Anti ageing program
2016. Jos-hua the founder of HPS at sixty...not bad for an old geezer using a 16th century Renaissance system of health care!

Here's a few more pictures at 60... one taken the same day, another taken two months later.

Self evident rejuvenation. "Youthing" we like to call it here at

While a Renaissance might not seem like everything to you, for me everything without it is nothing!

HPS DBC™ (deep body care) is a guided thorough cutting edge hand-holding alternative health care program online that will revolutionize the status of your health today, and the trajectory it will take in the future. A system of health care designed to re-calibrate health. Online since 1996. Renaissance health care™.


For the skeptics, for the doubters, I have to say "of course the above and below pictures of me at sixty are not photo shopped pictures."

I have clients online whom sooner or later I meet face to face, clients offline whom I meet face to face with on a daily basis, and of course my own personal friends who check out this website... how could you think or believe I'd put up pictures here that have been photo shopped? Preposterous  to say the least! Online since 1996.

You, yeah, I'm talking to you. Wake up and pay attention!

If you like feeling and looking as old as you DO, like getting sick or being sick and don't mind spending fortunes of money and time on your health this decade and next don't do the HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program. Otherwise, do it. And look younger, feel younger, be younger! Better at work, better at play, better at sex too. For ages 25 to 65 years old.

Here's a two and a half minute video testimony I made over ten years ago at age fifty discussing one aspect of the HPS DEEP BODY CARE program, that being the deep body cleansing part of the HPS DBC program and my own aging back then. Turns out everything I said way back then about my own aging turned out to be true as evident by the above pictures, Now it's your chance. Don't blow it.

If you think that diet, a salad, a smoothie or detox, juicing, fitness workouts, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, vitamins and supplements or apple cider vinegar and coconut oil is health care I have to honestly tell you my opinion- you're way behind the curve. You just don't get it.

Light years behind. None of that deeply addresses waste management, nor more importantly, your mind. And if a horrible disease or two shows up on your doorstep one day in the future (which I of course hope never happens) don't say, "no one ever told me that all of that isn't effective health care!" because, I just did!

Finding a sustainable and lasting holistic solution to all your past, present and future health problems isn't all that easy. I know that and you know that. But I have found over the past thirty years that it is a lot easier when seriously addressing both body and mind at the same time, deeply. We're here to help you do just that.

Share this page, and then check out this page and share it too!

Look, I'm taking care of my body and health way differently than you are and that explains why I look fifteen years younger than my age and feel forty years younger. I'm taking care of it the HPS way.

If you are still young, this is the way, this is the path, to stay young forever. It's all in your hands. After all, this is self-help.

If you are healthy, this is the way, the path, to stay healthy forever... and if you are sick and feeling old, worn out, and helpless this is the way to reverse all that. Me and my clients are living proof of what I just said.

I don't diet and there is no forced awareness, label-reading, and meal-planning either.
I don't workout or jog... never ever.
I don't take vitamins or supplements, drugs or meds (I don't even have a medicine cabinet in my home!).
I don't do annual medical tests (just imagine the peace of mind in that! And the savings too!)
I have no health insurance, never have had for over thirty years now! And I have no health issues anymore, now over 30 years already! I did before.
And I don't spend hours every month surfing the net for more health information, products or supplements. Everything I need is in the HPS program. All the bases are covered so that frees up my time to do other things with my life rather than waking up at 6:00 AM in the morning (like my sister does!) to workout! How you care for yourself is a matter of choice. I'm offering you a new, different and proven choice! And I'm ready to work with your personally to make it all work for you too.

I live in love, not fear. You can too. I intend to show you how to. Teach you how to. I can walk into a room full of one hundred people with contagious diseases and not fall ill nor fear that I will fall ill. My immunity is THAT STRONG, strong like a rock! Physically and mentally strong.

My approach to health AND health care is fundamentally different than most other views you are familiar with.

Different is sweet when it works, otherwise it's just a bunch of hot air again... this works. The proof is in the pudding!

Not paying a lot of attention to this view and approach is like dancing on a volcano... you're sure to get burnt.

It all starts here, from this view about health.


See right now WHAT ELSE I DON'T DO for by body and health.

I think you'll be very very surprised.  Take a quick peak.



We're worthy of your attention.

We're HPS, HelpingPeopleSurvive, and thrive. Online from 1996.

