.

Health is a very complicated matter... but we are engaging in a type of full spectrum dominance, tackling both the roots of poor health and simultaneously the physical environment which allows poor health to sustain, and thrive.

If you look at our record at the forum you'll find an over 90% healing rate with a corresponding rejuvenation rate and a strong prevention rate too... in over 21 years online only one person out of hundreds of hundreds have reported back that they got cancer... that's a phenomenal stat!

Our clients have recorded and documented their health improvements at our online forum.

There is an indisputable record at our online forum which I shall be referring to throughout this page, and throughout this website.

Here are four classic case studies for you to start off with. When you do this program, you too will have to document at our online forum each step of the way in your healing, rejuvenation and prevention story, for your own sake and for posterity too.

The numbers speak for themselves!

Your body is being attacked...

Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new 2016 study shows.

And they are going to rise by multiples over the coming next three decades!

In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found.

The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women, the researchers said.

If that wasn't enough heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, flu and a million and one other major life causing debilities right down to simple common health problems are sitting right now on your doorstep. There is no sense in denying it.

Instead of us "feasting" on life too many of us have become a meal for others. Our health and body symptoms have become their feast.

A meal for the so called health "experts"- doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, Big pharma, beauty and skin care companies, supplement sellers, fitness promoters, diet promoters, healers, nutrition experts, health centers, spas, yoga centers, specialists and surgeons yet still health is in decline around the globe.

That feasting on you ends here at HPS.

The leeching of you ends here.

HPS wants to free you from becoming and being everyone else's meal.

This is a self-care alternative deep body health care program for ages 25 years old to 65 years young that will make you independent in your health, and health care. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention is how one genuinely heals, rejuvenates and prevents.

This is very different than any other self-help health activity you have done before.

This is fundamentally different because this is fully guided online (before, during and long after), supported (both personally by email, video phone messaging and at our online forum too), very educational, has continuity (level by level) and you have someone very experienced, myself, Jos-hua the HPS medicine man, personally mentoring you too.

Is that the kind of self-help you previously have been engaged in?

No, I didn't think so.

Pricing details immediately below.

This isn't cheap, but when have things of extreme long term value ever been cheap?

I don't think this is overtly or excessively expensive and I do know it's a heck of a lot cheaper than what you've spent on your health, weight, beauty, healing, immune building and fitness activities over the past few years (when you add it all up) and the results will be a lot more exciting, enriching and rewarding than anything you've accomplished with your body and health in decades.

I also know this makes more sense than playing around with endless trendy detoxes that never get to the root sources of poor health. And I know from hands-on experiences that this beats by a mile repeatedly going to high end fasting and cleansing spa's in Thailand, Europe or the Caribbean. It beats the spa experience both in depth of education and practice, and in costs. In other words, in results.

Here's what I look like and feel like at sixty... HPS deep body care obviously works. You'll also find on that page lots of other interesting stuff too which you might want to explore at your convenience too including a video I made about myself, this program and my own aging ten years ago at age 50.

Remember- If you take care of yourself and your health today, like you did yesterday (i.e., in previous years), you're inevitably robbing yourself of a better, more peaceful, more successful and brighter future!


Key features and pricing below. Scroll down.

Pull out your schedule and lets makes a date. A deep body care date. An online date. You'll profit by going to the roots of poor health rather than continuing to just treat your symptoms!

A Renaissance in health might not mean everything to you, but know, everything without it is nothing to me!




For a limited time only buy today a level 1 program and get an HPS 7 Day Wonder level 2 renaissance program FREE! This is a time limited offer subject to change without prior notice. Up to three payments accepted. Contact us for details.

Deep Body Care
HPS 7 Day Wonder Renaissance Health Care. Level 1.
Deep Body Cleansing. Deep Body Healing. Deep Body Rejuvenation. Deep Body Healing.

    What's needed to do an HPS program?

    This is a hand-holding self-help alternative health program for ages 25 years old to 65 years young. I'm personally going to hold your hands, hold you close to my heart and dance the dance of deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention with you. Vibrant, energetic, vigorous, youthful health is the goal here. Virgins in health are more than welcomed into my program. No previous health knowledge or self-help health care experience is required to succeed in this program. In fact the less you know about health the better off you'll probably be because you'll be approaching everything here with an open mind and an open heart without any preconceived ideas or prejudices but you will need the following: 1) An internet connection. 2) Knowledge of the English language- read and write. 3) An ability to type in English. 4) You'll need to spend somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes a day at our online forum, every three days (i.e., twice a week) for at least three months. 4) An acceptance, happiness and willingness to follow instructions... this is after all a guided program. We're not just focused on healing your present health problems, we're also focused on transforming your health and how you relate to your body and health. 5) The products used in this program are not included in the price of the program. You will need to purchase them independently. We'll provide you with a list of recommended vendors. Buy from them or vendors of your choice. Program synopsis.

    Any questions? Contact us

    Please Note: Prices are subject to change

    Five classic case studies
    Program synopsis
    Types of health problems addressed
    Why Deep Body Care? Why not something else?

    First we shall start off by removing a ton of toxic waste and pollution from your colon, lungs, stomach, small intestines, joints, heart and bloodstream. You'll be able to breath easier, shit easier, move easier, sleep easier and feel much much better all at the same time usually within weeks if not days after concluding the level 1 program.

    Then we will move deeper into your body, into your lymphatic system, and from there into your liver and gallbladder...from there we will proceed into your bladder and kidneys, spleen and pancreas while putting the finishing touches on your glands. As importantly, your mind and heart will be relieved from habitual and repetitive negative emotional patterns, habitual negative thoughts which sit at the core of all health problems.

    When all that happens guess what the result is?

    The result is that your vital life force starts to flow again, multiply again, expand again within your body and mind and into the universe with healing energy, self love and rejuvenation as the outcome.

    Consequently all illnesses, health dysfunctions and health problems just start disappearing, naturally disappearing on their own.

    That's right you heard me correctly, they disappear. The symptoms just disappear.

    The environment that is conducive to supporting illness, the environment which allows health problems, dysfunctions, disease and illness to perpetuate, survive and thrive is finally gone, eliminated. By ignoring the symptoms and instead going after the root cause (the environment) we've helped thousands re-orientate and renew their health. Our long multi decade record proves this.

    It's that simple. God given. Universal. And sustainable.

    Genuine health care rather than costly sick care, procedures, tests and treatments which do nothing more than treat symptoms and in most cases, end up perpetuating illness forever. I say perpetuate because the numbers show that- close to 50% of all Americans have at least one chronic illness that requires at least two different medications for a lifetime.

    Genuine health care rather than endless workouts, endless yoga, endless supplements, endless vitamins, endless doctor visits, endless tests, endless meds and endless attention to diet.

    Renewing, revitalizing and reclaiming your BODY and consequently reclaiming for yourself a better, healthier and easier life is what this HPS Deep Body Care (DBC™) Renaissance health care™ program gives you. Online from 1996.

    My experiences and the experiences of many hundreds of other people who have done this online program over the past two decades shows that this is superior to your present system of how you take care of yourself.

    This is a Renaissance in health.

    This is cheaper in the longer run, more systematic, much more effective, much more comprehensive, much more deeper, much more efficient, less time consuming, less money consuming, more healing and rejuvenating and this actually gives you much more independence and freedom in life than your present system of health care ever could.

    You'll also benefit from a ton less anxiety too about the future trajectory of your body, immunity, weight, energy, feelings and overall health!

    Of course, the first time or second time doing this is challenging, but after that each and every time becomes easier and easier until it all becomes "second nature" through practice and familiarity!

    I don't write books. Never have simply because I don't believe a book can transform your health. Practice and skillfulness is how one transforms, heals and rejuvenates body, mind and health. For pratice to be effective you need feedback. No book gives feedback! And I don't lead retreats anymore either for the exact same reason. It takes much more than just a week or ten days of feedback to become skillful in the care of our body and health. For years I did conduct ten day retreats around the globe, but not any more. And I also don't have any centers or spa's for the exact same reasons even though I have been constantly propositioned over the past 30 years by rich businessmen to partner with them in high end spas. There is no magic in my online HPS health programs. If you want magic, as my teachers always told me so I'll tell you- "Go to a magic show. There is none here!" Instead of magic I'm offering you a very practical and proven hand-holding program. Online since 1996. I'm going to hold your hands online as I walk you through all the steps, stages and phases in reforming health. I approach health care as a chess player would approach a game of chess. Chess is a game where the number of possible positions rises at an astronomical rate. By the 2nd move of the game there are already 400 possible positions and after each person moves twice, that number rises to 8902. My health care coaches explained to me that I was not trained enough to even begin to keep track of those things and that my only chance of ever winning was to take the initiative and never give it up, "you must know what your opponent will do next by playing his game for him," was the advice I received. Now, I wont bore you with the particulars but it boiled down to throwing punches each and every turn without exception. In other words, if my opponent (in your case poor health) must always waste his turn responding to what you are doing then he never gets an opportunity to come at you in the millions of possibilities that reside in the game. Again, if you throw the punch - even one that can be easily blocked, then you only have to worry about one combination and not millions. The bad news is- this requires a financial investment by you. And it requires effort and patience. There are no cheap or quick fixes in health care. Anyone who told you there are, was lying. They were just perpetuating a myth for their own profit. Success in transforming health in a lasting manner requires intent, investments, intelligent effort, practice, patience and perseverance. Wisdom too. There are so many clawing to get on your raft. You have got to fortify yourself both physically, emotionally and mentally if you are to sustain yourself and your life in an optimal manner. Either you love yourself enough to invest in yourself, or not. No excuses hold water. To survive and thrive optimally you need to invest in yourself. This is a Renaissance Health Care™ program that is designed and proven to help you do just that, to thrive optimally. Your job is to study the materials given to you, follow the instructions, execute the program, provide me with feedback and practice what is taught. My job is to educate, guide, instruct, direct and choreograph, inspire, care for and love you so that you avoid the pitfalls and successfully meet the inevitable challenges associated with restoration and revitalization. I'll be providing the game plan and the program, the knowledge and wisdom, the personal individualized feedback, continuous guidance and loving support. When you are practicing properly I'll be celebrating with you and be trying to get you to forge on, never to stop until the game is won. And know, I intend to reprimand you when you aren't practicing properly! I plan on keeping you in line, moving forward, throwing punches, moving in a safe and positive direction. Order today! You and your body will profit!

