Here's the flight plan.
Great health isn't to be found outside of us, it already is in us! 

It just needs to be released again.

If you are looking for a cure, lasting healing and rejuvenation our online record to date shows that HPS definitely has the capacity to help you totally transform your body, mind, immunity, beauty, looks, fitness, energy and health. Aging too.

Here with HPS you're going to cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care and slow down at the same time the aging process, too.

Don't be!

Here's what I look like today in 2016 at sixty.

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation, deep body prevention. That's our focus. I personally had sixteen different health issues by the time I reached thirty. Some major, some minor. I healed them all by releasing the great health already inside of me. Now I'd like to see you do the same with your issues, too.

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It seems everyone wants their five minutes of fame... we don't because we're already online for over twenty years already, so what's five minutes?

The biggest problem I have which you might also have when surfing the net for health improvement activities or health related stuff is not that there aren't a few gems out there (there are!).

But rather the problem is there is an abundance of stuff being said, being claimed, being promoted, being thrown around and being sold that has a limited basis in reality to actually change health in a sustained positive manner... people saying things, claiming things, promoting things that they heard somewhere else (i.e., them parroting others) but haven't really practiced on their own body for years let alone decades or if practiced was practiced not properly. And if practiced properly, they might have discovered the unassailability of what is being said, claimed, sold or promoted. Further more, the five minutes of fame people (think all those new diets you keep hearing about, or that new superfood, new workout or that new supplement) can and will only show you one snapshot in time of what happened this week or this month from their supplement, diet, med, cream or exercise. But they aren't able to show you what unfolded six months later, or a year or two later, or five years later with the health of that person.

Here at HPS you don't have this problem because you will find not just what I say, believe or claim but rather what has happened to our clients. Over 400 program reviews at our online DBC forum is the latest batch of client feedback for you to review and explore. That should end the "credibility" problems. Here at HPS we are showing you results that have been sustained for years. Some of our clients have been keeping their record at our forum for over a decade already. Ascending better health year after year. This is something unique which should bring you even more peace of mind!

Now, let's get down to business... because that's why you are here, you want here, chomp on this...

Great health stops being an anomaly once you understand that "genuine" health care is a body AND mind project, and not just a body project. Skills, not pills, coupled with some real caring on your part is what makes it become genuine.

The first skill that is absolutely necessary is waste management skills.

Cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care.
Improve your health in unimaginable ways by starting with waste management skills. Skills, education and practice, not pills or information, is our focus. HPS is for ages 35 to 65. Online since 1996.

The proof?

In genuine health care waste management is the critical factor, not "a" critical factor but rather "the" critical factor in health care if we wish to avoid illness and disease (prevention) and also if we wish to heal our body and renew our vital human life force.

Explore the latest batch of HPS deep body care client feedback and program reviews at our HPS DBC online forum.

Over 400+ client reviews for you to explore today.

Is anyone else on your health radar able to show you twenty reviews let alone four hundred different 5 star client reviews (at an online forum no less) pertaining to what they want to sell to you or are offering you, are doing, suggesting you do or asking you to do?!

It all starts here... in health when you properly anchor and secure the first domino all the rest can't, don't, and usually won't fall. In the past twenty years guess how many of our HPS clients have been diagnosed with cancer or arthritis, had a heart attack or a stroke?

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