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Question #1

If you had rats in your house, would you be investigating where they came from and the environment that allows them to survive, thrive and multiply in?

Or would you just get rid of the damn things, ignoring the environment that allows them to survive and be prepared for them to return again in the future?

You tell me...

Which of the following two environments allows the rats (i.e., health problems) to survive in and thrive in?

This type of environment? Or the second environment? Click to see.

Our HPS message is simple:

The price tag for all your medical services are not going down, but up.
They are spiraling up, out of control.
Remove yourself from the system, and profit.

Heal. Rejuvenate. Prevent.

I don't diet, I don't exercise, I don't take supplements or meds and I don't do annual medical checkups or tests.

So please you tell me, why do I look and feel the way I do? Here's me at over sixty.

I deep body care, that's why. You should too.
For ages 21 to 65.

HPS GUIDED™ - The Fountain of Youth.

HPS GUIDED™ Deep Body Care is an online guided instructional/ educational practical health program.

Deep Body Care is like an éclair, once tasted, you'll be wanting to come back for more.

Exclusive. Places online for only 12 new persons per year. Online since 1996.

See with your own eyes the healing and renewal at our online forum.

Hundreds upon hundreds of program reviews.

That's our HPS GUIDED™ program in action, not in theory.

We've got the proof about "getting better/feeling better/being better."

Others who took your time, money and hopes, who made promises about your health, didn't.

The anatomy of a perfectly optimized body has nothing to do with calorie counting, exercising or supplements.

We're not a new kid on the health block. The "proof" has been materializing here for over a quarter of a century already. We're pulling people up instead of pushing them further down.

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It all starts here in health... in health care when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest won't fall. The first domino without fail is the internal environment of your body. Great health isn't to be found outside of you (not in a doctor's office, not in a med, not in a supplement and not from an exercise routine, diet or vitamin) but rather it already is in us! It just needs to be released again.

BREAKING NEWS, MAY 17, 2017. Study: Unvaccinated Youth Have Much Lower Rates of Chronic Illness as They Age. First peer-reviewed study comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

HPS GUIDED™ is a hands on guided alternative health care program that is 25 years ahead of its time.

A deep body care program.

A lot of people will tell you "you are what you eat." In other words diet is critical.

That's true to a degree, but just a small degree.

That's playing checkers with your health, not chess.

HPS GUIDED™ is chess, not checkers. We rewire health. That's what we do.

We're playing chess with our health. That's what you are going to be doing here.

Rewiring health so that healing, rejuvenation and sustainable prevention is the outcome.

All done in the comfort and privacy of your own home! In your comfort zone. At your pace and convenience.

No hospitals to check into, no Spas to check into, no clinics to check into. No traffic to fight. No airplanes to board. No lines to stand in. No more you buying endless meds, supplements, dieting or fitness routines! No more doctor visits! We've been proving it for over a quarter of a century already.

For ages 21 to 65 years young.

This is 21st century self-help health care with a long proven track record online. Check our forum for the proof.

HPS GUIDED™ is Renaissance health care™.

Online from 1996.


The Doctor Is In. Co-Pay? $40,000.


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