Have your own personal health stories ever evolved like this? I mean really, what more could you want to see?

We're no five minutes of fame program. Online since 1996!

The five minutes of fame people (all those new diets you keep hearing about, or that new super food your friend told you about, that new detox or that new workout or new supplement) can only show you one snapshot in time regarding usage and result by a client or customer. One snapshot of one or two or five clients pertaining to one moment in the history of their health.

But they aren't able to show you what unfolded six months later, a year or two later, or five years later with the health of that same person because well, maybe things didn't unfold the way they thought it would or claimed it would.

We can. We are... tens of different HPS clients have kept their records at our online forum, some for over a decade already... others for three to five years. Some just for a few months.

We can show you years later, not a month later ... Take a good look ... if you don't have the disposition to read all 400+ clients reviews read just these four people from our online forum.

See for yourself how a health story evolves at HPS over a year, long after they healed their initial problems... has your health story ever evolved like this? This is five star, first class, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation. And it's all self-help. Skills, not pills.

What they are telling you is that health care becomes massively more productive (and massively more fun, exciting and rewarding) when you are actually engaging in a process of truly caring for your health both physically and mentally (rather than being engaged just in sick care, i.e., treatments and procedures) and when you have me by your side consistently guiding you, inspiring you, reprimanding you when need be, helping you, educating you, mentoring you and instructing you.


I personally suffered from 16 different health problems prior to getting on this HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ path 30 years ago...

From the minor like constant neck pains, lower back pain, frequent bloating and gas, frequent acid reflux, frequent dandruff, frequent pimples on my upper back, b/o, skin fungus, wet balmy hands (that was horrible every time I had to shake someone's hand at a meeting!), constant horrible foot odor (my socks and shoes used to stink so much!), excessive sweating at night while sleeping to the major like herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, bad hemorrhoids, foul smelling breath, catching the flu every year (and I mean every year!), yo-yo weight issues, constipation, frequent headaches and migraines. They all naturally disappeared never to come back again!

Disappeared I said... No meds, no drugs, no workouts, no diets, no endless vitamins or supplements, no CAT scans, no specialists, no over the counter drugs or creams. Just disappeared never to come back again simply because the causes and conditions for that to happen were properly set, mentally and physically.

Emotionally, anger was also prevalent although I could never identify the specific cause. Emotional outbursts happened too frequently (i.e., moodiness).

And there was a sense of never being properly grounded nor very happy with my life. In the mornings, when I awoke, I had to be alone for a good half an hour... anyone around me would lead to a dissatisfaction and a type of simmering anger which would start to build up and stay with me for the rest of the day... all of that disappeared too, never to come back again.

My smell sense returned again (prior to ever DBC'ing it disappeared for about five years), my nails got stronger again and stopped breaking, my sleep became much more peaceful and deeper again (I found myself waking in the morning jumping out of bed, alive and bright and joyous), my skin started to shine, my weight dropped and stabilized and my life became easier. Much easier, much better, much happier! The best part has been that it all has been sustainable!

All of that has continued unabated for the past thirty years.

Can you say the same about your past and present health issues?

It's not a diet which makes a fundamental difference

Eating nutritious food is important but diets are pretty much useless if weight loss and better health is what you want. Those of us older than 25 know that diets and dieting are pretty useless in the longer run. Anyone over 25 knows this. But why useless? They are useless because they don't remove the pounds of morbid waste lodged deep in your gut, in your colon and small intestine. That bloating and expanded waistline of yours is pounds of pollution and waste lodged deep in your colon. It's been accumulating for years and no diet will ever lodge it free nor eliminate it from your body. Diets are even more useless because diets don't change taste buds therefore old desires sooner or later return with force. Once the dieting ends we usually find ourselves unfortunately (sooner or later) reverting back to old eating habits (we miss those tastes) which leads us back to old weight issues and again back to old health issues too. It's an emotional and mental desire, as well as a physical desire too. An acidic body desires acidic foods. Physically, a thoroughly alkalized body desires alkaline foods, in mass. HPS deep body care does change taste buds. It's the deep body cleansing part of the HPS DBC™ program which causes this to happen by thoroughly alkalizing our blood stream, and our vital internal organs. Our taste buds consequently do change and therefore we desire more alkaline foods rather than more sweet, fried, baked or acidic foods. It's not willpower, nutritional information or logic which prevails in what we eat as the so called "dieting experts" claim but rather it's our taste buds and our emotional makeup, i.e., our desires. With HPS you are going to find yourself desiring to eat a ton more fruit and pounds more fresh raw vegetables not because you're going to force that to happen by intellect, but rather it just naturally unfolds because your taste buds will have changed due to our HPS deep body care protocols and therapies.

