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Move your body from average dry bland health to excitingly colorful great health!

Renaissance Health Care™. HPS Deep Body Care.

You'll be finding here an online, interactive, educational, instructional, guided hand-holding alternative health care program that is low tech, non invasive and very cost effective. And very proven. Online since 1996.

You'll find hundreds of program reviews/ testimonials at our online forum from those who safely made it to the other side. Now its your chance, too.

We've built a really sturdy bridge for you to cross over on.

For ages 21 to 65. Cross the river. Reward yourself. It's time for a Renaissance in your body, energy, looks, feelings and health.

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, and deep body prevention. That's our focus. Now let's make it your focus too.

You have stood alone for way too long ... for too many years now. Seeking, searching, hoping to find a cure.

Guessing, wondering, hoping, trying, depending on others and parroting others.

And many times when you tried to do things for your health by yourself you messed things up and found yourself worse off than when you began.

Let's get back to the basics. 

You must have noticed all these years that all they did was tell you to buy things from them, or throw information at you. No one really cared about YOU. No one was doing the things that they said you should or must do, and you must have also noticed that no one was by your side continuously and consistently while you were doing them providing daily, weekly and monthly feedback, instructions, education, guidance and love to you before, during and long after. 

Healing and Rejuvenation. And then prevention. Step by step. I care before, during and long after. That's my methodology. Renaissance health care. Lets get back to the basics and do them together.

You're not to be blamed.

The numbers below prove it.

You've been misinformed, that's why you're not to be blamed.

"If you are playing a game in a casino where you know the game is rigged, I think you lose some legitimacy by playing, it's obviously a scam. Suckers aren't taken seriously.

Tell them you're not a sucker. Tell them you're throwing their drugs, meds, diets, exercise routines, devices and equipment, tests, CAT scans, books and videos to the wayside.

There is a much better way, a low tech 16th century way that is perfect, self executable and inexpensive delivering exciting and lasting results by the multiples. It's call DEEP BODY CARE. Renaissance health care™.

Tell them you are taking your health and your health care back into your own hands. You intend to become totally independent in the care of your body and health...and to fully succeed in your endeavors.

Tell them you finally found someone very experienced in self-help health care, in reclaiming health, and expanding life force who is willing and going to teach you, educate you, guide you and walk every step of the way with you and that's why you are going to succeed on your own because you are not going to be alone anymore.

This time you found someone who really cares... someone who isn't interested in selling me more books, more supplements, more devices and equipment or more meds but rather someone who is prepared to help me, educate me and train me in a Renaissance system of health care.

Don't play their game anymore and get everyone else to stop playing, the system loses legitimacy and dissolves that much faster."

The numbers and the logic outlined in the next section (below this section) prove it to me that the system has failed us, I hope they prove it to you too.

You're stuck in a losing proposition right now, a sickcare scam.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and more than 50 percent take two, according to a 2013 report from the Mayo Clinic. 

That's a shocking 21st century health statistic!
Is that the best we can do?

But it's true and it's indicative of where most people are and where you are probably headed if you just continue to stay focused on food and diet or probiotics, herbal supplements and herbal tea's, apple cider vinegar, juicing, vitamins, meds, trendy detox, aromatherapy, essential oils, workouts, yoga or being a vegetarian as the path to better health.

That might sound inconceivable to you but the truth is you're way behind the healing, rejuvenation and prevention curve.

Substantially way behind.

Here's why...

The following question in my opinion is absolutely the key BASIC FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION in health. And it demands you answer it on your own.

The question pertains to your environment. Which environment is more conducive for attaining, maintaining and sustaining better health.

There is almost a one hundred percent probability that you never ever asked yourself this question before, nor thought about health this way before, even once!

Answer this question ... Click and then come back here (hit your browser back button) to read more below.

Take a look at the below numbers and then decide on your own if HPS DBC makes sense to you too.

Cancer prevention starts here, today.

Let's cross the bridge together.

Online, interactive, instructional, educational guided health care.

The facts/ the numbers speak for themselves!

