Great health, great physical health, is a body and mind project.

I'm sixty years young now.

I've enjoyed great health for over thirty years and this is my conclusion- great health is a body and mind project.

My health care is fundamentally different than yours...

No doctors visits, no meds, no drugs, no tests, no workouts, no supplements, no vitamins, no superfoods, no diets, no medical insurance and very little organic food.

All my old illnesses, diseases and health dysfunctions have been healed years ago.

I believe yours can be healed too.

My health care is based on waste management... physical and emotional waste management.

My health care is cheaper than your health care, more effective, more efficient, less time consuming, less money consuming, more healing and rejuvenating, and it gives me much more independence and freedom in my life than yours does.

In short, my health care is enriching. It's based on me personally taking personal responsibility for myself, my body, my health, my healing and my well being.

I've not just applied the above in my own health care but also from 1996 I've online helped thousands of others learn and heal too. Rejuvenate and prevent too.

A lot of people will tell you "you are what you eat." In other words diet is critical.

That's true to a degree, but just a small degree. That's playing checkers with your health, not chess.

The quality of your thoughts have more power than the quality of your food.

As adults we've all experienced a lot of emotional turmoil in our life. Every physical health issue you have now or had in the past or will have in the future from the very minor to the very major, from a simple cut and infection, a skin issue, weight issues, indigestion or bloating and constipation all the way up to the majors like chronic fatigue, herpes, heart disease, asthma, pollen sensitivities, shingles, headaches and migraines, a tumor or cancer, etc., etc., its' root in every case, is on the mental dimension. In other words in our mental/emotional psychological makeup.

The physical expression of illness is the last station, the last manifestation in a long line of events, not the first.

Furthermore, the amount of accumulated waste inside your body has more impact on the quality of your health than exercise, meds or supplements ever will.

Waste management is critical to great health. Any lasting physical improvements in body and health starts there.

In the HPS deep body care programs first we shall deal with your physical illnesses and health problems, and then slowly work our way backwards right up to the mental causations too.

You just found yourself a Renaissance health care™ program. The HPS programs are for ages 25 to 65.

My HPS DBC™ (deep body care) Renaissance health care™ program is focused on the "how to?"

How to deep body care? How to deep body heal? How to deep body rejuvenate? How to deep body prevent (preventative health care) is what the HPS programs are all about.

Remember- if you take care of yourself today, as you took care of yourself in the past, you'll most probably end up robbing yourself of a much brighter tomorrow.

Online since 1996.


HelpingPeopleSurvive, and Thrive! 

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Your Health ... It's Totally Your Personal Responsibility.

No one else's but yours!

Here's the flight plan.
Great health isn't to be found outside of you (not in a doctor's office, not in a med, not in a supplement and not from an exercise routine, diet or vitamin) but rather it already is in you! 

The first step in finding it is waste management. In other words to remove all the accumulated waste in your body that is hiding it, masking it, polluting it and making it unavailable to you. If you are looking for a cure, lasting healing and sustainable rejuvenation our online record to date shows that HPS definitely has the capacity to help you totally transform your body, mind, immunity, beauty, looks, fitness, weight, energy and health. Aging too.

At HPS cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care and slow down at the same time the aging processes too.

All in one online guided instructional program under one roof. Online since 1996.

Don't be!

Here's what I look like today in 2016 at sixty years old.

If you think and believe that diet, detox, juicing, herbal teas, fitness workouts, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, vitamins and supplements or meds is the best health care you can possibly get your hands on I have to honestly tell you my opinion- you're way behind the curve. Light years behind!

Finding a sustainable and lasting holistic solution to all your past, present and future health problems isn't all that easy. I know that and you know that. But I have found over the past thirty years that it is a lot easier when seriously addressing both body and mind at the same time. We're here to help you do just that.

At some point our health care needs to move from just the physical dimension to the mental/emotional dimension too. This is true both for adults, teenagers and even children too. At least that is my personal experiences. I believe the sooner we get the psychological dimension tackled the better off we are going to be in the longer run with our physical health- our healing and rejuvenation, our energy, immunity, looks, weight, skin, happiness and wellbeing.