You'll find many testimonials at our forum referencing this happening.

It's not yoga, jogging or a workout that is the source of energy.

If it's vigorous energetic youthful health that you desire on the cellular level, it would be wise to pay attention to the level of your internal cleanliness. That's the critical factor in health that most people have ignored for decades due to ignorance. Detox for example just touches the surface. HPS deep body care goes much much deeper. If we want to connect with great health on the cellular level, the mental level and the emotional level too and not just on the physical, muscular, tissue and superficial levels HPS deep body care is the way to swiftly and safely accomplish that. Watch how whatever you enjoy doing for your body, health and fitness be it biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, jogging, workouts, yoga, Reiki or even meditation too, they all will dramatically improve and become easier for you. Much easier, more productive and much more enjoyable. And watch too how aging is also slowed down in a discernable dramatic self-evident manner... and in many cases here at HPS, even reverses! You'll find many testimonials at our online forum referencing this phenomena. None of that happens from diets, energy bars or smoothies, from eating a salad, from doctor visits and meds, from the consumption of endless supplements and vitamins, from apple cider vinegar, enzyme or fish oil supplements. This HPS DBC™ program leads to a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance achieved by re-calibrating health deep inside our body.

It's not products, herbal teas, vitamins or supplements that transform health 

If it's true lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention that you desire it's the skills and skill sets which you become proficient in which make all the difference. We want you to focus on that in our HPS programs. We're focused on skills, not pills. We want you to become much more proficient, comfortable and self-confident in waste management and in growing and expanding, in reclaiming and renewing, your life force. If being able to throw away your addictions and your dependencies appeals to you, this HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program is right up your alley. Freedom in health. Freedom in health care. Freedom from health problems and unhealthy dysfunctions. Education, not information is our method. Practice not theory is how we go about it. Independence and self-confidence rather than dependency and fear. Skills, not pills. Hands-on health care. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention. Self-help that actually works. This is what you will be finding here at HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™.

We're celebrating our body and health. When was the last time you found yourself doing that? If you are anything like most people I bet it's been quite a while!

And it's surely not free shipping that should matter

Auto refill, discounts, two for one, free shipping... what are we idiots? Is that what cuts the cake? Is that what determines where we invest our precious health dollars? It shouldn't. Here at HPS we hope it's the features of this program and our long online record that cuts the cake for you. If you are adament on cheap, you'll find plenty of new kids on the block with 5 or even ten years experience under their belts. I personally have over thirty years experience and that's something that very few people can give you in deep body care. In health care I've always wanted the best. Maybe you do too... Oh sure, you'll find at HPS attractive discounts too for our advanced level programs (up to 35% today, when pre-ordered today, and a two for one promotion too) but again, if we're looking for the ultimate in our health we're going to have to spend to get there. Let there be no doubt about that. I had to and you're going to have to reconcile to the fact that you will have to, too. Spend in money. But also in time and effort. But here at HPS you won't be spending it on super foods, skin creams, anti-oxidants, nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins and meds to support biology and body chemistry. You'll be moving way beyond that type of nonsense. There is no free lunch when it comes to great health and successful health care but there can definitely be a Renaissance in the caring of our body, mind and health.

While a Renaissance might not be everything, everything without it is nothing!

The numbers show us and actually prove all the contentions raised in this HPS website!

Seemingly quiet activity on the surface masks the turbulence that's going on underneath!

Take note of the below...

Numbers have such an elegance and eloquence to them...

"Houston, we have a serious problem... 

The below numbers prove and show us that the western allopathic medical system is a fraudulent medical system that cannot effectively prevent dis-ease or illness.

Here at HPS we say fraudulent because it's being called health care. But it's not health care, it's actually sick care.

It doesn't end health problems, it suppresses pain and disease. It treats symptoms. But it does not cure.

And there is no one helping anyone. There are just treatments, tests and procedures which cost big bucks and a leg.