Maybe you have heard snippets of the below, but I don't think anywhere, anyone, has given you the picture in a coordinated way as I am here.

Do take note, there are hundreds of numbers and stats which I have at my disposal and which I could present below... but I don't see any need for that. The few that I'm using below are sufficient enough in my opinion to clearly get the point and the logic across to you. And to self motivate you to take your health care back into your own hands. I intend to show you how to in our HPS online guided hand holding Deep Body Care program.

Let's begin with the facts/ the numbers first and then proceed into our HPS proposal for you...

The numbers indicate without any ambiguity that already from the mid part of the 20th century our human immune system has become depressed, degraded, stressed out, and basically is not functioning properly.

The numbers are appalling.

Millions of people are being struck down every year by cancer and cardiovascular disease, and millions more have already passed away.

Just appalling!

But from your perspective, what should be even more shocking is that most of those millions of people focused for years, for many many years on diet, exercise, herbal teas, supplements, endless vitamins, tests and annual doctor visits (just as you are doing right now) before getting sick, prior to getting diagnosed with cancer or having a heart attack... and we already know where that got them!

They all did pay attention to diet and exercise, took supplements and meds, did annual tests and made their annual doctor visit but it does no good! It's actually a scam, a sickcare scam and not healthcare, as claimed.

Here's the point...

What most of us have been doing for our body and health, the way we've been caring for it, doesn't seem to substantially mobilize the human immune system to effectively protect our body in a lasting effective manner.

Nor does it seem even to truly heal our illnesses and health problems (even the very minor or common problems) in a lasting and effective cost efficient way either.

Why to continue with that?

Why to continue with "that system" of health care if it cannot and does not protect us?

NOR heal us!

It makes no sense.

This HPS Renaissance health care system makes a lot more sense than ending up with a motorized wheelchair.

For example, according to the CDC, nearly 75 million Americans—a staggering 1 in every 3 adults—suffer from hypertension.

It's often treated with beta blockers, but these drugs aren't exactly well-liked among patients. When people take them, says Nancy Simpkins (MD, a board-certified internist who specializes in women's health and practices in Livingston, NJ) "they really complain. Some say that they feel like they have the flu." Furthermore, many of these drugs and medications have side effects, mental side effects too.

Let's again look at some more numbers ... Beyond cancer 133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease.

A dis-ease is classified as acute when it lasts for less than 3 weeks, subacute when it persists for more than 3 weeks and chronic if it is ongoing for 8 weeks or more. 

If 45% of the population have a health problem that is ongoing for 8 weeks or more, once again I think you'll agree with me that it is apparent and self-evident that our immune system is incapable of providing any credible defenses, nor is our body able to free up resources for healing.

That's happening because internal resources (e.g. life force) are being diverted to contain the huge amounts of accumulated waste inside our body.

Our immune system is lacking the capacity to protect us and fight on our behalf. That degradation is being caused by auto-intoxication of the body...

See pictures which our clients have posted at our forum of this auto-intoxication.

They love talking about plaque in the arteries, cholesterol, high blood pressure and naming diseases which mean nothing to us common folk, putting the fear in us about heart disease, how smoking kills us, pesticides in the food and therefore the need for us to buy organic produce, the need for us to exercise, etc... BUT NONE OF THAT, that talk and their suggestions are of any true value to us. It's all geared to keep us sick, and in fear, and to spend our hard earned money with them. The human body can deal with or eliminate all those things and every other thing you can think of efficiently and swiftly as they appear on a daily basis when it - the body- is properly functioning. BUT it will never be properly functioning when it's being poisoned daily, on a consistent basis, day in and day out. That poisoning is called auto-intoxication. It's a SUPER POISON. Brewing and fermenting since our teenager years.  Layer upon layer of waste has been accumulating INSIDE the body, right from the cellular level all the way up to the more grosser levels of organs, skin, muscles, tissue and mind. It's polluting the blood twenty four seven. And there is no end in sight unless you take responsibility and end it all. We have got to clean outselves up, seriously, and get away from all this trendy detox crap that I see everywhere on the internet since the turn of the century. A clean well functioning body full of life force can and will eliminate whatever unhealthy crap is thrown into the body on a daily basis thereby preventing damage and decay from them. A well functioning body (strong clean elimination systems) will be able to harness energy and life force to prevent bacteria's and virus's from taking hold of our body. "The cleaner you are internally the more your life force can grow and expand. And the more life force you have the more your body can fulfill its healing, rejuvenation, revitalization, restoration and prevention functions." It's that simple, and common sense. But that they don't want us to know this! No money in that for them. No big money so it's denied or ignored or your common sense is ridiculed as old fashioned, disconnected from reality, not scientific and of no use to you. Thinking, talking and acting from such a perspective is a paradigm changer and as you know, those in power always want to keep the status quo alive and well because they profit from it.