If for none of the other above reasons HPS still makes sense if you want to minimize your risks in life. This alone is reason enough to do this program.

Places online are available for only 12 new persons per year.

If you insist on taking care of yourself like your parents and grandparents did- using 20th century sick care methods- alone on your own playing guessing games/shooting in the dark/hoping and praying/buying book after book/product after product/vitamin after vitamin/trying this supplement and then that supplement or alternatively under a doctor's supervision (meds/ tests/ surgery/ specialists, more tests, and more meds again, etc.) then I have to say this program isn't for you. Sorry, that's not our game plan. We don't buy into that system. That's not health care, that's sick care.

If you haven't read this page yet, I suggest you do so before proceeding below. That's the first very step in a long progression of steps to be taken, and of skills to be acquired. I have a very important question there to ask you. That page really is the preamble, the precursor, to this page, to our HPS program.

Snippets of testimonials (by age) copied from the HPS forum (with links back to the forum):

Twenty years old HPS DBC cleansers.

Thirty and forty years old HPS DBC cleansers.

Fifty years old and above.

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Deep body healing. Deep body rejuvenation. Deep body prevention.


Welcome to the HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder®, a Renaissance Health Care™ program online.

I have no intent to treat you.

I don't treat sickness or treat people. That's primitive health care.

But rather I intend to DANCE with you.

I'm going to teach you all the different moves in the dance of health, show them to you, walk you through them one by one and hold you in my arms as we execute them together. Could it be any easier than that for you?

I know most of the moves in this dance of attaining better health.... so yeah, let's dance together and see how much you genuinely care for yourself, your life, your body, your health, your immunity, your beauty and your future.

In health care, as in dancing, no one can dance for you, it's either you on the dance floor moving to the tunes or sitting out, on the sidelines. It's either one or the other. It isn't both.

The more you dance with me the closer I'll hold you to my heart and give you more love, attention and help. I love people who are serious about this SELF-HELP health healing, rejuvenation and prevention program.

We're talking differently here at HPS. We're thinking differently. We're doing differently. We're acting differently. And so of course the results, the health outcomes, are different than anything you have seen or heard about before.

The latest batch of over 400+ client feedback/testimonials and program reviews at our HPS DBC online forum back up what you'll find me talking about here today.  

Is anybody else- any website, product, supplement, program, healer, book, video or doctor able to show you over four hundred client reviews, reviews written after doing what was sold to them? In other words, reviews pertaining to results, to the results in light of the actions taken by their clients.

No, I didn't think so.

At HPS we're moving pieces on the health chessboard which are focused on body and mind.

But like in the game of chess, we have to use our time wisely.

Time is something we should focus on to round out our game. You shouldn't move the same piece twice in a row. Your wild punches should focus on getting your pieces on to the board and into play as quickly as possible. So, if you do everything correctly, you have an opponent (poor health, declining health) that will have a disorganized defense, no offense and few pieces even in play and this will work 9 out of 10 times.

Order today!

Why mind too?

At some point in life, health care i.e., attaining and maintaining great health, moves from just a physical activity to a mental one too. At least that is my personal experiences.

I believe the sooner we get the mental/emotional dimensions tackled too, the better off we are going to be in the longer run.

Our senses- eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, and our mental sense (our mind) - are on a constant rave and rampage all at the same time. Without discrimination. And out of control.

The appearance of a simple fly on our dinner table, a mosquito or two in our bedroom (and the entailing bites on our legs) or a small pimple on our face creates a huge amount of activity, distress and sometimes even despair in our lives. A simple cut, or a thorn in our foot, does the same. Just imagine how deep the impact on us is when hatreds, jealousy, greed and fear permeates our lives (our mind) on a repetitive basis, daily.

Just imagine the havoc it plays with our health in the longer run. The fly, the mosquito and the thorn you remove from your existence quickly (you find it that disturbing to your life!)... yet the mental/emotional turmoil and negative emotions like hatred, anger, fear and jealousy you ignore... you've allowed them to lay around inside your body for years!

You tell me which has more potential to hurt you, does more harm to you? The fly, or the anger and fears?

Yet the fly, or mosquito, you'll spend minutes of your life getting rid of (even sometimes hours until you finally eliminate them from your presense)... the pimple days or weeks yet the negative emotions you've allow to exist, expand and grow for eternity, for decades now.

Modern western allopathic medicine ignores the impact of mind on our health and in our health care- on healing, rejuvenation, prevention, fitness, weight, energy, immunity and general wellbeing. This is a deficiency of modern medicine.

Here at HPS we pay a lot of attention to the mind ... We need to get right on the inside before we take it to the outside.

You're stuck with both of them, with both body and mind.

That's a fact. And another fact is that both have a profound impact on your health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Once our mental health starts to go under, our physical health starts to collapse.

For every physical health problem you have, had or will have there are also some mental/emotional causations too. You have nothing to fear about your mind. It's time to understand it better, understand its impact on your health and to become friends with it.

Order today!

Take any illness as an example...

Herpes Simplex?

Your doctor will tell you it's an illness of the nervous system. That's true. And he will suggest you flood your body with some very toxic medications (pills and creams) to mitigate it.

I say... yes, it's a physical problem not of the nervous system per say. That's just an expression, a symptom of the problem. The problem is one of weak immunity which allowed the degradation of your nervous system. First let's clean up your body internally and by doing that we shall directly be strengthening your immune system. Secondly, there is a mental causation too. BURNING TO BITCH. BITTER WORDS LEFT UNSPOKEN. And we need to deal with that too. We need to get to the root source mentally. And we shall. I'll be teaching you how to.


Your doctor will tell you it's about a bacteria ratio problem. Or a water problem (the colon regulates water in the body). Or a food problem. Doing seaches on the internet will tell you to buy pro-biotics. I'll say it's more about impacted feces that are blocking the flow of evacuations. I'll say we're talking about autotoxemia. I'll say lets deeply clean that up properly (not just the colon but the bloodstream too, not just with some colon cleansing supplements but properly- fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics!) and then we can talk about food or probiotics. I'll also say there is a mental side to it too. REFUSING TO RELEASE OLD IDEAS. STUCK IN THE PAST. SOMETIMES STINGINESS. And we need to deal with that too. We need to get to the root source mentally and elevate it, or at the least become aware of it and try to transform it. And we shall. I'll be teaching you how to.


Your doctor will tell you it's an infection in the throat. He'll prescribe medications and syrups... and maybe you'll do a search on the net on your own and find other home made self-help remedies. I say, it boils down on the physical dimension to a polluted bloodstream, and weak immunity. We need to deeply clean out your body and the laryngitis will disappear forever. But I'll also say, there is a mental causation too. SO MAD YOU CAN'T SPEAK. FEAR OF SPEAKING UP. RESENTMENT OF AUTHORITY. You'll need to address that mental causation too if you really want to heal yourself forever, if you really don't want to see the problem come back again in the same form, or in a different form and place in the body, in the future. That's what I say.

Your doctor is going to tell you it's a cellular problem. Cells are behaving abnormally. He has no idea what the cause is, the causation. And therefore he or she really has no idea how to prevent it. All he can do is prescribe tests, and chemo, or surgery once cancer strikes you down. Here are ten hard to detect cancers.

I'll say, it's a filthy dirty polluted body. And mind. Cancer just loves a filthy dirty negative environment to live in. It thrives in such a negative environment. Physically, we need to properly and deeply clean the body up (fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics!) and keep it clean and pure. Cleaning it up is one thing. Keeping it clean both physically and mentally/emotionally is a totally different thing which requires totally different skill sets. But that isn't enough. If we want to avoid getting cancer we need to also deal with our mind. DEEP HURT. LONGSTANDING RESENTMENT. DEEP SECRETS OR GRIEF EATING AWAY AT THE SELF. CARRYING HATREDS. AND IN GENERAL AN ATTITUDE IN LIFE OF "WHAT'S THE USE?" We really need to address that mental causation too if you really want to prevent or start the healing process too. If you really don't want to see the problem come back again in the future the mental causations need to be addressed too. And only you can address them. We'll show you how to. That's what I say.

Your doctor will tell you it's a problem of the respiratory system. Yes, he's right, it is an expression of a respiratory problem... but medications aren't the answer. That's all he knows so he or she will prescribe medications. I say, we know from Traditional Chinese medicine (that goes back over 2,000 years) that the colon and lungs are paired organs. By cleaning up the colon and bloodstream we end up cleaning up the lungs. And I would also say on the mental level, the mental causation, is SMOTHER LOVE. INABILITY TO BREATH FOR ONE'S SELF. FEELING STIFLED. SUPPRESSED CRYING. And if we were to go back even further to your childhood, to asthma in babies and children FEAR OF LIFE. NOT WANTING TO BE HERE.

I say...