Has anyone helped you fundamentally improve your knowledge of health, health care wisdom, and how to effectively and efficiently care for yourself in a sane cost efficient manner?

No, I didn't think so.

Furthermore, it does not slow down the aging processes in a discernable manner.

Nor does it efficiently even heal us. The numbers below prove this.

Nor NEVER ever does it succeed in rejuvenation, rejuvenating not just body but mind too!

For some kind of rejuvenation to happen in our lives it seems we have to take holidays, or find distractions from our daily life like some sport or fitness activity, or space out with recreational drugs but as everyone of us already knows non of that is rejuvenation, "it's just a side-show, a short break from our ongoing misery, anxiety, stress and fears."

In short, we've been sold a packet of lies for decades now.

Where's the health, and where's the health care? YOU TELL ME!?

They call it health-care but it's not.

What kind of health care is this if nearly seventy percent of Americans have to take a prescription drug, daily, forever!

Or if close to 50% of the population has a chronic health problem!


"Nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and more than 50 percent take two!"
according to a 2013 report from the Mayo Clinic. 

Think about that!
In my opinion that is really a very shocking statistic!
Over fifty percent of Americans take two prescription drugs daily! My God, that's shocking!

By now already well into the 21st century with so many advances in modern medicine and so much fitness (jogging, yoga and workouts, etc.) and self-help activities both offline and online, and with so much diet and nutritional information available, SUPPLEMENTS and therapies, equipment and devices one would have thought the number would be more like 5% and not 50%!

But it's not!

That's telling us something.

The first thing it is telling us is "information isn't power!"

The second thing it's telling us is that we should pay attention to the fallacy of "sick care" or else we're going to end up as a stat too.

"133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease!" according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Also a shocking statistic!! Totally unacceptable. Appalling!!

Don't you think so? I do!

Who can know when you're next?

The odds are not in your favor.

If I was you I wouldn't be betting on yoga, endless supplements, a salad a day, a sleep pod, apple cider vinegar or coconut oil to beat the odds. It's a throw of a coin, 50/50 that you'll end up with at least once chronic disease and a few meds, if not maybe more.

A dis-ease is classified as acute when it lasts for less than 3 weeks, subacute when it persists for more than 3 weeks and chronic if it is ongoing for 8 weeks or more. 

If 45% of the population have a health problem that is ongoing for 8 weeks or more I think you'll agree with me that it is apparent and self-evident that our immune system is incapable of providing any credible defense, nor is our body able to free up resources for healing purposes. Immune building is central to HPS deep body care.

According to the CDC "nearly 75 million Americans—a staggering 1 in every 3 adults—suffer from hypertension."

One in four American women die from heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women (not cancer—a common myth), though only about half of all women are aware of this. 

In England in 2015 there has been an increase, or rather an explosion, of 137,000 new cases of Type 2 diabetes according to Diabetes cases (Type 1 & 2) ROCKETED BY 75 per cent in one year only! Number of adults with the disease rises by 1.5 million in 2015 alone. Every day in the UK 203 diabetics suffer heart failure, 78 have strokes, 39 people need dialysis or kidney transplants and 20 people have legs amputated. Everyday!

"Today, the ostrich population is in decline but not its relevance. With the world in health chaos, people everywhere are suddenly imitating this legendary bird!"

So the question we need to be asking ourselves is ... Why isn't our immunity strong enough and vibrant enough to prevent disease from striking us down, and why isn't our body able to free up resources for healing purposes?

If you understand clearly what we've been saying in this website, it's foolish to expect that it could efficiently do any of that in today's world.

Answer this one question here on this page and you'll understand on your own why your immune system isn't able to effectively protect you, nor is your body able to free up resources for healing purposes.

Just by answering the question there and reading that page, you'll fully understand why.

Every available resource is being spent, all energy is being devoted to CONTAINING the toxemia which has already accumulated inside your body.

TO JUST CONTAINING THE POUNDS UPON POUNDS OF POLLUTION, waste lodged in every vital organ from your colon to your gallbladder and liver, in your kidneys and lungs, in your blood stream and lymphatic system, mind too.

Every vital part of our body is flooded with pollution and waste... it's disgusting to say the least.

It started accumulating in our teenager years and hasn't stopped for a moment since then.