But now, finally in the second decade of the 21st century, for the first time ever, a Nobel prize recipient for medicine is talking about waste and waste management, and claiming that when the waste accumulates, the result HAS GOT TO BE disease, and therefore, "they" might have no choice but to acknowledge what you are finding here today. It might take another thirty or fifty years longer, or maybe even one hundred years, for this to become mainstream talk and action, but it will happen because it is the truth. His Noble prize, has the power to change the face of modern medicine. It's not a question of if, but rather when. Waste management is much more important than any other thing you have done for body. And because you haven't ever seriously addressed the waste management problem, your health is neither vigorous, energetic, youthful nor vibrant. And it will never be until you get down to business and start addressing the problem year in and year out. I say year in and year out because waste is accumulating all the time, on the cellular level its accumulating 24/7. And externally we're consuming polluted food, water and air which is creating more waste in the body, daily. We need to focus on the waste management side of the equation and then on life force side. It's a step by step process. I'd like to show you how to. Teach and guide you and participate with you ever step of the way... before, during and long after. Online since 1996.

If you didn't click on the above link, do so right now, and take a good hard long look at the slideshow of waste evacuated by our clients... and contemplate! 
And then come back here.

When the internal environment of your body, the eight vital internal organs (lungs, heart, colon, pancreas, spleen, liver, gallbladder, kidneys), the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and the mind- are overflowing with pollution AND waste being poisoned by way of auto-intoxication, well, how can you not HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS? 

Be they physical health problems, emotional health problems, or mental health problems? Use your common sense and think about this. Hygiene has been compromised.






IF YOU WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medication, anti-anxiety medications and all your other sick care band aids too including diets, endless supplements and vitamins, endless meds, endless yoga and jogging, endless health insurance bills, endless doctor visits THIS IS THE PLACE TO START AND FINISH-  HPS DEEP BODY CARE. A RENAISSANCE IN HEALTH CARE.

In short, it makes absolutely no sense anymore for any of us to pursue or actively engage in "that" treatment/workout/dieting/med based system of health care in light of the results of the past 50 years... the sheer number of millions of people with cancer and cardiovascular disease both in the USA and worldwide, prove it. The sheer numbers of people with chronic illnesses prove it without a doubt. And your own inability to heal yourself after so much effort, time and money spent certainly proves it too.

Proof that without a doubt it is all just a veneer.

A veneer with big scratches in it!

We've all been misled. That's the bottom line. 