Every physical health issue you have now or had in the past or will have in the future from the very minor right up to the very major- from a simple cut and infection, a skin issue, weight issues, indigestion or bloating and constipation all the way up to the majors like arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, herpes, heart disease, shingles, headaches and migraines, a tumor and cancer too, its' root, is on the mental dimension.

The physical expression of illness is the last station, the last manifestation in a long line of events, not the first.

A filthy dirty polluted body internally sets the causes and conditions for physical health problems to arise, and sustain. Therefore, that gets our first attention, immediately right out the gate, from the get-go.

But if you never ever also deal with (i.e., transform and heal) the mental causation too, the mental and emotional factors, you haven't really cured nor healed yourself, nor your body.

Taking meds or supplements, diet or exercise, at best just holds the situation together for a while hoping that it doesn't deteriorate further but it's not a cure or healing, nor does any rejuvenation of your body and health occur.

Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that if the mental causations haven't been fully addressed and properly dealt with, it's reasonable and legitimate to assume that sooner or later a physical remission will ultimately occur or other new health problems will appear in your body in the future, even if you used surgery to address the previous problem (i.e., you believe or thought you removed the health issue by surgery, or with chemo for cancer for example). The roots are still there, all you've done is cut off some branches. And as we all know from watching nature, new branches will grow back if the roots of the tree haven't been cut off too. 

The HPS programs seek to go to the source, to the roots, of your health issues- the deep physical source (autotoxemia) and the deep mental roots (autotoxemia too!)- and address them both rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Just treating symptoms is primitive health care.

It only deals with mitigating the present but it doesn't create a brighter future for your health, for you and your family, nor does it heal your past.

Your body and mind are with you until your very last day. Until your very last breath.

THEY ARE YOU! That's the sum total of you- body and mind.

You are not one of them, you're both of them, that's undeniable. Ignoring one or the other is detrimental to our health.

Both are of supreme importance if vigorous, energetic, vibrant, energetic, youthful health is on your agenda.

In short, great health is a deep body and mind project. Those who just focus superficially, randomly and indiscriminately just on body (organic food, diet, fitness, supplements and vitamins) inevitably meet failure. They rarely attain lasting good health let alone great health, and if they do, they ultimately find that they are unable to sustain it for a decade, let alone for a lifetime.

Why this HPS program?

Because this is your way out of your mess...

This is how you get out and stay out of trouble with your body & health. You'll profit
in a very BIG way.

Because this is SELF-HELP that actually works. Tried, tested and very proven. Online since 1996.

Hand holding self-help/dancing together is a thousand times more productive than you standing alone on your own shooting blanks in the dark.

Not only will your health improve and be transformed but you'll walk away with more independence, confidence and skills in your health care.

Your body and health will profit, your mind will profit, your emotional makeup will improve too.

If a person falls off a skyscraper, there is no way of preventing him of hitting the ground - but whether he has a parachute or not and knows how to properly use it will make a huge difference to him on how he will land.

Skills, not pills is the focus here.

We're taking a systematic approach to health care. A skillful systematic approach

It's one thing to have a plan, quite another to put it into action.

We have a plan, and we've been putting it into action online for over twenty years now.

Very different than what you have been accustomed to, have seen to date or ever heard about before in your self-help efforts.

Our focus is on you becoming skillful in the care of your body and health.

SKILLFULNESS... Not information but rather education and the acquisition of health skills, and health care skills... acquiring wisdom, learning the skills, practicing the skills, becoming a proficient player and comfortable with all the different moves, possibilities and practices.

Yoga is possibly the only one self-help health care skill that someone ever taught you and practiced with you. Beyond that can you name more? You probably cannot.

As you already know from Yoga, practice is what puts the "caring" back into your health.

Self-confidence in your ability to effectively care for yourself improved by a factor of a thousand (compared to today) is what I'm hoping you'll achieve here at HPS.

Order today!

If you want to sword fight you must have the skills and properly train and practice.

If you want to mountain climb, it's the same, skills and practice.

And in health if you want to heal and rejuvenate AND PREVENT, it's no different.

In health, and in our health care in particular, we especially need to have confidence. Without that, we cannot achieve things. Therefore, it is very important to build up confidence. Confidence comes from skillfulness. If children gave up when they fell for the first time, they would never learn to walk. It takes practice to make something part of your life.

If you already have all the skills, the practices and the confidence you don't need HPS, your health is probably already quite good and heading toward great.

But if not, take advantage of this online hand-holding alternative guided health program.

Just reading about health or talking about it or superficially nibbling at the fringes (popping pills, herbal teas, juicing now and then, or diet and exercise) is what I call "No Care." It's indiscriminate, superficial and it is usually not very systematic.

That's the uniqueness which you will find here in this HPS deep body care Renaissance health care™ program. An approach, attitude, system and culture which you've never had access to before.

Everybody else, everywhere else, wants just to sell you products and throw information at you. And that has consequently kept you and your health in a losing proposition for years now. You've been denied a repertoire of health skills, and the wisdom that comes from skillfulness.

The reason you don't have tens of different skill sets under your belt is because no one ever personally worked with you to give you skills (educated you, instructed you, provided continuous feedback, guided you, loved you while you were learning and practicing, etc.) - self help health skills and health care skills- and to practice with you until you became abundantly skillful perhaps as I already mentioned above, perhaps outside of yoga.

And that's why I don't write books... no one can become skillful from reading books, spending a week at a retreat or ten days at a spa. That's why I stopped leading retreats too even though there was big big money in them. I felt I was doing people a disservice rather than a service.

We become skillful from practice, not from reading about skills, or watching videos. Practice requires an open feedback loop if it is to be fruitful. And it requires effort, and time... weeks at the least and preferably months. You probably know that already from your yoga practice. An online guided program that revolves around an online forum is by far the best way to practice together continuously, consistently and productively for weeks, months and even years together. It's the perfect format for feedback and instructional guidance.

People write books because they want name and fame. I don't need either.

All I want is to see you acquire the same level of skillfulness in your health and health care that I have acquired.

That is enough for me because I know when that happens you'll enjoy great health for a lifetime, just as I am... deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention is our focus.

This type of an online guided program is the only way I'm confident in you becoming skillful in your health care. Every other path just doesn't make sense to me, that's why I don't pursue other paths anymore. Order today!


Honestly, ask yourself, do you have any deep body care skills?

Or are you still totally in the dark?

I do!
I have so so many different deep body care skills!!
And I see no reason why you shouldn't either. If you are anything like most people you have very few healthy self-help skill sets that you are confident in and apply for your body, weight, immunity, beauty, healing and rejuvenation, prevention and happiness on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis as per your discretion.

How many people, companies, doctors, diets, supplement sellers or healers have made any effort and spent their time giving you, imparting to you, teaching you health skills? And practicing with you until you become proficient? Probably none! And probably none ever will! All they do is throw information at you. And sell you products. Endless sales. Endless products. Both which have been proven by you to not deliver exciting and rewarding health. Don't mess this up... you have a unique opportunity here with HPS to really improve your health, and consequently your life! Program synopsis.

What are the skills you'll be learning here at HPS?

The skills are:

Deep body cleansing skills>Deep body healing skills>Deep body rejuvenation skills>Deep body prevention skills. And in that order.

For example, you cannot be engaged in rejuvenation, experiencing true rejuvenation of body and mind, if you haven't yet deep body healed first.

I mean think about it, this is basic common sense.

If the "causes and conditions" for vibrant health are lacking (i.e., your body and you are sick, have an illness, which hasn't yet healed) how can successful rejuvenation be enacted. On the basis of what? On the basis of a sick dirty polluted unhealthy body?

Same holds true for prevention.

You cannot be engaging in prevention if you haven't rejuvenated first.

If you do insist on trying to prevent without first healing and rejuvenating your body, you'll basically find yourself stuck in a losing proposition and not in the winners circle.

The very first step in "genuine" health care, the preamble and precursor, is of course deep body cleansing. It all starts there.

First deep body cleansing.
Then deep body healing.
Then deep body rejuvenation.
And then deep body prevention.

That right there is a perfect example of skillfulness in health care. And wisdom too.

Can you remember that? That sequence of events and why in that order. It's important to remember that.

Remember also- If you take care of yourself and your health today, like you did yesterday (i.e., like in previous years), you're inevitably robbing yourself of a better and brighter future! That too is wisdom. My own skills and skill sets are constantly evolving. What I'm doing today with my health is not what I was doing five years ago. What I'll be doing in five years from today is not what I'm doing right now, today.

All the fundamental and rewarding skill bases, in the proper sequencing and all the dimensions (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are going to be covered here in this HPS program. Check out the program synopsis below for more info.

You are going to find things here at HPS that you have never had in your health, or health care, before!

And you are going to learn and practice how to sustain it all, too!

Skillfulness means better health is in your hands, under your belt and under your control, everywhere, at any time, wherever you are in the world, and at every age.

It has nothing to do with products, location, or financial wealth. It's any attitude and approach, a culture of health care. 

It comes from practice, wisdom and intelligent effort and not from thought, dreams, wishes, watching a video or reading about skills.

Reading about health care is nothing. Practicing is everything. That's my bottom line. Order today!

I also want to take this opportunity to point out that:

Working out isn't even health care. That's a myth about self-help and health.

Get that out of your head, exercising isn't all that important. It's just a myth propagated for profits.

You're being misled.

Going to a gym or health centre is primarily a social event, an activity designed in vanity, an opportunity for entertainment on a social scale but it's not health care.

I say that because exercising doesn't address in any form or manner the pounds of waste which has already accumulated deep inside our human body, and therefore it isn't going to stop disease and illness from striking you down. It's been accumulating year after year since our teenager years. That long! That much!

