"Strike Three" ... you're out.


Cross from sick care into genuine health care. 

In health when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest can't, don't, and won't fall.


8 out of 10 commercials on TV are for new drugs turning Americans into hypochondriacs and addicts.

Here at HPS DEEP BODY CARE we want to show you how to take a big productive leap in your health care. And health.

No more drugs, no more meds, no more doctor visits or tests.

This also is the end of endless yoga, endless workouts, endless vitamins and endless supplements too.

No refills are allowed!

And we have the record to prove it.

Online from 1996.

Many bodies, many illnesses

You have a lot of bodies.

An upper body and a lower body. An inner body and an outer body. A physical body, an emotional body and a mental body. A material body and a spiritual body too.

They all need your attention.

The best way to attend to all of them is to swiftly cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care. HPS is a system of health care that addresses all your bodies. And mind. Deeply.

Over a quarter of a century of helping people heal themselves has left me totally committed to the fact that great health and poor health starts from the same place, deep within our internal environment.

Your duty in your health?

You want to go from point A to point B. From origin to destination.

Your main job is to STEER your internals... to keep your internal environment exceptionally clean. It's time to clean your shit up, too. 

In self-help the body/mind connections do the rest to safely reach the destination.

HPS will show you how that happens, teach you, personally guide you and walk the walk with you.

In other words, we're going to make it happen for you too! Arrival time is on schedule. Fasten up your seatbelts as there might be some turbulence along the way. By turbulence we mean challenges. Challenges which HPS is going to help you successfully overcome.

Here's the flight plan.
Great health isn't to be found outside of us, it already is in us! 

It just needs to be released again.

You're going to cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care and slow down at the same time the aging process, too.


Don't be!

Here's what I look like today in 2016 at sixty.

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention. I personally had sixteen different health issues by the time I reached thirty. Some major, some minor. I healed them all by releasing the great health already inside of me. Now I'd like to see you do the same with your issues, too.

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How to reclaim your health?

"The more vital life force flowing through the eco-system of your body the more your body and mind can successfully fulfill its healing, rejuvenation, revitalization, restoration, immunity, anti-aging, longevity and prevention functions."

This is genuine health care, not more sick care

My approach to health is fundamentally different than most other views.

I'm interested in deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention.

One without the other doesn't interest me. And if like me, if you value yourself and your life, one without the other shouldn't interest you either!

In my professional opinion it all starts here- great health and poor health- starts there. Healing, rejuvenation and prevention starts there. 

That is the root source of ALL health, good health and poor health, the soil upon which health is harvested from. Online since 1996.

To harvest great health, we have no choice but to deep body care

Deep body caring opens the door to reclaiming and renewing our vital life force. It re-activates the body/mind connections.

Health care isn't about products, procedures, supplements or tests, pills, shots, vaccines, wonder drugs or diets. Nor workouts.

It's actually about a mentality, an approach, a culture and a relationship to body, mind and health.

A paradigm of caring is what differentiates genuine health care from sick care.

And it is that which differentiates winners in health, from losers.

HPS offers you the most conducive environment for making this happen again in your life.

Who isn't tired of searching?

HPS'ing is the end

The end of doctor visits, meds, drugs, addictions, pain and disease, endless diets, endless beauty creams, endless nutrition talk, endless supplements, endless new products, endless workouts, endless yoga, endless vitamins, endless health videos and health books too. Online from 1996.

The proof?

Oh boy, do we have lots of proof.

Explore the latest batch of HPS deep body care client feedback and program reviews at our online forum.

Over 400+ client reviews for you to explore today.

Is anyone on your health radar able to show you twenty five reviews let alone over four hundred different 5 star client reviews (at an online forum no less) pertaining to what they want to sell to you or are offering you, are doing or asking you to do?!

Anchor your health with HPS

This is a different league of health care for ages 35 to 65.

This is not mainstream.

Welcome to HPS Deep Body Care (DBC™)

Renaissance Health Care™. Online since 1996.