The incompetence of the modern medical industry and a fundamental lack of understanding by modern health and fitness experts about how to heal, rejuvenate and prevent is amazing! It's a rigged sickcare system motivated by profit, fame and name, and greed. They build hospitals in the hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer patients. They love it. They talk about early detection rather than giving us the knowledge and the basic tools for prevention. We're dependent on them rather than on ourselves. They love it. Do you really think all of this is by accident? No, it's not, it's by design. They ask for our empathy for cancer victims reminding us that we could be next. They love it. They keep us distracted with nutritional articles everywhere all over the net, workout videos and social networks having us parrot each other, keeping us confused, full of fear, vain and perpetually sick. THEY LOVE IT. THEY PROFIT FROM IT BIG TIME, IN THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. ASK BIG PHARMA... IF THEY LOVE IT, OR NOT? I'M DRIVING AROUND ON A 9 YEAR OLD HONDA MOTORBIKE (125CC) BUT YOUR DOCTOR HE'S DRIVING AROUND IN THE NEWEST BENZ OR BMW, OR TOYOTA CAR THAT COST A FORTUNE... YOUR MONEY PAID FOR IT. THEY  JUST LOVE IT. THE SICKER WE ARE, THE MORE THEY PROFIT. AND THEREFORE, THEY WILL NEVER EVER HEAL US IN A LASTING WAY, OR PREVENT DISEASE... IT'S JUST NOT IN THEIR MONETARY INTEREST. MORALS AND ETHICS... HECK, THEY'VE THROWN THAT OUT THE WINDOW A CENTURY AGO. IN SHORT, IT'S ALL A FRAUD.

  • Immune responses and life force are degraded continuously do to this self-poisoning.
  • Not much energy is left for the immune system to fight other battles, there is not enough life force left.
  • It consistently on a daily basis, 24/7, needs to deal with this pollution trying to contain it!

And since you can fix all this on your own with some training, help and guidance, it's never talked about... and when it is talked about it's labeled BY THE MASS MEDIA AND THEIR PAID INTERNET TROLLS as quackery, as 16th century health care not modern health care, so that you'll dismiss it, become cynical and move back into line. The mass media is as corrupted, as much, as the medical and fitness industry. Money, name, and fame is their game too. And therefore, most people are doomed to suffer with their body and health, forever. It's so sad, but that's the way it is. We might as well awaken to our reality.

Your system, your  immune system and the internal vital organs are exhausted. (AND I'm exhausted saying the same things for thirty years now!)

And life force has been depleted. It's that simple!

It's time you wake up... a tsunami of health problems are sure to strike you and your friends down. It's almost guaranteed. The numbers prove it. The numbers speak for themselves. And the consequences based on the numbers are scary and lethal. And costly too as you already know!

Your body has had to deal with this auto-intoxication and waste since your teenager years, continuously and feverishly.
It's been working over-time for many years now, daily, 24/7. It's exhausted. Burnt out. And totally degraded.

And consequently, that opens the door for illnesses, diseases, accelerated ageing and unlimited health problems from the very minor right up to the very major to walk right in through your front door, and take up residency in your body.

It's that simple.

Finally, we should also acknowledge  that "the" system which you are presently using to care for your body and health is deficient with regards to providing any lasting rejuvenation of body and mind either. It does not seem to have the capacity to slow down the ageing processes in any discernable way. HPS DBC (deep body care), does. Here's a few pictures of me, Jos-hua, at sixty. See for yourself. A Renaissance of health.

The answer obviously is to improve immune responses, grow life force and to create an environment where lasting healing and true rejuvenation can actually take place. In other words, the answer is to start caring for our body differently than we have been in the past.

We're all getting sicker, not healthier. The 20th century system just doesn't work! It just doesn't deliver what we all wanted and need!

The numbers are startling and terrifying...  who knows when you become the next victim?!

Tell them you're throwing their drugs, meds, diets, exercise routines, tests and nutritional information to the wayside. There is a much better way, a 16th century way that is perfect, self executable and inexpensive delivering much more exciting and lasting results. It's call DEEP BODY CARE. And it leads to a renaissance in your looks, immunity, weight, beauty and energy.

Program details

You can continue to fiddle and wrestle with your body and health today and over the coming years, or end all the problems right now. Forever! With HPS you will heal, rejuvenate and engage in preventative health care in a lasting meaningful way.

Not just you but your kids will profit too from the education, knowledge and experiences you'll acquire with HPS!

See what these two women have to say...

“My Best Investment Ever!

A lot of slimming programmes, dieting supplements and health sanctuaries are out to grab a share of our wallet along with processed and junk food giants. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found HPS-online and learn in the process the simple and healthy way to life for me, and more importantly, for my young children.