Nor does it directly address your mental constructs, i.e., the mind, the swirl of repetitive negative thoughts that sit at the root of poor health. They've been going on since our childhood. That long!

And anyway, you'll end up dropping your workouts sooner or later too as you age, so what good is exercising going to do you in the longer run?

For exercise to have any bearing on health you have got to spend at least six hours a week at it, if not much more. At six hours per week that's at least 312 hours per year. Seven days of waste management takes just 168 hours. In short, less time, half the time, more effectiveness. A thousand times more effective! Anyway, if you are into exercising and workouts you might want to pay attention to this --> 4 Nutrition Myths That Are Hurting Your Fitness Results.

If I have to chose between exercise or waste management, with only those two options available to me in the care of my body and health, waste management wins by a mile!
The chances of living a whole life in the 20th and 21st century extremely healthy and fit, without properly managing our internal waste, is quite low.

you can go a whole life and never workout/exercise beyond your normal daily activities and a few minutes (not more than five) of stretching daily and stay extremely fit for your whole life.  Mankind has lived like this for thousands of years! The emphasis on workouts and fitness is a 20th century craze grounded in marketing and money making, profits for corporations but it is not grounded in health care even though it is portrayed and sold as critical for health. It isn't.

Dieting and diets isn't health care either. Taking meds is dependency and not freedom in health, and popping supplements and vitamins isn't very beneficial either.

Many Americans are convinced they need to take supplements - even when researchers have found vitamins increase the risk of cancer and heart disease, and aren't a substitute for a healthy diet. Paul Offit reports for The Atlantic our fascination with vitamins and supplements can be traced back to a "man who was so spectacularly right that he won two Nobel Prizes and so spectacularly wrong that he was arguably the world's greatest quack."

Linus Pauling persisted, and even claimed vitamin C could cure cancer, the story says - despite evidence to the contrary. Pauling thought vitamins and supplements were cure-alls because they're antioxidants, nutrients that counter the production of free radicals, which can damage DNA and disrupt cell membranes. But study after study has shown that high doses of vitamins and supplements increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. So, as Offit notes, "not a single national or international organization responsible for the public's health recommends them."

Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, smoothies, herbal teas and a salad a day are nice and refreshing, but they aren't going to fundamentally improve your present day health nor change the future trajectory of your health.

Setting goals and sticking to them also has nothing to do with success in health, fitness or health care.

I don't talk about goals in this program, and you don't set goals. YOU TAKE ACTIONS. This is an action packed program. You'll be throwing punches left and right so that your opponent, bad health, declining health, has to react rather than your health reacting to threats.

I'm not the only one talking about waste management...

But I am one of the very few talking about it both on the physical dimension and the mental dimension with regards to health.

The 2016 Nobel prize winner for medicine says the same things regarding waste management. On the physical dimension, on the cellular level, he says...

And I quote him- "You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

He didn't say "might", he said will. Unequivocally will.

In other words, without doubt you will fall ill at some point. He's proven it and for that he received the 2016 Nobel prize in medicine.

Personally, I believe that we can eat, smoke, drink and do whatever we like and still stay in decent health as long as we take care to keep our elimination systems, our waste management evacuation systems, properly clean and efficiently flowing. In other words, the junk that goes into our body gets swiftly eliminated from our body.

And do please note, I mean not just the physical junk, but the emotional and mental junk too. 

As long as we don't allow that junk, waste and pollution to accumulate inside our body and mind, we'll be relatively fine for a lifetime. And if you believe in reincarnation, well, I'll say, for a few lifetimes as we will have less junk and waste carried with us in each reincarnation.

That's how far out on a limb that I am prepared to go in my belief about waste, the proper execution of waste management and its place in health care. It is supreme.

You've been misled. I was misled too. We all are being misled... the 21st century numbers prove it.

What more needs to be said? The numbers speak for themselves!

 "Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows. 

In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found. The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women, the researchers said."

In fact, the sick care industry (doctors, big Pharma, herbal supplement manufacturers, diets, exercise equipment manufacturers and all the rest) prefer that we don't have any skills, or any self confidence in the care of ourselves or any wisdom either for if we do, we don't and won't need them anymore! That's trillions of dollars lost to them!

Information is what they continually throw at us from all directions...

We don't need more information, information is just a distraction.

We need education, skillfulness and practice.

There is a big difference between the two, between information and education & practice, especially in self-help.

Not just from a medical or health perspective (i.e., therapies and protocols) but also from a psychological and support perspective the bases are covered here at HPS - comradeship, friendship, a shared mindset and health destiny, personalized and individualize one-on-one care on a 24/7 basis at our online forum (and privately too), and mentoring.

While all of that or non of that means anything to you right now trust me, based on my 30 years of helping people with their health, HPS'sing, HelpingPeopleSurvive, they all are very very important and have a big impact on the overall process of moving from a sick care modality into genuine health care and being successful in the move. In putting all the pieces together. In connecting all the dots. And in sustaining the practices.

On your own, the chances of putting all the pieces properly in place, are, well, limited to say the least.

Where is the proof?
You must be asking yourself that question?

It's got to be lingering somewhere in your mind.

Don't believe me! Please don't blindly believe me!

But how about believing her? Or a few other people who do this program? Or have done it?

Immediately right now before doing anything else,
or looking at other segments on this page, I want you to do the following:

I want you take a good long hard look at the client feedback of just one 55 year old woman spanning a year of DBC'ing (deep body caring) with me Jos-hua, and with HPS, online at our forum.

Why have I chosen a 55 year old woman to use an example and not someone 25 or 35?

Simply because if we can achieve what we achieved with her, at her age, just imagine what we can do for you at your age. The younger you are, the quicker your body responds to the program.

Please, I want you to find the time and make the effort right now to read her four part story below, which I copied verbatim from our HPS DBC forum.

That's all I'm asking from you today!

Slow and steady... put things in motion and build some momentum to get the ship upright.

Just read her 4 part story today and then at your convenience come back at a later date and explore the HPS program in more detail below.

Below her case study, you'll find four more classic case studies to look at too.

(BTW, you can find more reports from Louise spanning ages 56 to 60 at our online forum. Just do an advanced search there to find them.)

If you want to change the culture of your health, if you want to change your health care and if you want to change the quality of your life you have to go out and win big games. We're going to make sure that happens for you.

With 30 years of experience under my belt comes vast insights, knowledge, KNOW HOW and practical wisdom. Experience that doesn't materialize from two or five years or even ten years but gradually accumulates over a long period of time, in my case over thirty years now.

The HPS programs are done at your pace and convenience in your comfort zone, in your home.

Sounds good? It should!

No spas to travel to, no clinics to check into. No seminars or classes to attend.

No traffic to fight. No airplanes to take.

No endless supplements and no refills, diets or workouts. No more tests. No more doctor visits.

Throw all that to the wind. It ends here.

Because this is such a hand-holding enlightened program I unfortunately can accommodate only 12 new persons per year.

More than twelve new persons per year would mean I have to let go and stop holding your hands 24/7 in order to take care of others, something which I don't want to do and something which I'm sure you don't want to see me do either.

A whole new world is going to open up for you just as it did for myself, and for the hundreds of others I have guided, taught and instructed in their health, here online.

Now go read Louise and only after make your decision to inquire into availability, or not.

Age 55,
7 Day Wonder level 1

"When I found HPS-Online I was looking for a jumpstart on getting my health back on track.

I had just left a stressful job that had caused me to exchange an hour a day of tai chi for two hours on the moving parking lot (the expressway). I had one day between jobs and started the new job with a miserable virus that hung on for 8 weeks. The new job was low stress with lots more discretionary time, but change doesn’t happen automatically

I had discovered Chinese medicine about 5 years ago and started pulling books off the shelf in search of answers. Daniel Reid’s The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing led me to The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, where I read about food combining. It was not my first encounter with the idea, but this time I was listening.

I started food combining and came across HPS-Online while looking for more info on the Web.

The idea of cleansing and fasting resonated with me.

My weight had crept up over the last 10 years and had increased steadily in the last two. It put me on the borderline of a host of health problems such as high blood pressure, fluid retention, blood sugar problems, and allergies. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 20 years ago, and although acupuncture and Chinese herbs had it under control, I still had a lot of aches and pains in my muscles and connective tissues.

As soon as I started food combining I began to feel better. I had become a Buddhist several years ago and had accidentally discovered during fasting practices that some of my health problems were definitely food related. Everything about the 7-Day Wonder Freedom program seemed right to me, and I signed up after giving it careful thought.

I was already on a fairly strict regime before I started the pre-cleanse and even had one healing crisis that caused me to sleep a whole day. The 7dw pre-cleanse was easy because of the dramatic improvements in how I felt. I started losing weight and my muscles started feeling good. I started walking more, got out the bicycle and the chi gong videos. I also really enjoyed everything I was eating.

My HPS DBC 7dw formal cleanse went very well. I was surprised at how busy it was, but everything was as presented in the program. I was never hungry, and although my energy got very low sometimes, I never had any really bad days. I did work a day and a half, and I probably wouldn’t do that again.

Three weeks into the 7dw post-cleanse things continue to go well.

I have lost nearly 20 pounds since I started food combining. I am finding it easy to stay with the HPS deep body care program because the benefits are so motivating.

I feel good, and my Chinese medicine doctor says all traces of the fluid retention are gone.

I’m eating fruits, vegetables, and fish and experimenting carefully with some grains. Have stayed away from alcohol because I don’t want the fluid retention or the weight back. I’m looking forward to working on exercise during the vacation, and I continue to eat mindfully and with enjoyment.

This is an excellent program, and I wish everyone I know would do it.