Years upon years. Layer upon layer.

Mountains of it has built up by now totally demeaning our health, hygiene, energy, immunity, beauty, weight, fitness and looks.

And the sad fact is the sick care industry continues to deny this. As if it doesn't exist. As if this isn't the source of our health problems.

It's a 24/7 job for your body to JUST CONTAIN these poisonous mountains of toxic waste.

All available energy, and all available resources, are devoted to just containing the waste and the poison being spread throughout the body caused directly by auto-intoxication. And meanwhile our immune system is consequently compromised, weakened and depleted. No wonder why everyone keeps getting sicker and sicker. No wonder why cancer keeps spreading even though they have spent billions on research and therapies and tests and cancer hospitals.

Nothing is left for healing, rejuvenation or prevention purposes!

No wonder why most people are stressed out, tired all the time, worried, and basically unhealthy. Unable to heal and not understanding why they have the health problems that they have. They blame it all on their job, their bad luck, their family and friends, the environment, on diet, mistaken diagnosis and mistaken treatment, etc..

But instead of doing that they should just blame it on the truth, that being that their internal environment is totally polluted and compromised, and consequently their life force has been depleted. And without life force, well, we all are basically toast.

Your body is exhausted. Mine basically was. You're no different than me. Every one of my clients was exhausted too. Yours is too even if you don't know it yet (i.e., the symptoms haven't appeared in full force yet).

The 2016 Nobel prize winner for medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the same things too, and has applied the same logic in his research work and reached the same conclusions which earned him the Nobel prize for medicine. 

I quote him: 

"You can no longer take care of the waste, and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease."

Hold on to your chair because the following numbers are even more frightening.

They relate directly to you, to how you take care of your health RIGHT NOW TODAY ...

US life expectancy down for 1st time in 22 years, CDC study shows. The life expectancy of Americans decreased in 2015, compared to 2014...the first drop in over two decades. The newly-released report also shows mortality rates were up for most of the 10 leading causes of death.


Millions of people are being struck down every year by cancer and cardiovascular disease, and millions more have already passed away. 

But from your perspective what should be even more appalling AND more shocking is that many of those millions of people with cancer, DIABETES, or heart disease focused for years, for many many years on diet, exercise, herbal teas, juicing, herbal supplements like Omega-3 and anti-oxidants, apple cider vinegar, yoga, endless vitamins, tests and annual doctor visits (just as you are doing right now) before getting sick, prior to getting diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or having a heart attack... and we already know where that got them!

The lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women, newest research shows.

Yet the hoax is still going on stronger than ever before.

Not only are more people using more supplements and vitamins, doing more workouts and yoga, gorging on more drugs and meds than ever before but a lot of those meds are seriously dangerous... 8 Rx Meds With Some of the Most Dangerous Side Effects.

All the medical and health experts including not just your own doctors but also online "experts" such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, Deepak Chopra, the Mayo clinic, Dr. Group and many of the "non-experts" pushing health products and supplements like Alex Jones for example are not taking care of their body and health the way I am.

In fact, they encourage you to buy everything and do everything I'm not doing.

Why is that?

That's because this is how they get rich, by selling us all that stuff!

And they are not alone, Big Pharma has a big piece of the pie too!

But actually, it might be fair to say they don't give a hoot about us... they don't really want us to heal and rejuvenate our bodies and our mind.

In fact, the sicker we are the more they prosper!

That's how they survive, and thrive! The more illness we have, the more they thrive. So do you really expect them, or their suggestions and recommendations, to be your savior?

They don't seem to be into genuine health care! They seem to be part of the sick care system, an auxiliary tentacle?

You decide.

I'm not here to evaluate them, I'm here to help your cross the bridge from sick are into genuine health care. Self-help health care that will free you from becoming their meal.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

Upton Sinclair

The above numbers show us how wrong they are. How misleading they are. How fraudulent the system is.

The 100 Deadliest Diseases and Conditions of the Past 15 Years

All the above is why I'm consistently saying in this website... finally cross the bridge... give me your hand and let me personally guide you and help you...let's move your body and health to the other side. Let’s finally cross the bridge TOGETHER and move your body from sick care into genuine health care. I'm confident in your success!

I'm caring for my body, mind, and health in an effective, cost efficient, intelligent, sane way.

Are you? Have you? Will you?