We're offering you something very unique and very different than anything you've ever done to date for your body, immunity, energy, beauty, mind and health. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention.

This is an exclusive HPS alternative health care program for a selected few, online.

Places online are limited to only twelve new persons per year.

We limit the number of people each year so as not to impair the quality of education, help and support we intend to give to you. If you want a Renaissance in your health superior quality attention paid to you is imperative. 

Program details and pricing

HPS is so right on... the numbers prove that if you continue doing what you have been doing for your body and health these past few years, you're doomed.

The numbers prove that cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, dementia and Alzheimer's are on a rampage let alone piles, hemorrhoids, constipation, asthma and allergies, varicose veins, diabetes and obesity, accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, b/o, bloating, dandruff and a whole lot more. 

The numbers prove not just that it is increasingly difficult to prevent disease from striking us down, but more so once struck down we are unable to find credible lasting cures.

Are diets, super foods, endless supplements, vitamins, meds, creams, skin patches, yoga, jogging, sleep pods, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and other things on your radar really able to offer you viable lasting rewarding solutions?

The numbers prove they cannot.

How to heal? How to prevent it all?

It all starts here, nowhere else but there!

Ages 35 to 65 ... Can you afford not to deep body heal yourself, deep body rejuvenate yourself and deep body prevent?

What do you have to lose? 

Who knows when you're going to become the next victim of poor, destabilizing or debilitating health? This sure beats driving around in a mechanized wheel chair.

Can you afford to keep playing guessing games with your body & health?

HPS is where you re-calibrate and anchor your body & health in a long lasting sustainable rewarding way. The guessing ends here.

Are you a candidate for some HPS-online dot com guided deep body healing, DEEP BODY rejuvenation and deep body prevention?

This costs. Priceless things usually do!

Place online are available for only 12 new persons per year. By online appointment only.

Program details.
For ages 35 to 65.


Your health today, and the trajectory it will take in the future.

That's the essence of great health care.

It's that simple. Now let's start doing it and practicing together.

"Nobody knows what the future may portend. Everything (and I do mean everything) is a best guess with whatever evidence you have at your disposal; a willingness to believe in your gut, and your abilities; and the willingness and fortitude to live with/by your decisions. That sounds simple enough, yes. However, it’s in the application, and the willingness of follow through, which makes all the difference. That’s the hard part."

Here at HPS the follow through naturally happens, naturally unfolds, because you become so self-motivated to follow through. You see the light.

The results you experience from going deeply the HPS way into your body (on your own with our program, guidance and support) are so astonishing that you WANT to follow through. You can't wait to follow through. And you do.

Can it get any better than this? Is this how you presently are experiencing your body, mind and health care?

Here are four classic cases of doing. There is a very important lesson to be drawn there, that being that we need to commit to our body, mind and health both in time and money and in effort.

Unless we see through the falsehood of quick fixes and cheap fixes (diets, nutrition, supplements, drugs, meds, workouts) we will never be able to eradicate poor health or be free from poor health in a lasting way.

Our Roots / Our Brand

This is a Body & Mind program.

I didn't create this program for business purposes. It evolved for myself, for my own needs. And I created it long before the internet arrived.

I had a long list of health issues already in my late twenties. I began a search thirty five years ago to eliminate them, and to terminate them for good.

It took me almost six years and almost $20,000 to get all the pieces in place. Once I had all the pieces in place I practiced on my own body for close to ten years to make sure deep body care really worked, and only afterwards did I initiate this HPS (HelpingPeopleSurvive) project at the dawn of the internet.

You are invited to do my HPS DBC™ Renaissance Health Care™ program online. If places are available I'd love to help you too. 

My program is not cheap nor is it magic.

It's very logical, down to earth, and practical. Holistic and natural. Safe and very proven too. It's easy to do because after all I'm going to be your personal guide, this is a 24/7 guided online program but it does require some effort on your part too. You have to apply yourself.

The bottom line is this is self-help that is very productive and very rewarding delivering lasting true healing and exciting sustainable deep rejuvenation, and self-evident prevention too.