It’s a great deal. You get to retain the wisdom of your years but go back to an earlier time physically."


Age 55,
7 Day Wonder level 2

"Nine months ago I hit rock bottom health-wise when I made a long awaited job change.

I had gained 15 pounds on a high stress, long commute job over two years.

And this was on top of lots of other pounds that had put me on the borderline to a number of unsavory health conditions for the last ten years.

I got a virus when I changed jobs and stayed sick for seven weeks -- a first. I was about as down and discouraged as I have ever felt. In desperation, I started reading Daniel Reid's books, which I had owned for years.

Then I found and started on a path that has taken me farther than I ever hoped.

I have learned more about health and nutrition and my own body that I ever imagined.

The path has been rocky at times and sometimes difficult, but my enthusiasm at the positive changes has kept me going and making progress.

It's amazing, because I knew (intellectually) about a lot of the information in the program, and I had read (or at least bought, LOL) many of the recommended books.

But it never came together for me until I started following Jos-hua's DBC program.

My characteristic over zealousness got me in some trouble with 7DW Level 1.

I ate too much raw food during the pre-cleanse and lost my energy during the formal. It took me a few months to recover afterward, but even then, the positive changes were overwhelming.

I lost 20 pounds that has stayed off, and my eating habits improved significantly.

The fluid retention I had struggled with for several years was suddenly under control -- if not gone.

The aches and pains that had plagued me most of my adult life were gone. (I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago, and now I wonder how real that was.)

Things like sinus problems and allergies were history.

I went into 7-Day Wonder Level 2 from a position of much greater strength and stability, and it was a breeze.

I did a full 2-week pre-cleanse, and enjoyed every minute of it.

I was careful to eat grain everyday. I was feeling high by the time I started the formal. And in the future, whenever I start feeling bad, I hope I will remember to go back to that regime of fruit in the morning, fresh live food at lunch, and grain and lightly steamed vegetables for dinner.

Despite having a big project going at work, I managed to retreat from the world for a full seven days.

The schedule was as daunting as it was at Level 1, but I knew what to expect.

I had some short cuts (manually juiced lemon, for example), and board cleanup was down to a science. I knew about the tibs before Level 2, and fortunately I had started well before my second cleanse. I activated Netwonder sooner than recommended, and I knew to start making notes from the first reading. Also ordered water, got the massages scheduled, and got a spa pass for steams.

My level of confidence was, I'm sure, a big part of the success. And the second time around, I got advice from my TCM doctor.

I held my energy during the 7DW freedom cleanse and finished feeling quite energized. I was surprised that I only lost 10 pounds on the scale, because I look like I lost more. I have hollows in my face (like I used to), and my clothes are very roomy.

Today I finally realized why. I had a cervical fusion over ten years ago, and I have struggled with upper body exercises to no avail since then. Not until I started doing the tibs have I been able to develop upper body strength. I probably gained muscle weight that offset the overall weight loss. Today I noticed that I am starting to lose more weight.

As for my overall habits, I am operating at a higher plane. I can't get enough fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

I continue to eat a liberal version of macrobiotic at home, and I find joy in the simplicity of how I shop and cook now. It allows me time to experiment with new recipes at least once a week. Summer is a time that I have fewer social obligations, so that helps too.

I have not been sick since 7DW Level 1 -- not even a hint of a cold or anything.

My body is cleaner, and I can feel the effects of foods that are not healthy for me.

This increases my knowledge of my own body, and it helps me make better decisions everyday.

This in turn reinforces my newly acquired good habits.

The things I have learned are taking me in a whole new direction in my life.

I am studying to become a massage therapist. I feel wonderful -- very alert and focused.

At least once a day, I pinch myself and wonder at how good I feel and how happy I am.

In short, I feel like myself again. But maybe better this time around."


Age 55,
7 Day Wonder level 3

"Things just get better with each 7-Day Wonder.

The body is leaner and feels better.

I still have the feeling of having gone back in time, and my aches and pains and various health problems are a thing of the past.

I get occasional reminders when I lapse, but I know how to get back to feeling good – and I do it.

7-Day Wonder Level 3 was an amazing experience.

It is longer and more complex than the previous levels. You come out of it with quite a set of tools and a good feeling about the length of time you cleansed.

I am feeling more and more confident about being in control of my health.

My whole attitude toward life is more positive, and I am experiencing joy frequently.

I often have a feeling of being a different person, and while I know I’m not, my attitude is so much more positive that I am indeed different.

7DW Level 3 was the time I made the connection between physical and spiritual rebirthing, so it was a very special time for me. I was privileged to do my 7DW Level 3 while Joy_M was doing her 21-day 7DW anti-cancer cleanse, and that was quite an inspiration. I did some Buddhist practices during the freedom cleanse, and I had some profound realizations about the body-mind connection. The body is the key to moving to higher levels.

7 Day Wonder Rebirthing has set me onto a whole new path.

I spent the last several decades searching for ways to improve my health.
Now I am going to massage school and learning to be a healer. I am starting to help other people.

It’s not quite a year since I signed up for my first 7DW with HPS, and I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time.

The HPS DBC program is well designed so that you start at the beginning and take baby steps along the path to taking control of your health.

No one step is hard, and if you follow the program and keep taking the incremental steps, you go the distance without feeling any pain.

It is gentle and transformational.

You feel better and you become a happier person, and you can reach out to help others.

HPS has truly changed my life."


Age 56,
7 Day Wonder level 4

"I was on the path quite sometime before I found HPS. But when I did start the 7 Day Wonder deep body care program, it sure put me on the fast track to where I wanted to go.

I had done a big career change back in the mid 90s -- went to school again and then spent five years getting to a decent job in the new career. Along the way, I discovered Chinese medicine, studied tai chi, found Buddhism, and learned to meditate. I also learned to suspend judgement and start living my life.

When I finally landed in the job I wanted -- where I am now -- I was exhausted and feeling like I'd hit bottom. I got sick during orientation and stayed sick for six weeks. That's when I found HPS and started turning my life around.

Getting healthy and feeling good had become my top priority.

And I went after it with focus and intensity.

I did my DBC 7DW level 1 cleanse Thanksgiving of 2002, 7DW level 2 in May 2003, and 7DW level 3 in August 2003. Every cleanse took me to a higher level of health, and sometime around level 3, things really started coming together. I began doing spiritual practices during cleansing and had some fundamental realizations about body, mind, and spirit. Don't ask me what, because it was all very intuitive --- but things started coming together.

Somewhere between level 1 and 2, I stumbled across an opportunity to go to massage school. I thought about it, explored the possibility, and then jumped in head first after my 7DW level 3. So now I am almost finished with school, and that has been almost as much of a catalyst for change in my life as first Buddhism and then HPS.

Doing my 7DW level 4 during Christmas break was a no brainer. I didn't have much time or space in my life to think about it and plan for it, but I did it. And like the previous cleanses, I was suprised and delighted with Jos-hua's well planned program and all the exciting new material to learn. And, of course, the cleanse took me to a higher level of health. So between that and what massage school has done, I am just trying to contain my joy and take it all in.

All I can say is that I am vibrating at a higher level of frequency.

I suffered for many years from an unfortunate combination of fibromyalgia and a structural cervical problem that was eventually diagnosed and corrected surgically. Unfortunately my suffering was prolonged and protracted because I trusted medical professionals rather than the healing power of my own body.

Now I am transformed from a powerless sufferer to a person who can help other people heal themselves.

Often I have the feeling of being a completely different person, but I know that is not true. But I am constantly growing and changing.

I have learned to increase the energy that flows in my body and now I am really in control of my energy and my health.

Life is good. And cleansing with HPS is one of the single best things I have ever done.

7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleansing has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time.

Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit.

I know that I will continue to deep body care for the rest of my life.

For anyone who is considering deep body care, I say if it sounds right, suspend judgement and jump in feet first and just do it.

If you do, you will quickly see the benefits.

Jos-hua's DBC program is beautifully designed to take you step by step, painlessly to taking control of your health. It is powerful stuff."





No, I didn't think so.



This is a well organized, practical, comprehensive, guided, very grounded, online program. Online since 1996. If you are relating to your health like they are now or as I am, if you're experiencing the things that our clients are with their body, mind and health, if your knowledge and self-confidence about how to care for yourself is skyrocketing like theirs is and if your healing, rejuvenation and prevention results are anywhere similar to theirs then you don't need to do my HPS DBC Renaissance Health Care™ program.

Otherwise, you should do this ASAP.

The countdown for you terminating all your health problems is over.

You can finally relax, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, it's over.

"The more vital life force flowing through THE ECO-SYSTEM of our body the more our body (and mind) can successfully fulfill its healing, rejuvenation, revitalization, restoration, immunity, anti-aging, longevity and prevention functions on its own. All we need to do is release it and grow it. Great health isn't to be found outside of us, it already is inside of us!"  --Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man

Deep body cleansing consists of juicing plus fasting plus colon cleansing and home colonics combined for seven straight days. That's our starting point at HPS.

Can you succeed in doing this online guided program? Of course you can.

Hundreds upon hundreds have already. Is there any reason in thinking you cannot too?

They too like you had never fasted a day in their life before and never had done a home colonic before.

Nor had they ever experienced an online guided hand-holding program before.

We've given them the skills to now do it all.

It's the HPS protocols, philosophy, approach to health care and our unique focus which guarantees your success.

Find the program synopsis immediately below.

Energetically, I feel like I'm vibrantly still in my twenties, yet I'm already over sixty!

Here's what I look like at sixty, plus on that page you'll find what I don't do for my body, fitness and health. That might interest you too.