You already saw above what I look like at sixty years old, and you can see here what I don't do for my body, fitness, immunity, beauty and health.

What I do do is an HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance health care™ once or twice a year. Every year without fail.

I devote one week to my body, fitness, immunity, beauty, mind and health.

One week of my life every year, that's it, who can beat that? One week only to achieve such fantastic results.

What can beat just that?

And if I'm very lucky (i.e., I have the time) I'll do the HPS DBC™ twice or three times a year! Now that's a big renaissance in health!

I consider doing any of the things that I'm not doing insanity in health care!!

But that's not just me, hundreds of other's now think the same to!

The view which directs all my actions starts from this view about health.

Can you FEEL the difference between what the "experts" want you to do for your health, what they are telling you and what I want to do for you and with you, for your health? They actually seem to imprison us in sick care. I want to free you and your health, forever.

Online since 1996. By appointment only.

The bottom line for me is this:

When the internal environment of our body is polluted and filthy supplements, diet and workouts mask symptoms. But they don't cure nor prevent illness and disease from striking us down no matter what our age is.

And, the allopathic medical system is misleading us as regards its ability and capacity to heal, rejuvenate or prevent disease. It cannot effectively heal your health issues, and it NEVER EVER will rejuvenate your body & mind. Never ever.

At best it suppresses pain and illness. But it doesn't heal your body and health.

And surely the above numbers clearly show us, without any ambiguity, that it does not and cannot prevent illness.

Don’t misunderstand me… In general I have nothing against allopathic modern medicine...and doctors. It does serve its function when we have a trauma injury and need surgery.

Here’s a classic case… two punctured lungs, 12 ribs that were broken in 17 spots, two breaks in his spine, and a lot of road rash.

But for addressing our daily health issues, be it for healing and for our health care in general, and as a system of health care, the modern western allopathic medicine system has been proven to be an abysmally costly system, with an abysmal record in healing and an even more horrible record in preventative health care.

All the so called experts (the majority of them are doctors!) flooding the internet with articles about nutrition and diet are misleading us too.

So is the fitness and the supplement industry. The vitamin industry too.

They are rigged FRAUDULENT corrupted systems of sick care keeping us perpetually sick, and in suffering, while fulfilling their own selfish goals- making trillions of dollars off of us, and fame and name in the process of doing that.

Every cancer hospital costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Every one! We don't ever attain vigorous energetic youthful vibrant health by being treated there. The only way we actually do profit from these systems of sick care is if we buy shares in their publicly listed companies on the stock exchanges and watch their shares appreciate due to the millions of sick people that seek out their services! That's about the best they can do for us.

They don't give a hoot about us, our feelings, and our health. They say they do, but I don't believe it. Do you? I believe they've been corrupted. They are in it for the money, power, name and fame.

Consequently, I'm not surprised that most people's health sucks.


The results of their mistaken views about how to attain and maintain health are pretty clear, take note of the ABOVE numbers.

I have many more tens of different stats to show you but there is no need. These six different stats pretty much prove everything I've said so far:

The numbers show us that we cannot heal nor cure ourselves if we continue to rely on the above mentioned health systems.

Sick care is a treatment system only, it treats sickness and health dysfunctions. It does that by suppressing illness and pain.
On the other hand genuine health care terminates health issues by going to the source, the root cause of health.

There is a path to heal, rejuvenate and prevent.

A tried, tested and very proven path that very few know about, and use.

I've been using it for over thirty years now and have guided thousands of people in it. You saw my above pictures at sixty years old. You know exactly what I look like and feel like in light of using this HPS system of health care, in walking this path.

This DEEP BODY CARE path is an age old Renaissance path. A 16th century model of health care that works incredibly well in the 20th century and I'm assuming it will continue to do so into the future, into the 21st and 22nd century too. And beyond. I'm so happy I re-discovered it and I think you should be too now that you have access to it.

While I'm no expert I have guided and helped thousands to date over the past quarter of a century in reclaiming, revitalizing and renewing their body, mind, health, immunity, and energy.

Thousands who have met the same success with HPS DBC™ - in deep body cleansing, deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention- as I personally have with my own body, mind and health.