Jos-hua has delivered everything he claims in the outset to deliver in the 7 Day Wonder Freedom program – empowerment with knowledge of health which we can integrate into our daily lives and say goodbye to expensive medical bills or health insurance.

Since learning through the programme the basics of maintaining good health and applying it in my and my children’s life more than a year ago, we have not been to see a doctor! How many children being moved from tropical climate (Singapore) to deep winter (in Hong Kong) could survive without catching the flu, ear infection and such from other kids, considering my older boy appeared very prone to ear infections when younger?

As for myself, the direct beneficiary of this programme, I’m maintaining a satisfying proportion of approx 105 lbs in a 5 foot 5 frame. Clothes from 10 years ago still fit. An old classmate from 20 years ago complimented the other day when we had a reunion after some 15 years that I am still in the shape of 20 years ago (thank you very much!). I’m getting in touch with and slowly resolving emotional and spiritual issues along with physical ones. Just this morning I got rid of hundreds of gallstones without surgery. Skin that became prone to breakouts since turning 30 is now improving visibly. I now have a clean body to suss out what food I agree with and what not.

Someone in the office asked me the other day how I could resist having a chocolate cookie in the afternoon. I said no resistance was involved because I simply didn’t want one. I didn’t have to fight any desire for “bad food” for the past couple of months and I don’t feel deprived. It was easy saying goodbye to a jolly unhealthy lifestyle from just 10 years ago smoking, drinking and eating whatever delicacies in whatever combination, thanks to this programme.

Now when I see people having meals in the wrong combination and stuffing down junk food, I have the urge to share with them what I know about the consequences. But that’ll be counterproductive because most people don’t want to hear until they’re ready, usually when health problems arise. I hope they do sooner rather than later because good health is so precious, and bad health, so costly.

Modern diseases the likes of cancer and Alzheimer disease are being put down to old age. When the dietary link is fully established by science and become understood mainstream, it will be too late for those who haven’t found out in time. I’m forever thankful that I’m fortunate to have found the programme before it’s too late, and luckier still, be able to apply knowledge from the programme from the early stages of my children’s life.

Penny for penny, this is the best investment ever for me and my family. Full Stop.”
“Things that have changed:
- Medications are gone - cost, hassles of getting prescriptions filled, side effects are now in the past.
- Stuffy nose – I could not breathe through my nose very well, but now I can!
- Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning has now turned to getting to work on time
- Headaches – I was always taking something for them, but they are fewer and fewer.
- Periods are more “organized” with fewer symptoms
- I lost 10 pounds in a short time by changing my habits.
- I don't "crave" all those unhealthy foods and beverages anymore.

Things that are present now:
- Peace, calmness
- Recovery from stresses faster
- Feeling of control over how my body feels

Benefits to the 7DW Freedom Cleanse:
- Learning how to feel better on a daily basis… if I get off track, I just hop back on, no guilt…
- Have become more aware of how my body feels with different foods and food combinations
- My children will get to learn from my example – what better gift for them!
- Better than paying for a vacation – less than the cost and you feel better!
- Instructions are there, others are learning with you and many more have been through it and are there to encourage you.

Truly, there are lots of ways to spend your money – we all have to make those choices.

But when I see the net benefit to what I have spent, it is truly an investment in my future.

I spend less since I don’t have to visit the pharmacy.
I don’t spend as much at the grocery store or out at restaurants.
I am not looking for quick fixes ($) to help my stress.
I’m getting into work on time and breezing through my days.
I have a bunch of brand new friends that felt like old friends right out of the gate.

We all have the same end goal – great health as a basis for a great life. I’ve tried lots of things and I can’t imagine how else to get to this point. Today is the best day to start feeling better! I know I can’t wait for the next level 7DW cleanse.

Thanks to Jos-hua and all of my new 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleansing friends!!

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On a scale of zero to 10 where would you like your life force to be this year and in the next five years? 

In general, the human experience is made up of two distinct parts- body and mind. 

In this HPS deep body care health program both parts of your being- body and mind-  are addressed, taken care of and attended to in a manner that is deeper than you have ever gone before, OR are accustomed to. Features/ protocols.