HPS DBC™. Renaissance Health Care™

7  Day Wonder® Program Synopsis

Online from 1996.
Tried, tested, very proven.
For ages 25 to 65 years.
16th century Renaissance health care adapted for our 21st century clients.

Details immediately below.


The program

  • Online.
  • Guided.
  • Structured.
  • Instructional.


  • On mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Support formats include online forum, email, chat, mobile chat messaging- audio and video messaging too!
  • One on one and group support at our private mature online forum.


  • Four core genuine authentic deep body care cleansing protocols addressing physical health starting off with fasting, juicing, colon cleansing plus home administered colonics for just seven days only. 

    Why seven days?

    "Seven is a sort of 'magic number' throughout the realm of nature. Women's menstrual cycles occur in four units of seven, as does the moon orbit around the earth. It takes exactly seven days to cleanse the entire bloodstream by fasting, and it requires seven days to thoroughly rid the lymph of toxins. On a larger scale, it takes seven months to balance the endocrine system through proper nutrition and exercise and seven years to replace every cell in the body."

    All the physical work we will be doing will be complemented with mental work too. What and how? Sorry, do our program to find out. The information is confidential to people doing this program. If I lay it all out here, the only thing that happens is some kid copies it to his or her website making claims without anything to back it up with and consequently they destroy the credibility of people like me. I after all already told you, don't believe me but read at our online forum (and believe) the people who do this program, or who have done it. Can I be more transparent than that? Their client feedback is comprehensive and thorough yet there too you won't discover exactly what we're doing because I've instructed them not to detail it. It's confidential to us, to those HPS'ing. BTW, does your doctor do that for you. You actually have no idea and you have absolutely no way to verify his or her record. Here you do.


  • In addition to the four core basic deep body cleansing protocols you'll be LEARNING, practicing and acquiring skills in eight other supportive deep body healing and deep body rejuvenation therapies INCLUDING food combining, conscious breathing, color therapy, body work, parasite cleansing, immunity building and energy enhancement therapies (it's the sequencing and not just the protocols themselves which is of supreme importance if sustainable results are on your radar) PLUS, in all four levels we will be spending a lot of time and energy on mind training and mind taming (e.g., replacing negative thought patterns with more positive health related thought patterns). That's so important if we seek long term ascending sustainable good health!
  • Step by step.
  • Level by level.
  • At your pace and convenience.
  • All of this is done in the privacy, hygiene and comfort of your own your pace and convenience in your comfort zone!

It's not a diet which makes a fundamental difference...

According to U.S. News & World Report, a whopping 85% of people who lose weight gain it all back. And for most folks, most of that comes back around your midsection. Eating nutritious food is important but diets are pretty much useless if weight loss and better health is what you want. Those of us older than 25 know that diets and dieting are pretty useless in the longer run. Anyone over 25 knows this. But why useless? They are useless because they don't remove the pounds of morbid waste lodged deep in your gut, in your colon and small intestine. That bloating and expanded waistline of yours is pounds of pollution and waste lodged deep in your colon, not fat! It's been accumulating for years and no diet will ever lodge it free nor eliminate it from your body. Diets are even more useless because diets don't change taste buds therefore old desires sooner or later return with force. Once the dieting ends we usually find ourselves unfortunately (sooner or later) reverting back to old eating habits (we miss those tastes, not the foods per say but the tastes) which leads us back to old weight issues and again back to old health issues too. It's an emotional and mental desire, as well as a physical desire too. An acidic body desires acidic foods. Physically, a thoroughly alkalized body desires alkaline foods, in mass. HPS deep body care does change taste buds. It's the deep body cleansing part of the HPS DBC™ program which causes this to happen by thoroughly alkalizing our blood stream, and our vital internal organs. Our taste buds consequently do change and therefore we desire more alkaline foods rather than more sugary, sweet, fried, baked or acidic foods. And here is the point- It's not willpower, nutritional information or logic which prevails in what we eat as the so called "dieting experts" claim but rather it's our taste buds and our emotional makeup, i.e., our desires. With HPS you are going to find yourself desiring to eat a ton more fruit and pounds more fresh raw vegetables not because you're going to force that to happen by intellect, but rather it just naturally unfolds because your taste buds will have changed due to our HPS deep body care protocols and therapies.

You'll find many testimonials at our forum referencing this happening.

It's not yoga, jogging or a workout that is the source of energy...

If it's vigorous energetic youthful health that you desire on the cellular level, it would be wise to pay attention to the level of your internal cleanliness. That's the critical factor in health that most people have ignored for decades due to ignorance. Detox for example just touches the surface. HPS deep body care goes much much deeper. If we want to connect with great health on the cellular level, the mental level and the emotional level too and not just on the physical, muscular, tissue and superficial levels HPS deep body care is the way to swiftly and safely accomplish that. Watch how whatever you enjoy doing for your body, health and fitness be it biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, jogging, workouts, yoga, Reiki or even meditation too, they all will dramatically improve and become easier for you. Much easier, more productive and much more enjoyable. And watch too how aging is also slowed down in a discernable dramatic self-evident manner... and in many cases here at HPS, even reverses! You'll find many testimonials at our online forum referencing this phenomena. None of that happens from diets, energy bars or smoothies, from eating a salad, from doctor visits and meds, from the consumption of endless supplements and vitamins, from apple cider vinegar, enzyme or fish oil supplements. This HPS DBC™ program leads to a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance achieved by re-calibrating health deep inside our body.

It's not products, herbal teas, vitamins or supplements that transform health... 

If it's true lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention that you desire it's the skills and skill sets which you become proficient in which make all the difference. We want you to focus on that in our HPS programs. We're focused on skills, not pills. We want you to become much more proficient, comfortable and self-confident in waste management and in growing and expanding, in reclaiming and renewing, your life force. If being able to throw away your addictions and your dependencies appeals to you, this HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program is right up your alley. Freedom in health. Freedom in health care. Freedom from health problems and unhealthy dysfunctions. Education, not information is our method. Practice not theory is how we go about it. Independence and self-confidence rather than dependency and fear. Skills, not pills. Hands-on health care. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention. Self-help that actually works. This is what you will be finding here at HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™.

We're celebrating our body and health. When was the last time you found yourself doing that? If you are anything like most people I bet it's been quite a while!

And it's surely not free shipping that should matter...

Auto refill, discounts, two for one, free shipping... what are we idiots? Is that what cuts the cake? Is that what determines where we invest our precious health dollars? It shouldn't. Here at HPS we hope it's the features of this program and our long online record that cuts the cake for you. If you are adamant on cheap, you'll find plenty of new kids on the block with 2 or even five years experience under their belts. I personally have over 30 years experience and that's something that very few people can give you. In health care I've always wanted the best. Maybe you do too... Oh sure, you'll find at HPS attractive discounts too for our advanced level programs (up to 35% today, when pre-ordered today, and a two for one promotion too) but again, if we're looking for the ultimate in our health we're going to have to spend to get there. Let there be no doubt about that. I had to and you're going to have to reconcile to the fact that you will have to, too. Spend in money. But also in time and effort. Practice requires time and effort. But here at HPS you won't be spending on super foods, skin creams, anti-oxidants, nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins and meds to support biology and body chemistry. You'll be moving way beyond that type of nonsense. There is no free lunch when it comes to great health and successful health care but there can definitely be a Renaissance in the caring of our body, mind and health.

While a Renaissance might not be everything, everything without it is nothing!

Life is already so hard... but when we have any type of health problem it becomes even harder.

Profoundly harder.

Your HPS focus is on you acquiring health care skills, wisdom and self-confidence and not more pills, equipment and devices. Education instead of information. Skills instead of medications. Training and practice instead of hopes, dreams and promises. In short everything is different here, different than whatever you've done in the past for your body & health. So of course, the results are fundamentally different too! Online since 1996!

Why HPS Deep Body Care? Answer this one question and you'll realize on your own, by yourself, why.

You name your health problem/problems and I'm pretty sure they will become history here.

With an HPS DBC™ program in your hands all the below and more can become history for you too. 

History, never to return again. 

  • Acid reflux
  • Acne
  • Addictions
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Bad breath/ foul breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Body odor
  • Boils
  • Bulging abdomen
  • Candida
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cardio vascular problems
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Cholesterol issues
  • Colds and flu (recurring)
  • Constipation, irregularity, diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue/ low energy
  • Female hormone problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Flatulence-gas
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Herpes
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hot flashes
  • IBS
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Liver/ gallbladder problems
  • Lymph problems
  • Lower shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Menstruation problems
  • Migraines/ Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pain and aches
  • Parasites and worms
  • Partial or slow healing
  • Psoriasis
  • Reproductive problems
  • Sinus problems
  • Skin issues/ funguses/ spots
  • Slow injury healing
  • Smoking
  • Stamina issues
  • Ulcers
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Weight problems
  • Wrinkles
  • Yeast infections 
Training wheels in health
The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women. (source). Everyone can use some training wheels in their health care endeavors. The numbers prove it. That's why HPS is for you, we're going to become your training wheels. The numbers prove that we all need to change how we care for our body and health. And for that to be successful we need help and training. HPS is all that, and more.


Deep Body Care

Why DBC™ (deep body care)?
Why not something else?
What's the point?

Most everyone you know has no idea, no clue, about the below.

I really hope the below becomes clear to you. It's really important to me.

This section is a tad, a bit, to very long, so please bear with me. Don't tune out.

Prepare yourself because if you really understand the below i.e., "really get it!" then I can say with confidence "your health is about to seriously change for the better." A Renaissance in health, and health care, I like to call this.


It just doesn't matter at this stage of your game!