And that's more than enough reason to look at myself in the mirror every day and say with a smile, "forge on friend, you're doing just fine, you're telling the truth and living it too. If they listen to you or not, if they buy your online program or not, it makes no difference. You've done a fine job. Smile, and enjoy today, rejoice because as Beppe Grillo says "the amateurs are conquering the world because the experts destroyed it!"

5 star reviews! Find hundreds more at our online forum.

Take a look at a few snippets right here, right now. Just these three are enough to give you a good sense of what can happen to you too when you partake in the HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ guided program online.

Lifestyle changed because their internal environment has been transformed the HPS way. And not because of willpower, dictates or dietary suppressants! Deep body healing, and deep body rejuvenation, has become their domain. It can easily and swiftly become yours too.

Ages 33, 38, 44.

In their words...
Click the link at the bottom of each snippet to read the full review at our forum, online.

“This latest marks 6 HPS DBC cleanses with Jos-hua and HPS, in just under 3 years. While it's said--accurately--that all the body's cells are renewed within a 7-year period, and therefore we have completely new bodies every 7 years, I look at my life today as compared to 3 years ago, and I feel as though I'm already a totally new person.

I've made the comparison before, but I don't mind ticking off the list before. Here's some things I've experienced relief from since beginning with HPS DBC (deep body care):

 -- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

 -- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

 -- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

 -- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

 -- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. 

 -- Posture: Still needs work, but I've made real improvements

 -- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

What's the dollar value of that?”

“Where to begin? . . . ah yes, at the beginning . . . and the end . . .

In the beginning
This 7-Day Wonder deep body care program started out incredibly uplifting.

The reading materials suggested by Jos-hua, and the support I received on the boards/ forums, created a nice cocoon of loving inspiration for cleaning out my body, mind, and energy field.

The immediate results
At the end of the 7 Day Wonder, people everywhere in my life - from work, to friends, to school - were hugely curious about the level of physical transformation. I lost about 30 pounds in 7 Day Wonder level but the last 14 or so pounds that came off with 7DW level 2 included some old ways of thinking and feeling (parasites of a different sort).

Not only did my physical structure change (my legs are situated under my hips differently and I actually walk and sit more erect now), but my mental and energetic fields have been cleared of a lot of old debris.

Since 7DW level 2, I have had more people than ever ask me how I did it -- so I send them the link to HPS.

Chop wood, carry water
In addition to this deeper level of health, vitality, and freedom, a much larger awareness of who I am has unfolded.

My unconscious thoughts, patterns, and behaviors are coming into my conscious mind to be examined and replaced with something more nourishing and uplifting.

I can also see that this is truly the beginning of my path.

The more I learn about deep body cleansing my body, mind, emotions/energy, the more I become aware of the vastness of this process -- which is why the HPS-online support boards/forums are critical to me. 

 Without the experience, example, and loving support of other people farther down this deep body care path, I would be overwhelmed by the enormity of the work to be done in nurturing myself to a harmonious and balanced state of health on all levels.

 Whenever I've felt confused and frustrated at my own resistance to taking healthy actions in relation to food or activity, I come to the boards and read other people's posts - then I see that I'm not alone in my struggles to change. 

 And encouraging others to reach for their potential, to stand in their strength, and be loving with themselves through this journey of learning reminds me to offer the same compassion and support to myself.

 My gratitude for HPS DBC and all the gifts it has brought into my life (and the lives of my family, friends, and community) grows with each level I commit to and experience.

 In humble appreciation for all,”

 Some time ago I had a constipation thing that pretty much brought my life to a crawl. That was then. Not anymore. I learned much in my quest for the underlying cause. Laxatives were not the answer. Removing vital organs (which I am convinced would have happened if I had gone with a purely conventional approach) was not the answer, either.

Making changes to my lifestyle, eating habits, and habitual patterns with the emotions and negative thinking was much more the way I wanted to go, and I found all that here. By deep body cleansing and seeing what comes out even after a fifth HPS DBC cleanse, I am much better able to forge on a healthier experience of life.

It continues to amaze me how I have enjoyed life free of the occasional pounding headaches. I have not had aspirin in almost two years.

I quit drinking coffee. No more seasonal allergies, the sneezing fits, and the antihistamines. Hardly any more colds, runny noses, and sore throats and the quest for remedies. (although I just had a bout with a sore throat which I think is related to recent dental work.) It has been quite sustainable.