Safe, recommended and highly useful for ages 21 to 65.

- How awesome is this for health?
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- For healing and rejuvenation?
- For prevention?
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See with your own eyes what these six people from our forum said in their own words, they are all in their 30's and 40's. We've copied a few snippets here for you to take a look at, with links back to the original thread at the forum. Sooth your soul. Their life force is expanding and growing rather than shrinking and contracting as they age. And consequently their health has improved dramatically. Now, soon, it's your chance too.

You're older than that?
Older than 35 or 45? Congrats! You made it. Now lets reweave and reshape your body and health so that the next twenty years of your life are better than the past twenty! See what our seniors crowd, our over 50 group  seniors crowd have to say. In their words. It's amazing and until you do this HPS deep body care program you'll never be saying nor experiencing what they are!

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This is the ultimate in growing life force and re-calibrating health.

For healing and for rejuvenation. And for prevention.

For body, mind, health, looks and spirit.

They after all are all totally inter-connected!

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Program details.

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It's not a diet which makes a fundamental difference ...

If weight loss is what you want, forget for a moment the diets and all the talk about food. That's for much later down the road. Those of us older than 25 know that diets and dieting are anyway pretty useless in the longer run. Anyone over 25 knows this fact. But why? Why useless? Because they don't remove the pounds of this shit lodged in your gut. Just remove it and your weight immediately drops by ten pounds and your metabolism will stabilize too, to your advantage. Who needs a diet for that? They are even more useless because diets don't change taste buds therefore sooner or later once the dieting ends we revert back to old eating habits which leads us back to old weight issues and old health issues again. But HPS deep body care does change taste buds. It's the deep body cleansing which causes this to happen naturally. It's not willpower, nutritional dictates or logic which prevails in what we eat, but rather it's our taste buds and old habits. With us, you are going to find yourself eating a ton more fruit and fresh vegetables not because you're going to force that to happen by dictate but rather it just naturally happens because your taste buds will have changed due to our HPS deep body care protocols. You'll find many testimonials at our forum referencing this happening.

It's not yoga or a workout that is the source of good form, energy and stamina ...

If it's vigorous energetic youthful health that you desire on the cellular level, it would be wise to pay attention to the level of your internal cleanliness. That's the one critical factor that most people have been ignoring for decades. Yoga for example just touches the surface. HPS deep body care goes much much deeper. If you want to get things moving on the cellular level and not just the muscular, tissue and energy level deep body care is the way to go about that. Watch how your yoga and workouts improve after this DBC (deep body care) program. Dramatically improve! Meditation too will dramatically improve. And watch too how ageing slows down in a discernable manner too... and in many cases here at HPS, even reverses! You'll find many testimonials at our online forum referencing this point. None of that happens from workouts or yoga, from diets, doctor visits and meds, from the consumption of endless supplements and vitamins, from apple cider vinegar or enzyme supplements.

It's not the herbal supplements or vitamins that transform health... 

If it's healing, rejuvenation and prevention that you desire it's the skills and skill sets which make all the difference. We want you to focus on that in this program. We want you to become much more proficient, comfortable and self-confident in growing and expanding, in reclaiming and renewing your life force. Doing so eliminates the need for constant super foods, supplements, anti oxidants, nutraceuticals, vitamins and meds to support biology and body chemistry. If being able to throw away your addictions and dependency appeals to you, this HPS DBC program is right up your alley. Freedom in health. Freedom in health care.

And it's surely not the free shipping that should truly matter ... 

Auto refill, discounts, two for one, free shipping... what are we idiots? Is that what cuts the cake? Is that what determines where we invest our precious health dollars? It shouldn't. Here at HPS we hope it's the features of this program and our long online record that cuts the cake for you. Oh sure, you'll find at HPS very attractive discounts too for our advanced level programs when pre-ordered today, but again, if we're looking for the ultimate in our health, we're going to have to spend to get it. Let there be no doubt about that. Spend in money. But also time and effort. There is no free lunch when it comes to health care. To the caring of our body, mind and health!

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