At this stage of your health, at this stage of your life, what needs to be deeply removed and evacuated from your body is probably of more importance, and more consequential, than worrying what you need to put into it, into your body.

It doesn't matter how much yoga you do or did, how many different five star herbal supplements you take everyday, how many different tests you do and meds you take, how many smoothies you consume every week, how you diet, exercise or how many super foods we eat.

It just doesn't matter at this stage of your life.

It's the filth, congestion, waste management and pollution that matters...both the physical waste and the emotional and mental waste too.

Waste management is critical if we are to attain and sustain in great health.

In other words we need to clean the pollution and waste up on the physical level and on the mental level too.

All of us, including myself and you too, have tons of waste in our body... emotional waste and physical waste too.


The amount of accumulated waste inside your body has more impact on the quality of your health than exercise, meds, diet and food or supplements ever will.  

Waste management is critical to great health. Any lasting physical improvements in body and health starts there. Lasting improvements are the basis for a Renaissance. A Renaissance in health.

In the HPS deep body care programs first we shall deal with your physical illnesses and health problems, and then slowly work our way backwards right up to the mental causations too. In other words this is physical, then emotional, then mental, and then finally spiritual health care all wrapped up in one program, under one roof, online. Staged, phased, step-by-step with full education, guidance and support.

Here are some more sample pictures of that waste on the physical level, on a different page in this website, the poo page.

On that page you can also learn the characteristics of a good poo versus a bad poo. And, see pictures of what a good poo looks like. Pictures of my own poo.

We want to help you make waste management coupled with recalibrating your vital life force your focus too.

If you take care of your health today, as you took care of yesterday, you're inevitably robbing yourself of a much better tomorrow.







Pricing below.

Please Share This Page! Enlighten Someone You Care About. They Will Thank You.

Time is money. When you add up all the time you've spent already on your body, beauty, fitness and health you'll see it's been astronomical. And big money too.

Small money becomes big money too when you start counting.

Go ahead, add up the many dollars you've already spent...
 spent on your body, hygiene, beauty, fitness, looks and health (endless vitamins, endless supplements, beauty creams, anti-aging and anti wrinkling creams, deodorants, perfumes, skin care products, hair care products, drugs, meds, tests, doctors, hospital visits, specialists, therapists, Chiropractor visits, gyms, fitness and sporting equipment, fitness club memberships, fitness apparel, books, health courses, retreats, organic produce, diets, Obamacare plus other medical care insurance, etc., etc.,) and add the many many more thousands to be spent over the coming decade as you further age (after all you are not getting any younger and at the same time the cost of sick care is spiraling out of control around the globe) and IT BECOMES CLEAR THAT HPS DEEP BODY CARE makes more than just health, beauty, immunity, fitness & body sense.

Doing this HPS DBC program is a dollars and sense story too.

You'll profit from huge savings in your health bills, both today and far into the future too!

Many bodies, many illnesses

You have a lot of different bodies.

An upper body and a lower body.

An inner body and an outer body.

A physical body, an emotional body and a mental body.

A material body and a spiritual body too.

They all need your attention.

The best way to attend to all of them is to swiftly cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care. HPS is a system of health care that addresses all your bodies. And mind too, your negative thought patterns that influence your health in detrimental ways. Deeply.

Over a quarter of a century of helping people heal themselves has left me totally committed to the fact that great health and poor health starts from the same place, deep within our internal environment.

Your duty in your health?

It's all very straightforward here... your duty is execution, execution and more proper execution! We're going to show you how and practice with you for three straight full months.

You have got to start caring more if you want to fully take control of your health (physical and mental health) independently!

Here at HPS, with HPS, you are going to stop being a spectator in your health!

You want to go from point A to point B. From origin to destination. Isn't it so?

Your main job is to STEER your internals... to keep your internal environment exceptionally clean. It's time to clean your shit up, too. HPS is going to teach you, help you and show you how to do that both in body and with mind. 

After that we will be moving in revitalizing your vital life force. In self-help the body/mind connections will do the rest so that we safely reach our destination.

HPS will show you how that happens, teach you, personally guide you and walk the walk with you.

In other words, we're going to make all this happen for you too!

Arrival time is on schedule. Fasten up your seatbelt as there might be some turbulence along the way. By turbulence we mean challenges. Challenges which HPS is going to help you successfully overcome one by one. After all, this is a guided online program.

We're not just here for you, we're here with you doing the exact same things you'll be doing in this program!

Beyond your own private health issues which you already have and need to deal with, both you and I (and everyone we know) has a world of public health issues to also contend with too... and unfortunately they keep growing. The present threatening 21st century list includes Superbugs, Antibiotic resistance, H1N5 Swine flu, H5N1 Influenza, H5N8 Bird flu, Sars, Ebola and now of course Radiation.

Take Fukushima for example... Officials Now Admit Radioactive Fish Off U.S. West Coast Have "Disturbing Fingerprint Of Fukushima."

The entire Pacific Coast of the United States, Canada and Mexico has been contaminated with radioactive particles from Fukushima. And finally, it is being officially acknowledged AND not called another "conspiracy theory" or "false and fake news" report.

This is a horror, and the mainstream media as it is, with your interests above all others, has assured you that this ongoing disaster is, nonetheless, perfectly safe. "Everything is fine, back to your regularly scheduled program."

"Five years and they have no idea the status of the core except that they can't find it. They can't stop what is happening and for five years the world just watched with it's collective thumb up it's ass. You bet TPTB brass knows what is going on, it could be an extinction level event eventually. One has to wonder, why instead of sending in homeless malcontents to die of expos...uh I mean investigate the core why did they not bring in the top resources of the entire world to fix this? Unless they didn't want to or they can't."

"A little bit of radiation a little bit of glysophate a little bit of mercury and a little bit of fluoride nothing to worry about, move along."

There is so much going on around us, it would be wise to deeply take care of our body and mind, and to HPS deep body care frequently simply because we are under attack all the time. I do this program at least once a year, every year for the past thirty years. Sometimes, when lucky I do it two or three times a year.

All HEALTH THREATS just love a filthy dirty weak body to develop in, hang out in, survive in and thrive in.

The filthier your body is internally, the weaker your immunity is to external threats. And the less vital life force you have to protect yourself, restore and revitalize your body. A little bit of radiation a little bit of glysophate a little bit of mercury and a little bit of fluoride nothing to worry about, move along." Huh, give us a break!

Why with HPS?

You'll profit because you'll cross the bridge from sick care into genuine authentic health care.

You'll renew your harvest.

Order today.

In six words?

Because we know what we're doing.

We know how to impart this deep body care knowledge, wisdom and these skills to you.

Online since 1996. Tried, tested. Very proven for over a quarter of a century already.

How much gas  is going to be left in your tank if you keep on making mistakes with your health?

Your expectations not just about aging but also about health and health care in general are going to need to be revised in light of what you are finding here at 

 "Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows. In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found. The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women, the researchers said."

Yet here at HPS we've had only one HPS online client reporting back to us that they have been diagnosed with cancer (none yet with heart disease (or had a heart attack), a stroke, got diabetes or arthritis, or MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson or any type of disease be it sub-acute or chronic, etc.).

Not one in the twenty years that I am helping others with this HPS DBC™ (deep body care) Renaissance health care™ program online!

Hundreds upon hundreds of people to date online, and yet only one getting cancer.

Sure seems to me like we have seriously and substantially beaten the odds! 

Now I'd like to help you beat the odds too!

We're worthy of your money and time. HPS. HelpingPeopleSurvive, and thrive.

If you desire even more information about the HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ programs (for all levels) you'll find it below and also do please visit our FAQ page. You find even more "meat" there that should answer all your questions.

And if you want even more of an understanding after the FAQ, then please visit the newest added content page. That page has a lot of information about myself, Jos-hua the HPS medicine man. It is based on questions emailed to me over the years. Why should that interest you? Simply because I am the program, I designed the program, I live the program. Knowing more about me and my approach to health and health care, and the mechanics behind the HPS DBC™ programs, helps you better understand the value of HPS and what I can and should be able to do for you too.

Promotions below... three sections/blocks down.

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HPS Renaissance Deep Body health care™ is a system of health care...

Not a supplement, a device, a book or a video, a yoga, a workout, a med or a diet but rather a self-help DEEP BODY CARE system of health care designed by me, Jos-hua, the founder of Exclusive to 

I've been doing this program on and with my own body year in and year out for over thirty years now. And I have guided thousands of others in this module of health care. 

I'm going to personally take your hands online and guide you through the HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program. While a Renaissance might not be everything, trust me everything without it is nothing!

Once trained in this you'll most probably be using this HPS DBC™ system for the rest of your life, and profiting year in and year out from it just as I have for the past thirty years, and many hundreds of others do here, online.

If you still are not convinced that HPS'ing is in your best interest, take a look at these numbers, these facts.

The numbers prove that piles, hemorrhoids, constipation, varicose veins, diabetes and obesity, herpes, asthma and allergies, accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, b/o, dandruff, insomnia, acid reflux, brain fog, skin issues, superbugs and a whole lot more (let alone cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, kidney disease, liver disease, dementia and Alzheimer's) are on a rampage. 

The numbers also prove without any ambiguity that your chances of fighting them off, let alone preventing them, are not very encouraging to say the least.

Who knows when you're going to become the next victim?

How to heal? How to prevent it all?

It all starts here, nowhere else but HERE!

Most people you know, including probably yourself, have no system of health care to bank on.

All they have are addresses and phone numbers. The phone number of their doctors, the address of the Rx, the address of the Chiropractor, the address of their psychologist or other therapist, the address of the health food store.

But a system of health care that they can use year in and year out, on their own, independently forever?