And since my job is physically oriented, I am ever grateful that this HPS DBC  program led me toward a much more flexible body and stronger back.

As an electrician, it pays to be physically fit, but as I add to my years in the trade and gain experience it pays to have both! Experience AND the body to carry out the knowledge of the trade is a wonderful thing to have. 

 Many things remain to work on in my deep body care journey.

One of them is the worry about “me, myself, and I” and to see if I cannot be more attentive to others.

I can release some of the old fears about the future knowing that I am taken care of, and knowing we have this wonderful 7-day wonder cleanse to practice when we need balance.

Jos-hua has created a wonderful opportunity here to engage in something very special, viz. Being in control of your health.

I somehow knew that before I signed up for level 1, so in a way it was fate two years ago that I would bring my warning sign here. What a wonderful gift to give yourself (the holiday season being just a recent memory.)

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Take my hand, lets cross the bridge together. Lets cross from sick care into genuine health care. I have, and I see no reason why you cannot cross too.

I'm going to hold on tightly to your hand so that you have nothing to fear while we cross together. It's time you genuinely heal your body and health. It's your chance now to experience what real rejuvenation and prevention tastes like.

HPS DBC™ 7 Day Wonder®, deep body care, creates and gives you a responsive body and mind. 

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention.

That's happening here because this is a self-help instructional LEVEL BY LEVEL step-by-step online interactive health program. Fully guided, fully educational, fully instructional.

Have you ever seen that before? Every experienced this kind of health caring before?

This explains a big part of our clients successes. 

You'll be getting a lot of personal attention from me Jos-hua the HPS medicine man. More than anyone has ever given you before in your health, or health care.

Online from 1996. Tried, tested, very very proven. Join in


Read what happened to them... ages 26, 35, 40.

In their words...

Real people from our online forum.

Find the back links to their full testimonials at our forum at the bottom of each snippet. Read at the forum the comments other HPS DBC™ clients posted back to them.

“For anyone wondering whether or not to continue after doing 7DW Level 1 or 2, I encourage you to go for it! 

 I believe each of the levels are ESSENTIAL to enabling one to achieve true health care via self-care.

This entire deep body care journey has set me upon a path that I never dreamed of.

I don't know nor am I concerned about where it will lead. I have complete faith now that I am on a wonderful path. 

 My physical health has improved tremendously-less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!), improved skin tone, enhanced running levels, etc.

 Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. 

 Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group.”
“I Had a blood work-up done on Nov. 8, 2003 and the results weren't so good. Here they are:

 Cholesterol : 211 ( Borderline high )
 Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 153 ( High)
 Bilirubin(liver): 3.2 (very high) Normal range is .1-1.5. A Dr. years ago told me she thought I had Gilbert's disease which explained my high bilirubin levels. I attribute it to 30 years of taking excedrin and tylenol to relieve headaches.

 These are the results of a blood test I had done 7/29/04 about a month and a half after completing my 7DW Level 1:

 Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 )
 Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range )
 Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )

 Pretty happy with positive results all due to the 7-Day Wonder program, improved diet and probably lack of painkillers.

“My journey here at HPS DBC has been one of awakening and compassion.

I've just completed my Level 2 cleanse and can't say enough about the quality of the program and support provided here.

I've learned so much about how to eat, which in turn has affected my emotional and spiritual life.

Joining HPS has been by far one of the best decisions I've made - and I'm filled with gratitude for having this opportunity to better my health in a supportive community.

 A short list of the benefits I've experienced after 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleansing: lost weight, clearer skin, clearer head, better energy, appetite for healthier foods, less depression and anxiety, healthier hair and nails, clearer eyes, closer to God, hopeful, more loving.

All of these things as a result of deep body cleansing and being a part of this HPS deep body care community.

As I've said many times before, Jos-hua has put together a program that is simple to follow and brings real results. 

 I thank everyone here from the bottom of my heart for the support you've provided during my Level 2. I'm look forward to continuing the journey along side all of you - Amanda”


Just as they have DONE and do, just as I have DONE and do. 
Cancer just hates a clean purified body. It's harder to survive there.

HPS DBC™ (deep body care) has the power to fundamentally improve and transform your body, mind, fitness & health in unimaginable ways.

Here, see for yourself what these four people say.

It has for so many of us already, it can for you too. 

Deep body healing. Deep body rejuvenation. Deep body prevention.

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