Look better, feel better, do better, be better, think better, play better. That's HPS GUIDED™.

Places online for only 12 new persons per year. Online since 1996.

Here's the HPS plan.
Great health isn't to be found outside of us (not in a doctor's office, not in a med, not in a supplement and not from an exercise routine, diet or vitamin) but rather it already is in us! It just needs to be released again.

HPS is going to help you learn how to master your body and health. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention. That's our focus.

It all starts right here if you want to fix your health... in health when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest won't fall. The first domino without fail is the internal environment of your body. That needs to be your starting point.

A lot of people will tell you "you are what you eat." In other words diet is critical.

That's true to a degree, but just a small degree.

That's playing checkers with your health, not chess.

HPS is about rewiring health. That's what we do.

That's what you are going to be doing here, rewiring your health.

Rewiring health so that healing, rejuvenation and sustainable prevention is the outcome.

All done in the comfort and privacy of your own home! At your pace and convenience.

No hospitals to check into, no Spas to check into, no clinics to check into. No traffic to fight. No airplanes to board. No lines to stand in. No more you buying endless meds, supplements, dieting or fitness routines! No more doctor visits!

For ages 21 to 65 years young.

This is 21st century self-help health care with a long proven track record online. Check our forum for the proof.

This is a hands-on guided alternative health care program.

Your hands on and deep within your own body. Key protocols include one week of guided fasting, colon cleansing, juicing and home colonics. We'll be guiding you every step of the way while you do our program, while you taste and experience.

An exotic health journey where you'll be going to new places with your health that you have never been before, tasting new foods you have never eaten before, eating in new ways, doing new things for your body, immunity, fitness, looks and health that you have never done before and experiencing new thrilling health care protocols and therapies, some of which you probably have never heard about before.

This is Renaissance health care™.

Online from 1996.


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