Take your own children for example... Most parents see their children's maladies and health problems as random issues, as part of childhood and growing up... but they are much more than that. When going back at age sixty and examining my own childhood it become obvious to me that seemingly unrelated childhood health issues from tonsillitis to sprained ankles to psoriasis and eczema where actually expressing a clear psychological (mental and emotional) pattern developing... one by one, step by step. Even though on the physical level these maladies seemed to be unrelated in any form or manner, on the psychological dimension they were closely knitted. My point here is that if the psychological dimension was addressed too at the same time, the emotional/mental causations, the physical health problems would have healed much much quicker. And probably not reappeared again! As a parent you can independently enhance your child's healing, well being and even their preventative health care too by a factor of a thousand simply by gaining this knowledge related to the underlying psychological reasons behind illness, behind each illness and specific health issue. If you want much more clarity about your child's health problems (whatever they are- be it a broken arm, a sprained ankle, a sore throat, tonsillitis, a breathing disorder, poison ivy, a rash, scratches, itching, aches and pains, colitis, eczema, acne, pollen sensitivities, etc., etc.) and the capacity to help them heal more swiftly and prevent more effectively the psychological/mental dimension is where you need to additionally focus your attention and resources because then you can start to deal with deep emotional issues which children have and which you probably aren't dealing with right now. HPS provides a very powerful inexpensive self-help service for you to do just that. This is how you can go beyond just medically treating your child's physical health problems (drugs, meds, supplements, casts, creams, lotions, diet, psychiatric help and other band aids, etc.) or alternatively just ignoring them and assuming it's all random, all part of growing up. This is simple, quick and easy for the parent and the child. Ridiculously Inexpensive too. This is natural, safe and truly holistic health care. No pills, no drugs, no tests, no diets, no exercises, no meds, no vitamins, no doctors, and no equipment required. All you have to do is play with your child for ten minutes, teach them what I'll be teaching you and the rest is up to your follow-up. I'll be giving you a detailed follow-up plan and schedule. With this knowledge and wisdom in hand you'll be able to swiftly add a whole NEW dimension to your child's health care that you don't have access to right now. You'll be getting your child involved in their own healing, rather than them just being dependent on others. That's a wonderful thing you'll be doing for them. Yes, it's even possible from a tender young age of five years old only! Your parenting skills will improve too. They will improve because you'll have more power and more tools in your hands to fully understand what's going inside your kid's head and to relate to them better- deeper, more genuinely, warmer and more productively. I'll be sharing with you self-love techniques that you never had access to before as a parent responsible for your children's health and it will make a big difference to your kids, and consequently for you as a parent and ULTIMATELY TO the harmony of your family environment too! At only fifteen dollars per illness/per health issue you and your kids can't go wrong. If your kids have two or three health problems we can deal with all of them, simultaneously. Further more, we shall also be providing you a tailored game plan how to alleviate the problems rather than just detailing for you the root source of their health problem on the psychological level, all for just US$15. These are wonderful life lessons that any child will be served well by... even if they do not fully appreciate them at the moment you pass them on to them. I'm sorry my own parents didn't have this information when I was a kid. Having it could have certainly changed my health as a child (and as a teenager) and even in avoiding certain health problems which ultimately ended up developing as a young adult too. If they had this info and acted upon it when I bed wetted, got ill, caught a cold, bit my nails, had a disease and every other type of random health problem that I had as a child growing up, I would have benefited. If you love your child and want the very best for them please do contact me below for details and more information. This is more than just information, this is a plan that you would be foolish to dismiss or ignore and at a price that is ridiculously cheap when compared to counseling or psychiatric/psychological help, or more doctor and Rx visits. Everyone has friends with kids. Share this information with your friends that have kids, they will thank you! As adults...

As adults it's a different story than children and teenagers simply because we have many more years under our belts than kids do in polluting our body.

Most of their pollution is emotional pollution. As adults ours is physical and emotional.

Physically, a polluted body internally sets the causes and conditions for physical health problems to sustain and thrive.

Since our teenager years we've been indiscriminately polluting our body year in and year out on the physical level (drugs, alcohol, meds, incompatible food combinations, junk food, hundreds of pounds of white sugar, hundreds of pounds of acidic foods, dairy creamers, canned and packaged foods, microwaved food, pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, vaccines, etc., etc.).

And emotionally, on the mental dimension, we've been doing the same too with some negative imagery, negative attitudes and repetitive negative thoughts (anger, rages, unwarranted accusations about others, uncontrolled greed, rampant hatreds, low self-esteem, intimacy problems, relationship problems, jealousy etc., etc.).

As adults we've all experienced a lot of emotional turmoil. We need to clean it all up. First we shall heal your physical illnesses and health problems, and then slowly work our way backwards right up to the mental/emotional causations too.

Therefore, in intelligent health care that waste and pollution needs to be your first object of attention. When that's properly taken care of the symptoms of poor health, illness, disease, pains, and dysfunctions disappear and don't come back again. Ascending better health is the outcome. Lasting ascending better health. I call this process waste management.