That most everyone doesn't have!

But here you are going to walk away with a system under your belt. That's priceless in today's world because that gives you FREEDOM in your health!

Hundreds upon hundreds of program reviews and client feedback AT OUR ONLINE FORUM SPANNING over a decade already, REVIEWING PUBLICLY THIS HPS SYSTEM... explore them already today prior to spending even one more minute with us. Real people. Real needs. Real challenges. Real results.

There is no way you can "know" the efficacy of any doctor, any med, any health program, any supplement or any diet from a book or a video or an article you have found (beyond the claims of the writers), no way to the same degree and confidence you can know from an online forum composed of hundreds of different unbiased tested people who are reporting their achievements spanning months, and here at HPS even years! Case studies.

And because of the efficacy of this system you'll also walk away with the self-motivation to forge on and use it for a lifetime.

I've been using this since the age of thirty. I'm sixty now. See the results with your own eyes.

Ages 25 to 65 ... Can you afford not to do this?

Can you afford not to age well? Can you afford to get really sick? Can you afford not to heal whatever health problems you have right now? Can you afford to ignore the cancer and heart disease statistics any longer? And if you answer yes, what sense is there in doing that?

Can you afford the spiraling health, beauty, medical and fitness bills forever?

Deep body heal, deep body rejuvenate and deep body preventative health care.

Any other alternative is so very feeble to say the least!

We asked our clients OF A DECADE AGO if HPS "is worth the investment?" See how they voted in this poll. As important, read their comments right below the poll.


Today's Promotional Deals & Discounts...

Promo nr. #1

If you are a veteran from the wars in Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan or Iraq I know you guys have a lot of health issues and I want to help you too.

Vets get a 15% discount on the HPS programs.

Students below the age of 25 do too.

I really would love to see more and more young people getting into this, into genuine health care so that they don't end up like their parent and grandparents did (and their friends and colleagues do) with a matrix of diseases, dysfunctions and ongoing health problems, and all the spiraling bills and anxiety that comes with the sick care system.

Contact Jos-hua for more information.

Promo nr. #2

Barter your services for a program.

That's right, we're open to a Barter!

HPS is especially in need of social media and SEO services... I myself have no social media accounts, nowhere.

If I did I probably could handle this aspect of marketing too, but I don't.

Therefore HPS is ready to barter with you if you do have proven social media marketing experience. Helping us this way is very meritus for you. You'll not just be helping yourself by doing our program but you'll also be helping inform other human beings how to move away from sick care into genuine authentic health care. And that's a very worthy endeavor for the benefit of all sentient beings. There is merit to be made here.

So yes please do contact me, Jos-hua, if you have proven expertise in the field, let's barter, let's make a deal.

I'm sure we can work something out to both our satisfaction.

Promo nr. #3

Bring two friends along with you to do this program (in other words three of you), and HPS shall give each one of you 10% off the list price! That's hundreds of dollars in your pockets. Plus, Jos-hua will set up a private sub-forum just for the three of you to communicate privately at our online forum. In other words, you'll have an extremely private experience if you guys so wish it to be. You'll be able to freely talk in "your" language with your friends without any political correctness or reservation.

Promo nr. #4

Pay by Bitcoin and I'll give you a 5% discount. I'd like to accumulate some Bitcoins because I believe an economic collapse is possibly coming in the future and it would be wise to have some Bitcoins in reserve, in hand. By the way, if I'm right about a coming financial, banking, economic or sovereign collapse having this HPS DBC system under your belt and in your hands is going to become even more valuable to you because you just might not have the surplus monies available for doctor visits, more tests, more meds, more supplements and vitamins, and more specialists. With this HPS system in hand you'll stay healthy, vigorous, vibrant and strong- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- and consequently you'll have a distinct advantage over many others in the marketplace trying to just stay alive. You'll be thriving!

Promo nr. #5

Promo #5 is different than all the above. It is based on your knowledge about health. Tell me what a "healing crisis" is and if you are correct in your answer I'll give you 7% off.

Back to pricing

The risks to your health with HPS are minimal, but the rewards are massive.

I've got plenty to teach you, show you and do with you. I Jos-hua am personally going to get very involved with you in your health care.

We're focused here at HPS on the body/mind connections, on re-calibrating health.

Without a system to work from and to work with, you're just shooting in the dark.

Everyone else in the health industry makes claims and promises which you have bought into, but you have no system to systematically work with.

They head for the hills leaving you alone, STRANDED, staring at the walls, trying to figure out why things aren't as they claimed they would be. At best, you'll get to ask them a question or two by email, or by phone, but that's not ongoing support, that's just more information collection in the heat of anxiety, fear and confusion.

Ongoing support should mean working with you daily, personally. Working with you on all the aspects of your being- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your being.

You're usually stuck trying to understand on your own what's happening with your body and health both physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

And the question always arises- What to do next! And how to do it? When to do it, and why? And why not this, but that?

That too is ignored by them as is the educational aspect of health care, leaving you out on a branch, hanging from a tree, trying to figure out what's next while walking again into more pitfalls, into more confusion and into more suffering.

And into more additional hefty unexpected expenses, again.

I know how it is... I was there too before I started HPS'ing.

That ends here with this guided online HPS deep body care (DBC) program in your hands! 

It all ends here.

What Our Fantastic Users Say

"This latest marks 6 HPS DBC cleanses with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years.

While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before.

Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of that?”

"Greetings everyone

It's been just on a month since I finished my first Master Faster 7 Day Wonder DBC.

This was my 5th 7 Day Wonder with HPS and each one just gets easier and easier.

Even though I had taken just over a year's break between this DBC and my Level 4, once I got started it was a pretty easy 9 days of fasting, juicing and home colonics.

The reason I titled this testimonial "the key to positivity" is because this Freedom Cleanse coincided with the opening of my new healing centre and in the face of all the tough challenges that come with opening a new business, I came out at the end of the 9 days with overflowing positivity and motivation . I honestly felt like nothing was going to be too difficult to overcome.

Aside from all of the physical benefits that come part and parcel with doing a HPS Freedom Cleanse (of which you can find listed in many of the other testimonials) I had gained something even more valuable for my current situation.

In today's society with its constant bombardment of stress, challenges and negative energy it's a real struggle to continually feel motivated and positive day after day. However my 9 days of Freedom Cleansing pushed me through that barrier and into a new space of immeasurable positivity.

Even after 1 month has passed I am still maintaining the same level of positivity and really look forward to what my next 7DW Freedom Cleanse is going to bring.

HPS Freedom Cleansing can help you not only with your physical problems but also with reaching the next level of success in your life !

Hope to see you here soon!!"

I'm not alone in saying the things I am saying and which I am promoting in this HPS website.

The 2016 Nobel prize winner for medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the same things too, and has applied the same logic in his research work related to cellular waste management which earned him the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016.

I quote him:

"You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

Yoshinori San has spent a lifetime in reseach. I on the other hand have spent a lifetime developing a system of health care that exactly addresses his conclusions. He gets a Nobel prize, and I get gefilte fish. Go figure. How awesome is that?

Don't let doctors rip you apart.







HPS deep body care.

Avoid the shocks of debilitating health.

Level by level DBC.

Step by step.

Easy to use when in the know!

Real authentic health care. Guided. Interactive. Educational. Instructional.

Hand holding.

"There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears," writes Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book *Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Perhaps now you're ready.

Day by day playback of a 7DW level 1 DBC program.


Ground zero in health.

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4) Tell Jos-hua the state of your health today.

What problems do you have that need fixing? Jos-hua would like to hear your whole story, minor and major issues. All of them. Past and present, and future worries too.

5) Have you ever done any cleansing before?

Any kind of cleansing, not specifically deep body cleansing. Anywhere? At a fasting or cleansing spa in Thailand, the Caribbean or in Europe for example. Or a detox program of any kind, or even just colon cleaning supplements. Or any type of internal organ cleansing? Maybe a parasite cleanse or maybe just a juicing program? Jos-hua would like to know if you have any previous experiences (at any level) in trying to clean out and clean up your body, health and lifestyle. With this information in his hands he will have a better picture how to help you achieve the success that has evaded you and your health to date. Thanks.

It is highly advisable to read our FAQ prior to contacting us.

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P.P.S. Look forward to a personal reply back from Jos-hua the HPS medicine man within 24 to 48 hours. If the above contact form isn't working, you can always contact us by email at program [{at}]

Learn to love your body and your health.

Or continue to fear it.

These are the two basic choices which we all have.

There is really not much in between.

My bottom line?

Either you are going to love your body & health or you are going to continue to fear what might happen to it.

And fear is a killer, simply because it constantly depresses the immune system.

At HPS we're choosing love!

And you? Where are you standing with your body and health?

Stop and think...

From all the different health programs, doctors, procedures, products and supplements on your radar, diets and workouts how many are able to show you ONE hundred program reviews or testimonies written up by their clients at an online forum? Can anyone prove the lasting efficacy of what they are offering you? Or is it all just talk, promises and claims TRYING to rack up more sales of supplements, devices and equipment, books, and tests?

We can!

Find over 400+ (four hundred plus) reviews and testimonies at our online forum.

Grow your life force!

This program brings on a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance in health physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. This HPS program is designed to safely re-calibrate health, all facets of health.

HPS deep body care. 

Our clients don't want to take care of their body & health as their parents and grandparents did. Nor as their friends do.

They know that system of health care didn't work out too well. They've seen the results on their parents and with their grandparents. And now they're watching the sad results their friends are experiencing. Cancer is on the rampage and everyone knows that they might possibly be the next victim. Heart attacks aren't far behind.

But it doesn't have to be like that.