Can you do any better than that by yourself?

HelpingPeopleSurvive, and thrive.

Tried, tested, very proven. Helping people for over 20 years already. Since 1996. 

Guided online interactive educational instructional one-on-one hand holding deep body care designed and proven to re-calibrate health.

A diet, any diet, doesn't make a fundamental difference in the quality of health

Eating nutritious food is important but diets are pretty much useless if weight loss and better health is what you want. Those of us older than 25 know that diets and dieting are pretty useless in the longer run. Anyone over 25 knows this. But why useless? They are useless because they don't remove the pounds of this waste lodged deep in your gut, in your colon and small intestine. That bloating and expanded waistline of yours is pounds of pollution and waste lodged deep in your colon. It's been accumulating for years and no diet will ever lodge it free nor eliminate it from your body. Diets are even more useless because diets don't change taste buds therefore old desires sooner or later return with force. Once the dieting ends we usually find ourselves unfortunately (sooner or later) reverting back to old eating habits (we miss those tastes) which leads us back to old weight issues and again back to old health issues too. It's an emotional and mental desire, as well as a physical desire too. An acidic body desires acidic foods. Physically, a thoroughly alkalized body desires alkaline foods, in mass. HPS deep body care does change taste buds. It's the deep body cleansing part of the HPS DBC™ program which causes this to happen by thoroughly alkalizing our blood stream, and our vital internal organs. Our taste buds consequently do change and therefore we desire more alkaline foods rather than more sweet, fried, baked or acidic foods. It's not willpower, nutritional information or logic which prevails in what we eat as the so called "dieting experts" claim but rather it's our taste buds and our emotional makeup, i.e., our desires. With HPS you are going to find yourself desiring to eat a ton more fruit and pounds more fresh raw vegetables not because you're going to force that to happen by intellect, but rather it just naturally unfolds because your taste buds will have changed due to our HPS deep body care protocols and therapies.

You'll find many testimonials at our forum referencing this happening.

It's not yoga, jogging or a workout that is the source of energy, good form & stamina

If it's vigorous energetic youthful health that you desire on the cellular level, it would be wise to pay attention to the level of your internal cleanliness. That's the one critical factor that most people have been ignoring for decades. Detox for example just touches the surface. HPS deep body care goes much much deeper. If we want to connect with great health on the cellular level, the mental level and the emotional level too and not just on the physical, muscular, tissue and superficial levels HPS deep body care is the way to  swiftly and safely accomplish that. Watch how whatever you enjoy doing for your body, health and fitness be it biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, jogging, workouts, yoga, Reiki or even meditation too, they all will dramatically improve and become easier for you. Much easier and much more enjoyable. And watch too how aging also slows down in a discernable dramatic self-evident manner... and in many cases here at HPS, even reverses! You'll find many testimonials at our online forum referencing this phenomena. None of that happens from diets, energy bars or smoothies, from eating a salad, from doctor visits and meds, from the consumption of endless supplements and vitamins, from apple cider vinegar, enzyme or fish oil supplements. This HPS DBC™ program leads to a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance achieved by re-calibrating health deep inside our body.

Products, herbals, vitamins or supplements don't transform health 

If it's true lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention that you desire it's the skills and skill sets which you become proficient in which make all the difference. We want you to focus on that in our HPS programs. We're focused on skills, not pills. We want you to become much more proficient, comfortable and self-confident in waste management and in growing and expanding, in reclaiming and renewing, your life force. If being able to throw away your addictions and your dependencies appeals to you, this HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program is right up your alley. Freedom in health. Freedom in health care. Freedom from health problems and unhealthy dysfunctions. Education, not information is our method. Practice not theory is how we go about it. Independence and self-confidence rather than dependency and fear. Skills, not pills. Hands-on health care. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention. Self-help that actually works. This is what you will be finding here at HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™. 

We're celebrating our body and health. When was the last time you found yourself doing that?  If you are anything like most people I bet it's been quite a while!

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