It is imperative to proactively eliminate and evacuate accumulated waste from inside your body, both on the physical level and on the emotional level too. It's poisoning your system 24/7 thereby weakening your body and immunity consequently allowing health problems to arise, sustain and thrive. If you never ever also deal with (i.e., transform and heal) the psychological causations of health problems too, the mental and emotional factors, you haven't really cured nor healed yourself, nor your body and it will come back to bite you. Taking meds or supplements, diet or exercise, herbal pills and herbal teas at best just holds the physical situation together so that it doesn't deteriorate further, but it's not curing nor healing in the deepest sense. Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that if the mental/emotional (psychological) causations haven't been fully addressed and properly dealt with, it's reasonable and legitimate to assume that sooner or later a physical remission will ultimately occur or other new health problems will appear in your body in the future, even if you used surgery to address the previous problem (i.e., you believe or thought you removed the health issue by surgery, or with chemo for example). The roots are still there, all you've done is cut off some branches. And as we all know from observing nature, new branches will grow back if the roots of the tree haven't been totally cut off too. The HPS Deep Body Care programs seek to go to the roots of our health issues- the deep physical source (autotoxemia) and the deep mental roots (which again is autotoxemia too)- and address them both rather than addressing just symptoms. Treating symptoms is primitive health care. It's only aim's is to deal with the present, to mitigate our present suffering but it doesn't create a brighter future for you and your family nor does it heal your past. In most people's cases we find that treatments don't even mitigate the present effectively. How sad is that? Tackling the relationships between a minor health problem, a simple health dysfunction and a serious disease by addressing both body and mind is the focus of the HPS program. It is an intense, complicated, and challenging process. And it is self-help par excellance. No one can do it for's a journey that you take on your own. I want to guide, help, support, educate and inspire you as you walk the path by doing our HPS Deep Body Care program. But I can't walk the path for you. That's your job. But know that I do intend to be by your side daily for months on end to make sure you are walking it properly. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention. That's our focus. I personally had sixteen different health issues by the time I reached thirty. Some major, some minor. I healed them all by releasing the great health already inside of me. Now I'd like to see you do the same with your issues, too.

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The proof?

Explore RIGHT NOW the latest batch of HPS deep body care client feedback, testimonials and program reviews at our HPS DBC online forum.

Over 400+ client reviews for you to investigate and learn from, today.

Is anyone else on your health radar able to show you thirty reviews let alone four hundred different client reviews (at an online forum no less!) pertaining to what they want to sell to you or are offering you, are doing, suggesting you do, you buy or asking you to do? Online since 1996!

They all took up their responsibilities. We showed them how to. We helped them do it. We trained them, loved them, educated, helped and supported them incessantly. Now, it's your chance to take up your responsibilities and become a winner too in your health, and in your health care! Online from 1996 with a quarter of a century of proven successes.

It all starts here... in health when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest have less of a chance to fall. In the past 20 years guess how many of our HPS clients have been diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, a heart attack, a stroke, dementia or Alzheimer's?

Come into the light ... Cross over ... Contact us.

Look, we have a record of healing, rejuvenation and prevention that very few others have, or will ever have. Has your own personal health story ever evolved like this?

We're no five minutes of fame program. Were online for almost a quarter of a century already!

I'm telling you point blankly, HPS is going to cure your problems (no matter how poor your health is today) and elevate your health to levels you never ever imagined possible! HPS has the record (online and transparent) that proves this!

The five minutes of fame people (all those new diets you keep hearing about, or that new super food your friend told you about, that new detox some new kid on the block is promoting in her blog or is trying to sell to you or that new workout or new supplement) can usually only show you one snapshot in time regarding usage and results reported by a client or customer.

One snapshot of one or two or five clients pertaining to one moment in the history of their health.

But they aren't able to show you what unfolded six months later, a year or two later, or five years later with the health of that same person. And that's important. Or at least to me it is... sustainability of better health is what I personally am looking for. Aren't you?

I'm not looking for bombastic claims and rosy promises nor for something cheap or free shipping but rather I'm looking for better health that sustains and lasts. Isn't that what health care really should be all about?

A total solution that actually works out not just in the short term but in the longer term too, no? 

We can show you that. In fact we are... hundreds of different HPS clients have kept their records at our online forum, some for over a decade already... others for three to five years. Some just for a few months.

We can show you years later, not a month later. FOR GOD'S SAKE READ THEM ... Take a good look at this one page ... if you don't have the disposition to read the latest batch of all 400+ clients reviews read just these four people from our online forum. I copied verbatim their program reviews from our online forum with a link back to their original post at our forum.

See for yourself how a better health story evolves at HPS over a year, long after they healed their initial problems that brought them to HPS.

Has your health story ever evolved like this? Could you even imagine such things happening to you, with you and your body?

What they are telling you is that health care becomes massively more productive (and massively more fun, exciting, rewarding and enriching) when you are actually engaging in a process of truly caring for your health both physically and mentally (rather than being engaged just in sick care, i.e., treatments and procedures) and when you have me Jos-hua by your side consistently guiding you, inspiring you, reprimanding you when need be, helping you, educating you, mentoring you and instructing you.

Join in... you're bound to profit in unimaginable ways... this is an all gain no pain proven self-help proposition available online since 1996.